The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 16 January 2020

Feather your Nest Friday, 17th January, 2020.

It was a big week!  We still lived in a cloud of smoke until Wednesday afternoon.   That morning the smoke was particularly thick.   NASA reported that the smoke from the Australian fires was so intense that it drifted across and past New Zealand and made it's way around the whole globe then came back over Australia!  Yep, we had it all twice!   I would never have imagined this possibility!
But now we are smoke free, fire free and some of the worst affected areas in the country have rain!
Rain is also forecast for here.  I sure am hoping that is correct!

The first adventure of the week was Saturday. Shearing day.  My sheep were "rounded up" by getting out the biscuits and they all came running.  This was the first time any of them have been shorn.  I took biscuits with me so after their hair cuts they would get a reward.

Blossom went first.  She honestly didn't care.  The shearer was kind of amazed by these docile sheep!

So her wool is lambs wool which I saved and it is so soft.

Paddy was waiting for his turn.  (for anyone new Paddy is Chloe's pet Alpaca) 

You hear that Alpaca's do not like being shorn and put up a giant fight and kick and so on.  Not Paddy.   He just relaxed and it was so funny.  He looked like a big teddy bear.  The shearer was really nice and talked him and Paddy talked back.  Alpaca language is quiet little mmm mmm mmm noises. 

Alpaca wool is so soft like a cloud.  As it came off we found a neck! haha!

The transformation was amazing.   Paddy was completely fine with it all.

I ended up with a lot of wool for my spinning and two beautiful brown/black fleeces also.  As this came off the sheep it was like thick velvet.  

The sheep are much more comfortable now as this is summer.  They all had their biscuits and off they went back into the paddock.  Paddy and Blossom went in the trailer home to Chloe and Luke's. 
This all took a whole afternoon!

Other than this some of the ways I got ahead, built up my home and added to the pantry included:

I did some baking.  First I made two high fruit cakes that my Dad and brother like.

I had bananas to use up so made two banana cakes.

Then I made up little sausage rolls for Harper to take to Kindy on Friday.  And full sized ones to share with everyone else.

I made tomato relish as well and this went beautifully with the sausage rolls.

And Harper's favourite Peanut Butter biscuits.

We had beautiful peaches and have been living on them but I also made a peach crumble which is the most beautiful thing ever. 

Lucy gave me a box of Lux Flakes.  I love these.  If you are not in Australia these are pure soap flakes.

On the way home from our trip to see the girls we stopped in town and I went very quickly into the op shop. I had so much luck!  I found flannelette sheets with big pink roses and soft flannel pillowcases to line my joey pouch (that I am crocheting) plus a bag of sewing cottons, beautiful fabrics and so much more.  Even a toy bunny for Scout.   It was fantastic.     I will show everything in The Tuesday Afternoon Club next week.   It is so good to find supplies this way.

During the week Mignon came over with MORE JARS!
Dad came by with venison. Lots of fillet all packed beautifully.

One night we had toasted sandwiches for dinner and just used stuff up. I need to re introduce toastie night weekly.

The pumpkin patch is growing...

There are lots of little pumpkins forming...

I now have a little chicken coop for my little bantams.  This is because I want them to have chicks.  

I also get to talk to them while I water the garden.

Finally...  I made up some Liqueurs.  Here I have Coffee, Baileys and White Chocolate liqueur.  Some of these are gifts.   They are are delicious.  I love my collection of bottles too!

So that was my week!  I like to see my relish lined up and food in my freezer.  The garden is coming on and I have new things coming up to fill any spaces I still had. 

I hope you had a wonderful week.  How did you get ahead, save, add to your preparedness?   There are so many little things we can do and they all add up!

Over the weekend I am going to re launch the Vicky Challenge for 2020.   So there will be a weekend post.   This is a very motivating challenge and really works for me.   

Now I am off to feed the chooks and collect the eggs.  We are so lucky it is not hot, just nice. If all goes well I plan some sewing over the weekend! xxx


  1. Annanel it is lovely and cool here too and some of our farmers out west have had rain for the first time in ages. It is patchy but at least it is raining once again. Hopefully eventually the fires will be put out. I do hope that the donated money for those who have lost their homes will be distributed quickly as I read online that some families have no money and are uninsured. Love your animals being sheared. So cute!

