The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 12 March 2020

Feather your Nest Friday, 13th March, 2020.

Well, what an "interesting" week.  It was a week of not knowing where to look and what to do.  So This is what I did....

No ,not tractor driving!    I got busy "making hay while the sun shines!"
I took this photo on the way home from town last week.   I have always loved this saying.   And that is what we do.  We make the most of what we have and do what we are able right where we are now.

We made progress in several areas including the cottage.  Some rooms are painted!  We have three rooms that look clean and fresh!  Talk about a transformation!  

I had apples from apple picking last week and then Dad had brought me more!   I had zucchini ready in the garden and eggs from the chickens.  So I got cooking.

I made apple cakes,  zucchini slices/impossible pies and peanut butter biscuits as the girls love them.

I headed off to visit Lucy and as she is still getting over being sick I took one of everything.   The cake was a big hit.   All they are is a basic vanilla cake made in a bigger pan than normal so I can get the maximum amount of apple over the top.  Then dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.   Any way to use up apples at the moment.  

On the way home I checked the apple tree on the side of the road...

They were almost ready.  I hedged my bets and picked two buckets and next week will do the same again if they are still there.   On the way back I found three more apple trees.  One had small ripe red apples.   I picked two bags of these as well. 

By the time I was home the back of the car was full. 
I washed up one batch at a time.

My method is just deal with the ones that need using soon.  Perfect ones went into the fridge and crispier for eating and keeping.   I made a basket of lovely little ones to take to Lucy and the girls.  I gave Chloe some good ones to send in Luke's lunch boxes.

I began to peel and stew some.    Last year I ordered an apple peeler. So finally I got to try it out.  
It is the best thing ever!!  This has helped so much. 

The first batch was stewed apples which I like for breakfast or with roast pork.

Next I started on apple puree.

With this lot I saved the peels and cores to simmer down and make apple jelly.   I strained that last night but I ran out of day so today I am adding the sugar and lemon to get it to set point.  
I intend on making batches of baby food in little containers and freezing those and canning the apple jelly.

During the week I also took up two pairs of pants for Andy and finished sewing up a pile of cleaning cloths.  

I also made myself some pantry curtains.  I had to face that my pantry was too light for food preservation.  Also the view out the window was only a water tank!   So now my pantry is darker which is good for the food in jars.

My fridge got a good clean.  I took out the drawers and washed them and re lined them.  

In between I have been writing and planning posts on how to make things that we might be facing shortages of at the moment or in the near future.  You will find them in the Pantries and Preparedness Section.   The next one is how to make hand sanitisers and wipes as these seem to be pretty much sold out everywhere.  We need not panic as there are very good alternatives!  

How was your week?  How did you get ahead, save and build up your pantry? 

Have a very good weekend!  xxx


  1. A great week Annabel, all those apples are such a blessing. Hope Andy is on the mend. I've done nothing but pick tomatoes, wash tomatoes, chop tomatoes, cook tomatoes, bottle tomatoes all week; I think I have turned into a jar of pasta sauce. Cooked up 6 litres of focaccia filling - enough for 10 meals and froze it. The apples are still waiting! I think I've finished with the sauce and the rest can go into green tomato pickles on Sunday. I've been filling gaps in the pantry as I can. Checking the first aid cupboard and filling the gaps there too. I ordered a few things online, but I'd normally do that for these things anyway. Kept everyone covered with homemade disinfectant wipes and groused and the boys to use them. They use public transport to and from work and it worries me. I've even tried to talk them into driving! I've printed my recipe for electrolyte drink, laminated it and stuck it to the cupboard door and made sure all the ingredients and the drink bottles are on hand. Stayed home as much as possible. Dr had already suggested I plan on staying indoors during winter as I'm still not over being sick in January, so I'm practicing :) Finished another doyley, I'm starting to get the hang of them. Have a lovely weekend, Cath xxx

    1. Dear Cath, If we lived closer we could do some apple for tomato swapping I think!
      I think the car over public transport from now through winter might be a good idea.
      Cath I always stick recipes I need inside cupboard doors!! I must do the electrolyte one. So in my spice cupboard I have mixes recipes like french onion soup recipe... and the cupboards over my mix master have commonly used cake recipes and so on. Medical recipes in the medical cabinet! I will get this recipe up. The commercial ones have artificial sweetener in them even for children!
      Yes you stay well away from the germs and tucked up inside crafting and cooking! With love

    2. Cath, if you have a moment, please share the electrolyte recipe you use. I was looking online for one yesterday! Wasn't sure which was best.

