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Tuesday 10 July 2018

The Home Pharmacy. Medical alternatives when you need them.

Recently I have made a few curious discoveries that I thought might be useful to consider with our home pharmacies.
Firstly I heard a lot about an antibiotic cream available in the USA called Neosporin.  To my knowledge here in Australia we cannot buy antibiotic cream, this is a prescription item only.  But I thought this would be very useful to have on hand and I ordered some (I think from Amazon) and it arrived fast with no problems.  

Next I read that Zovirax cold sore cream is a very expensive thing in the USA requiring both a prescription and a lot of money.  I found this out when I saw (on a budget group)  someone saying they could not afford cold sore cream and what could they do instead as they were desperate.  I started checking into this and it turned out our cheap (around $15) over the counter cream is over $80 with a prescription only in the USA and this is if you have insurance otherwise it is something like $800!  I could not believe it.   At the time of writing this I am finding various prices quoted.   I am even seeing it is $1500 a tube without insurance.   But lets just say it is $80 in good circumstances with a prescription.  Surely not everyone can afford $80... just like the person in the group asking for help. 

So pretty obviously what is available over the counter and prices of items vary incredibly from one country to another.  Just much more than I ever imagined! 

Next I have heard several people saying the chemist has not been able to fill a prescription due to a shortage of a drug.  What do you do then?  It can be very hard to get ahead with prescriptions as they limit you so much. 

So I really started to think that as part of preparedness I should find out a few things.   First of all we have tried to get away from any unnecessary prescriptions.  Apart from health and costs all medications do have side effects.  And if there was a crisis or shortage I don't fancy on becoming unstuck because of a prescription I am on.   So if it simply a matter of losing weight, exercise, life style change, diet change then I would really rather do that!   
But as we all know when it is necessary medications can be life saving.   Andy has a stainless steel heart valve due to a replacement he had as he was born with a heart defect.  So he is lucky he has benefitted from modern medicine but he needs blood thinners for life.  
Because of this we have made it our business to know what to do if for some reason he could not get his hands on blood thinners.  Plan B, C and D! 

Homeopathic remedies tend to have mysterious names! 
I write on the back of each one what it is for and anything else I need to remember.
This makes my kit easy to use when I need it. 

Next I have spent this year learning as much as I can about essential oils and Homeopathy.  From this I have found several things that have worked better for me than regular medicine.  I did give myself 55 years to try everything possibly available for severe sore throats which I think is a fair test.   But it turned out Oregano Oil is the first thing that actually worked.  So essential oils won that round!   Now I would not ever be without oregano oil.

I asked Karen (who is kind of our resident Homeopath)  about this Zovirax issue and what to tell the poor person who could not get theirs.  Cold sores are so common and dreadful to have.   Karen said there is in fact an excellent  Homeopathic option that is very effective.  She even went off and formulated a special cream when I told her there are people out there paying $80 for coldsore cream! 
You can find this cream here and read about it's ingredients. 

Karen also suggested some natural alternatives to some common issues:

Poke Root liquid extract  -  for infections on the skin, especially with puss.
Golden Seal Cream -  for scratches, bites, rashes.
Homeopathic Aconite 30c drops - for the onset of a virus & as a shock remedy
Lavender essential oil - 1 drop on the pillow for anxiety and to help with a restful sleep.
Mullein liquid extract - for a dry cough
Thuja 30c - for warts
Aloe vera & cucumber gel - for burns and scalds
Comfrey cream - for sprains, strains and broken bones.
Marshmallow glycetract - for heartburn
Meadowsweet extract - for Bloating

Have a look at the homeopathic Emergency Kit 

Also the essential oil kit.

I have found it incredibly helpful to have a Homeopath I can ask anything.  You can contact Karen via any of the links above.  She can make you up custom blends and remedies.   Several Bluebirds have had absolutely amazing results with her help since I mentioned her in an earlier post.   One of these cases was a post traumatic stress issue.  I have heard that the progress they have now made (and after ten years of trying pretty much everything...) is life changing. 

As always I suggest doing loads of research on what ever your concerns are.   Ask your doctor what would you do in the event of isolation or a shortage?  And chemists/pharmacists are a gold mine of information.  Honestly I have found chemists to be incredible and so willing to give you advice. 
Our current chemist points out natural alternatives to almost everything as well.

