The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Friday 1 November 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 1st November, 2019.

It is November!  I find it hard to believe how fast the year has gone by.  I still have a lot I want to get out of 2019 though!

Some of the ways I feathered the nest this week included:

I had some wonderful thrift store luck!   I found this gorgeous jug and bowl plus a smaller bowl and bud vase to match all for $20.

For now it is in the spare bedroom but I might seperate the pieces as they jug is so divine I would like it out somewhere it is seen more!

In the thrift store I also found boxes of floral and butterfly cards, quite lovely in soft water colours.  I need up with 44 beautiful largish greeting cards and envelopes for $8.  Thats around 20c.  In the stores a nice gift card is at least $8!  Amazing.

This week I bottled up my Coffee Liqueur.  No labels yet but I am thrilled with how it tastes and how many bottles it made!

It is VERY easy to make.  I will be doing this again!
The recipe is  3 and a half cups of white sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar... dissolve this in 4 cups water and bring to boil.   Then add 2 oz good instant coffee and stir in.  Now let the mix cool completely.  Add 2 vanilla beans split and 750 ml vodka.  I did this in a huge jar.  Let it sit two weeks and then strain and bottle. It will keep ages.  I shook it daily to get the vanilla into it.

I have wrapped some up, paired with the lovely liqueur glasses I got, and this adds up to a lovely gift.

My diary and planner are a huge part of getting lots done. The last few years I have bought Happy Planners and before that an Erin Condrin diary.  Both are beautiful.  But this week in the post office they had 2020 diaries in and I saw a beautiful one.  It is perfect for me and about one quarter the price.  So I am excited to have it ready and start 2020 with a big savings!  I also have my budget planner from The Cheapskates Club.  I am so excited to have these lined up.

I was able to put together a beautiful gift my my sister in laws birthday incorporating things I made and it looked lovely.

I have been working on some gifts for the boys.  This week I made up several of these leather boot care kits.  They all live in leather boots.  I included my homemade leader water proof treatment. I like this gift so much I kept a set for Andy and I to use on our own boots.

This week Mum could not come with me to see the girls.   So I headed off and took  peanut butter biscuits and a big quiche.  It was a lovely day.

I came home with six eggs from their beautiful big chocolate brown chickens as they have a rooster and I have a broody bantam!    When I got home I used a pasta scoop to carefully lift out all the bantam eggs from under her.  She was sitting on 16!   Then I added back in 6 much larger hen eggs.
She didn't blink an eye, just fluffed around and re adjusted things!

So lets hope!

I was also able to pick some pink proteas and now have them in the kitchen.

The next day I had a terrible message from Lucy.  A fox had got all their hens and all their guinea fowl in the night.  She was so upset and Harper was with her when they went to collect the eggs and discovered carnage. Harper was very upset.  I was very upset.   I don't know if these eggs will hatch but I got them just in time.  I said I would share them and send some back.  But first to discover how the fox got in as they have completely covered in hen houses.   But it got in somewhere and out again.  Just awful.  Their giant brown rooster survived but no others.

This made me realise that you can think you have your preps well sorted out and something like this
happens.   So now I am thinking we all should also keep roosters, up our security and keep a few more hens than we think we need.

This week Luke brought the sheep in around the house paddock.  They eat down the driveway, around the sheds, around the chicken house... this feeds them plus makes things look neat and tidy and reduces our fire fuel.
On that note our area had the first fire of the season.  It was a very windy day too.  So it is officially on... and we are reviewing all our preps and hoping all the work we have done and the recent tree removal etc. all add up to helping us if a fire comes through here.

I did more sorting out my gift cupboard and making up gift baskets.  It feels so good and I am so glad I started in January.  But there is still time to make your Christmas gifts!  Baking is a great gift and we have all of December to do that and all of November to work on other things!  Over at The Tuesday Afternoon Club you will find so many ideas.  Mainly very inexpensive ideas!  You are welcome to join here.