    1. Dear Nanna Chel!

      The rain, where it is falling, is very much appreciated! I’m glad you are feeling the relief in the weather conditions!
      It is a regular concern about how Australian disaster funds do not always reach the intended recipients. So many people, here and over the world, have given generously of their resources, and it is touching!
      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Didn't I see a cyclone that had formed north of Australia? I assume that is where the rain came from. So happy to hear the fires are out. Thanks for your wonderful pics and great information you share.

    1. Dear Angela!

      I do not know where these rain patterns formed, but I am very grateful for the drops falling out of the sky. Some are getting rain, while others still wait. The difficult season is not over yet.
      Annabel is a real talent with the way she shares so much with so many!
      Thank you for your comment!


  3. I just love the photos of Paddy and Blossom having their haircuts. They are such lovely animals and so chilled out. You Dad and I both have an addictions to sultana cake. Nothing better on a cool day, than a cuppa and sultana cake smothered in butter. YUM!!!!!!!
    I've been having some treatments lately that have kept me in the house. I haven't got as much done as I want, but I do need to give myself healing time. The last thing I need is to get all dirty and develop an infection.
    Bluey and I started up our own 'Vicky Challenge' at the end of last year. We were starting to get a little silly with our spending. By doing the Challenge we have curbed that nonsense and are back on track.
    Hope that rain gets to you and brings on the feed for the animals and gets your garden growing and lush.
    Life is hot, sweaty and sore good.

    1. Dear Jane!
      I am confident that you can come up with something to keep yourself all crafty while you are healing! You and Bluey are an inventive couple, and your approach to saving and making do is remarkable!
      I appreciate that the plants, with rainwater, take off in this hot, humid weather! The change from the drought and bushfire conditions is amazing!
      Enjoy more sultana cake for me!


  4. Dear Annabel, well my prayers (and others) have been answered ! Last night it rained here in Sydney, and this morning an absolute downpour !! It rained also all day. Just beautiful. I was praying and saying "thank you thank you thank you". It's due to continue got another few days yet !! The alpacca and your blossom is so cute ! They remind me of my Bichon X poodle going to the groomer ha ha ha. I'm very nervous as time has come to find out if I get into nursing. I've applied everywhere across Sydney so I'm hopeful something will happen . I also need a job. You never cease to amaze me with your creative skills ! With much love. Sonia

    1. Dear Sonia!

      Your thankfulness for the rain is beautiful! That is what life is all about - rejoicing in trusting our Shepherd. I pray that the Almighty will lead you in His ways, and that He will be your keeper, as in Psalm 121:


  5. Dear Annabel and Lovely Bluebirds!!

    These are such treasures of photos - shearing time of the family sheep and alpaca! This and chooks and home baking make a beautiful album!

    Someone in town asked me what was notable in my life right now. I said it was the rain! I hear it now on a metal roof! Ahhhhhhhhh! It is good rain, too, that has been building over time.

    This Vicky Challenge, in my own terms, is very real to me! I’m looking forward to the challenging challenge! Ha ha! It begins in earnest in the new week!


  6. I swear Paddy is actually smiling while he is being shorn 😂 Too cute!

    I look forward to reading the Vicki Challenge post and seeing what it entails.

    You had a great week and been inspirational as usual. We had a short holiday on the Gold Coast this past week, so nothing to report on my homemaking efforts, but I’ve got a head full of plans for the coming week, and I can’t wait to make a start!

    1. Dear Cheryl!

      You went to the beach? Just reading that is therapeutic! ..... Aren’t ideas wonderful?!

      We have so many treasures - animals, the Vicky Challenge, ....... and so much to be grateful for! I hope your plans are bringing you satisfaction!


  7. Oh I love the pictures of how calm they were getting their hair cuts. They really didn't care or maybe they loved getting that hair off because they were cool. Such sweet animals.
    I have that same chicken coop except my door to access is in the back. I love it and I do let my chickens out under my watchful eye of course. Have a great day!

    1. Dear Vickie!

      I have a brother who works with animals and a range of people who benefit from working with these animals. I think he would say that Annabel’s animals were feeling secure while they were being shorn. It is amazing what being looked after can do for an animal!
      The hatchery looks very homely for the little darlings!


  8. Dear Annabel,

    I love all the farm photos. Your sheep will be so much more comfortable for the rest of summer. All that wool for you to play with, bet you cant wait to get started.

