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Sunday 4 March 2018

The Home Pharmacy. Essential Oil company comparisons.

I am sorry I am out of my usual order today.  It was this or nothing!  But I have been waiting to post this as I am so excited by some of the things I am learning.

The most helpful thing I have found so far with getting started with essential oils is beginning with what I need to know the most and with the oils that suit our own needs.   I do not have to know about every essential oil, I can start out with the ones that are going to help with our current concerns.   So I first looked for an oil to help me get to sleep, something to kill germs, something to build up immunity and something for Andy.   It quickly turned out his "thing" is doTERRA Easy Air.  He loves that stuff.
It is way less daunting when you start out with one or two things, research those, and build up some confidence.

My goal is to have an Essential Oil and Homeopathic medicine cabinet that addresses the most likely things that are issues for us.  This includes flu prevention and treatment.   I feel like I have come a long way in a few weeks and had chances to test things well.   A few things have amazed me... the Oregano Oil for my sore throat,  the Easy Air for when Andy couldn't stop coughing and the germ fighter blends in the diffuser.  I have loved all of these.

To build up your collection as you identify what would be good for your own family is gradual as it is a considerable investment.  Although I have found the oils go an incredibly long way, they are used diluted and they last a long time (see my post about that here) it is still going to take a while to buy the oils you are wanting.

I have found the price variations between brands of essential oils staggering.  I naturally assumed cheaper oils just equal less quality.  Lana was the first to point out that simply isn't true.   First of all you need 100% pure Essential Oils.   Anything the uses the word fragrance i.e. fragrant oil or anything other that 100% PURE essential oil is no good.  There are a lot of variations to consider.
After that there are probably hundreds of essential oil companies.  Some that come up time after time when you look for reliable, reputable, pure etc are Plant Life, Young Living, doTERRA,  Eden's Garden, Rocky Mountain Oils,  Stillpoint, Floracopeia,  Aura Cacia, Rhada Beauty,  Hopewell,  Nature's Sunshine .... the list just goes on and on.   I can't hope to cover or mention them all.

So far I have tried doTERRA,  Young Living,  Lively Living  and Hopewell.
I will always love doTERRA since it was the first I used, it is great quality,  reliable, locally available.
So I think I will end up with two or three favourites.  Also this way you can take advantages of specials like last week doTERRA had buy one get one free promotions on certain oils.  I am certainly open to trying more.  I want to have the best selection I can and feel confident with using them.  As Lana pointed out when trying to prevent illness fast action/early intervention is required. Things need to be on hand.

Lana is really experienced with essential oils and she put me on to Hopewell Oils.
Glenda is a fully qualified herbalist, nutritionist  and Naturopath and she recommends Nature's Sunshine and she has toured their facility.  So I know both these brands are used by professionals.

I am working in Australian dollars and with international orders you have to factor in exchange rates and postage.  
Here is a quick example of the price differences in four companies with 100% pure oils.
For each one  I include their version of the flu and germ fighter.

Young Living.
Lavender 15ml  $51.65
Frankincense  15ml $162.25
Thieves 15ml $76

Lavender 15ml $37.33
Frankincense 15ml $114.33
On Guard 15ml $53.33

Plant Therapy.
Lavender 10ml $6.95
Frankincense 10ml $14.95
Germ Fighter 10ml $9.95

Natures Sunshine.
Lavender 15ml $20.25
Frankincense 15ml $104.95
Shield 15ml. $31.45

Hopewell Oils.
Lavender 15ml $8.40
Frankincense 15ml $19.00
Plague Defence 15ml $14.00

So you are seeing what I mean!   It is not a few dollars we are talking about it might be over $100 a bottle!   This made no sense to me at all...
Going into the WHY of this is a can of worms involving claims made on bottles, insurances,  multi level marketing vs buying from a home company, advertising and more including giant court battles!
One thing that seems to have big factor is the companies that say you can ingest the oils are paying big insurance premiums.  Other pure essential oil companies do not say you can ingest them although they may be the same thing and thus avoid some of the liability and necessary insurance cover for that.   Anyone I have spoken to who is qualified advised not ingesting oils without professional guidance.  (And more... you must be sure you have no adverse reaction, no interactions with drugs you might be taking or even other natural remedies).