Then consider possibly your much needed item is a fraction of the price elsewhere, there is an alternative,  or maybe there is a generic version at a lesser price?  I am sure there are a ton of rules and regulations too about what we all can and can't buy online, import etc.  I guess we better consider those!  

My life story really shows that things that regular medicine just can't figure out can still have an answer.   Never give up!  If something isn't working try something else!  I only tried going wheat free as an experiment and even though I was highly doubtful... but it cured 55 years of aching legs in four days. 

Also I have seen some amazing and some horrific things.  Even top medical professionals might disagree on a diagnosis or treatment.   A friend of mine called Wendy came to me utterly devastated with terrible diagnosis.  She was told by a specialist that she had a disease in the bones of her face and that literally her face would collapse as the bones degenerated. She needed more than fifteen operations and that her appearance would change.  Can you imagine? 
My Mum is related to a very famous cranial facial surgeon  (you can google him his name is Dr David David) and my Dad's life long best friend is a consulting physician.   I asked Mum to see if Wendy could get a second opinion.  She ended up going to see Dr. David David. 
Guess what?   While he agreed she did have the diagnosed disease he said she needs no surgery and there wold be no change to her appearance either.   This specialist is miles more experienced than the other Doctor.  She saved herself the drama of fifteen operations and the worry of how her face would look.  How could this happen?  Well it did.  Always get several opinions! 

Do your research.  Check everything.  If you feel uncomfortable with a treatment or diagnosis get another opinion and get more options.   If you are told you can't be helped take that to mean the person you are talking can't help you, it doesn't mean no one else can!  If a Doctors says he/she cant help you believe them and go somewhere else! 

I feel much more armed with alternative plans and options than I did before.  I have a long way to go! But recently I have been able to go to my own home pharmacy and reach for remedies and with success!   It is a very good feeling.  

If you have any good ways to get ahead with medications,  ways to reduce medication costs,  alternatives and back ups,  general first aid tips... please share.  Even something that worked for you when all else failed!   

Be encouraged and prepared! xxx


  1. Annabel,

    One author called it “be an informed patient.” Read, read, read.

    Great post!


    1. Thank you Kelley, yes I agree! Check everything, compare, research! xxx

  2. Hi Annabel,

    Just quickly regarding cold husband has suffered for years (which means I have had ti suffer his suffering) and tried everything from prescription drugs, to creams like Zovirax, to natural remedies and vitamin supports. None have made a difference. As we have so many aloe vera plants I suggested he go and snap off a leaf and give that a whirl. Before one appears, if he feels a 'tingle' he does just that. He has only had one cold sore since doing this and then it was so tiny that you had to look really hard to see it was there at all. Usually he gets big scabby and weepy ones that take forever to go away.

    So, although it is only one person's experience, aloe vera plants are easy to grow and very cheap, so perhaps that might be worth trying for someone with limited options.

    Hope it helps.

    1. Dear Lorax, Sorry I have taken so long to reply! I am going to make sure I have an Aloe Vera plant in my new garden! I know this stuff heals so many things!
      I relate to how you have suffered your husbands suffering!
      Thank you for commenting too! With much love,

  3. Hate to sound crass but if you get to
    the cold sore when you feel it ‘pulsing’ right at the start of it, as long as you don’t have a kidney or Bladder infection, urinate a little on you finger and dab it on the cold sore and usually, it’ll be gone in a couple of hours. So help me, this works. I’ve done it.