I hope you had a good week with lots of opportunities to get ahead in various ways.  Save, avery little bit helps.   Just now I am in bed and typing to the sound of rain.  I tried to post earlier and it was like a thunderstorm was coming and not one photo would load.   It is pouring!  This is a big help and better than any of the things I achieved all put together!
How did you save, add to your pantry or build up your home this week?

Have a wonderful


  1. Aww you are sneaky with your hen...Hopefully she will have some adopted children soon! You had a wonderful week and I love all your gifts.

    It snowed here for the first time last night. Just a little dusting though but Winter is knocking on our door. How different it is from the hustle of summer.
    I'm working on a needlepoint quilt I hope I can get it done for granddaughter at Christmas.

    1. so sorry about the girls chickens and guinea fowl. I completely missed that paragraph. I hope you are able to supply them with more chickens.

    2. Dear Vickie!!

      There are many of us, now, cheering on this Nesting hen, & hoping for chickens to hatch!

      Thinking of snowflakes,

      So long as you’re warm, some good snow must make a beautiful, quiet winter! It’s a long way from most Australian winters! Ha ha!!

    3. Dear Vickie, As you prepare for winter we prepare for summer! Busy for both of us!
      I would love to see your quilt when you are finished. What a beautiful present for your Granddaughter! It will be a heirloom!
      Have a good new week Vickie, with love

  2. ohhh so sad about Lucy & Harper's hens,how awful, know how it feels too; you really need to have a secure hen house to lock them up in at night while there are predators around; i locked mine up for years, now i have a sturdy & very secure high fence & i can leave them unlocked & open. i do hope for the few eggs you got hatch out too.
    also foxes don't usually leave a mess, but quolls do & those weird carnivorous rats.
    thanx for sharing

    1. Dear Selina!

      Don’t worry - I’m certain that Lucy & family will outfox those villains in the long run! When they find the answer, they’ll cherish it!!

      I’m looking forward to Lucy (& Harper) having safe chickens at their place!


    2. Dear Selina, Thank you. We all have really well built hen houses which are covered over the top and dug into the ground. Chickens are in them from early evening... still a fox somehow got into Lucy's and this is after having them for quite a while too. On top of that we have eagles that can take them! Poor chickens seem to have a lot of enemies!
      Then bantam is still sitting so I hope the eggs are good and fertile. Thanks so much, with love

  3. Annabelle can i please ask with the coffee liquer is it dry coffee you put into it or do you make it wet like a coffee drink. It looks amazing and i would love to make some. So sad about your daughters chickens I work in a nursing home in a suburb of Melbourne We lost our pet chickens to foxes they had a lovely secure coop or so we thought. Hoping the eggs are fertile and hatch. So hot here tonight but thunderstorms are approaching. Love to all for the weekend Leanne.

    1. Dear Leanne,

      This will just be the powdered instant coffee. It will dissolve when put into the boiling sugar-water solution! Let us know how you like it! If only photos would share the aroma! Ha ha!

      Yes, we love our chickens, & good rain!! Good rain is a real blessing!

      Practising blog secretary,

    2. Dear Leanne, Yes as Rachel said this is dry ground coffee. It really makes up well and is delicious.
      It is beautiful to hear the nursing home has chickens! I know foxes go right into the city and turn up anywhere. So surprising sometimes though!
      We had massive thunderstorms Friday night! And a good rain! I hope we have more coming and glad you got it. With much love

  4. Annabel what a beautiful jug and bowl and I am on the hunt for something similar :) . Your gift packages are just divine. Re foxes they dig in underneath the outside walls of the chicken pens usually and to prevent this dig around the base of the chicken pens and put in large wood landscaping posts on their sides and bury them. This way the foxes have to work awfully hard to get to the chickens and this is how the older farmers had built theirs for this reason. Sorry to hear about the chickens I had something similar happen and it is heartbreaking :(.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $73.40 in savings last week :).

    Money earned -
    - Earned $12 from the sale of a homemade journal cover on eBay.

