The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 7 July 2016

Feather your nest Friday, 8 July. 2016.

What a week! I am glad to sit down and look at what I managed to get done as a lot of the week went from Plan A to Plan B!
Lucy wasn't well with the flu. It rained so much it broke records. I was thinking I don't ever remember this much rain and I was right as they said it hadn't rained that much in twenty four hours in eighty years. And I'm not eighty so that's why I don't recall that much rain! My Dad is happy as they have had several really dry years. Now there is water everywhere.

These are some of the ways I feathered my nest this week:

I totally re arranged the lounge room. It had been bothering me that I really didn't love it. It was arranged in the only way I could think of given a lot of windows and french doors, the shape of the lounge etc. But I couldn't think of another way...
Anyway, I took everything out and started again and tried to think like they do on the TV shows where they make over rooms! I had about ten tries and finally I found success. And I really like it! It kind of looks like a TV makeover!
I didn't spend a cent either. Plus I washed the skirting boards, de cluttered etc so it is like a spring clean too. I love it!

I added flowers to a rustic box from in the yard and made a new centre piece for the table.

I built up my pantry with tins of chickpeas, baked beans and tomatoes. (All on special) And added meat and things for easy meals to the freezer.

Some of the ways I saved money were:

I pruned roses and hydrangeas and filled the wheelie bin that goes out. It was overflowing! I think I have about two more to go by the time I prune everything. So I will keep at it for the next month as that bin is collected.

We had tuna mornay. I made spare and set it aside so one night filled vol au vents as well to make it different.

I took up some jeans.

Andy replaced my windscreen wipers for me.

I finished my rug. 

Now I am knitting a soft pink one.

I made baked rice custard. Again I made two so we had it another night as well.  I have managed to get several sets of dishes that fit inside each other nicely. You will the bottom one with water and the top one with the custard... it is so nice! (an alternative is to put some water in your crockpot then sit your baking dish in there) I used a little bit of frozen cooked rice I had stashed away.  Even if I have a tablespoon of cooked rice left over I freeze that as it is enough for this custard.

In winter this is really nice. I ate left overs for breakfast!

Also I made potato bakes again. I had a request for it plus big bags of potatoes were $3. Also this freezes really well. So I made four.

I sprinkled bacon over this lot. That went down well so now I think I have backed myself into a corner and will always have to do this! :)

And I went to Aldi and did a stock up plus items to add to my emergency pantry. They truly have amazing prices. Many things are so far under half the price of Woolworths. ie mandarins and carrots were beautiful and better, locally grown and so much cheaper. I love that store.

Other things were:

I gave Lucy a pile of the super soft flannelette hankies I make. If I see old worn out flannellette sheets in the op shop I get them and wash them up. Then I tear them into large shares and fold them ready. I had a heap that were white with little pink roses. I used some for my cleaning cloths.  Her nose had reached that point where it was just so sore. I said "use these" and left a heap.
Later I got a message of how much she loved them. Truly, when someone is really ill super soft, gentle hankies are so much softer than tissues or usual hankies. And they can go in the bin. I had made about thirty for $2.  A lot have been used recently so now I am on the look out for more old soft sheets!

I was given five more of the giant coffee jars. This completes my whole row of these which is 24.

These have given me heaps more storage and look really nice. All free and labels printed from the internet.

I thought I would never finished this post as I keep dashing out and putting more on the clothesline. At this point a sunny day is an opportunity not to be missed! The line is full of sheets, towels etc.

How did you feather your nest, save, get ahead, add to your pantry and all good things this week?
I love hearing about your week. It is worth celebrating all these little things. They are beautiful really. You are building up your family and home. You are creating something wonderful. xxx


  1. Hello Annabel, all looks yummy and tasty except for the baked rice, we discussed that the other day and I know it's not my taste. I think my favourite rice use is for risotto. I love risotto, made it this week with thai coconut chilli steamed fish broken into it when it was ready to serve. Very scrumptious. Not much homemaking for me this week but you know why. Today I've been up since 3am and have been home cleaning, sorting and I too moved some furniture, well my son and partner did, but I directed. They were like, "it's only 9am Fiona" and I was like "well you both are here so why not now". Then they went off to their respective jobs and I'm left to do what you did, decorate and clean and polish. Your crochet rug looks awesome. That's something I want to have another try at, I didn't really get too far when I tried last year, but will persevere. I loved looking at all the handmade things in your other post and am very impressed by all the crafters who support your blog. Hoping the weather is kind, Lucy's nose doesn't fall off and that all is well with you and your family for the weekend. Fi xx ps, the flanny hankies sound perfect for her poor sore nose.