      On one blog the people were all responding and arguing about whether it would sufficiently meet all your needs. Ugh! There was one levelheaded person who responded...please people remember this is only something you drink temporarily to keep you from becoming dehydrated and then in need of hospital level care. It is simply to stay hydrated while you heal.

      Okay, LoL, back to the point. Would love to see a recipe you have used and like. Thanks! :)

  2. I am absolutely refusing to be drawn into the mass hysteria that the media seems determined to whip up. I do however have a cold, which is making life 'interesting' to say the least!

    My week was fairly low key, in between working night shifts I have been sorting out under the stairs, which I need to organise better and I have decided to paint it as well. I will be going out later today to get some plastic storage boxes to fit the space. I already have white paint. This little task is keeping me occupied and entertained.

    I've also made a start on Christmas presents! I 'm knitting a rather lovely hot water bottle cover and I bought, heavily discounted, some pocket handwarmers, which have nasty fleece covers, I want to make some flannelette covers and embroider a few grub roses onto them. Having never done bullion knots before I have been practising and think I 'm nearly there.

    Oh, I bought diamonds and sapphires too! I am never likely to say that again, but my daughter is getting married in October and is making the wedding rings. Her ring is having diamonds and sapphires in it and those are what I bought. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished rings. I 'm not sure where my daughter got her artistic streak from, it certainly wasn't me!

    1. Dear Su, The biggest help to bullion roses is to make sure you have a straw needle. This really helps. I need to brush up on mine. It is absolutely amazing that your daughter is making the rings!! How incredible to get to buy diamonds and sapphires!! I love your under the stairs project also! With love

    2. How beautiful and unique your daughter is making the rings! What a lovely memory to have :) And how fun to get to say you bought gems! lol

  3. Hi Annabel, just when you think things couldn't get worse the govt announced tonight the Sydney Easter show is off , and major sports events. Then as if the war is on, not just no toilet paper, but pasta, sauce, beans, rice, laundry products, handsoap, any other soap, bleach, disinfectant all gone !! Bone broth made and frozen as I figure if I get the virus I will feel too sick to eat much. If at all. We all need a good soup when we are sick. Toilet paper is the last thing I care about !! Dog food is on order as my dog is allergic to the ones from super markets. (Chicken). I think many business will go bust. Flight Centre has announced 100 plus stores will close. My friend blessed me with a new mask with filter. I'm so glad Lucy is out of hospital. Can you please post the recipe for electrolyte drink ? Thinking of you all. Love Sonia

    1. Dear Sonia, I know! I watched the live press conference today... so much here today has been cancelled including some big local events. I understand why but also feel very sorry as well as some of these events are what keep some of the country towns alive. Gosh the impact is going to be dreadful.
      I agree so many livelihoods will go broke.
      Sonia I am working on posting the recipes for many things now unavailable. In the mean time if you are able get some Himalayan Pink salt some canned or long life fruit juice and I am going to assume you have some honey. I think making your bone broth ahead of time is very good. I am doing the same with chicken soup. I keep all the ingredients on hand. I am adding garlic in several forms to my supply. I am very glad you have a mask! What a good friend you have! Thank you for the update from your area also! With love

    2. Annabel, only minced garlic. Juice, what type ? Juice, flour and salt is also out !!! I also feel sorry for the Easter show. All those country folk who will miss the much needed money. People are shopping at 5am just to get basics !! I also think a stash of cash is needed. People are dumb and just use their cards. Well, machines break, cards get swallowed and in a emergency it's needed !! I can't help to panic a bit as of my terrible asthma if I got the virus I could die !! Praise God I have a new specialist who's so wonderful. She ran tests and found I have a certain type of asthma that releases too many white cells. So it turns out I'm able to get a new medicine , a injection once a month that fingers crossed I may be able to reduce steroids. !! People pay up to $15 for a jar of bone broth !! I want to try and make your washing powder but not sure what type of soap you use ?? Would it be ok for sensitive skin ? Keep safe. Love sonia

    3. Our daughter and her family are in Europe. She said it does feel like a war zone.

    4. Dear Lana, Oh no... I was thinking of your daughter and family. Praying. xxx

  4. Dear Annabel and Bluebirds!!

    It’s absolutely beautiful to find how nice it is to have produce and natural resources on hand! I am finding that being able to use things up, and streamline everyday tasks into simpler ways, is very satisfying. I am enjoying the new recipes that I am making up according to what is in the pantry! It is so much fun!!

