The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 3rd March, 2017.

I had a much more normal week overall and it was mostly hot. I am hoping this is the last of the heat as we are now officially into Autumn! I love Autumn so much!  Usually we can have hot weather until about the middle of the month...

I did quite a bit of nest feathering!

I made a big lot of laundry power.  This was made using the pink Zote bar Vicky sent me.  It was easy to make and I am loving it.

I used a recipe from The Beehive Cottage and it was there that I got the idea that, yes,  you can have pink laundry powder! 

Andy got me a little trolley that fits in a gap in the laundry... the gap between the sink and the washer...

I saw this in the Aldi catalogue and he was driving straight past an Aldi so he got it for me.  That's the laundry powder on top.  

This week I finally made Sticky Buns from my sourdough starter. It was kind of an experiment to use a recipe I have had for years and adapt it to sourdough. Anyway it worked! I could write it up as a tutorial/recipe if anyone wants.

They look like this when they come out of the oven...

Then you tip them out and they look like this! 

They were huge and I got 18.  Low calorie obviously.  Well, they were beautiful.  I froze some, gave some away, sent them on the fishing trip and they were just a hit.

I also cooked a corned beef, that was the cold meat for a few days in the lunches etc.

I used up some of our apples with a pork roast.

Due to the whole spider hunting thing I washed the woollen underlay and all linen. (we have never found a spider yet)  When I remade the bed I decided to do something Mum used to. The two pure wool king sized blankets I got during the year for $20 each are just gorgeous but they take up a ton of room in my blanket box.  So I put these on the bed then put the fitted underlay over the top. Mum always used wool blankets as underlays. These keep your bed much warmer and softer.  Waiting at the Doctors surgery I was reading a magazine with a feature on bed linen etc. They had a range of underlays and for a pure wool thick one the price was almost $700!  You really could make your own from blankets...  

Also I washed all the lounge covers, for the same reason... 

I painted two little table tops.

I cut Andy's hair.

On the side of the road I found a huge glass vase with silver trim. It is amazing! Plus two giant candles! I thought fine, the candles can add to my supplies. The vase is spectacular!  I will get a photo of that when I decide what to do with it. 

I made bread.

I made three trays of Enchilada's, some for us and some for the girls households.  

Here is a happy story! Chloe has been wanting to get chickens.  She has found a hen house on the farm that she can have, it just needs shifting.  So she said to me she will count the free hen house in her Vicky Challenge.   
This bit of the story is not so good...
There were people near her place that moved away from the district a couple of weeks ago.  The weather has been really hot much of that time.  On Wednesday Chloe discovered that these people had moved and left behind their chickens.  They must have had some food and water at the beginning but when she found them I think they had been out of everything for at least a few days and things weren't too good.  She grabbed the hose and gave them water and rang me! 
Long story cut short....  they had truly been abandoned and she has rescued them and they are hers!  What a way to get chickens!  
On top of that one hen is broody and sitting on eggs!  She is able to let her keep sitting to see if they hatch! 

There are nesting boxes, feeders and everything you would ever need and she can have the lot! 
Her Vicky challenge this week is going to be massive!  (there are six chickens that survived.... and if the eggs hatch then she has hit the jackpot!) 

I counted in my Vicky Challenge:
Lunches, the fishing picnic, the sticky buns, made over little tables, laundry powder, the vase I found and the candles.... and Andy's hair cut. I wrote $475 into my savings book.

How was your week? How did you get ahead, build up your home or save this week? 