    Your pumpkin plant is looking really healthy, you are going to have pumpkins for over winter.

    The kitchen would have smelt divine with all that baking going on. I love sultana cake too, nice with a cup of tea from the pot.

    A lovely cool week here for a change, and it looks as though it will continue on into next week with only one hot day...yay! No rain though.

    I haven't been going too far, just doing jobs at here at home, sweeping lots of dirt up outside, sorting out my craft room, and a bit of gardening. The veggies are improving with this nice weather.

    This weekend we are off to a bee workshop in Angaston, so that should be fun. Our bees are doing great by the way, we have three hives now as Phil rescued some from a hive in an old house that was getting demolished.

    Enjoy the weekend, the weather should be lovely,

    Lots of love,
    Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania!

      I can hear you speaking from personal experience! Keeping the animals cool; pumpkins for winter; baking in the kitchen; .....

      I am glad that you are getting some cooler weather, and your beekeeping is doing so well! Keep on enjoying it all!


  9. First I am so happy you are getting rain and the fires and smoke are lessening. I have been praying daily for your countries relief.
    I love seeing the animals - they are just so sweet.
    Sounds like you had a lovely week. Blessings.

    1. Dear Cheryl!

      Yes, less fire and smoke, and more rain and sweetness of animals is good! Very good! Thank you for your prayers. Prayers are vital!


  10. Hello dear Annabel!

    So thankful to hear of the rain and the fact that the smoke and fires around you are gone!

    Paddy is just adorable :) I didn't know that you spin! That is wonderful since you have such an abundance of wool. We have five dogs and my husband wants me to learn how to spin their fur. I know it can be done if I incorporate it into other fiber. I do have a drop spindle, but I've not used it in ages, but it is something that I want to reacquaint myself with this year!

    What luck you had at the op shop! And your liquors look amazing!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Dear Jennilee!
      Yes, many are thankful to have rain, and relief from fires and smoke! Thank you!
      It is wonderful that you take interest in Paddy, the op shopping, and the liqueurs!
      So you can use a drop spindle! I love that amazing things can be done with basic tools! It will be lovely to see you using it again!


  11. Dear Annabel,
    We are so thankful that prayers were answered and you have had rain and that the smoke is clearing.
    I loved the haircutting photos. So adorable. The fleeces are gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your spinning and what you make out of the wool. Great finds at the op shop. Your pumpkin patch looks great. We love anything pumpkin at our house. I'm planning on trying your sausage rolls this week as the last time at the grocery store I found gluten free puff pastry.

    I'm looking forward to the 2020 Vicky Challenge. I've been a little lax in keeping records this year so it will be interesting to start doing it again. Wishing everyone a good weekend and those in the path of the storm in the US, stay safe. Blessings to all, Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie!!
      I hope everything is well regarding storms over your way! Those here who have had rain, after bushfires, are greatly relieved and delighted! It has been a long wait. Many, though, are still waiting.
      Yes, the fleeces are wonderful acquisitions! Maybe Annabel will be shearing the animals herself some day?! It is going to be lovely to see her working with her own wool!!
      Enjoy your sausage rolls, and the Vicky Challenge!!


  12. Wonderful to see the fleece babies getting their shearing :D. They're pets and trusting, thanks to the love you've given them since Day 1. I love your chicken's palace - it's so cute. The liquors look scrumptious as does all the food you prepared. So thankful part of Australia is getting rain and hope you get some, too.

    1. Dear Mary!

      Isn’t it wonderful to see the miracle of life from the ground up?! The orphaned lambs now giving raw fleece; the settled chickens producing eggs for the kitchen; the beautiful rain changing everything; and lovely kitchen work!
      It all brings so much into people’s lives!


  13. Dear Annabel,
    Such lovely photos! I enjoy seeing your animals, garden, baking and everything!

    We are working on painting and putting new flooring in one of the bedrooms. We have quite a bit we want to get done and are hoping to get things done before the hot weather. Knowing we had to spend quite a bit to get materials, we stopped to get a gift card so we would get gas points with the purchase. They were offering 4X gas points with dining or entertainment giftcards. One of the giftcards was a combination of places, including some dining and the home supply place we were going. I was so pleased that they gave 4x points due to the dining places being listed on the card.
    I am working on using foods from the freezer and pantry to make more room and less money out. Looking forward to the Vicky Challenge again.

