The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Friday 4 October 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 4th October, 2019.

Here we are in October!  To me once it is October it is truly the run down to Christmas.
It has been a long week.  Andy had to have a medical procedure and this involved a trip to the city.  He is ok and doing well.  Chloe baby sat and bottle fed the babies!
I feel a bit battle worn and the internet here is terrible just now hence my late post.   It is a very good thing to be able to sit for a little while and think of the good things of the week.   One of them I know is that we were very lucky on the trip home. I had to drive as Andy had an aesthetic.  I am not used to his ute and we were loaded up!  I was right next to a really big truck when I heard a noise and felt a sudden loss of control.  A tyre blew out.  The loss of control was split second. I didn't understand what was happening!  Then we knew!  I was able to pull off and there we were with half of our big load of things unloaded to get to the tools and tyre.   I know we were very lucky to have stayed on the road and it not been an accident.  So I am grateful!

When we finally arrived home I just felt as if I had never been happier to get back!
Before going away I thought how I just do not want to go.  I was longing to get back and I hadn't even left yet.

Some of the ways I feathered the nest this week were:

I had two more fires getting cleaned up before summer.

We were given a lot of meat.  It is beautiful and many many meals.  Such a bonus!

In the city I sold my little town car.  It was not suitable for here when we moved.  But I kept it until now.  The money from this will help a lot and especially with a project I am working on which is to fix up a little workers cottage.  This little house is quite cute but really really uninhabitable. With some work we can turn this cottage into an asset. So this is one of my 2020 projects.

Andy built a beautiful kennel for Scout.

In the city I did a big Aldi stock up.

Also I checked out a few op shops (thrift stores) and was so lucky!  I got a big box of glass jars for 25c each.  And a beautiful bottle.  Also many fantastic books including one excellent one for my medical pantry.    The bottle is for Coffee Liqueur that I am planning to make for Christmas gifts.  I have been saving nice bottles all year.  And with this in mind I found these...

I thought I could add a glass with each bottle of Liqueur.  The whole set was $8.  I love them!

In Mum's garden I picked a big bunch of mint, some with roots to plant up another pot.

Also Mum gave me some Agave plants for my garden.  I have one garden bed that really gets the full force of the weather so I am trying succulents in it.

One street from where we were staying I found two boxes of succulents on the side of the road!  I gave one boxful to Chloe and planted the other in my succulent garden bed. So this is all started well and all for free so far.

In the supermarket they had just marked down cream.  Because of so many eggs I make quiches a lot.  I got 24 containers of cream for 25c each!  Into the freezer they went!

I was given some beautiful venison.  So this week I had so much fresh meat added to the freezer.

As usual I did lots of cooking and I gave some to my niece as she gave me Eddie and is a great help to me.

So that was my week. My pantry and freezer did well.  So did my present cupboard.  The brown sheep and their lambs have settled in and now hang around with Laffie and my lambs.  We sit on the deck in the evening and this is our view...

And this week the Black Cockatoos are back and the Galah's on the front lawn.

Today I am hoping we might get a little bit of rain. It is a vague possibility.  I am going to get busy and plant my mint.  Then I want to make a mint sauce.   Then get my Coffee Liqueur brewing! 

How did you build up your home this week?  I hope many opportunities came your way!  
Have a lovely weekend.  Sorry for my late post! xxx


  1. Succulents are very expensive here and I love them. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! They are expensive here too. Some of the really big Agaves I have seen for up to $100 EACH! This is such a help and jump start for this garden patch. Actually all plants are expensive now but these are ridiculous! Thank you!xxx

  2. Annabel, I'm so thankful that you didn't wreck when the tire blew, one just never knows when they are traveling what will happen. I hope Andy makes a quick recovery. That was quite the deal on the cream, you did good. We finished up another salad barrel and planted multiplying onions in it. We've now started another project, building a wood shed to house our winter's wood. Our fall garden planting is almost complete and we are getting things ready for winter. Even though the calendar says it's the fall season we're still having temps in the upper 90's with feel like temps over 100 degrees. We are ready for the temperature to get in alignment with the season!!

    1. Patti, I know you do some long miles at times. Our trip is three hours each way when we go to the city and mostly highway so fairly fast. I know we were lucky!
      I am watching your garden progress! Next year a wood shed is on our list too!
      I hope it cools down for you! That is hot! It does make work tiring in the heat. Have a lovely weekend! With love

  3. Gosh, that tire blow out must have been so scary! And with Andy recovering and the ute full, I guess changing the tire was a process too. I can imagine why you don't want to leave home!