I read up on about fifty companies.  I found I was put off some i.e. they were too new age for me and I was drawn to others... I was impressed by disclosure of how the oils were made, where the plants are sourced,  safety guidelines,  being able to ask for help,  extensive information and education that you can access for free.  I also liked a larger range with explanations of what they are used to treat.  So after you have a list of reliable companies your own personal presferecnes will come into it.

As I have only tried out a few I can only comment on those.  As I said I love my doTERRA oils, everyone so far.
I love the Plant Therapy ones I have and the Germ Fighter is beautiful... it does not smell conventionally nice... it just is somehow addictive to me!
I bought two oils from Lively Living, an Australian company. I am happy with those although they had a smaller range and no "thieves" equivalent which I am am looking for.

I am so impressed with Hopewell Oils.  Even though they are in the USA and I need to pay postage they are so fast to arrive.  The postage included I still come out much cheaper.
Their parcel arrives with a hand written note, detailed usage and safety information,  what carrier oils to use, a dilution chart to help with mixing, how to test for sensitivities before you get started,  and info about their business which is a Christian Family business.   I made a second order with them. Within hours they have emailed me to say it is in the mail.

I would say do your own research. I am just starting out!  But just my little bit of research has helped my medical cupboard along a lot.   Now I can allocate funds to expanding my supply and trying new oils and get a lot for my $$$.   Really I had no idea of the variations.  With so much confusing information I think asking someone who is a Homeopath, Naturopath or Herbalist is a big help.  They are unlikely to be using substandard oils.

I also would say if in doubt then stick to what you know to be reliable.  There are many shops that sell little bottles that say "Essential oil"  but they are not and the words "100% pure" are missing, they are just a fragrance oil and not therapeutic at all.  Probably the opposite as full of artificial things.

If you have a brand you trust and like please share.  If you see a professional natural therapist then what brand are they using? This is interesting!
We want the best quality and reliability that we can trust and we want to be able to afford it.  This is going to make a big difference to the kind of complimentary medical cabinet we can have and to what we are willing to try.

I am finding it so interesting!  Now I am on to making my own cleaners with essential oils. Some brands have large cleaning item selections from dish and laundry detergent to room sprays.   There are some that are over $100 a bottle!  I am pretty sure I will have some recipes coming up that will be comparable for very little!

Have a good week!  It is cooler and lovely here.  Some true Autumn has arrived! xxx


  1. That is very helpful information, Annabel. I have some doTerra essential oils but certainly wouldn't waste them in my soapmaking as they are too expensive :-) One of the young girls in our simple living group uses the oils all the time as she has six children and has some amazing stories to tell about using the oil when the children have been bitten by something or are sick.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Coming up I am going to have some info on making tinctures and using the actual herbs and plants directly. These are less potent than essential oils but also cheaper and especially if we have things growing in the garden or the area. There are still benefits. So far the safest and cheapest thing I have found is to make tinctures or essences. Basically the same as making vanilla essence. First I want to tackle cleaning products and room mists etc. So many projects so little time! haha! Have a good week! With love

  2. You have learned so much and done your homework well. I thank you for your trust in me. It means so much. I had intended to email you this weekend but here it is over and I did not have a chance. I had no idea myself of how huge the price differences can be. You will find that some oils and blends come and go from the list on Hopewell because they will not compromise and purchase lesser quality oils.

    We actually consider oils to be a part of our budget. $60 goes into the oils budget every month. It rolls over and is available when we need to order. We have built our oils pharmacy over several years. When my husband was in the coma last year I only needed one blend that I did not have and a friend brought it to me from her own supply. I also made some custom blends for him from my collection of single oils. It is best to be as prepared as possible.

    Hopewell has a great information on their website on cleaning with oils so you all may want to check that out.

    1. Dear Lana, Thanks for being such a great help in this. I think we have pre conceived ideas and I was just sure that less expensive oils would have to be less quality. Then I found so many reasons fro price variations. Anyway I am thrilled with Hopewell Oils. Thanks so much!
      I am reading up on the cleaning with oils now. I am loving that I can learn one thing then straight away it leads to something else... already I feel our household has benefitted so much! Many thanks, with love

  3. Hi Annabel and thank you for the price comparisons :).

    As you know we are saving for our home and we stock pure essential oils just not at the super expensive prices. I did know that for instance the onguard, thieves etc all have similar ingredients and the prices vary widely as do what they are called (eg 4 thieves oil).