    1. Dear Edwina, We will see if anyone takes up the challenge. I know that early intervention is the way to go, like with almost anything act fast! that very first sign or feeling! Love

    2. If I remember this advice the next time I have a cold sore, I'll gladly try this, along with aloe vera. Nothing ruins my self confidence like having Mt Cold Sore on my lip :-(

  4. also some are allergies, i only get cold sores from aluminium, so you can imagine what happened to all my old cook pots lol stainless steel only or cast iron cookware.
    also other things like arthritis can be helped from eliminating foods from your diet; i was in so much pain in ALL my joints (including ribs) i needed to do something drastic; looking online about rheumatoid arthritis i came across foods that cause it; the nightshade family- potatoes, tomatoes, capsicums & chillies, eggplants, etc. i can't eat spuds or toms anymore but i rarely eat eggplants & i eat chillies & capsicums sparingly.
    so, it's a good idea to go through your diet too & see if there is a way to help there too.
    great post!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Dear Selina, Thank you for sharing this. There is another Bluebird with RA in a lot of pain I will make sure she sees this. From Laine I learned that you can have two people with the exact same disease but one can eat some things and the other cannot so we must experiment carefully. I have heard about nightshades being a problem for many and my Dad is this way. I tell anyone who will listen if they have pain try going off wheat too and see if there is an improvement. I am so glad this helped you! Also I think aluminium is a bad thing... we dont use any. I am glad you discovered this was a trigger for your cold sores and could eliminate it! Thanks so much! With love

  5. Good morning Ladies! I have suffered from cold sores and have had shingles a couple of times in my 55 yrs. I have an Med Dr. that treats with both regular and natural methods. I take L-Lysine 1000mg once a day, it's an amino acid that's sold over the counter here in the U.S., not sure about Australia. I've been on it for years and have had no flares ups what so ever and it also helps keep my eczema under control too. I had surgery last year and had to stop all meds before surgery. I ended getting a cold sore in my eye which was horrible and if you don't catch it in time it can cause blindness. I'm back on the L-Lysine and all is well.
    Zinc taken each day is another supplement that works. Clove bud oil diluted with a carrier oil is a great antiviral, apply it a few times a day. Rubbing/isopropyl alcohol applied with a cotton q-tip followed by neosporin works very well and in the states is cheap. I looked at one of the RX tubes from the pharmacy and sure enough it contains both of these ingredients.
    Want to let everyone here in the U.S. know that there's an outbreak of staph infections in dogs and cats hitting here. My rescue dog had what was thought to be a regular ear infection and we had the swab sent to our lab. It came back that it was staph and were told that there's multiply cases being reported. He was in a doggy day play group and there was multi pets who came down with this. As some of you know we have a bio cleaning service and lab. I swabbed the facility and the problem was rectified. While I absolutely love my oils and natural alternatives sometimes there's no getting around standard protocol. We had to clean the facility with sodium hypochlorite or commonly known as bleach. It was one gallon warm water to 1 tablespoon of bleach. Most people use way too much of the bleach and it will knock you on your behind. I have asthma and can use this solution as it's very mild but will kill the staph infection, it also is the only thing that will kill C-Diff which is another horrible germ. Just want to put this out there. You can't keep bleach mixed up for more than 24 hrs or it loses its properties.
    Check into sovereign silver another great alternative.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Wendy. If you lived closer I would offer my help to you in any way I could help out. If there's anything I could help out with from U.S. please let me know!
    Have a great day, XO Patti Ann

    1. Patti Ann, I too am a believer in DILUTED bleach as a cleanser/disinfectant. A study here many years ago proved bleach to be the only thing that effectively killed AIDS germs on bedding and such. A patient of mine who'd nursed her daughter through the disease was informed of this by our CDC and it also helped kill a lot of germs that might have made her daughter's illness even more difficult as her immune system was so repressed.
      Bleach without proper dilution is NOT good and can cause severe respiratory problems. For goodness sake, just read the label and use it properly!!

  6. Hi Annabel and thank for an informative post :).

    In regard to getting ahead on medications I believe in Australia anyway you are only allowed to stock up on 1 months supply which is a bit of a problem. However there are ways to save on your prescription costs if you are on benefits or a pension which is to get a months supply on one bulk script. The doctor rings through and gets an authorisation code that is linked to your medicare card and in DH's case he gets 12 boxes of pain medication for the price of 1 for $6.40 which is a huge saving. Ask your doctor to do this as all of them can for prescription medications.

    A way to get ahead on stocking needed medications is to take less and over time you will build up an excess. This works in DH's case with his pain meds he only takes 2 doses a day instead of 3 unless he is having a bad day. This is however not always possible with heart condition medications, insulin and a few others and of course get professional advice on this so as not to have any adverse side effects to your particular condition.