    The idea of renovating the little cottage is a great idea. I can imagine that with your thrifting skills you can make it quite gorgeous.

    I love reading about your country life!

    1. Dear Earthmother, Yes the tyre changing was a bit of an ordeal. Normally easy for Andy but he just had an aesthetic! I helped as much as I could. Then we got to the next town and went in and got a new spare as we still had two hours drive to go.
      The cottage is in a lovely setting. It is basic but fixed up I think it could have many uses. I am trying to think long term and alternative income streams. So it will be a nice project. Only the beginning part is messy... carpet needs to be pulled up and general filth! After that I think I will enjoy collecting things from the op shops and buy swap sell. Need basic furniture, beds, crockery and so on.
      Thanks so much! I love how we both see how a simple good life is the best! With love

  4. Dear Annabel,

    So pleased you were able to handle the situation and act quickly. Not easy with a big load to sort either. Hope Andy is doing well.

    Your project sounds like a good one! Just looking at your animals reminds me of a farmstay we had near Bright and our girls were young then and absolutely loved the animal nursery etc there. You would be the most amazing host ever if this was an avenue you consider as you have such a flair for doing everything so well.

    Here my husband is still convalescing and I used flybuys/rewards to pay for groceries this week. It was good too as I barely shop at Coles or Woolies now so they offered me good point bonuses a few weeks back that I did qualify. You did so well with all of your purchases. I love reading what you have been up to each week. 😊
    Andy would have been pleased with the result last weekend.
    Love, Kaye xoxo

    1. Dear Kaye,
      It will be a big project. If you saw the interior of the cottage now you would think twice about going inside! Yes it is that bad! But I agree... with the baby animals etc even a farm stay B and B or something could be a future possibility.
      I have been thinking of you with D at home. I am in same kind of situation however only for a few days. I am glad you had enough rewards to cover a week! That is really good.
      I am watching all catalogues. The cream was just a fluke. Even will following specials these are never as good as mark downs!
      Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  5. You have had a blessed and eventful week my week has been very busy with the family my daughter and her husband and there beautiful girls live with me and my husband i also have bethany and Anthony also they are 8 and 10 my sons children his wife died 9 yrs ago so i have had them since then i feel blessed to have them that makes 8 that live here in our home my husband and soninlaw are self employed and have had work this week 🥰 i have been working in the house cooking up a storm as my son inlaws parents are staying with us so that makes 10 🥰 there from England and staying for 4 weeks our mulberry tree is full and i have been dehydrating them and orange slices and apples we have baby chics so the kids are playing with them there so cute our vegetables are growing well and our seeds are starting to germinate ☺ we are hoping that we will dp better this yr as last yr we had hot weather we live in rural wa in a small beautiful town our kids are doing homeschool so i have been doing that too well that was my week thank you for your blog i love reading it xx

    1. Goodness me you have your hands so full with visitors. It is beautiful that you can take care of your Grandchildren. I am very sorry about the loss of Bethany and Anthonys Mum. That is so sad. But it sounds like they have a wonderful extended family with you.
      My seedlings are growing too! Maybe you have the Woolworths ones like me? I know WA gets hot! You would be very busy with homeschooling but well done. So good to have Mulberries! With much love

  6. Coffee liqueur will make a lovely gift and I adore the glasses you have found to go with it. I've never thought of making something like this for gifts. I will have to research a recipe!

    I am glad that your tyre blow out didn't lead to a serious accident. It can be scary when it happens. I had a problem in our old ute this week when I couldn't change gears; thankfully I wasn't on a main road when that happened. Also thankful it wasn't too expensive to fix.

    Have a lovely week!

    1. Dear Meg, One year I made Bailies Irish Cream for gifts. It was beautiful however the shelf life isn't as long. So this year I am trying the Coffee Liqueur. I will share the recipe as soon as I get it made up.
      I am glad your repairs werent too expensive! Also that like with us this didnt cause an accident! That is the main thing.
      Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  7. So pleased you weren't hurt when the tyre blew, Annabel. I am wondering if you are going to turn the cottage into farmstay accommodation. Knowing you, you have something up your sleeve. Nothing much is happening in our garden here due to the drought and having tradies here doing painting, etc. Once things get back to normal I will get back into gardening again. Have a relaxing weekend.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Thank you! I am thinking the cottage could have many options if we fix it up where as if we leave it in a few years I think it will be beyond saving. To me it is a real asset so we must save it. Farm stays are a definite option.
      With the new kitchen and painting this has been a big year at your house. It would be lovely if the drought could just be over. Tania up at Pt Augusta as a temp of 41 today. Can you believe that!?
      Have a good weekend to you too! With love

  8. Thank goodness you are okay Annabel. There has been a nasty truck accident up this way today, the highway is closed. It is so scary travelling these days.