    It is good to compare the prices for instance on eBay because there is a wide range of sellers on there that have very reasonable prices. I have bought a lot of our essential oils off a seller in the U.K and their oils are both pure and super good prices. May I also say to check the ingredients list as well because a lot are very similar.

    Just thought I would add this because it is possible to stock pure essential oils without breaking the bank balance :) no matter what income level you are on.


    1. Dear Sewingcreations,
      Would you share the name of the seller/comapny you are liking on eBay?I would love to know. It is from personally suggestions that I have found out so much so far. I am amazed really! I have to say what I learned in the last weeks has helped our household a lot. Now I am on to making cleaners and putting the oils to use in a few different ways. Many thanks! Love

    2. Hi Annabel and yes the name of the seller is mysticmomentsuk and they sell a lot of essential oils. For instance the one I am wanting to add to the household is 4 thieves oil 50ml for $22.95, a combination of cinnamon (cinnamon bark), eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary which can be diffused or mixed with carrier oil as well for a roller. They usually have free postage to Australia and I have dealt with them for a few years on and off and always had good service.

      As with all things price compare with other companies you may deal with, but usually I find the above seller is competitively priced.

      I hope this helps.


    3. Thank you Sewingcreations this is most

  4. Is the Doterra Easy Air you referred to the same as Breathe? I do not see Easy Air as being available here. I have an order all ready to go to Hopewell oils, I have been reading on their website and with what you and Lana have shared about the company, I'm anxious to try them. You've really learned about essential oils, thanks for sharing the price comparisons, this is a real eye opener.

    1. Dear Patsi,
      Easy Air has Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Lemon, Ravensara, Cardamon... I think it must be the same blend as the ingredients match. (I looked them both up) So that is good to know. Thank you for commenting on this. I didnt want to be controversial just practical to get quality and save money. I am thinking you will very much like Hopewell Oils. With love

    2. Patsi
      I hope you don’t mind my replying. Easy Air and Breathe are the same oil, doTERRA has some oils that have different names in Australia and America.

    3. Dear Melissa, Thank you so much. I wondered why they had different names yet seemed the same. Andy LOVES this. It just agrees with him. Also Chloe's finance gets sinus and he also loves it and asks her to put it in the diffuser. This is from someone who thought all this was "hippie stuff" to start with. Now he asks for it! :) Thank you! Love

  5. Annabel, this is a really good, informative post. Not just an advert as some are. I agree that like anything, you have to invest in what works for YOU. We have a busy, and often stressful (in a good way) life, so the most important thing for us is to have a home that truly is a sanctuary. This encompasses the way our home is furnished, what we eat, how we shop, and what we plant in our garden. We have a thriving garden for example, but nothing in high maintenance. We simply don't have the time. Hence my ongoing tussle with roses...they need time and energy that I do not have...yet. We don't have excess frippery in the house. Our beds have one blanket and a throw rug, which for where we live, is plenty, so even making the bed is easy and quick. It also means that relaxing blends and oil, wax, reed, and steam diffusers play an important part around here. Husband lights the home made Lavender candle in our entry hall as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Daughter puts on wax/water burner with her favourite blend in it as soon as she arrives home. I have my own favourite home made candles or burner blends going practically non-stop, and I even use a drop or two of oil on a cloth in my clothes dryer when I'm using it, so it too, fills the house with soothing scent. We love Lavender, Rose, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Jasmine, and Neroli, so those are the ones I buy regularly. I also use these in my home made skin care products, so they're well worthwhile. I'm encouraged by your posts to now try others for pharmaceutical purposes, which I agree will be brilliant. Great, well researched post. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi,
      Your family sounds like they love their oils. I havent used any or atmosphere yet as I had sickness in the house and too busy on that! But I have oils that I like so I will get into this and see what works.
      No adverts from me.... I also like to read experiences from those who have tried things with good results, this gets my attention more than any ad.
      Many thanks Mimi, with love Annabel.xxxx

  6. I’ve never heard of Hopewell and will check them out. The oil “plague defense”, well, I think we need about a gallon of it.
    Thanks for all thei information.