Have a wonderful weekend! xxx


  1. Dear Annabel, what a wonderful week, with a happy ending for Chloes chickens! You got a lot done, so I'm hoping you're feeling better. This is true about the underlays. We did it as kids too, and it made the beds so snug. Loving those sticky buns. They are droolworthy! I had a good week too. Some embroidery done on baby singlets for a loved teacher heading off on Maternity Leave, lots of home cooking including Gluten free bread and cookies. I rejuvenated the herb garden, and husband and I are merrily painting furniture white, and debating whether the kitchen should be white rather than limewashed while we're at it. Lots of fun. Have a lovely weekend, Annabel and friends. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, That was a good week! Well I have to tell you this... almost everything gets painted white here as you know. But I have a huge old chest I use as a blanket chest and it has a gorgeous lock and hardware. (road side find) and I left it dark up until a week ago. But it always bothered me and somehow looked dirty/grubby so one day I just used up some left over white paint I had out and painted it. Well I like it so much better, The details stand out more. But this transformed the space it is in so much I was shocked. Now you are going to find this... the space it is in seems so much bigger and so much lighter. The darkness has gone out of that spot. I have concluded that white is reflective and adds light to the room and dark is absorbent and adds darkness to the room.... anyway I see you are working on the dresser and when its done I want to hear how you feel this affects the whole room and sense of space and light... I hope you love it!
      The blanket trick is a good one! Mum always said that the cold comes up through the mattress and you get a much more cozy bed this way and its true.
      I hope you're having a great weekend! With love

  2. Hi Annabel,
    I don't for the life of me understand animal cruelty & never will, it breaks my heart to read things like that but I'm so happy they have found a lovely new home with Chloe who will take good care of them & make up for what they went through.

    Looking forward to seeing the vase & just LOVE the washing powder with gorgeous PINK flakes, it truly is the little things that thrill us sometimes :) Love & hugs to you & Andy. xSusan's Perspective

    1. Dear Susan,
      When I first saw pink washing powder I thought !!! I love it! Same as you! It is lovely to use and smells so good!
      Chloe is so pleased with her chickens and also this weekend she has been baby sitting bottle-fed lambs! She is really enjoying farm life!
      Oh..the vase is sensational. I cleaned it up and it looks like someone spent a couple of hundred dollars on this vase then set it on the side of the road. (for me obviously!) That was nice of them! haha!
      Have good new week Susan! With love

  3. Hi baker Annabel!!

    Ha ha!! "No calories obviously!" I understand, & am hoping to work out in the paddock for that reason!!

    Why not do a post on your sticky buns?! I'd love to see that! More work will just have to be done that way!!

    I hope to be back later!

    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      Yes I will put up the sticky buns recipe. It is yum! You could use the current recipe you are using as your base I think , you add eggs and milk then make the glaze... it could work!
      I hope you have a wonderful new week! With love

    2. Annabel, I'm looking forward to your sticky bun post! Ha ha!!

  4. Annabel what a productive week, must have felt good following last week :)
    I must look into how to get started with sour dough, that could be a huge saver for my bread-loving family lol.

    How terrible that the chickens were left, but how fortunate they have a lovely new owner who will care for them.

    We have had a shocking week in terms of getting ahead, as in we are now behind :(
    Just expense after expense, and because we are in a new place we need to pay everything upfront. Our old mechanic was happy for us to pay bills off, but obviously as first-time customers up here we needed to pay in full. I had the fire brigade come to check out house and we are terribly short on smoke alarms, they recommended seven more. They did install a long life one for free which was a bonus. But it hurt spending over $300 on alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers today. As he pointed out though, as we live rurally, the fastest a fire truck would get to us after we call is 20 minutes. So it is essential that we are well prepared, $300 is not a lot when you consider what's at risk.

    We did have a massive saving in the weekend, a family from the school invited us over and we filled a trailer full of firewood from a big tree that had blown over at their property. They have said we will need another as it gets cold where we are so we will get another trailer full in a few weekends time. We have seen firewood for sale around here and the amount we got is between $400 - $500! So with another trailer load that is a huge saving.

    I finished a crochet blanket and hat for my niece due at the end of the month, my brother and sister-in-law are visiting this weekend so I'm excited to give it to them.