    This week I haven't saved any money, thanks to a dental appointment. Its okay though as we put money away for such things.

    Thursday I made some calendula salve and it turned out well. Will definitely make more :)

    Friday I picked the rest of my lavender and have it drying (wont take long in 41C lol!). I put some in oil and it is sitting in the sun at the moment, I will make some lotion from it in the coming days. I also went to the shop and bought dried beans as I am a bit concerned with how the world is at the moment. Will be adding a lot more things to my stockpile, just in case...

    Today I finally got to and made beeswax wraps and this afternoon I will make more. Also hoping to make up produce bags and prepare fabric for shopping bags.

    Have a lovely long weekend,

    Lots of love Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania, Thank you! I am sorry about your dental appointment those are expensive. I am glad you are making beeswax wraps. I LOVE THEM. They make great gifts too.
      I am sorry you have such early heat. This frightens me so much!
      I agree with you. I dont two where to look re concerning and looming world issues. Just tonight I saw the invasion of syria seems imminent. And things dont look too good in Hong Kong. And poor UK looks like democracy is dead or at last blocked... I could list more! I am concerned. Re Christians too. Getting sacked for being a Christian is the new norm too. Yes I am worried. My main goal is to become as more and more self sufficient. And you are doing well at that! Hang in there! With love,

  9. Good defensive driving when the tire blew. That is always scary. Last one happened for us the rim chewed the tire to pieces. We couldn’t patch it and had to replace it.
    Please do before and after photos when you start the cottage renovation. You are so gifted at decorating and I look forward to seeing your skills put to work. I’m sure you know how fortunate you are to have a husband who can do carpentry.
    Fun to watch your farm animals grow.
    Sheila (Michigan USA)

    1. Dear Sheila, Our tired was pretty well chewed up too! So we also had to buy new one.
      Ok I will take photos of the cottage. The before photos will be pretty horrible!
      Have a good new week Sheila, With love

  10. Annabel I am so glad you weren't hurt when the tyre blew out and made it home safely. I am glad Andy is recovering we have had a few medical trips of late too for DH. The cream was a bargain and I would have taken all I could get too.

    Earnings -
    - DH earned $90 less fuel and sprays for gardening and spraying jobs he did.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $1168.99 in savings last week :).

    Blessings -
    - The local RSL club was giving away bottled water from a organisation that creates veterans resorts to help our drought affected people in our town. We waited until we knew that those who were low on water got theirs in sufficient quantities and bought home 2 x 20 x 600ml bottles of spring water for our stockpile saving $26 over buying them.

    Listings/Finances and purchases -
    - Listed 25 items on a free listing and reduced final value auction fee through eBay saving $41.25 over paying usual listing fees.
    - Paid an additional payment off our mortgage.
    - Deposited more into our 3 month living expenses emergency fund and we are almost half way there. We figure this will give us further peace of mind and security whilst paying off our mortgage and beyond.
    - Got slivered almonds and a 420g tin of peaches in juice as free samples for being a taste tester for a large supermarket saving $6 over purchasing them.
    - Found lamb mince at just over half price on clearance in Woolworths for $8.13 kg and purchased 2 kg saving $13.74 on usual prices.
    - Our recliners finally caved in so we had been saving for new ones and found them under half the price of others elsewhere saving $1082 on usual prices.

    In the gardens -
    - Used rainwater from a tank we put at the back of our tank stand shed to water potted herbs and fill up water for the kangaroos and wallabies so they have something to drink saving on town water usage.
    - Used cleanish dish rinsing water to water decorative flowers in one garden.
    - Used grey water from the grey water tank to water fruit and berry trees and some of our back lawns and star jasmine bushes.
    - Used shower warm up water to fill hand washing water bottles and to clean the bathrooms and toilets with.
    - We continue to feed the kangaroos and wallabies our bread ends and any apple cores we have to supplement feed them. We now have more rednecks and 1 Mum with a baby in her pouch coming regularly for the water and food we put out.

    We could really use so much more rain here to green up the grass and give the kangaroos and wallabies some more grass to eat and water in the creek for them to drink.