    1. Dear Rhonda, I thought Plague Defence is a darn good name! Thats what we want! I suspect not advertising is another way Hopewell keeps prices down and it is word of mouth that gets them customers. I am so happy with them! With love,

  7. Karen in Wisconsin4 March 2018 at 20:25

    This is so informative, thankyou! I have been buying Plant Therapy and Mountain Rose Herbs oils, and am currently looking at Eden’s Garden (their Melissa oil has good reviews and I’m looking to help my mother with anxiety), and lastly, Hopewell.

    I realized that with my Herb Mentor/Learning Herbs subscription, I get 20% off of everything at Mountain Rose Herbs, including their oils. Well that really helps with my need to refill Helichrysm as it’s pricey. I make a salve with Lavender, Frankincense, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Helichrysm. It really helps with healing burns and skin irritations. Everyone I give it to just loves it. I’ll post the recipe if anyone is interested.

    I just learned about putting a bit of astralagus root in chicken stock to boost immunity. I also learned to make a decoction with astralagus to help during the cold/flu season. Next is making elderberry syrup so I do t have to buy it anymore!

    I’m really looking forward to the cleaning recipes. I purchase bulk natural cleaners, but I’m sure I can help the budget with making my own!

    1. Dear Karen,
      Thank you for the info you have given and 20% off is a grea discount. I would love to know how you make a salve with the Frankincense (and others too) that sounds beautiful. So yes please do send a recipe I would appreciate it so much. I am sorry it has taken me this long to reply!
      Also the astragalus in stock is an idea I have not considered! I have tried this before and though it was very good so want to get more. I would love to see how you make elderberry syrup also and if it is from fresh or from dried elderberries?
      Meanwhile here the cleaning recipes are going well. That will be soon. Thank you very much! Love

  8. I'm still doing my reading and building of my information base on this. I have used patchouli, sweet orange and lavender oils in my homemade air freshener or oil burner for years. This combination removes the musty smell we get here during the summer of high heat and humidity.
    I have found a whole section in the local Library on using Essential Oils for healing. I'm slowly making my way through a lot of reading. Bluey is on some high levels meds that can be effected by these oils so I am just being cautious before leaping in.

    1. Dear Jane,
      I really love patchouli. You are wise to check with the meds Bluey is on. Essential oils are so concentrated... the safety aspect is important.
      I have a show and tell post tomorrow and your lovely photos are such a help! I hope the week goes well! We are so lucky to be having mild weather but I think there are storms and rain in QLD. Good for the rain water tank though! With love,

  9. Thank you Annabel!
    Once again you have given us such wonderful information! Thank you, too, for everyone who as added to the conversation. I am very interested in looking into Hopewell Oils. My husband is also a new convert to essential oils and our new amazing discovery - homeopathic remedies. He used to refer to them all as my "weeds"! lol But, no more! (the proof is in the pudding, yes? :) I've used aura cacia oils with good results, among others, and there is a website that has lots and lots of amazing information - She has many recipes for all kinds of relief and skin care using EO's. In the past few years she's started selling her own brand, but I've never ordered from her. She has a Thieves Oil recipe that I use and am very happy with, and a pain salve that has been a lovely addition to my "Home Pharmacy" She is extremely generous with her knowledge.
    I was excited to read another poster who said she uses astragalus in her broth! I may try that! Our board certified internist recommended the use of astragalus and large doses of vitamin C during flu season. He NEVER gets a flu shot and advised us against them. Our cardiologist also approves with our homeopathic remedies! Is it a new day?
    I look forward to your posts with great anticipation not only about this subject, but your crafty and beautiful gift giving, home activities and so much more along with your precious faith! Have a blessed week!

    1. Dear Nana Jan,
      I am gradually accumulating homeopathic remedies and just found somewhere here to buy some. I will look up the website you mention thank you so much.
      The British royal family is the best advertisement for homeopathy I always think. Homeopathy also recognises so many things that regular medicine does not. I think it is wonderful.
      Thank you for your kind words! Tomorrow we have lots of crafts in show and tell. With love,

  10. I really like this post and the fact that it does not specifically endorse a brand and then call all the others names. I have tried Young Living and Rocky Mountain Oils. I was put off by Young LIving's high pressure sales tactics, their bad customer service that I experienced, their high prices and that their reps call all the other oils names.

    I did my research several years ago, and what I decided on was Rocky Mountain Oils. I have been totally satisfied with the products and LOVE their customer service. I do like what you had to say about Hopewell. I may have to look into them.