    I like the topic of lye water from wood ash for laundry!


  5. Those apples are gorgeous! Love the curtains - so homey.
    I really like the phrase 'use what we have and do the best we can'. That is a great way to handle life.

    1. Dear Cheryl!

      Yes, life seems a whole lot simpler to tackle when we limit our intake of news media, and focus on doing what we can with what we have! Good on you!

      I agree with you - that the apples are beautiful, and the curtains just right for Annabel’s home!

      Thank you for your comment!


  6. Yum! Apple desserts sound good! I am glad to have them in my freezer from last fall here in the USA.

    1. Dear Lana!

      Yes! Apple desserts sound wonderfully good!

      Thank you for your comment!


  7. Oh, wow! I love that in your area there is such an abundance of fruit trees! Years ago, when we had an active freecycle group I had asked for pears and apples one fall, and was blessed when someone invited me to pick from their trees.

    I now have trees, but have extremely hungry and crafty squirrels that will strip a tree in one day! One year I had planned to pick the next day...went out that day and "poof" they were gone. I know, seems unbelievable, but is so tragically and comically true!

    My pear and peach trees are all in bloom right now, I pray we do not have a freeze like last year..which killed off all the harvest. Not one piece of fruit was produced.
    The cake looks so yummy, think I may need to whip one up quick. Hubby loves a sweet something each evening after dinner, and I do not have any treats made for him. :)
    Have a blessed day ladies!!

    1. Dear Kath!

      I don’t know if this will work with squirrels, but it is helping in Australia with our native critters ..... I put a collar of polycarbonate sheeting out from the tree (just taped into a ring with a strong tape), and this has allowed me a macadamia nut crop this season! The critters cannot climb over it, and don’t bother much about going under!


  8. Dear Annabel, Thankyou for an inspiring post - of keeping calm and carrying on. It is more important to keep working away even on little things than to dissolve into panic and not achieve anything. I have spent a very busy week filling in gaps in my pantry in between lots of things including visiting my parents. I managed to do a few more peach and apple preserves from our trees. With preparations, I was a little horrified to find I was only a day in front of most things - by this I mean, I'd go past a supermarket and think, yes, I think I'll get a Glen 20 today instead of tomorrow and then the next day finding Glen 20s gone from town. About 6 months ago I had a very good stock up of everything but let my systems go. I've tried not to buy into hype and keep saying be prepared not scared, however I did feel anxiety yesterday picking my daughter up from her camp bus - everyone was out panic buying - to see every car park taken in all three of our supermarkets and the line up in Chemist Warehouse - where they were already out of nearly everything was a little scary. There was a Mum in there who had a sick little girl at home and I could see she was flipping out, she couldn't get what she needed, she had had a busy week at work and I don't think was aware of the situation and couldn't believe it. She looked in my basket and was asking me what I was getting and why and getting one of everything I had. I felt sorry for her. But was also thinking it was too close for comfort for me - I wasn't prepared early enough either - I would have been better off home yesterday and then would have missed the anxiety as I wouldn't have seen everyone else panicking. Thankyou for all your previous posts - because of you I am prepared. My husband now fully understands what I have been trying to do. We both agree as soon as possible will we buy, An American Pressure canner and also a wheat flour/grinder like my sister in law has. I got the last big bag of flour in two towns on Wednesday and my sister in law hasn't had to worry as she has a big bag of wheat. Thankyou Annabel, Love Clare

    1. Dear Clare!

      You have a beautiful way of seeing things! It’s lovely of you to remind us of being calm and carrying on; of your work with peaches and apples; and of the scary situation that we are all in!

      A pressure canner does sound like a worthwhile investment, and I know how valuable having one’s own grain mill and wheat is! You don’t have to worry about the shelves being empty of flours and pasta!!

      Thank you for commenting!!