    DH has found that comfrey cream works to get rid of his radiating nerve pain from injuries. Also Arnica cream works marvelously well for relieving pain by numbing the area and it also reduces swelling around injury sites too, a win win. With DH sustaining 167 dislocations and fractures in a military accident this is a brilliant result.

    I will leave you with what the specialist said to DH when he was injured in the military accident is "try everything" to relieve the pain and "if tacking a dead toad to the end of your bed works do that". Meant as a joke but I fully agree you need to try everything as you never know what will help you natural therapy wise and medications too.


    1. LOL I love this doctor's attitude! But he's quite correct in that what works for one doesn't work for another. Bodies are so individual and so many doctors fail to treat patients as individuals instead of en masse.

    2. Dear Sewingcreations, I am really sorry your husband was injured and suffers pain. I know you often mention pain medication. Yes try everything! It is very personal what works for one person to another.
      I agree with somethings on a good day you can save a dose or even half a dose and it is getting ahead. We have done this with pan medication. Also at times we have had prescriptions to fill if needed... we fill them anyway!
      It is excellent about the comfrey and the Arnica. Both of these I know now are available in essential oil form which is a higher concentration should you ever need that. Also I have arnica as a homeopathic droplet... Lana put me onto that. These might interest you so if you want more info email me. With much love

  7. My husband used to suffer horribly from cold sores and one thing we found was that eating tomatoes caused them inside his mouth. That was a huge breakthrough. Since we have been using oils though I now know that to kill the herpes virus you can use one drop of Hopewell Plague Defense in 10 drops of a carrier oil and apply it directly to the cold sore with a Q-tip 3 times daily. It is much better to kill the virus than just keep putting a band aid on the problem. My husband is now cold sore free and able to eat tomatoes again.

    1. Dear Lana, Sorry I have taken so long to reply! That is interesting thank you for the tip with Plague Defence... I will get Andy on to this as I have the oil on hand all the time. I love it. I agree killing the virus should be the goal. I am using the oils more and more with so many benefits I am continually amazed! With love and thanks,

  8. Where does one start to research? This is kind of overwhelming when you first start out

    1. Dear Lee Ann, I would start with what are your main health concerns? If it is something minor I would look into medical and alternatives and see if there is an essential oil or homeopathic solution. For instance Lucys problem was migraines. She did everything with the doctor they could think of. The dr suggested trying an acupuncturist and a Neurologist and massage... combining several things she has found a lot of relief. But it took a lot of learning and trying things. If more general then maybe start with essential oils for minor aliments. I have started from absolute scratch knowing nothing at all this year... you can learn along with me in my Home Pharmacy series (see the index) or go to Karens site and read up on the uses for various things. When an new illness comes up in the family I go research that. Learning never ends but just start small on something most immediately useful to you. Love

  9. Hi, Annabel!
    Thankfully, I've never suffered from cold sores, but my sister was plagued with them whenever she ran a fever. She found that if she iced the cold sore when it first came up, it would disappear! She would just keep ice on it off and on until it wasn't a problem. I just thought I would mention it in case it could be helpful to someone else.
    One thing I've learned from personal experience. Whenever I have a problem with sinuses, I take evening primrose oil capsules. It was great for PMS also.


    1. Dear Phyllis,
      I have heard of ice helping! That is a good tip. Also about the evening primrose. Thank you! One cure all for me is magnesium... gosh my health improved with that. I used to get restless legs... magnesium stopped it in one day! So I always have that.
      Sorry for my slow reply! With love

  10. Amazing stories. I have found clove oil a great remedy for cold sores esp. inside the mouth. I just get several drops on a cotton swab then dab it on the affected area. Clove oil is similar to cinnamon in its anti-viral properties. Also it works with one or two applications!
    Thanks for this post!