    I am going to write a plan for March this weekend to try and get back on track, hate weeks like this that really throw everything out of whack!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Jen in NZ

    1. Dear Jen,
      We all have weeks like this and it can be hard but at least you got good and important things done with that money. And all that wood and more to come! That truly does get you ahead for winter... a trailer (or ton) or wood here is up to $400. This is mind boggling to me! Your crochet blanket and hat are all made ahead too!
      Have a good weekend! I hope March has lots of chances to catch up up on your savings! With love

    2. oops... Jen now you have moved is your email still the same... I want to email

  5. Hi Annabel,
    I'd love a tutorial on the making of the sticky buns. I've got the loaf, buns and savoury scrolls worked out so am keen to add some more to my doughy deliciousness repertoire.
    My nest feathering came down to cleaning, mowing, whipper snipping, blower vaccing the veranda and cooking. I have added 1 jar of tamarillo chutney and one jar of lemon butter to the preserves pantry. I made a jar of baba ghanoush but this only made it to afternoon tea. On the same day I made pesto and we had this as pesto chicken and pasta for dinner.
    Only a very little bit of sewing took place this week. I am currently about 2/3's the way through a crocheted blanket for Bluey. His Birthday is just over a week away so I am really working at getting this done. I thought I had enough wool in my stash to finish the blanket but I ended up having to order more wool. The order arrived and the colour, whilst the same name, is a different dye lot and is quite a few shades different. I went to Spotlight and found a wool that is almost the same colour.
    Katie and her boyfriend have commissioned me to make a baby blanket that they plan on giving to friends. The colours are maroon and gold. This is Bronco's colours for Dad and Gryffindor colours for Mum. All I see is one ugly blanket. This little blanket is about 1/2 made. I have put it aside until I finish Bluey's rug.
    We also fitted a trip into the surgical team for Bluey. All is well and last week was just a hiccup. At the time it felt more like a speed bump.
    I have written down a savings of $360 for this week.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane,
      The sticky buns recipe is coming. You will love it! This means a whole world of things like berry scrolls, apple or coffee scrolls etc are all easy as well!
      I have enough basil to make pesto this week as well! It has grown heaps liking the hot weather.
      It is funny about the ugly blanket! I hope the parents like it!
      Well done on the savings and it is such good news the team is happy with Bluey and all is well! Now for an easier week for you I think! With lots of love

  6. Another great week Annabel
    Your buns look amazing
    Will you post the recipe please
    And a wonderful week for Chloe too!

    1. Dear Jacqui, Yes I will put up the recipe shortly, I had to adapt it alot from the original but it worked so well! It could easily be adapted from here to be berry scrolls, or coffee etc.
      Thank you so much! Love Annabelxxx

  7. Hi Annabel,
    I almost didn't finish reading this post when I got as far as "had moved and left behind their chickens" fearing the worst ( I like fairytale endings" - so glad I continued and so happy for Chloe.
    Your feathering is once again amazing and certainly adds to the value to the budget.
    This week I added some handtowel and face washer sets to the gift cupboard (I bought plain towels and machine embroidered them), used a gift certificate to purchase fabrics to sew some more gifts, made a batch of coconut macaroons to take to a morning tea plus, picked up a large BBQ chicken for $6 (gives us several meals).
    With a wet weekend scheduled here, hoping to get stuck into some gift sewing.

    1. Dear Janine, I am glad you kept going to the happy part! When Chloe rang me I thought the same thing.... but she was there in time! So really it was amazing as it could have turned out pretty badly! Now it has turned out great!
      I love the hand towels and face washers! They are a gorgeous gift. I hope we get to see them and your sewing! Some cooking too makes for a good week! Have a lovely weekend! With love

  8. Annabel,

    The stickies were a sight to behold! Visible deliciousness!

    What a save for Chloe! These will reap benefits likely too plentiful to number! How sweet! Of course, the chickens are the fortunate little gals who will most assuredly have their own names soon, eh?!