    Purchases -
    - Purchased 2 e-gift cards from RACQ for groceries saving $9.60.
    - Did a little shopping for half price specials at Woolworths saving $43.40 on usual prices.
    - Used one gift card and with specials and a $15 off promotional code saved $17 on usual prices.
    - From IGA picked up 5 x 6pk of a combo of wholemeal and grain bread rolls and really nice large kiwi fruit saving $3.40 on usual prices.

    Pantry stocking -
    - Stocked up on 10 large packets of pasta and sauces on half price special , 4 x 10 lts of water, and 5 x 6pk of bread rolls.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.

    Water savings -
    - Used grey water pumped from the grey water tank to water most of the front lawn and fruit and berry trees.
    - Used cleanish dish rinsing/vegetable steaming water to water potted herb and fruit trees.
    - Used saved shower warm up water to fill hand washing bottles and clean the bathrooms and toilets with.

    Hope everyone has had a wonderful week of savings and building up their homes as well :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Hi Lorna!

      Can you give me any tips - I am wondering if the RACQ e-gift cards would work effectively on an iPad.

      Do you have the road service app? I do! .... I had free towing just the other day!!

      Thank you,

    2. Rachel if you can order online groceries through the Woolworths site with your iPad then you should be able to use the Wish e-gift cards from RACQ. With your normal ordering you then get to the payment page and it has an option of gift cards so you press on that and enter in the code and pin on the e-gift card and the order is paid for. It should then confirm that the payment came off the order amount.

      I don't have an iPad so can't guide you there as we just use our laptops at home and we have a dinosaur mobile with no apps either :). We really have no need for one. Have a look and see if you can order online and if you have any problems as with how to do it on an iPad ring Woolworths and they should be able to give you some advice and guide you through the process.

      Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    3. Thank you, Lorna!


    4. Dear Lorna, Thank you for the tips on the chicken yard. I will be back down there on Tuesday and do my own inspection to see if I can find where he got in and out. You are doing well with stocking up and with re using water. It is amazing how much this helps. I am also watering so many things with water that would otherwise be wasted.
      Thank you for advising Rachel as this helped me too and therefore others!
      With much love,

  5. Dear Annabel,

    I am very sorry to hear about Lucy's chickens...those foxes are awful, how they will kill everything, even though they aren't that hungry! Very sad that Harper had to see it, too. Good thing you got those eggs for your banty!

    Your coffee liqueur sounds divine! I am getting ready to make "currant shrub"...which is currant liqueur. A batch lasts a long time and is delicious to use when baking fruit pies or for soaking fruit for fruitcake! I have to admit that I haven't been very proactive on the making gifts front. I have one major knitting project that I want to get done and some baking...and otherwise, we'll see what I get accomplished this year. I do have a few things in the gift tub that I completed earlier in the year, but not as much as in other years. I love the boot kits!

    It has been a madhouse here with company for almost two weeks, now tomorrow we have more company arriving for another full week, so it has been lots of cleaning and cooking and coordinating activities during the day. Whew. I am always happy to see family and always happy to get back into a calm routing afterward. :)

    Had two really hard frosts, so pulled a lot of stuff out of the garden except for root vegetables. Made green tomato mincemeat and salsa. Planted two blueberry bushes for next year...we'll see if they survive. Need to can some more beets this week and probably start pulling carrots, if it dries up a bit...and use up more green tomatoes! (Some will ripen, but some got a touch of frost and will just rot if I don't use them green.)

    Must get back to cleaning and prepping for company! Have a wonderful weekend.

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen!

      You are very accomplished in your projects, and your work is beautiful!! Enjoy your family time!!


    2. Dear Jen, You have been busy! I know that must be the case as normally you make so many gifts. But it is good to see family and have that time together and still can your beets and deal with the last of the produce. I am going to google and see what I can find out about your currant liqueur as I have not heard of it but it sounds good!
      I hope you have a good new week! With love

    3. Dear Annabel,

      Currant Shrub...can't remember where I got the recipe to credit it...something from Britain.