    1. Dear Fiona,
      I hope you had a good day and that the furniture moving, cleaning etc all had great results. It really makes a difference and things seem so clean and fresh.
      Last year when your shoulder was bad crochet was probably harder. If you can get going it is very relaxing in the evenings. And a change from sewing in the day... and sometime to do in front of the fire or the tv.
      So I am egging you on!
      I think I need you to teach me how to make Risotto.
      This weekend the weather is grim so I am sewing, mending etc.
      Have a lovely weekend, with some rest too. With love

  2. Dear Annabel,

    You are so right, a sunny day is wonderful opportunity in winter! I do the same thing here. My clothesline is in the shade but have been hanging our shirts on coat hangers on my pool fence railing which dries them super fast. Poor Lucy, I hope she feels better soon. I'm still sick and have been using the dandelion balm on my nose which has helped a lot. Otherwise paw paw ointment works well too. I did my first shop at Aldi and love it! We didnt need much but I bought lots of things like toilet paper, tinned tomatoes, UHT milk etc for our stockpile. I also bought some smoke alarms for our house and filled some scripts so we now have a extra medications stockpiled too in case we need them. I plan to rotate them. Love your idea with the flannie sheets, I've been scouring my op shops but no luck yet xx

    1. Dear Mel, I wish I had sent you flannelette hankies for your poor nose. Truly they are so nice when you get to that stage! I hope you are feeling much better.
      The special buys items at Aldi have meant I have also bought the extra things on my wish list... from a new pillow to Andy bought microphones... just so much cheaper than normal prices and superb quality. I feel this is getting ahead too. I also think getting ahead with medications is a good idea.
      The pool fence sounds like a handy extra clothes line! My Mum has a fence like that... as in it is not a solid fence it is steel that air flows through... and she uses it as a clothes line for the heavy things that make a normal clothes line sag or are just too big for a normal clothes line. So it is really handy!
      Make sure you are getting the Aldi catalogue. If it doesn't arrive to your post box get it delivered to your inbox. This helps me plan a lot and I usually shop on a Wednesday when some of the special buys come in. Over the weeks you will find it saves you more and more! I am so glad you have it!
      Have a good weekend Mel and I hope you are feeling heaps better, with love,

  3. Poor Lucy and her runaway nose. I hope she feels better soon. The flanny hankies sound like a great idea. Will keep that idea in mind as I do the rounds of the oppies.
    This week I cleaned out my craft cupboard, identified what I needed and picked it up. I detailed the 4WD and identified what was needed in this for us to have a comfortable road trip. Bluey put a new hitch on the van so that we can access the back of the car when the van is connected. We are replacing the solar panels on the van. Yes its an expense but given the amount of free camping we do whilst travelling, these will pay for themselves by the end of this trip.
    The daughters car went in for a service. I missed 2 calls on my phone. The mechanic drove her car to our home. To say thank you I made them a banana cake. Amazing how quickly young men can devour a cake.
    We built up our freezer meals with the addition of spaghetti bog and lasagne in containers. We added cow in the cupboard, flour, sugar and cinnamon to the pantry.
    The weather is very cool, for us, but the middle of the day is glorious.
    Being called to dinner. Garlic prawns and rice. Yummo.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane,
      That was a great week. I love the solar panels on the van. And young men can basically inhale food from my experience!
      Your dinner sounded amazing! it is really cold here. This weekend I have the sewing machine out as outside is a bit of a dead loss. I am cleaning out my craft items also!
      Have a greta weekend! With love,

  4. What a great week you've had, we too have enjoyed lots of rain & the yard is proof of that!
    I have made some new recipes,
    dried washing inside or over 2 days when it hasn't rained
    been to the community garden where I was given organic fruit & veg
    made a really nice chocolate cake from leftover sour cream
    made some cards for birthdays this month
    kept my boys entertained cheaply as much as I could
    shopped at Aldi (agree it is good)
    using produce from our garden
    produce/preserve swap with a friend & was given 3 bags of vegetables from my Mum which has some jalepenos in them I shall pickle, asparagus we'll have with pasta soon & parsnips I'll add to soup, what a blessing Mum is.
    Hope Lucy is on the mend,
    Karen xox

    1. Dear Karen,
      Your Mum sounds like she is a big help to you and that is so good to have her in your life. The organic fruit and veggies would have been wonderful. I love community gardens and allotments etc.
      I am pretty sure the boys would have loved the chocolate cake!
      It sounds like a good rain. And that you are in the same situation with drying clothes on rare non rainy days!
      Hope you are having a nice weekend! With love

  5. Dear Annabel,
    All of the items you made look absolutely delicious. As they say here "everything is better with bacon". Warm rice custard is so comforting on a cold night. Love your flannel sheet idea. I'll now be looking for them too.

