The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell for April Part 2.

On to the next photos for Show and Tell!  Thank you everyone!

Fiona made her parents 50th anniversary celebration cake.  It is just outstanding!

Fiona I am sure your parents were thrilled and you should be so proud.  This is just gorgeous.

She also make her nephews personalised pillows in their favourite theme...

This was another hit!  Well done Fiona what great work.  You also saved a fortune with all of this work! 

Bluey has been busy!  Jane isn't the only one smashing out amazing crafts!  Bluey has been making 
Lazy Susans.  First he made one for Jane then went into production...

How beautiful!  I personally think he could sell these as people could order them in various sizes to fit their tables etc.   

Phyllis has been busy!  She made Star Wars figures for her Grandson... (he is mad keen on Star Wars!)

The detail in these!  They are fabulous. Phyllis you are very inventive and clever!

Also she showed me how she makes package bows just using the wrapping paper she has...

Phyllis draws and she showed me how she makes a card to go with her gift... i.e. here the gift was a picnic set so this was the card...

So clever!  I love this sweet idea.   Phyllis you amaze me!

She also made doll clothes with a matching hat!

Melissa has been card making.  In one weekend she made herself a good supply!

Beautiful work.  

Cookie made one of her beautiful purses for her Granddaughter and she re strung her own Grandmothers pearls to make a bracelet.  What a special gift...

Thank you so much everyone.  I hope I didn't forget anything... if I did it is because I am unorganised and not on purpose!  

Now to get cracking and be productive for May!  I have made a lot of cards using my rose books.  I am working on a crochet blanket.  And I have added some bargains to the gift cupboard too.

Today I am heading off to a supermarket for some roasts as there is this amazing special.  I am getting as many as I can fit in the freezer plus one to cook tomorrow. Then on to Aldi!  

I hope your week is going well!  See you on Friday!  Thank you everyone for sharing your photos and inspiring us! xxx


  1. Dear Annabel,

    I have been out of commission online, due to running out of data!!!! Back in time to see all the lovelies for Show and Tell! Wow! I am just amazed at all of the gifts. My parents' 50ths (both inlaws and my parents) are coming up; that cake is beautiful, Fiona!

    Bluey's lazy susan is gorgeous. I am floored by the detail in the dolls Phyllis made, but especially love the card! Such talent! Melissa's cards are beautiful, all packaged up in cello, and Cookie's embroidery on the jeans purse is beautiful!

    I have been busy here, but I never seem to take photos! I made myself an Easter outfit, and then an Easter dress and skirt for others. I miraculously finished a pair of socks (my knitting output has been zilch, lately), too. Mostly I've been sewing, and am working on a birthday dress out of Chinese brocade, plus another dress for me for church...I'm down to two outfits to wear on Sundays, and I think it's a bit noticeable! :)

    The weather is finally springish here, so gardening prep is picking up with pruning and starting seeds indoors. In fact, as soon as it dries out a bit, the lawn is already looking like it wants to be mowed! (And so it begins, again.:)

    Lots of love, Jen in NS

  2. Annabel,
    What lovely items all the ladies have made.
    Fiona's cake is spectacular, so much nicer than even bakeries in my area.
    Bluey's Lazy Susan is perfect, he is talented in woodwork to say the least.
    Phyllis's Star War characters are precious, I know a few of my Grandchildren would love them along with my 45 yr old son, our Star War expert.
    I have made bows with wrapping paper when I have run out of ribbon, I think it is such a useful use of the paper and so pretty. Also coordinating with gift wrapped package. The intricacy of the doll clothing is amazing, so pretty. The cards are so pretty and in cellophane, wow!
    I love the jeans purse Cookie made, what a pretty way to reuse an item and the roses are gorgeous. How touching to make a bracelet from Great Grandma's pearls, a treasured gift.

    I finished my car shawl and love it, it is so useful while in car when husband turns the air-conditioning on high. Plus so versatile that I can wear it anytime. I am happy I finally took time to make myself something.

    I am now working on a patchwork afghan for my Son's 40th birthday this summer. I wanted him to have something special, all squares have some purple threading going through them, his favorite color.

    Thank you to all the ladies for sharing their work. I am always impressed with the talent all have.

    With Love, xxx

    1. Dear Rosanne, I love the idea of a car shawl. I want to see this! It should be in next show and tell! The present for your son will be wonderful too. An heirloom! Cant wait to see this also! With love,

  3. Hi Annabel! What a lovely post! So much inspiration! I NEED to make those Star Wars dolls for my daughter and son-in-law! I'll put them on the long list of things I want to do! Keep up the good work Bluebirds! Hugs, Holley

  4. Dear Annabel, once again all the work is fabulous. loving it all.
    Thank you everyone for showingyour work
    Love Lorraine

  5. Bluebirds you have done an amazing job on all these beautiful things! My husband has fond memories of the lazy Susan on the table when he was a child.

  6. Such inspiring gifts, everyone. It's good to see some of Bluey's handiwork.

    Thank you for taking the time to showcase everyone's efforts, Annabel.

    best wishes,

  7. These are all fabulous. Fionas cake is gorgeous, the cushions very clever and so simple! Blueys Lazy Susans are brilliant (love a good Lazy Susan...I have several...such useful things), and, just wow! Melissa puts my card making efforts to shame, and Cookie's clutch and pearls, well how elegant! I've made some things but neglected to share because life got in the way. Next month! Inspiring as always Annabel, and thankyou everyone for your creativity. Mimi xxx

  8. Thank you everyone for encouraging comments! Lets make May a month of lots of homemade creations! xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing my cake and cushion pics, Annabel :)
    I particularly love Cookie's purse - just exquisite! But such amazing ideas from everyone, as usual xx Fiona

  10. Lovely, ladies! Thanks for sharing.



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