    1. Dear Leslie, I am stocking clove oil now it seems to have so many uses. Now I will take a look at cinnamon too! Many thanks! Love Annabelxxx

  11. Thank you for the cream for cold sores info! Yes, I'm in the States and that RX for them is extremely costly.

    Some people with cold sores respond to Lysine 500 units up to 3X/day for adults, along with staying out of the sun - which is a trigger for many. Laura

    1. Dear Laura, The costs just blew me away! Yes I have heard of Lysine... I think prevention is better than cure so this could be the way to go. Thanks you! Love

  12. Hi Annabel! With your love for essential oils I thought I would share about our experience with essential oils and Neosporin. My husband and I both grew up using neosporin, but I was on pinterest and saw a link for homemade "boo boo" cream. I made it and we realized it worked even better than Neosporin! We use it on all kinds of things and it works especially well on chapped lips and noses during cold season. Overtime I've added more and more ingredients with great success! I still keep a tube of neosporin because the new stuff has a numbing agent in it and I find it works well on ouchy cuts that look like they could be infected, but for everything else I use the boo boo cream and I find things heal much faster.

    1. Thankyou so much Sarah, I've just googled booboo cream and I have all the ingredients except calendula flowers and that's only because my calendula isn't flowering yet. So, I'll wait til they flower and make some up. It sounds great.

    2. You're so welcome! Don't be afraid to combine recipes :) I'm just about to make a new batch so we're ready for back to school.

    3. Thanks Sarah, I hadn't heard of booboo cream and also googled it like Deb did. I see there are various recipes, with many similar ingredients, which recipe did you use? as I have the ingredients for some but not others....with thanks, Maria x

  13. Dear Annabel and Bluebirds
    I too started on a journey with oils this year - not as early as you Annabel because I wanted to do a lot of research on what oils to start with first as needed here at home.

    I have also come across 'recipes' on Pinterest for various mixed oils that are easy enough to make ourselves.

    So with a recipe for 'Thieves' in hand and a recipe for a 'flu bomb' as well I mixed up the thieves and then used that to mix up a 'flu bomb' roller ball. The only thing was that the main component was 'On Guard' but after research I learnt that it was in fact 'Thieves' but using orange oil rather than lemon. So when I made my mix I used orange in the 'flu bomb' rather than lemon because I had used it in the 'thieves' mix.

    I have made up 2 roller balls - one for my husband and one for myself - my husband only uses his before he heads to work in the morning and before he gets into bed at night BUT his body has been able to fight off the germs going through his work place.

    One man is in hospital with pneumonia and everyone else is on either their second or third bouts of having to stay home due to illness.

    My husband has had 1 day off and that was because he had a really sore ear.

    My husband's boss was astounded to learn that my husband had only had 1 day off sick since starting there 12 months ago.

    Generally our major 'flu period is in August.

    I use mine in much the same way but also have a 'LLP' one as well which I roll on my chest when I start to get a bit of a chesty feel. (Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint)

    I also drink rosehip tea - I cannot drink regular tea nor coffee so this is my drink of choice. It is full of Vitamin C so a great help to me with fighting of bugs.


    1. Hello Lynette, are you willing to share the recipe for the 'flu bomb' please? Regards Robyne S.A.

    2. Hello Robyne - unfortunately I didn't keep the recipe - it was one that I found on Pinterest. Now I have a book that I not only keep my recipes in but also all of my oils as well - I have learnt from that one mistake.


  14. Dear Annabel and commenters, what a great post and food for thought. It is great to hear how everyone has their own little remedies. Preparation is everything. Thanks Clare

  15. I know of someone who drinks coconut water regularly to prevent and relieve urinary track infections especially in elderly folk.

    1. Dear Melissa, That is interesting.. I have heard the same with Cranberry juice. Also drinking a lot... Many thanks, Love

  16. Hi Annabel
    These might be remedies that everyone knows about but just in case I'll tell you some of ours-
    Clove oil is good for toothache until you can get to the dentist and we also swirl salty water, as hot as we can bear around the area and spit out - it helps a bit with pain temporarily.
    I use comfrey cream on my aching joints
    We take Omega 3 supplements which help with joints and my husbands eczema. I mentioned this to my doctor and she said although she didn't have any scientific proof it works she has so many patients swear by it she thinks there must be something in it - maybe not for everyone but again its worth a try.
    At the first sign of a cold/ virus we start drinking elderberry syrup diluted in hot water - very easy to make or you can buy over the counter. Its full if Vitamin C. I also drink echinacea tea during the flu season to boost the immune system.
    Instead of buying drugs for sinusitis/ stuffed up/ aching nasal passages we have a small tub of menthol crystals bought from the pharmacy cheaply (UK) and we drop a couple of crystals in a bowl of hot water, cover our heads with a towel and inhale - this can be done several times a day and is great for clearing the tubes.
    We use 'live' yoghurt too - my doctor recommended it as a way to soothe a sore throat and to keep your gut flora healthy. If we're going abroad to an area where tummy upsets are likely we eat live yoghurt for a fortnight before departure to build up good flora.
    We use other remedies too but I can't remember the proper names - might pop back with another comment later.
    Thanks for sharing the info in your post - it is good to read and learn from other comments too.
    Good health to you all!