  9. Hi Annabel! You always get so much done you are amazing. But you also inspire me and I look forward to your posts. Always so much to learn.
    It sounds like things are getting crazy in your country, too! Empty shelves all over the place. Where were these people when we were all stocking up? We have kept our pantries and freezers well-stocked since 1999. Y2K made us realize the possibility of some type of crisis and it just made sense to us to have that insurance. My husband continues to have health issues so we are doing what we can as far as garden and yard work. I'm spread a bit thin but if something doesn't get done I refuse to let it worry me. I can tell you now that while you are young and have your good health and plenty of energy be thinking about limitations you will have as you age. I'm 78 now and, like it or not, I really have to pace myself and prioritize. I am easily distracted and that sure cuts down on my productivity. However, I'm pretty healthy for my age and I will keep plugging along and continue to learn and work and find easier ways to do things. We plan to make one more trip to our grocery store to fill in some holes in the pantry then we can hunker down and wait to see what happens. I pray all our Bluebirds will be safe and healthy! Thank you, Annabel and everyone for listening and for all your help! Pam

    1. Dear Pam!

      A family friend used to say that life begins at eighty! Ha ha! She lived to 101!

      It is lovely that we can learn and prioritise, and pace ourselves, at any age!

      I like to think of when this virus situation passes. We’ll all be that little bit sharper about our priorities, and making do. I guess some will have learnt that we can survive on less than we thought! ...... I hope this is a learning curve to make our lives the richer!

      It’s lovely to hear from you, Pam!


  10. Greetings from Long Island, NY ... I’ve been reading your blog for years & feel so lucky to be part of this “sisterhood”! I have raised 4 children with almost no support from my ex-husband (but tons of help from other family members, both his & mine);had an organ transplant 15 years ago for a chronic illness; have had multiple emergency surgeries these past 2 1/2 years; all while holding down a f/t job & helping 3 of my 4 children graduate college...I’ve been blessed to live through all these things (& more) to learn how to make a penny scream!
    If you can’t find flannel bedding to make hankies, use old flannel nightgowns; can’t find diapers, use incontinence/sanitary pads inside cloth diapers, to absorb more wetness; at the office, I noticed the custodial staff was throwing out paper towel rolls before they were completely finished...I asked that they be saved for me. You’d be surprised how much was left on the rolls sometimes! I’ve bought ratty wool sweaters/scarves from a thrift shops to make felted wool shoe/boot liners & seat/chair pads for the car in the winter. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to think outside the box! Good luck to all in these trying times...Faith, Family, & Focus will get us through it!

    1. Louise, I love your resourcefulness! It's amazing what you accomplished. Thanks for the great ideas and encouragement!

    2. Dear Louise!

      Your life has been extraordinarily difficult, yet it has become a testimony of the Almighty’s faithfulness towards you. He has carried you up many mountains! This is something to rejoice about!!

      We agree with Pam - that your resourcefulness is a real quality! It just bubbles out of you! Thank you for your comment, and you are very welcome to contribute more of your resourceful ways!


  11. What a bonus to have apples in abundance! I adore apple desserts and also love stewed apple (which I freeze in portions) on homemade yoghurt for a snack sometimes. Today, I've made a big pot of yellow split-pea soup, using some bacon bones too, and tomorrow I am going to make a big pot of nourishing stew with a little meat and lots of veg. I will freeze most of this and then there will be portions in the freezer for simple meals to have with slices of bread/toast.

    1. Dear Meg!

      There’s something rather special about apples! I agree with you - that there are beautiful apple desserts, and apples are something to dream about! Ha ha!

      Somehow, the simpler meals are also more satisfying, I think! Thrive on your cooking!