      11/4 c. strained red currant juice
      21/2 c. rum or brandy
      Finely grated zest of one orange
      1 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
      11/2 c. sugar. Mix all ingredients EXCEPT SUGAR in a large, wide-necked jar. This may become a gel...don't worry, will liquefy when sugar is added later. Close up jar tightly and leave for 7-10 days in a cool, dark place. Pour into a saucepan and add the sugar and heat GENTLY to about 140 degrees F. When sugar is dissolved, strain liqueur through a jelly bag and decant into a sterilized bottle...seal with a cap. Store for several months in a dark place to mature. Keeps up to 2 years. Can be served as an apertif or used in cocktails or for baking!

      Pulled half of my carrots, today, and will take out the rest tomorrow to store in sand...may try canning some of the smaller ones. We're supposed to get 25 mm of rain tomorrow night and then have it get cold...snow forecasted for Friday!!! have to get them in!! Big job, but someone has to do it! :)

      Love, Jen.

    4. P.S. Rachel, it's nice to hear from you!!! xx Jen

  6. Love the idea of a boot/shoe care kit. You included a container of water-proofing leather treatment. Would you share if this is a homemade recipe or a bought product that was repackaged? If homemade please let us know where to locate the recipe. Thanks! Good luck with your broody hen. Hope that it works out so you can share with with the Lucy. - Diane from Minnesota

    1. Hi Diane, I shared the recipe recently and in the club. It is very easy and good! You can find it on Prepsteaders in you tube. Also she shows how to use it. Prepsteaders is one of my favourite channels ever! Essentially it is 1 part beeswax melted, 1 part coconut oil, the solid stuff, 3 parts castor oil. Melt them all together and blend well. Pour into your tins and let set. To use rub in boots paying attention to stitching and a toothbrush is good to get it into the stitching. Apply four times. It is very good for the leather too. I am watching out for tins now the nice low shaped ones to make some more! Many thanks, Love

  7. I am so sorry for the loss of all the poultry for Lucy. That is horrible. I can't even imagine the carnage.
    Your pitcher and bowl are beautiful. I love the 'boy' gifts you are putting together. SO nice.
    I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Cheryl, Thanks. Foxes dont even eat what they kill they seem to just do it for fun. None were eaten all just killed and laying there.
      Thanks re my gifts! I love finding something good for the men on the farm. This is the area I find hardest for gifts I can make.
      You have a lovely weekend too! With love

    2. Hi Annabel, did the chooks have their heads and .
      or their beaks bitten off? Could have been an Aust native water rat and they don't have to get into the pen, they will just bite the chooks through the netting holes.
      Foxes will always take some chooks, but will nearly always kill the remaining chooks and leave them where they fall in the yard. Hope this helps, we have suffered from both

      Love Lorraine
      Love Lorraine

  8. Thank you for sharing the coffee liqueur recipe, Annabel. I am going to have a go at making some soon. We had a rainy day here yesterday which was great follow up rain for the garden and our tanks. I worked four days this past week, so was busy, but still did some things to save money. I gifted little bunches of gardenias from our garden to friends, found pretty $2 cards at Big W for the many birthdays we have coming up in November, added six bottles of pasta sauce and half price rice crackers to my stockpile and did lots of baking.

    Very sad to read about the loss of those chickens; devastating when something like that happens. I'd love to have chickens here but we have decided against doing that because the family down the road keeps having problems with pythons "visiting" them for a free meal.

    We had rain here yesterday; some wonderful heavy showers during the day. Nothing like good soaking rain! Meg:)

    1. Dear Meg, You probably saved a lot just on the cards! These are small areas that really add up to a ridiculous amount of money over a year.
      You have pythons!? Ok we have snakes and I hate them. We have brown snakes and tiger snakes. But a python big enough to eat a chicken !!! No words!!
      We had 64 points last night! That is huge for us. I couldnt sleep for listening to it plus thunder and lightening!
      I hope we both might get some more! With love

    2. Dear Meg!

      I live in carpet snake country. In my experience, they are only a danger at night, when the chickens/chooks aren’t at their cleverest (& can’t see in the dark)! I lock my feathery friends up at night, & we took one carpet snake down the bush!!