    As for the things I got done this week.Made the jam tarts and they were loved by all. Picked and dried herbs. Made 6 more jars of jam, baked banana nut muffins, ordered Dry Flakes and Castille soap from Amazon (which will arrive today) to make simple soap. Froze leftover morning coffee in icecube trays for iced coffee drinks, made instant compost for the garden, started weeding the flower beds but it got to hot to continue, so another early morning project. Today my order of blueberries will be picked up and I will be packing them up for the freezer this afternoon and making some blueberry muffins this afternoon. My husband has an appointment at the VA (veteran's administration) clinic today so we'll be on base and I'm planning to check out the commissary to see if there are any bargains to be had to add to the stockpile. I've found that Aldi's prices are even better than the commissary's, but we'll be on base so may as well stop in and check. A little knitting got done and some sewing. Wishing all a wonderful weekend. Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie, My husband would agree that everything is better with bacon. We were watching a cooking show and they managed to use bacon in a desert. he thought this was an excellent idea!
      I am so glad you made jam tarts! As I make a lot of jam I find these handy. Plus you can add all kinds of things into them. They look very pretty too.
      I hope the soap goes well. In my report on how to make it I said the second time I did it I blended it further and longer than the first time. The first time it was smooth and nice. The second time it was heavenly and so glossy. But I loved it. So I hope it goes good for you!
      Bluebierries will be beautiful. You could sprinkle some in your next lot of jam tarts too if you wanted to.
      I hope you had good luck with some items for your stockpile. Every bit helps.
      That was a good week Cookie. I hope you are having a nice weekend! with love

  6. Good Morning! I really need to go eat my bowl of bran flakes....all those pictures of yummy food are sure making me hungry! :~)
    Here in the states my fruit trees and bushes are in full production. I've gathered well over a gallon of blackberries so far, and the brambles are intent on taking over my back pastures, so there is much more to pick.
    My son, AJ, and I spent time in the front orchard area of our property yesterday. There were still some peaches able to be year I must thin them as there are so many they stay too small! One apple tree was ready (and quite early!) as well as one variety of pear was ready with a nice blush on the fruit. As I neglected the trees a bit of late, the production on those will not be substantial. The moonglow pears though will do well in the back, they border the pond and are watered exceedingly well.
    My veg garden is finally just now beginning to produce, I put it in rather late this year. My first tomato went into a grilled tomato and cheese sandwich. Yummm!!!

    Love Cookie's idea for freezing her left over coffee for an iced coffee drink. I'll need to do that if I find I have coffee left over in the future.
    Been doing my shopping pretty much exclusively at Aldi lately, such a savings! Have a blessed day ladies!

    1. Kathryn, Your property sounds beautiful. This is wonderful for building your home!
      Rachel Holt

    2. Dear Kath,
      You have a great collection of fruit trees! I am a bad pruner but learning the benefits of it re size of fruit etc. But all fruit is useful!
      I also think I will be using cookies idea! I love coffee flavour in cakes and icing etc too so it could be used for that as well.
      And you are another one saving at Aldi! Aldi coming here has been one of my single biggest helps this whole year. Amazing.
      Have a lovely weekend! With love ps I agree with Rachel your place sounds lovely especially the pond!

  7. Annabel, I hope that Chloe is soon well. It is certainly no fun being sick. My week has been filled with lots of little things that will add up over time. I've been putting the finishing touches on an all out, full blown pantry inventory and re-organization. It feels good to have this job almost completed. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Patsy. Well done on your pantry organisation. I need an inventory and do not have one. it is a daunting job!
      I hope you are finding your pantry quite built up from summer harvesting and bargains etc. You work so hard on it. Many thanks. xxx

  8. I just love the centrepiece you have put together. Roses and lace look wonderful together in the cushions and your lounge looks so soft and lovely.