  12. Dear Annabel,
    What a blessing to get all of those apples! I hope the apple trees we planted last year do well!
    We have done quite a bit of shopping this week with everything that is going on. Though preparedness is a lifestyle for us, I felt like we needed to fill in a few of the gaps with everything that is going on. We bought a few extras of things we normally keep in the pantry, as well as things like light bulbs, air conditioner filters etc. This is just in case the supply chain is broken or we are not able to go to the store for whatever reason. With Colton being a paramedic, I have to prepare for him to possibly be gone for extended periods of time, whether due to quarantine or extra work due to medical personnel shortages. None of that has happened yet (and hopefully it won't) but I'd rather be prepared.
    I finally ordered some roller bottles and a couple new essential oils, which I have been meaning to do for some time now. My parents gifted me with an Amazon gift card for my birthday and I want to order a few soap-making supplies. Again this is something I've been wanting to do anyway, but now I have that extra nudge to get started.
    Colton and I have been working hard to get the garden in. We were able to pick up more free mulch and have spread that all over the garden. This week I planted herbs, peppers, and tomatoes.
    We are also raising 6 meat chickens due to a mistake at the store where we purchased our chicks a couple weeks ago. We were given 6 of the correct chicks for free because of the mistake. We are happy to have another meat source.
    Another surprise this week was that John has started climbing out of his crib! This means that afternoon naps have become non-existent. I've decided to put my Etsy shop on "vacation" mode while we adjust to a new schedule and routine. I will keep up with the blogging though!
    While writing this, Colton has texted me saying that on his way to work this morning, the roads are completely empty, as well as grocery store parking lots. Coworkers have told him people are lining up at 5am just to get in the stores for what they need. Now this is a big city and they have not had toilet paper, bottled water, or alcohol for over a week, whereas the small rural town we live in has been just fine. That was until last night when we went to the store for a few things and some aisles were completely wiped out. So it is really starting to hit the small towns now. My SIL said yesterday everyone was stocking up on paper goods and that it was "stupid." I told her she wasn't going to be saying that when she runs out and can't find any at the store. So basically I know I am going to be providing for everyone that lives on this ranch, not just our little family of 3! I don't know why some people won't wake up to what is right in front of them. People rely on stores for way more than they realize! I am so thankful for blogs like this and that God has moved us to be prepared. We don't have to worry or panic, knowing we have done what we can and He will take care of the rest.

    1. Dear Kelsey!

      I love your whole story! You are working, and believing, really well!

      Do you have your own blog?! I’d be interested in that!

      Warm regards,


    2. Thank you, Rachel! Yes, I have just started my own blog. You can find me at
      I do hope you'll come visit!

  13. Annabel, your cleaning cloths and curtains are beautiful! Can you tell me how you sewed the edges of the cleaning cloths and what type of fabric/thickness you used? I have some towels that I would like to somehow turn into cloths but am not sure how to hem the edges.

    We've had a very relaxed week. DH started a new construction job and it's going well and not too far from home so saving a bit of gas money for the next couple of weeks. I ride to town for errands with my mom since I can't drive right now with my eyesight issues, and we only did 1 trip to the far away shopping town and one trip to the tiny local community for a library visit. We're very blessed to have a fabulous, albeit small, library so close to home. My 14yo homeschooling daughter volunteers there each week so we also do our book drop off and pick up at that time. I ordered new-to-me books from there for the inter-library loan so will have more books next week. I cleaned off my bookshelves and took a box of books to set outside the library in the hallway of the community center. Most of the books disappeared on voting day as that's also the voting location for our area. My husband and I did make the trip there before he went to work Tuesday morning and voted. I have mentally earmarked working in the voting area for a future job that's close to home and not every day if it comes to that.

    I ended up getting 201 Swagbucks one day this week and it occurred to me that if I did that each day, I could buy ALL of our household and health/beauty stuff, along with part of our groceries, just from Swagbucks points. So now I've set a goal to hit that each day. Since I'm not working right now, this isn't a waste of time in my opinion. I mostly did it last night while watching TV with my husband. I did meet the goal for today as well.

    I planted tomato and pepper seeds this week. There were 5 different varieties of tomatoes, two of which were free packets, and I only did 1 variety of sweet peppers. I used leftover seed starting mix from last year and saved food containers like mushroom, lettuce and strawberry containers. If I end up with a big germination rate, then I can share or maybe even sell the extra seedlings.

    I tried two homemade items this week, a bleach alternative and a shampoo for thin hair, and thought both of them worked well enough to forego buying the store bought items.

    I was a bit under the grocery budget this week but may use that extra next week if needed. We're still doing well with not wasting any of that precious food we're spending money on so I'm pleased with that.

    More decluttering in tiny increments was done this week. The desk is completely cleaned off with the trash emptied and a few items from the "save to use later" shelf were put into the recycle box.

    *More on my blog!

    1. Dear Jenny!

      I have enjoyed reading through your comment! Isn’t it true how satisfying it is to be able to chip away at things one bit at a time, to meet the end goal! Decluttering can be a wearing task, but the results are refreshing!

      Using logistics and special offers pays off! If it fits into our lifestyle, every little bit helps!