    I've received several giftcards of $3, $5 and one $10 and free item
    offers from various stores. I know they are hoping that I will come in and spend a lot more, but I challenge myself to stay as close as possible to whatever the amount is. It really adds up, too.

    It is once again citrus season. Although we have a very small crop of tangelos, our neighbors have a huge crop of lemons, oranges and grapefruit. They are once again not only sharing, but asking us to
    please take as much as we can use. They even picked 4 boxes of fruit to send to the food pantry with me! We're grateful for the citrus to enjoy and share.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
    Love from Arizona,

    1. Dear Elaine!

      Well done on your painting and putting in new flooring!! This will make things so much fresher, and breathe life into your home!!
      I think using up food at home is very satisfying - in more ways than one! Ha ha!
      It astounds me how many helpful shopping points and gift cards you can work with in your country! Good on you for figuring it all out!
      Oh, enjoy your provision of citrus fruit. Those who cannot grow it must dream about the fruit straight from the tree!
      Keep going well!


  14. Seeing news photos of the rain Australia has been getting was enough to move me to tears. I'm so relieved for all of you, seeing the devastation has been heartbreaking, and I'm so sorry for all that everyone has suffered there.

    Your animals are absolutely adorable getting their haircuts, and your baking and other kitchen work is beautiful! What a lovely life you lead, you're always an inspiration. :)

    1. Dear Stephanie!
      Caring for Australia in our bushfires and other challenges, and then feeling the relief when rain arrives, is precious to us. I am in Queensland, where earlier fires were, and it is strange to drive through so much country with burnt trees on bare hills and gullies, yet green is starting to come through.
      Caring for animals is healing, as they know that they have to look after themselves and get on with their day.
      Be inspired by Annabel’s life! You could make a good Aussie!


  15. Dear Annabel,
    I love the photos of the animals. How relaxed and happy are they?! I love seeing farm life. I love the photos of your baking. You achieved so much! How lovely that you could share your beautiful food with your family. I find this inspirational. This is the best gift! I love sausage rolls...Those cakes look beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your op-shop finds. I also love seeing your pumpkin patch. It looks so good! We have had a quiet week and have been recovering from colds etc. Although I did manage to get bottles into the recycling, which made us $14. I also got to plant some seeds and they have already sprouted! I love going out there and checking on them every day. I would love more beds one day. Lots of love to you XXX Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge!
      Managing to cash in your bottles for recycling is very productive! I like that! Planting those seeds, too, is a good investment. I am like you in that I like to keep studying how the seeds are germinating and growing!!
      You are right - Annabel’s animals, baking, sausage rolls, pumpkin patch and op shop finds all show the beautiful enjoyment that an industrious home can give!
      You are doing really well!! I am proud of you!!


  16. Oh how I enjoy your stories about your sheep and other animals, and your biscuit motivation ;). Makes me smile and run off to show my husband your photos. Thank you again for taking the time to share all this. You also are a dynamo of productivity! Wow! I managed two or three things this week to get ahead and store extra away...and I don’t have anyone to cook for other than me and my husband.

    Glad to know the fires are out near you, I sent money to the Australian Red Cross. My hear goes out to everyone there and all the injured animals ;(

    Hilogene in Arizona

    1. Dear Hilogene!

      Yes, ourselves hearts are on overload with all the trauma around. Today, at one store, they were having a fundraiser barbecue. Then there has been news of the big firefighting plane crash with Americans on board. It hurts, and I have to hold back the tears. So much practical help has been sent to Australia from around the world, and it is truly beautiful, and we appreciate it.
      We read some classic, authentic stories here! Annabel’s work is wonderful!
      Enjoy your home!


  17. Looking foward to "Vicky" post just back from officeworks with my new journal/book to record my weekly wins:)))))

    1. Dear Kate!
      This book will become a real treasure to you! It’s amazing how much goodness can fit onto paper with ink or carbon!


  18. What a week! I'm pretty sure that your one week is 2 or 3 of mine! I had just told my husband about all your gifted jars and canning equipment and came to your post and saw MORE JARS! Just wow, what a blessing!

    1. Dear Lana!
      Time is a funny thing, anyway, and we are currently still having long summer days. I expect that your weather is more conducive to craftwork, which some of us would love to be doing! Nevertheless, we love our country, and thrive where we can! ........ Life can be funny — more jars!! Ha ha!!