    Have a fantastic week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Dear Lorna, You are so wise both paying extra on the mortgage and building a three month emergency fund. And it is lovely seeing week by week how you are achieving it!
      I am so happy you are leaving water out for (and feeding) the Kangaroos and Wallabies. They will be becoming tamer and tamer! I hope you are taking photos! If so do send some as everyone here would probably love to see especially the Mum and baby.
      I really hope rain comes. It is just desperate.
      I hope you have a good new week. With lots of love,

  11. Goodness, not quite the drama you had but almost when my own tire went flat due to a bent rim after hitting a pothole a couple of weeks ago. My car was packed full and I had to unload it to get to the spare, lol...and then waited an hour and half for someone to come along and rescue me. My little granddaughter is visiting and she is always saying "I just love it" and I kept thinking WHO does that make me think of, why is it so familiar? Well it's YOU, lol...can't wait to see all about the cottage. I think a B&B would be wonderful...or even as a rental. I know it will be beautifully done and budgetwise as well.

    1. Dear Terri,
      Why do these things happen when the car is packed to the last inch! Typical! I am glad you were rescued!
      Haha Yes I do say I just love it!! Terri I know this little cottage is a good asset. Let go it will become beyond repair. Now it is saveable. So it will be a big project but a good one. After the first bit which is a clean out as it is FILTHY I will be ok with doing a bit each week. My goal is over 52 weeks of 2020 it will be beautiful. Although if possible I will start a bit early. Will see on that!
      Have a good new week! With love

  12. I am hoping this comment comes through, I have not been able to post comments on google blogs in ages, even though I have my own;). I love your writing and look forward to each update. Love the updates on the small animals that you have bottle fed!

    1. Dear Hillogene, It worked! Thank you for persisting! The babies make my day too. Even the older ones are still so affectionate. I hope you have a beautiful new week. With love

  13. Yipes, Annabel, I am very happy to hear that you made it back home okay! I know driving a vehicle you're not used to driving is already a bit nerve-wracking, but having the flat tire like that is a bit scary! I hope that Andy recovers very quickly and, like I say, I am glad you are home safe and sound.

    Yes, October now truly seems like fall has finally arrived,'s a bit chillier than normal for us right now, but so far the garden is doing okay, still. For having gotten it planted so late, etc., we are getting a remarkable amount of produce from it...very blessed. Will be canning peaches and plums this week, after a run to the farm stand!

    I love your view from your deck and can't wait to hear more about the cottage fix-up over time!

    Lots of love,

    Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, This is true for me, an unfamiliar car is a bit more nerve wracking!
      I love Autumn so I think that would be beautiful. It is fantastic you are still getting a good harvest. So many ladies are saying to me they got hardly anything or well down on usual. Canning peaches and plums would be so nice. I love even the sight of preserves line up on the shelf! Very satisfying!
      Thank you re our view. It is very peaceful. I will try to show more of it. And the cottage... its a big job but will be a major asset so very worth doing. I just needed to get this place in order first then branch out!
      Have a good new week! With love,

  14. Dear Annabel,
    What an ordeal! I'm glad you are safe. I am like you and have gotten to the point where I just do not like to leave home very much. When I'm away I can't wait to get back, especially after a day of hustle and bustle in the city.
    I have quite a long list this week. We are having a "no-spend" October, only purchasing necessities and keeping even that to a minimum. This means I have been extra focused around the home!
    I decorated the house for Fall using things I already had, plus a free printable from Pinterest. John loves seeing pumpkins on the mantle and was literally squealing with delight as I put them up. He points them out to everyone.
    Colton got a free oil change for our other truck from the place we bought it from. We continue to save on fuel costs by him staying overnight for class/work. I am adding food to the freezer to send with him so he doesn't have to buy food. I cooked an extra meatloaf for supper one night and also made sausage kolaches (like pig in a blanket) to freeze. I baked muffins and we ate some and froze the rest. I also froze a batch of homemade peanut butter cookie dough. I tried a new recipe to use up some yogurt so it wouldn't go to waste. It is a flatbread and only has 2 ingredients: yogurt and self-rising flour. It's a keeper.
    Colton's grandpa brought home bbq meat from church, so I made buns and we had that for supper one night. There were enough buns for another meal plus more to freeze. This is a small thing, but I have also started washing my plastic ziploc bags out and reusing them.
    I got a few freebies this week using points/gift cards that I earned. I got a reusable coffee filter so I don't have to buy disposable paper filters anymore, a huge box of diapers, and some new garden boots. All of it only cost me the 40 cents I had to pay for tax.
    I listed a few items online to sell that we no longer need and so far have sold one thing.
    I made some more tags for my Etsy shop that I had previously sold out of.
    I potted up lilies for the farmer's market and watered our houseplants with rainwater we collected.
    I cleaned up our carport and one of our porches. I also tackled a clutter spot in our house. This had me cleaning up a few thrift store freebies I scored a while back: a wire shelf for the pantry and a safety guard rail for when John gets into a regular bed.
    I did need to go to the thrift store to pick something up for a friend, but I didn't trust myself not to shop (they have a new section just for craft supplies!) so I sent Colton instead along with a box of donations.
    It seems like a long week when I look back on all of it! I'm hoping the next week will be as frugal and productive.
    With love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey, You on your ranch are like us here... we have a beautiful sanctuary that we have built up. It is wonderful. I want to be here. The idea of holidays has lost its appeal too. In the city I was counting the minutes until we could leave. And to think I lived there still just under a year ago!
      The two of you are working so well together to save with the accomodation and food. That is so good. And the no spend month!
      I would think Lillies would sell well! Good idea!
      Well done on it all! I hope this week will be great for you! I was thinking sometimes here on buy swap sell type sites I see free jars, free bottles, free plants i.e. something someone has pulled up. If your area has any ads/pages/noticeboards keep an eye on them. Even a church newsletter... if people know you are pottting up plants you never know!
      Have a great new week! With love,