    One of my favorite oils to use are lavender, though I must say that--for me--it does not help me sleep. I mean not at all. It does help with back aches, and calmness. I use it and use it on the kids every day. I also really like peppermint. It helps when one of the kids have a stomachache, stops a stomach bug, and helps my son with migraines. We use the Thieves blend which would be the same thing that you are talking about with Plague Defense. And Frankincense is useful when I bruise myself. (I get going too fast sometimes and bark my shin.) I also put Frankincense on my husband the day he was having a heart attack.

    That is all the info I have. I look forward to reading all the posts about this topic.

    I still plan to send you the thieves vinegar recipe, Annabel. I have found it very useful, effective and inexpensive. I am still trying to get all the pictures together to accompany the email. :)

    good health and peace to all of you wonderful Bluebirds,

    1. Dear Cristy, I am not selling anything or making any money. I am just trying to save some and get good quality oils. Many things you read ultimately someone is selling something!
      Once you find somewhere with good quality, price, service then it is easy. There are other sleep blends, I wonder if something else would work for you? Clary sage I like for calmness....
      I look forward to your email Cristy! This will be so helpful to everyone! With love

    2. I have had good results with Sleepy Time from Hopewell to help me sleep but really the key for me was natural progesterone cream. It changed my life more than 10 years ago.

  11. Hello Annabel
    What a lovely informative post. I am very interested in learning more. Busy week here and no time for sitting and reading so much, but I will print this out and put it in my learning pile.
    Glad the weather is better. We are still high 20's and up into early 30's later in the week but I know autumn is coming (somewhere anyway).
    Fi xx

    1. Thanks Fi! We are mid 30s again now. I will be glad when we go back to 20s! xxx

  12. Love your blog....
    I found I avoided getting a cold last winter by making sure I went for a walk every morning even if it rained. I would come back warm and energised. Exercise is important to build up resistance to germs and it is good for your immune system I believe. Cheers Jacinta

    1. Dear Jacinta,
      I totally agree exercises, fresh air, sunshine.... I would say good sleep, good food, relaxation.. all these are the foundations of everything for our immune system and we should think about them. In winter I am better if overtime the sun actually shines I get out in it. I try to. With love

  13. Dear Annabel and Bluebirders who have added information to this post, I am finding this all very informative, and I want/need to do more research and gain more knowledge, so I will be keeping these posts marked and using them to guide me in my research, as DH has had heart bypasses, he is still very fit, I will need to be careful and I have several chronic illnesses that I will have,to be careful also. Looking forward to learning a lot more, and saving money to purchase essential oils,
    Once again many thanks to all
    Love Lorraine xxx

    1. Annabel,
      Thank you for all the great insight on the oils. I hope in the future these will be in my budget.☺ I wonder if the tinctures would help. I have many of these herbs. Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge.
      Much love,

    2. Dear Lorraine, Somewhere like Hopewell I think if you message them and tell them your background and details they will advise you as I agree double safety is wise. I think with a company this kind of support is a good sign too. With love

    3. The oil I have been most careful with for my husband who has had two heart attacks is Lemon since it is a blood thinner and if prescription blood thinners are being used it could make the blood too thin. Otherwise we have no problems with any oil.

  14. I love my oils, and over the years they've saved us as a family so many times. I swear by geranium oil to treat the hot flashes of menopause - just three drops on a cotton ball and dropped into your bra and within a couple of days you'll suddenly realise they've gone! Considering they can last up to 10 years (I cried when my naturopath told me that little snippet)it's well worth trying.

    1. Dear Cath,
      I really like Geranium too. It is soothing somehow, comforting... I did not know it treated menopause! Thanks for telling me this.
      It is also good to know the long life span... I am trying to keep my oils in a darker place, cooler place etc. too. With love and thanks,

  15. Loving all the brand suggestions! I put in my first order with New Directions after seeing it recommended on a couple of other pages. I also looked at In Essence which has been around forever, and I used them 20 years ago when I first was interested! I found that Pharmacy Online also stocked In Essence, with some cheaper prices. Delivery is something that also needs to be taken into consideration.
    I am very happy with the price, prompt delivery and the quality of New Directions :) And I don't need to do regular orders to keep them happy and in business lol

    Another point of which to be aware (and my apologies if someone has already mentioned this, I did have a quick read through the other posts) but most essential oils are toxic to cats and dogs, and other domestic animals. Even breathing them can cause distress, but if any gets on their fur or skin it can be very dangerous. Misting diffusers send little droplets of water containing oils into the air, so even that small amount may be enough to harm your pet. I have stopped using my diffuser at night when the house is shut up, and only use it during the day when our cat can easily be outside.