    1. Dear Kelley,
      I hope things are going well there for your Mum and think of you dusting and making things nice and hopefully also working on the handiwork you took with you!
      The chickens are a fabulous addition to the family just an unconventional way to get them! Chloe is also baby sitting bottle fed lambs this weekend... so it is a bit like a childrens zoo down there. With much love

  9. Dearest Annabel

    I am so glad you are well again and back powering on all cylinders. I would love to hear/see the tutorial on the sticky buns both the sour dough version and one "regular" version of the recipe.

    This past week I started on the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight for Life Program and I lost 4.3 kilo in the first week. Considering the full cost of the 18 week program was covered by my health insurance I am going to make the most of it. Private Health Insurance paid the $795 fee and I am thrilled. A huge saving for me and in reality I would not have been able to afford it.

    I have been working hard at getting into a better routine with the housework. It is very hard with such high pain levels to do anything at all when I get home from work. I am having to resort to using the walking stick to get around the home after work but at least it allows me to be mobile.

    I have harvested tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini from the garden and really been enjoying them. I have a few apples coming ripe this being the first full year the trees have been in so that is good and I have mandarins setting on the tree I only planted at the end of last year so very good there too.

    Slowly getting there , I bought my first Christmas presents today whilst I was shopping at Aldi, I bought both the girls a foot pedicure set. A start at least.

    God Bless and have a good week.


    1. Hi Mel!
      It is so good to hear from you! You have been missed!
      I am really hoping that you will soon be able to forget the pain - presumably in your knee?

    2. Dear Mel,
      I cant wait for you to be able to have the other knee done. Then you will be brand new! The diet programme sounds amazing! Well done on such a successful start! What a good thing to be getting back from your health cover too. And it all helps... this will help in so many ways. It also gives you something constructive to do and focus on in this waiting time which can be very hard when in pain.
      Your garden is doing very well and producing so much! Imagine next year as your fruit trees with have grown more.
      Well done on the Christmas present! That is getting ahead!
      Have a good new week Mel. With lots of love, Annabel.xxxx

    3. Thank you Rachel I am slowly returning to "me" after having the first knee replacement and Dad's passing. I am awaiting my second knee replacement with much anticipation as the first one went so well. I am booked in to have it on the 19th June so the count down is on.
      Love Mel S xxx

  10. Annabel, I am so glad that Chloe rescued the chickens. sometimes I tell DH about your posts but this is one that will be edited, he hates animal cruelty whether abuse or neglect.
    Not a lot of nest feathering here, other than trying to get things clean and organised, and following Patsy's preparedness class.

    1. Dear Margaret,
      I have enjoyed Patsy's class so much! On the fridge I have my list of things to do as a result of it. I think tomorrow we report in if we got something on our list done. I needed to add more protein to my pantry and more D batteries... also I said an easier to use thermometer. (But I have a list of about 15 things)
      The edited version of the chicken story is a very happy story! Chloe also got free feeders, feed bins and a whole bunch of nesting boxes and things so she has the full set up! All for free and this is after she decided she was planning to get chickens. So she is off to a good start and maybe there are eggs that will hatch yet as well!
      Have a good week Margaret! With love

  11. God bless Chloe for her quick thinking and rescuing the chickens. It is always bitter sweet to read stories like that, on one hand I cannot understand how anybody could be so cruel and leave an animal to die like that, and on the other hand beautiful souls like Chloe and yourself (rescuing the parrot). I am so glad she found them and they are having a wonderful life with her. If only all animals were so lucky. Thank you for your blog, thank you for being a kind person and for raising another good and kind soul. Love Lisa xx

    1. Dear Lisa,
      Thank you so much! Well this has had a lovely result with chickens for Chloe and also things like feeders etc plus possibly chickens will also hatch from a broody hen, you never know..
      I will be sure to update on that! With love

  12. Hello again, Annabel and Beautiful Bluebirds!!

    I am hoping that those in tornado country are safe and well. I am hoping that those not in tornado country are safe and well also! It is good to be over the obstacles of the week!!

    Thank you for Chloe's chook story! What a beautiful hen you have shown!!
    You're in good company with the woollen blanket underlays! They need to go somewhere!!