  15. Annabel,
    I am so glad things ended up well after the tire blow out those can be really bad. Your view is so peaceful with all of your farm babies growing and thriving and those birds! I want one. And the glasses you got are just beautiful. You find the prettiest things. Also good on getting all of that meat. What a huge savings! With costs rising it is good to get ahead as much as we can.
    I am currently working on cabbages and a few other things from the garden. I hope to get it all finished before it gets too cold. Today was our first cold day, but after a hot summer it felt nice.
    I was gifted a big bag of beef bones so I put them in the freezer until I have time to make bone broth. I've been saving veggie scraps and peels to add with them. And I've been getting lots of bargains since kmart is going out of business. I am sad to see it close, it has been there since I was a child.
    I will be scurrying to make some gifts this year I am way behind. The extra responsibilities I've had lately have taken up a lot of my time and I'm not getting much crafting done. I'm sure I'll get something made though.
    Rick hasn't made as much this year so I revisited the budget again and adjusted it accordingly. We dropped my truck off of our insurance and we thought it was going to the scrapyard, but a guy wants to buy it for a hobby truck which is so great because the price of scrap is down. Boozer has had some itchy skin from allergies and scratching until he bleeds so I mixed coconut oil with witch hazel and it took a few days, but it did the trick. I rubbed it on the sore spots and it is amazing how well it worked.
    I've had Addie a few days here and there and she is loving her little tea set. I keep hunting for more pieces in case one of the other kiddos are here and want to have tea too. And I've been adding to my China collection as well. None of mine matches, but I don't care I like what I like Lol. I have also been finding beautiful linens. Now I am on the hunt for a linen cabinet that strikes my fancy.
    Since I got the table painted I still have a cabinet and a small bench and a desk to paint that I hope to get done before it gets too cold out, geez am I way behind!
    We have been cutting and stacking wood it sounds like winter will be a doozy this year. We will be ready just in case. I personally enjoy the slowness of winter. It is a slower paced season for me and I have more time for doing things I enjoy.
    I hope everyone has a great week!

    1. Dear Vicky, You are smart to get on with the cabbages and freeze the beef bones. But wow Beef bones! I know you will get grea stock from those. Most times bones have more meat on them than you think too.
      My china pretties dont match either but the general theme of pink, white and roses works!
      It was really good about your truck selling. MUCH more money than scrapping.
      You did a lovely job of that table so cant wait to see the next projects!
      I keep hearing the people think this winter will be a bad one. I hope not! But still a lot of wood ready is very good. Highly impressed upon me after reading The Long Winter!
      I hope your new week is good! With love

  16. Hi! I hope your hubby is all better now. Thankful you didn't have an accident when the tire blew. I would have been shaking. You always find great goods at the OP shop. Fall weather now and I need to get my act together for gifts before the snow flies. Could I ask if you put anything on your roses when you dry them? I have been drying the ones my hubby busy me but they don't stay a bright color liked yours. Thanks. Nancy

    1. Nancy I dont put anything on the roses but I would keep them out of the sunlight. The best ones to keep their colour are deep red or burgundy and also better when dried more as buds that more open. Once dry I keep in a box in my craft cupboard. We dont have snow but I can imagine all you must try and et done before the roads become hazardous! xxx


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