    1. Dear Penny, I would agree that so many feel supplements help joints it has to be true. Thank you for telling me about the comfrey.
      Chloe had eczema terribly and I took he off dairy and voila! no eczema so I would suggest trying that to anyone. I think trying things like this you know in a week whether it has helped. Same with joints, try not wheat for a week... and if that does work try no nightshades for a week. It seems trial and error.
      I must get some elderberry. I keep hearing this! Glenda grows great amount of it but here I have never seen it. Still I can buy the supplements.
      Oh and I agree about the live yoghurt! This is why I am making my own.. I know it is alive and active! Also if we are on antibiotics any time or have been ill I make extra.
      Thank you so much! I am sorry I have been so slow to reply! with love

  17. Annabel, this is such a great informative post. I think when you consider the cost of health care, and health insurance, this is another area where (with common sense), we can become just a little more self sufficient. It seems like many of us suffer with cold sores. I don't any more, but suffered terribly with them from about 12 years of age, up to about 40 years of age. I don't know the voracity of this information, but a doctor once told me that the Herpes virus lives in the system for a certain length of time. It has a limited 'batch' of the virus. Each time it releases a dose of the batch of virus, it's intensity weakens, until eventually it just peters out. I can vouch for this on a personal basis, as my attacks as a teen were debilitating and scarring. As I grew older, they lessened in frequency and severity, and now I do not get them at all. It's an interesting thought. I cannot believe that price on the Zovirax! Here in Australia, there is now a Nyal supermarket brand that is identical, for about half the price. The active ingredient is the same. Clearly the patent has run out on it. I always found that keeping in good general health, getting plenty of rest, and dealing with stress appropriately with sensible diet, exercise and meditation or yoga, also made a difference. Yet again, an example of how taking responsibility for your health and the consequences of lifestyle, can truly help. I know it sounds hermit-like, but we also avoid crowds as much as possible in our short Winter here. We have friends over, and just try not to go where the germs! A great read, all of this, comments too. Thankyou! Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, Andy had cold sores as a kid terribly and still as a teenager. Now it is very rare for him. Mum also had them and now never I dont think.. so this must be right! For Mum getting run down or a crisis was when she got them.
      I also have come to just avoid crowds. I just think its sensible. Someone was going to the movies right when the flu was most rampant. I thought WHY???? I would not...
      Thank you Mimi. You are sensible... this is rare these days lol! With much love

  18. Dear Annabel,
    I just wanted to add a note about pets and hopefully not be off topic! Our dog uses a special flea medication that can only be acquired from the vet. However, a friend (American) told me about a website that she orders her dogs' medications from and it is Australia based! It is called Pet Shed. So this actually works out cheaper for us even with shipping and we don't have to make an appointment with the vet. I thought I might mention this as you brought up that things are more available in other places and costs vary widely. It really does pay to search around.
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey, I know the Pet shed! I think maybe fleas and bugs vary from country to country... not sure. Check into them carefully too. i.e. some things are external on a dog like collars and drops and then a child is petting the dog and their skin absorbing these things too.. many of them are very toxic. If a medication the dog takes this should be ok hopefully. Our skin absorbs everything which is scary when you start checking what is toxic and a health hazard. Also shopping around and trying online can produce such big savings! Thanks Kelsey! with love

    2. Dear Annabel,
      You are right about things being absorbed into the skin. The flea medication we give Molly is in a pill form. Pet Shed has the exact same brand as what we have in the States at the vet, only cheaper! So it really is a win for us!
      Love, Kelsey