      I wouldn’t give up altogether! Chooks are worth the effort!


    3. Hi Rachel. Our little street runs alongside forest. Carpet pythons galore! We saw one crossing the road a while ago and it was huge and heading straight for our neighbour's yard...probably thinking it had a standing invitation for lunch!!

  9. You and Lucy need to buy a solar operated chook coop door. When I had chickens I lost some to a fox and so bought one of these. We never had any trouble again.
    You just program it so that it closes after the sun goes down - (the chooks are all inside the coop by then) and it opens after the sun comes out. It takes the worry about forgetting to shut them in at night completely away.

    1. The solar operated door sounds like such a handy thing! But in this case the chickens were already looked in for the night and the door was shut. I cant really let my chickens out even in the day unless I am standing there as we get foxes in the day also. So it is really difficult. Both of us felt confident our chicken yards are secure. They still cannot find where it got in and out. So upsetting. I am checking mine so often now! I love solar operated things such a help and free power! xxx

  10. What a beautiful jug and bowl, such a lucky find 😍

    I love the boot cleaning gift boxes you made. You have such a knack of putting things together and presenting them so well!

    We are still renovating our rental property. We are making progress and I need to remind myself often of this, as it seems some days we are just inching our way through our to do list 😩 when I flipped the calendar over yesterday and saw it was November I got freaked out and decided there and then that we WILL be finished by the end of the month, no matter what it takes! I haven’t had the time to do a thing about Christmas let alone get ahead at home. Busy weeks ahead, but it will be worth it in the end 🙏

    1. Take heart, Cheryl! I am just at the start of renovating a small house, so you are far ahead of me!! I have three months!!

      It’s amazing finding treasures! I could have bought a fancy replica wash water jug & bowl for ten dollars, but I bought some inspiring old framed prints instead!!

      I absolutely love the concept of making my own boot conditioner! I, too, live in boots. (Annabel, maybe we could have a boot show?!)

      Cheryl, I hope your renovation work is an uplifting experience!


    2. Dear Cheryl,
      I know rental properties are such lot of work. Cleaning up and renovating are pretty exhausting. But doing it yourselves you are saving a fortune. Being November now snuck up on me too. So much to do!
      You can truly celebrate when this work is done! With much love

  11. Dear Annabel, It is early morning and I am sitting listening to rain and thunder too. It smells so good. I was up early helping my husband and daughter pack up our truck including the baby Magpie for a trip to my in laws farm as my husband is going to help them get some big jobs done, they are staying overnight. I have big plans at home. Ironing and mopping floors etc. I am amused I am excited by this prospect. Lol. I am sorry to hear about Lucy's hen house. This happened to me as a young teenager. A fox killed all 24 of my darlings, only two bodies were missing. I was cranky as I thought, why would the bad thing kill all of them if it not that hungry. Years later I watched a documentary that showed it is usually a Mumma fox working on her own, she kills all of them, then she takes them one by one, goes and buries the body somewhere, and keeps coming back for more and would take all of them if not interrupted as I obviously did and Lucy did too. What she is doing is essentially laying a pantry for her babies. I did feel slightly better after knowing this. At least it wasn't senseless. However I was so upset at the time I didnt get any more chooks for a long while. I am so so glad you got those eggs, I will pray they hatch. Bantums are such good mothers. I had a great and productive week, lots of cookies, deep cleaning and sun dried clothes. I want to get better with planning, this year ran away with me a bit. I am almost organised for Christmas though which feels good. I plan big batches of biscuits in tins I've collected in December to round it off. Just before the rain I was walking in the garden and collected poppy seeds. These might be part of some gifts given too. Thankyou for your posts Annabel, it really helps me keep going. I love your opp shop finds. Magic I call that. Three weeks ago I too found a vase in an opp shop here, it is delicious and matches my tea set. I nearly walked away from it because I didnt "need" another vase. It was $6.00. I walked out and then walked back in. When I came home and put it in the cabinet behind my teaset I was so happy and grateful really. I remembered that when I ordered my teaset I saw and wanted this exact matching vase but at $40+ I couldnt justitfy it. Sometimes I wonder if these little finds are a reward from God because sometimes they are that amazing. Love Clare