      I love that you are finding your own replacements for shop bought items, and staying under budget!!

      Looking at Annabel’s cleaning cloths, which are so beautiful, I would say that she has used her old absorbent kitchen towels (which often start out as waffle weave bedding covers) and floral cotton fabrics. The edges look to be cut with pinking shears, and the two layers simply sewn together, just in from the edges, with straight stitch. There are no seams, as such. They will also dry quicker without seams. These fabrics tend to hold together pretty well like this!!

      Thrive in your work! Thank you for your comment!


  14. You have certainly made hay while the sun shines and your curtains, stewed apples, cakes, sanitiser packs and cleaning cloths all look wonderful. What a blessing to have all those apples to work with :).

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $80.75 in savings last week :).

    In the kitchen -
    - Made 2 loaves of bread in the bread making machine saving $7 on buying the bread locally.
    - Made a batch of 29 double chocolate muffins saving $20.78 over purchasing them in the supermarkets.

    Home deep cleaning -
    - Deep cleaned the last kitchen cabinet, stove, front of pantry doors and 2 freezers and fridge and oven. The whole kitchen is now deep cleaned and sparkling.

    Purchases -
    - Bought 4 blocks of old gold chocolate on half price special from Woolworths saving $10 on usual prices.
    - Ordered a Woolworths e-gift card saving 5% or $2.52 on usual prices.
    - Bought a Betta Home Living RACQ e-gift card for buying our bread maker saving 5% or $7.45 on usual prices.
    - Purchased 3 DVD's on special saving $15 on usual prices.
    - Saved $18 on usual prices by buying 80 of each plastic knives, forks and spoons from a discount variety store rather than the local supermarket.

    Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :).


    1. Dear Sewingcreations15,

      It is lovely to see your consistency, and that your methodology is working for you!!

      The Vicky Challenge is certainly a wonderful project, and we are privileged to have Vicky coaching us all along!! Others would charge for such services, yet she provides it all for free! (Good on you, Vicky!)

      Your kitchen must feel extra lovely, with all that cleaning done, and baking to sweeten the atmosphere!

      Thank you for your comment!


  15. The apples look wonderful! It’s always amazing to me that if we pray for guidance to achieve a goal (like adding to your pantry) that “opportunities “ present themselves! Not always at convenient times but richly rewarding if we take them!
    In the past two weeks I have dehydrated or frozen 15 pounds of pre-chopped onions and 6 pounds of diced bell peppers for a total of $5! These are things I use all the time and will save me time and money by having at hand!
    I am still working on my king size scrappy quilt, made entirely with 2” bits of scrap fabrics I had saved and sorted!
    We got an unexpected bonus from Hubs’ work for his 5 months last year before he retired and even though taxes took 1/3! 😱, we still made 3 additional principal payments on our mortgage and banked a bit into our savings!
    Sold a few more things on our website. Had a quilting order come in from Minnesota for our longarm machine, Lenni!
    Egg production is up!
    Made 2 dozen lunch meat pinwheel wraps for lunches. Picked up a few sale items- peanut butter (99 cents) and Prego spaghetti sauce (90 cents) to replenish our pantry inventory. Only bought 5 PB and 11 Prego and our shelves were totally at full capacity!
    We are adjusting to new normal with schools and church and other events/activities suspended for the next 3 weeks. But it’s given us more time for doing other things- DIY things around house and family times to enjoy as well as time to look for those we can serve- those less fortunate. Phone calls and notes to those friends in nursing homes or living alone that can’t get out and about, dropping off meals/treats to people just to let them know we are thinking about them. This is a time of rare opportunities to lead out as disciples, imo.
    Gardenpat in Ohio

    1. Dear Gardenpat in Ohio!

      It is so heartwarming to read of all this beautiful home industry that you carry under your wing! Ha ha! I love the name of your website, also!

      Yes, the Almighty’s provisions are amazing! For you, it is onions and bell peppers! For Annabel, it is apples and other fruit! For me, it is so many things to be grateful for!

      I love, love the quilts made of tiny cuts of fabric! Enjoy this!

      Your bonus from your husband’s work is a very helpful surprise!

      Oh yes, eggs, and meat pinwheel wraps, and spaghetti sauce and more family time, and gifts of help for others, all make life more beautiful! Peanut butter is full of energy, and a good item for the pantry!

      We appreciate your informative comment!



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