  19. Your fleecy babies are so used to humans, it's lovely to see them lay back and enjoy their haircuts!

    You will enjoy spinning and using their fleece, I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Alpaca fleece will be gorgeous - it is a hollow core fibre, which makes it an excellent insulator as well as being very light :) My aunt and uncle have alpacas.

    So grateful for the rain! It has been pouring here yesterday, although there are still some very needy regions who have not had much at all. At last my car is clean(er) after driving on a dirt road to a beach over New Year hahaha.

    I keep meaning to ask if you have a sausage roll tip for me. Yours look so crisp! Mine always 'leak' meat juice, which makes for a messy tray when cooking. I do use plenty of breadcrumbs to absorb moisture, perhaps I need to use even more. Or maybe a particular kind of mince is better, as I just use the usual beef mince. They taste perfectly delicious!

    With love,
    Fiona xx

    1. Dear Fiona, This is very interesting what you are telling me about Alpaca and I had no idea! Thank you!
      I have had the same problem with sausage rolls. I use non stick baking paper and it helps as it absorbs some fat.
      Very often I will buy actual sausages, split them, add some grated carrots and re form them and bake. These are good! Definitely get sausage mince or actual sausages would be my tip. But if they are delicious I truly wouldnt worry!
      Thanks for the Alpaca info! With love

  20. Annabel,
    The animals are so adorable getting their hair cuts. I bet it feels good to them, more breezy. And your pumpkin patch is marvelous! I never tire of seeing things grow. And you always get so much done! And you find the greatest things at the op shops. I love finding good linens.
    I did a lot of baking as well. Cream cheese cookies, blueberry loaf, M&M cookies and peasant bread.
    I started a few small craft projects to add to the gift trunk.
    I used up tid bits in the fridge or pantry so they didn't go to waste.
    I have been working on surveys to build up gift cards again and did one this week that paid $20. I'll take it!
    And I added up our totals for last year and our savings totaled just a little over 57 thousand. We had several projects that we did the labor ourselves that if Rick didn't have the skills we would have to pay out of our emergency fund. It's good to challenge ourselves and see just what we can do.
    I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Your baking sounds really beautiful. I know the sheep and Paddy will be much cooler on the hot days and it will grow back again before any cold weather comes.
      Each time you get a gift card is great! You do really well with this and it is a great way to get gifts too.
      Wow on the savings! Was this a record? I think so... I was amazed at ours when I did two years in a row. I still have the book I wrote it all down in.
      I am glad you kept the emergency fund. This is very good. You did well! With love

  21. Dear Annabel, Thankyou for posting the gorgeous shearing photos _ they made everyone in my household smile. I am glad you got relief from a bit of rain. In between visitors over the last two weeks I managed to make 37 jars of Apricot jam and I also stewed and froze some. The last time I was offered more apricots I nearly said no as I was thinking we won't use that much jam, but a little voice in my head said you can not say no to free food; and then I remembered jam is a great gift. So my sister got some yesterday when she bought her grandson over to play with my daughter, we had a lovely day together. I got a little waylaid at the end of my spring cleaning and have just now finished wiping all the fans of dust, my last job on the list I made last year in spring lol- better late than never I guess. I look forward to your Vicki challenge post. I need it, we really have to up our money saving efforts here. Love Clare

    1. Dear Clare, I am glad the photos were enjoyed in your family!
      Well done on all that jam and stewed fruit! Just wonderful!
      Jam is a great gift. A little basket of homemade goodies are a beautiful gift.
      I posted the Vicky Challenge now. I hope as we go on you will get new savings ideas but I think you do very well! I am emailing you to show you how your sunflower seeds are growing! They were a great gift! With love

  22. Annabel the animals look just so contented even when being sheared and no wonder the shearer was amazed :). Your baking looks divine, as does the Bailey's you made and wonderful your pumpkins are looking so healthy too.

    I didn't add up my savings this week as we had rain glorious rain and I ran around diverting water from our rainwater swimming pool as it overflowed so we put an additional pipe on it to water the back lawn with. Then more rain and now our 3 rainwater tanks are full to the brim and overflowing with more rain predicted tomorrow. Then of course as we had lots of water I set about cleaning :) .

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals from scratch.