    I have appreciated, in recent times, the value of genuine friends. One friend was kind enough to remind me of the concept of using the B vitamin complex to dissuade biting creepy crawlies! Tips for using essential oils to deter these enemy combatants from boots were also on time! Ha ha!! Annabel, I had a bite that came and went in, basicly, under a day, and am now eating Aussie Mite as B vitamin medicine! (This is a new brand for us, and excels in terms of taste, spread ability, no salt, value for money, and made in South Australia!) I am now adding essential oil (&, when things dry out from rain, camphor laurel sticks) to my boots! I don't like bites that feel like a golf ball taped underneath my foot!

    We've chipped away at our tasks. I bought some wonderful op shop supplies which will be highly valuable in our home when crafted - another cone of (teal) lace-weight wool ($2), a part cone of magnolia (blue) crochet yarn ($1), a small sheepskin ($4) & a skirt pattern (50c). Of course, this is the shopping I love!

    With regards to all,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Rachel, what type of essential oil do you put into your shoes? I'd really like to do that.


    2. Hi Cristy!
      It was citronella oil that was suggested to me. We don't have that, so I lined up what we did have - tea tree oil, ground black pepper, pennyroyal oil. I rubbed tea tree oil all over my foot, & sprinkled it in my boots. It's a matter of testing what's on hand!!

    3. Dear Rachel, I am going to try the Aussie Mite thank you for this.... my elderly neighbour at one time was told by her Dr she needed more vitamin B and the easiest way was to have vegemite. I thought well this is cheaper than vitamins! Also, you could try the Aussie mite to fill scrolls as we find this with cheese just yum!
      I am very thrilled you found more wool! I wonder if all these cones of beautiful yarn have come from the same person? They are fantastic! I still have a photo you sent me of yarn I must use. I love seeing yarn, knitting needles etc! You are ahead with yarn, this is good! With love

    4. Annabel, I, too, wondered if the cones of wool could have come from the same person. I found them in two small towns, about 60km's apart!

  13. Hello to all,
    Annabelle, though the story started out badly, it really sounds like the Lord blessed your daughter with something she was wanting anyway and had His dear eye on the "Sparrows" (in this case, chickens.)

    1. Dear Cristy, Yes I love what you said! The sparrows (us) and the chickens are all taken care of! Beautiful! With love

  14. Dear Annabel,
    I am so glad Chloe was able to rescue the chickens in time. How awful for those people to leave them behind. She really did hit the jackpot, as now she has all the supplies too!
    I really miss having chickens. A friend of mine just bought 21 new Wellsummer chicks, and she told me yesterday that she was going to gift me five of them for my birthday, which is in a few days! I'm so excited about this! There is a small coop we saw on clearance at the local feed store, and if it is still there my husband said he is going to buy it. He wants chickens too! He also built me a small raised garden bed out of those timbers we got from the dump a while back. He is going to build a second one and I will send pictures when I get them planted. Having a garden is something else I have missed. I won't plant very much, but I just need to have something growing!
    We took a trip to town last weekend and we were really blessed to find that one of the stores was running a sale on all trees and bushes! We bought a lemon tree, a lime tree, and a flowering tree, all of which I have been wanting, for half off! It was a big savings. Oh, I also got three rose bushes on clearance for $10 each, two pink and one yellow! I am thinking not only of food and flower arrangements but also what I can make with scraps and petals.
    I have not commented in a while, as these last few weeks have seemed like a whirlwind, but all is well! My husband and I have been busy trying to cross projects off of our to do list before the baby arrives. We still had boxes of things to unpack from our move, as well as piles of random things we had yet to find a place for. I am very happy to report that the piles are gone! We are also preparing the nursery and have had to move everything out of that room. So lots of organizing, rearranging, and decluttering has been happening around here. It seems like if I want to do one thing, five other things have to be done first lol! I am happy with the progress, though, and little by little, things are shaping up.
    One thing that helped me out space wise was converting a narrow cleaning closet in the kitchen into a place to store my kitchen appliances. That is mainly what was in the unpacked boxes, as the kitchen has very few lower cabinets. I moved my cleaning supplies to the utility room, and my husband added three shelves to the closet. It is just perfect to hold my appliances and is a much better use of space.
    I have not been able to do any crafting, so I'm sorry I won't have anything for show and tell this month! I will get busy in that department soon though, as I have two weddings coming up, and some very good friends of ours just adopted a baby girl! Of course I will be making things for our little boy as well! My husband is taking me to the craft store on Saturday, and I hope to gather my supplies then.
    I am glad you are much improved after your bites. What a scary thing. I'm also glad for the good news about Bluey. I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful weekend! I have missed joining in these conversations!
    With lots of love, Kelsey