    Best for pet owners to do their own research on this!

    Have a lovely day xxx Fiona

    1. Dear Fiona, I am going to look into both these companies and compare prices thank you!
      Yes this is true... for those with pets, pregnant too... there are lots of safety things to consider. Safety info should come with the oils and this impressed with with Hopewell. Shows they are potent! With love

  16. Annabel, Thank you for recommending Hopewell EOs. I just bought their Digestive Health blend for my dh who has Diverticulitis. I put you name down as the one who recommended them to me. :) I was impressed with their site and amount of research, information they provide.

    1. Dear Kay, Thank you for that! I put Lana down as the person sending me as I would never have found them if not for her. I am very happy with them. I hope the digestive held is helpful to your husband, that would be great, With love

    2. Kay, if that does not help him I would consider using Tummy Soothe internally in a capsule to get it down into the large intestine. You can do three drops in a capsule first thing in the morning with 12 ounces of water on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before consuming anything else. I would do that for five days. Tummy Soothe will kill just about any infection in the digestive tract. We have used a lot of it following my husband's coma and being on a feeding tube which introduced all kinds of junk into his system.

  17. You've done your research, literally ;). Thanks for telling us about Hopewell, especially since they're in the US. I'm gonna go check them out now. As for Young Living, I bought the "dealer kit" so I'd get the cheaper price from then on. Don't know, maybe you did that too? xx

  18. Reading your blog Annabel, the comments from many of the readers, and doing the 10 day video course on essential oils have all contributed to a wonderful beginning point for learning about the oils. I say beginning point because there is so much to learn about them.
    Despite still having lots more to learn, it was wonderful to be able to actually try one on the spur of the moment. Our youngest son got saturated whilst walking to uni, (despite being under a large umbrella) and was wet whilst sitting for 2 hrs in a lecture. Subsequently he was already feeling blah with a sore throat by that evening. Having read your experience Annabel of using oregano oil for sore throat, I suggested he 'borrow' the oil from his girlfriend's family. I added some drops to a suitable carrier oil that I already had in the pantry and he rubbed it on the glands behind his ears and on his neck. The next morning he felt worse, applied the oil again, by that afternoon was already feeling a lot better and next morning back to normal. This was a huge 'yahoo' as despite being a healthy eater and fit young man, whenever he is hit by sore throat and heavy cold he's usually out of action for a week. Guess which oil is on top of my first order list?

  19. Annabel, a while back you posted a picture of your daughter's essential oil cabinet (it looked like an old first aide cabinet) and I thought that was a great thing to keep my essential oils in too. I started looking for one at the thrift stores and online for one but couldn't find one that wasn't new and cost more than I could pay. The other day the company I work for had all new and bigger cabinets brought in and installed. They let me have the old one that was put in the dumpster. I need to clean it up and get it ready for my essential oils. Right now I have essential oils in three different places (wherever I could find room). I am excited to get them all in one place where I can get them organized. Thank you for posting the picture and giving me the idea. Paula in Kansas

    1. Dear Paula, This is so great! I would really love to see a photo when you have it set up. And it came to you free! It will be perfect! I am here still searching for mine... I need room for homeopathic remedies, essential oils and tinctures. I could have seperate ones if need be. Meanwhile my collection grows! With love

  20. I am just know able to read this post. It is very informative. I have been using EO's for about 7 years now. I have settled in on Plant Therapy. I know some of the expensive eo's work but I was not interested in paying the fees for the selling pyramids. I will check out Hopewell Oils now. My family has become believers due to using Germ Fighter. I diffuse it all winter at home and in my office at work. We breathe it if we are on an airplane or close quarters where people are coughing and sniffing. Someone mentioned Mountain Rose. I started there and their oils are great too. I get my elderberries from them and use their recipe for syrup. I will tell you that I ordered elderberries in January but it ended up on backorder. I should get it some time this month. Thanks for another great post. I don't comment often but thought I should this time. Deneen


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