  12. So sad about the chickens. That is just awful.

    1. Dear earthmotherwithin!

      It is sad. Those sweet chickens just go about their little lives bringing so much goodness & happiness, if we have the time to notice! To me, animals show more about following the Almighty’s ways than most people. That hurts!!


    2. Thanks Earthmother, My opinion of foxes is at an all time low. They kill just for fun as they dont eat them. What a waste. However we will not give up. Just build better defences and try and hatch these eggs. Have a good new week! with love

  13. Have copied down the coffee liquer recipe. I haven't priced this in ages on. It used to be I enjoyed a mixed drink that used coffee liquer but gave it up ages ago as I couldn't afford it. I think I can afford this! I stopped at grocery today while in the area and purchased some cold meds and pineapple juice to stock my pantry. I need to buy tissues but I'm stocked now for cold/flu season. I took advantage of not needing groceries this pay period and stocked up on several good sales to carry us through the new baby days (WEDNESDAY!) . I called the bank inquiring about a fee that was charged and it was reversed. A substantial savings there! We have had weasels here. We didn't have chickens but it did devastate our barn cats. Horrible thing to come upon first off in the morning, I assure you.

    1. Dear Terri,
      If you can get vodka at a good price that is the thing. If you can this is delicious! Maybe too delicious!
      I have never seen a weasel! I cant even imagine so I am going to have to google about them!
      Many prayers for Katie this week and the baby. I find it a nervous time then a time of great relief and celebration! I cant wait to hear the news.
      Good idea on being ready for flu season. I keep everything at all times to be able to make chicken soup and a general well stocked medical pantry plus food pantry (as you do) Have a great new week! With love

  14. Dear Annabel.

    Lucy and the girls must be so devastated by the loss of their family of chickens. The feeling of guilt was terrible when it happened to us. Lucky you have some of the eggs to hatch out for them.

    We have had rain, just 9mm but I will take what we are given. It all helps and contributes to topping up the rainwater tanks. After all the wind and dirt yesterday, it was such a relief to hear the rain falling on the roof.

    Thank you for the recipes, I will save them to my ever growing collection. I might actually get to trying them all out one day ~ smiles.

    That is such a beautiful jug and bowl set. It was just waiting especially for you to find in the thrift shop.

    You have done a lovely job with the gift boxes, they look fabulous!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy that rain!

    Lots of love Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania,
      I am sorry you also lost chickens. It is awful. It is not your fault. Sometimes fox can beat the best of systems and fencing etc.
      I am glad you have had some rain. Maybe more by now as we had more in stages. We are still hoping for more and the ants are very busy tonight.
      Have a very good new week! With love

  15. Hi Annabel, another busy week of goodness from you. Your boot cleaning kits are so professional and look fabulous. Great gift for the men!
    So sorry to hear of Lucy losing her chooks and guinea fowl and even worse for Harper to see it. We have guinea fowl and they are quirky, dear little characters. Hopefully someone can catch the fox.
    Fabulous op shop finds, you always have amazing luck there.
    Your coffee liqueur looks so good in those bottles and set off an “a ha” moment for me!
    I’ve been racking my brains to think of a Christmas gift for my daughter and SIL. They have everything a person could want and buy whatever they need and want, so no gift is ever a surprise or treat for them. It’s sad but a reality. We bought them a gift voucher to a beautiful restaurant last Christmas and it’s still sitting in the drawer.
    Well your liqueur spoke to me: make them a gift basket between them! So I’ll start with a bottle of your coffee liqueur and 2 glasses and a jar of chargrilled capsicums that Mel makes, if she can share the recipe. A pkt of beef jerky for SIL and jar of my homemade tomato relish. They both enjoy savoury food, so hoping you and the other Bluebirders would some ideas to help me please.
    Well it’s a good start Annabel so thanks, as always for the inspiration. I just love you and our group of likeminded ladies. This is my favourite spot on the net and I’m so grateful to have found MY tribe. Much love and hugs, Lorraine xxx����

    1. Dear Lorraine, Oh you have guinea fowl! I will have to ask you questions such as do yours lay, do you use the eggs, do they hatch young, do you lock them up at night... sorry so many questions.
      Ok your son in law and daughter do sound tough to buy for. I love your idea. Since the like savoury I will add the idea of spiced nuts, trail mix, muesli, possibly quince paste or other things that might go on a cheese board.
      Thank you Lorraine... for being in the tribe! It has made a big difference to me, being able to make good friends across Australia and the world and encourage each other. In our own street or town like minded people can be thin on the ground. I am meeting more now in the country but I feel thanks to the internet some of my very best friends are a distance away. I feel the friendship and support just the same. Also different localities seems to give us different knowledge and ideas. We are all so similar really in many ways. With much love,

  16. The bowl and jug are just lovely with the flowers!

    I love your ideas for making gifts.

    You presented those peanut butter biscuits in such a pretty way! Is that a floral napkin lining the tin? Or is it some kind of wrapping paper?

    1. Dear Mrs. White,
      Thank you so much! When I put biscuits in a tin or scones on a tray I use a cloth. But if taking somewhere to give away I used a paper napkin. These were sent to me by a lovely reader from the USA. It helps them travel too as a little bit of padding underneath.
      I am an admirer of your blog so thrilled for you to stop by! With love,

  17. We had 24 hours straight of heavy rain this week. The lake was low when we got here and now the level is back up. It is one of God's best gifts! I am so glad you had rain too.

    At the lake we have wonderful thrift stores. We found a Food Saver vacuum sealer new in the box for $2 and many unopened PKG of trims for sewing at 12 cents each. Also door stops that go on the hinges for 50 cents each new in the PKG. We boughtht all ten for at home were some are broken. One grandson has football jersey on his Christmas list. This would be at least $50 but we found a new one for $10.

    When we are away from home I sure do learn the value of my pantry. Everytime we go out here it seems we have to pick up a grocery item or two. I can go two weeks at home and not set foot in a store. Plus, what I have at home was bought at the lowest prices.

    I am so sorry for Lucy and Harper. What an awful thing for them to have found. I am so hoping your eggs hatch!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Lana,
      I am so glad you had such lovely rain. also that you could see how the lake rose. We have had some that were are thrilled with but not 24 hours worth!
      How fantastic to find a food saver!! All your finds were good and you have a gift taken care of too! That was fantastic.
      Lana if we all just went out and bought stuff as we need regardless of price I think all my costs for sure would more than double. I just dont shop that way either. It makes no sense! On holidays well that is different.
      The hen is still sitting so I think it will be a matter of if the eggs are fertile. Hope so! Have a good new week! With much love,

  18. So sorry to hear about Lucy's chickens. We were raided often, but one raccoon left such carnage, it still haunts me & my husband. Praying for little Harper.
    It has been some time since I've been able to share. My husband had to have emergency open heart surgery on Sept. 21. So momma had to go to work while daddy heals. It has been a real juggling act with homeschooling in the mornings, dr. appt in early afternoons, then on to work 6 hours every evening. God is good! My older 4 children help with transportation, childcare & meals while I'm at work. The younger 4 work hard at their chores & school work.
    We were given 8 dozen ears of sweet corn to process. And were blessed with many 2nd-hand winter clothes.
    Blessings to all,


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