    1. Kelsey, you're back!!!!!!!!!!!
      I always love reading your story!!

    2. Dear Kelsey,
      There is nothing like having a baby to put us into full nest feathering mode! And it is good as things become very busy and having things ready and as you want them is just lovely and so helpful.
      The chickens will be a wonderful birthday present! These will be great.
      I think unpacking and being organised is more important than crafts etc at the moment. You will feel good having these things done.
      When you do get crafting I will love to see what you make for the wedding presents and the baby present. How wonderful fro your friends!
      Your raised garden bed will produce loads... I find I can have so much in a small space and really pick herbs daily as I cook. All from such a small space! So yours will produce heaps! Have a good week Kelsey! With love

  15. Isn't it wonderful to have a fresh all clean bed? We did that too this week. I hope you do find the spider. I was bit in the house and saw the spider on my arm which I brushed away with my hand and never saw again. It haunted me for months to know that it could still be in my house.

    1. Dear Lana,
      I love when everything comes in smelling fresh and crisp. This is also the last of the hot weather to get things such as quilts dry. So Im very glad its all done again.
      I am not happy either not knowing where this spider is or was or if it is dead or alive. Dead hopefully! I am wearing long sleeves in the garden, wheaten the weather is! With love

  16. Dear Annabel, you had a wonderful week, and got lots done! I love the pink laundry detergent! So glad Chloe was around to rescue the chickens plus all the supplies that she will use. A sad story with a happy ending!

    We love sticky buns, and yours look delicious! I haven't made them in a long while, so this is on my to-do list.

    I'm having trouble with my computer, so my comments don't get sent. I just wanted everyone to know that I love the things they are making! Jane, do you have a pattern for the totes you are making? Also, I had success with the bath bombs! Thank you! I'm glad Bluey is feeling better.
    And, Vicky, hope you will soon be up and running again! Glenda, continue to rest and heal.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love, Teri

    1. Terri the totes are made from 5" squares. I lined them up four across and 3 down. I made two of these rectangles from the patchwork and cut two pieces from an old sheet the same for the lining. The sides and bottom are 1 square wide and the corresponding amount to match the front and back rectangles. The lining was cut to the side length and width. the handles were the squares joined and halved and made the length that I like. the handles are placed 3" from the side seam on either side. The lineing and bag pieces are sewn sepaerately and then the lining place right side to to the right side of the bag pieces and sewn around the top, leaving a small opening. Turn the bags through the opening. top stitch around the top for added strength. This is a pattern I made up as I went. Hope it makes sense to you.

    2. Thank you Jane! I'll give a try! :)

    3. Dear Teri, Well done with the bath bombs! Sticky buns are a big hit. I made double the sticky sauce that the original recipe called for!
      Thanks for participating in Show and Tell also!
      Have a great new week! With love

  17. Dear Annabel,
    After reading all that you accomplished this week, it looks like you're feeling back to normal. You're sticky buns are gorgeous. There are regions in my State that are particularly known for their sticky buns and they have nothing on your!! If they ever get stale, which I'm sure is doubtful, but just incase (lol) they're fantastic grilled in butter for a breakfast treat. A lot of resturants here serve them that way as a breakfast item. They're also fantastic made into bread pudding -- if they ever get stale.(lol).