    Cleaning the home and getting rid of drought dust -
    - DH deep cleaned the outhouse with saved grey water from the washing machine and rinsed it with fresh water and it smells so much fresher in there now :).
    - I deep cleaned the bedroom moving furniture I swept underneath them and swept and damp dusted the skirting boards, damped dusted the furniture and put them back and cleaned the windows. It is lots cleaner in there now.
    - Having more water I also damp dusted the downstairs toilet and bathroom, spot cleaned walls,and gave the shower recess a really deep clean too.

    Free samples -
    - I got two lots of precut salads being 200g of coleslaw and a 300g mixed lettuce blend saving $5.

    Internet listings -
    - I listed 10 items on eBay on a free listing promotion saving $16.50 on usual prices.

    Purchases -
    - Bought 6 pairs of shorts for DH and a packet of pens on special and combined specials and 5% off using our Wish e-gift card saving $33.41 on usual prices.
    - On special we also purchased 6 x 1.25 lts of soft drink and combined specials and using our gift card saved $2.93 on usual prices.
    - Filled up 4 jerry cans of fuel at a larger town we had an appointment at and combining our gift card and using our rewards 4c per litre further discount we saved $14.78 in total. This town is so much cheaper for fuel than the normal smaller town we usually fill up our fuel at so we got just over a half a jerry can free.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    In the gardens -
    - DH and I weeded 3 garden beds and gave the weeds and green grass to the wallabies to eat and they had a field day for two days eating them :) .
    - Separated carrots growing too close together making two more rows in our garden bed.

    1. oops see below I posted your reply in wrong spot!xxx

  23. Dear Lorna, I am so pleased for you about the rain! And full tanks! This is just amazing. I remember one time here (before we moved) Chloe had rain and thee tanks were overflowing so she ran around and was filling the bath and the washing machine! haha! Taking a big soak in the bath too! So I can see you running around just the same!
    We also keep four jerry cans full and also have the price variation town to town. It makes a difference where we fill up. I do not like those cans to get low or empty either. Like in the fire that fuel assured me the generator would keep the sprinklers on... imagine if we did not have that fuel storage.
    The wallabies will be so happy with their greens plus the rain. I hope green grass starts to come up. We are hoping for rain. It has been nearby...the forecast says Wed and Thursday to expect rain. I sure hope so. I am very happy for you! Have a very good week. With love

  24. Hi, Annabel, I'm so thankful for the rain in your country! I have never seen animals being sheared, and they're adorable. We have Saint Bernard dogs, one of whom loves to be groomed, and she looks like that when she is getting her spring shave :)

    It was a light productivity week as I'm resting from some health stuff, but we managed to get a few things accomplished! We made cookies and gifted an old family photograph to a family member as a birthday gift. My goal is to keep gifts at $10 or below this year. My husband cut firewood from dead trees on our property and my mom’s. This allows us to heat our home with just the cost of running the chainsaw and truck plus my husband’s time. I made coconut milk out of shaved coconut rather than buying it premade in cans.
    More on my blog here:

    I'm looking forward to doing your Vicky challenge and am headed to read that post now :)

    1. Dear Jenny,
      I love your gift goal. I believe with planning and thought some very good gifts can be under this piece and I love the old family photo idea. You are heating your home how we do. It is fantastic to have your own wood! I love a woodpile too!
      I will go check out your post. Thank you. With all you do I feel you will love the challenge! With love and thanks,

  25. Hi Annabel
    Love your blog and your animals are little cuties.
    Just wondering if you have the recipes you use for the Liqueurs you made?
    Glad you are now safe and out of the fire danger.

    1. Dear Beck,
      Thank you!
      The Coffee Liqueur recipe is the best one. It is divine and easy! I used the recipe you can find on blog called see Homemade Coffee Liqueur.
      The jury is still out on what I think of the white chocolate one but it is seeming good... (you have to let these age a bit to know) but that was from a blog called
      The Baileys Irish cream... same.. needs a bit more time to tell and I feel my whisky flavour is a bit too strong ...
      I am amazed though how good and easy liqueurs are to make! The coffee one is good over ice-cream! Also with ice and milk ala Kahlua. So nice!
      Hope this helps. With love

    2. Thank you so much for this Annabel. I will go and have a look at that site and have a go at them. I love how organised and productive you always are. You are so inspiring. Sorry for the late reply. Blessings Beck


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