  19. My doctor prescribes holistic as well as prescription medicines but often the holistic is quite expensive compared to the prescription! For instance the medicines prescribed for anxiety cost but $3 with my insurance but the holistic remedies were $120 and that all out of pocket. Since my doctor doesn't accept my insurance (I prefer him above others so stay anyway) the ultimate cost is nearly double as I must pay the doctor fee as well from my pocket. My solution was to study the main ingredients in the two holistic meds and understand how and why they worked as they do. Their purpose is not to replace the prescription but will enhance it's effectiveness thereby allowing me to take a much much lower dosage. After all my research and isolating the main effective natural med I was able to reduce cost by ordering that item on it's own by $100...Substantial savings.
    Also it's true that some medications by prescription are more costly and sometimes unavailable. My dil was given a prescription for a common enough medicine prescription strength but the pharmacy (chemist) kept telling her they weren't able to get it in stock to fill the order. Finally a chance discussion turned up the fact that they could fill the order with another of the same medicine but the difference was that the one ordered was 'Extended Release' and the one available was not. A quick call to the doctor changed the prescription and the order filled within minutes after waiting for nearly 2 months for the order to be readied. It's really and truly learning all you can (often on your own but by discussing) that makes a load of difference in things.
    My doctor said that Frankincense and Myrhh are also good for anxiety. I love the aroma of lavender and keep an empty bottle in my purse and sniff at it when I am feeling in need of a little extra calming and it's not yet time for my medication. I plan, once this family of mine moves into their own home, prayerfully sooner rather than later, to begin my own study on essential oils and what is effective for our home use. I did manage most of one online course and the doctor said to try several oils. Often those that were most pleasant smelling to you would end being the ones that were most effective as well in treatment because the body 'knows' and every one's body is different.

    1. Dear Terri, I used to have a doctor who was a GP plus a Naturopath. It was amazing. Sadly he retired. But I learned a lot from him.
      That is an extremely good point... if something is unavailable find out what is CLOSE and get the prescription changed!
      I have Frankincense so I think Myrrh should be next, thank you.
      I find I have a strong attraction to some oils... I assumed this too that these are what will do me good. There are some that actually immediately make me feel good. This is how I formulated my sleep roller... ones that I just felt so drawn to and relaxed by. Thank you so much, I am sorry for my slow reply, I do appreciate your helpful comment, with love,

  20. As a US citizen, I'm often flabbergasted by what my country allows (all of the chemicals in our food and beauty products that most countries ban) and what it doesn't allow - a simple cold sore remedy. Shaking my head and learning more about oils and herbs! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  21. Hi Annabel
    I’m currently catching up on your posts :)
    As you know we use essential oils in our house - this winter I’ve had a couple of roller bottles made up with the flu bomb and another couple made with “Easy Air”.
    We use the flu bomb on our feet anytime we feel a cold coming on. We use the easy air on our kids when they’re coughing a lot (especially our middle child who gets croup).
    Our kids may have had a day off over winter, but we’ve been able to keep them quite well, while there’s been a lot of colds going around.
    My hubby & I both see a naturopath & I need to build up a stockpile of the supplementsI take as they keep me functioning well, alongside a healthy diet. I haven’t had anything this winter (I take garlic and zinc everyday). My hubby had a cold but oils & supplements had him well again in a few days - he had something similar last year that turned to the flu.
    The great thing about using natural remedies is you avoid antibiotics which means your body doesn’t need to recover from both the infection & antibiotics.
    How amazing is thieves oil/on guard?! Definitely one of our most used oils.

    1. Dear Melissa, I have noticed the last few years that the need and change of seasons is a time to be extra careful. Last year many people got the flu weirdly late when it was in fact spring. I am trying to remember this as we are so busy with moving now and spring is almost here! We are learning all the time and this is all so helpful! Thank you! With love

  22. Annabel,
    I have been away from the internet for a while. Boy, I have missed this blog. A wonderful post with so much information to glean from. I feel privileged to be able to share this wealth of knowledge from all these lovely Bluebirds. I scanned the posts quickly I can’t wait to catchup with everyone. Like a good book you can’t put down. ~smile~


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