    As for nest feathering I added to the gift closet, baked bread, made 4 quarts of onion soup, baked 3 dozen scones, helped my husband put up the shelves in the bathroom, moved things from vanity to the shelves, rearranged the vanity and created more storage space, checked the pantry to rotate things, checked how much dehydrated and canned foods from the garden were left from last year, which will determine what and how much gets planted this year. I think that's about it, or at least all I can think of. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie, Thank you! Well I agree so much about toasted buns! My Mum always did that and we loved them. Also as pudding! As you say this is a back up plan incase they actually got to be left over! Most yeast products once re warmed up seem to have a new life... big advantage.
      You had a really productive week! I love it! I hope the new week will be just as good! Many thanks Cookie, with love

  18. Congrats to Chloe! So sad for her "baptism by fire" with the rescue. But she did save a lot with the nesting boxes and feeders added.

    We saved mostly by cleaning out the freezer and eating from it. Also gifted with some quilting magazines. We've been taking advantage of our library for dvds rather than renting. My husband continues to take his lunch from home. We save by carrying snacks with us while out on errands. Leftover fruit salad went into a coffeecake. Old bread ground into crumbs get saved in the freezer. These crumbs went into this week's meatloaf.

    1. Dear Leslie,
      The library is a great resource! I am always surprised by how much libraries offer now.
      The lunches and snacks would amount to huge savings. It always shocks me when I first work out weekly then think of things in terms of yearly... then you really see how much it is worth!
      The crumbs going into meatloaf is really good. I love meat loaf! With love,

  19. Dear Annabel and beautiful bluebirds, I apologise that I am late to comment Annabel , my pain has been awful and I have been struggling to keep up with my usual online activities and only able to do mostly the basics at home.
    It is so great that Chloe was able to rescue the chickens in time , I think they will thrive in her care .
    My week has been very quiet , just the usual savings happening here including subsidised cleaning, a meal from my parents , subsidised meal prep time,grocery savings of $18 which went into Christmas savings , oh plus I made 14 cards ( which are just simple embossed cards so I will say $3 each so $42 for cards ) I estimate that my Vicky challenge savings for this week are $150 , so a very quiet week.
    I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend . Annabel I hope you feel a lot better and that you don't have any more spider bites. Love Barb W.

    1. Dear Barb,
      I really hope you are feeling better it sounds like a really hard week. Well done on making all those cards even when feeling so bad! I hope next week is much better and you are feeling much less in pain, with love

    2. Barb I am so sorry to hear you are having pain this past week, I understand how it can get you down. Praying you are up and running in no time Love Mel S

    3. Barb,
      Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Do take care.

    4. Dear Barb,
      Hugs and prayers that you feel better soon!

  20. Dear Barb!
    Your card making sounds beautiful! You might show us!
    I hope your pain has eased - and stays eased!!
    With warm regards,

    1. Dear Rachel, thank you . Unfortunately my pain is intense right now and shows no sign of easing off even with medication, heat packs etc. I will be ok though I am tough. The cards I have just made are very basic embossed cards using my sizzix big shot, I wasn't up to doing much else . I will send some photos to Annabel if you want to see them but they really are very basic and the embossing sometimes doesn't show up well in photos. I am happy to try though.

    2. take it easy Barb,and look after yourself. This year seems to be bad pain wise for many people, myself included. Well done on making the cards, it can be difficult focusing on craft work when in severe pain.


    3. Barb, I reckon you should give the photos a go - anything to bring a smile and fight the nasty pain! Sharing pictures is the fun part!!

    4. Dear Mel S, Vicky, Janine, Margaret and Rachel, thank you so much for your support and best wishes. I am in less pain today than I was on the weekend which is a big relief.
      Rachel , I will take photos of some of my cards today and send them to Annabel today but Annabel I will understand if they don't get shown in the show and tell post. Thank you again ladies for caring.
      Love Barb


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