    I hope Lucy soon feels better. The idea with soft flannelette is a great one. I will see if they have something at the op shop next time I go.

    This week I added heaps to my long term store room. Our freezers are also now completely full again. I seem to add extra meals or soups in there each week and also bought some meat at the wholesale butcher the other day.

    I bought some vegetables and fruit at great prices also throughout the week. Bananas 49c kg and mandarines 99c kg were some! Potatoes were still $2.49 for 5kg so added more of them also. We even had broccoli as Woolies had a special on it. :-)

    Hope you don't get too much more rain that causes flooding there Annabel!

    Have a great weekend everyone. xoxo

    1. Dear Kaye,
      Thank you! I am loving the results of a big change around.
      Well done on adding so much to your store room. And the great prices you found. The potatoes were amazing. I have not seen so low prices here. Nor the prices of bananas! Double that is considered really cheap here. Isn't it amazing that one state away can make so much difference?
      But Aldi is my help. And next week I get to go a bit further afield and to go to my best fruit and veggie shop so I am hopeful of finding some bargains. I will them make soup or whatever things lend themselves too... bakes or whatever.
      So far the rain hasn't eventuated but I can see it is coming now.
      With lots of love,

  9. Hi Annabel,

    I hope Lucy is on the mend and that you successfully avoided coming down with the flu! I love that you were able to rearrange your living room. I have the same problem...certain pieces of furniture just seem to have to go in certain spots, and can be limiting. But it's nice to be able to spice up life for free just a little with a good rearrange once in awhile! Your blanket is beautiful and I LOVE baked rice custard, so I am drooling.

    It has been very busy here, too! We picked 31 qts. strawberries on the weekend, so I froze lots, kept out lots to eat, made jam and preserves. Got lots of weeding done in the garden, plus some reseeding, and we are eating things like alpine strawberries, lettuce, green onions, and garlic scapes. Made mozzarella and egg cheese (to use for paneer), made bread yesterday, now that it has cooled down a bit, and made arugula pesto and froze some. Have been cleaning like crazy while the weather is rainy, as the house gets neglected when I need to be outside gardening! Cut my hubby's hair, yesterday, which was overdue, and painted one coat on some kitchen trim. I know there's more, as this week has been on the go, but I can't think of it right now. Glad it's Friday and the weekend is ahead! Have a great weekend! x Jen in Nova Scotia

    1. Dear Jen,
      Lucy is heaps better but now I think her husband is next! So far so good for me but I hate to speak too soon... hoping to avoid it thats for sure.
      How beautiful to have so many strawberries! Lovely. Yum to everything you made! Pesto is something I love in summer. I had rocket and basil pesto and that is in my future plans. It was so nice.
      Well done on getting so much done. That sounds like a good week to me.
      With lots of love,

    2. Thanks, Jen! I now know what garlic scapes are, & that these curly sections are picked to encourage a larger garlic bulb. Alternatively,
      I read, when a garlic scape grows tough and straight, it is an indication hat the garlic is ready to harvest. I'll watch for this!

  10. Rain is always good! Although we have had quite a bit and my garden isnot thriving. I did manage to ca n7 quarts of pickled beets. Waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. On a side note-I have been re-reading Laines Letters-she is motivating me once again!! I wish someone would hear from her and pass it on-would love an update!

    1. Dear Becky,
      It does me a lot of good to have a session of re reading Laines Letters. They never have dated. The messages are the same only you take from them what you need in the time of life you are in. So helpful. They really qualify as a Bible Study of sorts too.
      I will write to her. The last I heard she was well... she suffers from an illness and has flare ups but she was doing well. Her daughter ha a baby (Abbie) and she is home schooling Lucy who they adopted from China. She is about 6 I think. Her life sounds busy. But I will see if I can get an update as I would like one too!
      Many thanks Becky, with love

    2. I don't have a google account to comment under but wanted to say thank you becky for sharing about Laines Letters. I googled them and found the link you shared Annabel. What I have read so far is very encouraging and I'm going to use them like a bible study. Melissa

  11. Annabel moving furniture around is not resting the arm. Mind you when you are not doing what you intend doing I always find something like moving furniture around gives me just as much satisfaction. I hear you on how hard it is to get the furniture placement right with windows and french doors - we only have the french doors to contend with but also very small rooms so getting things just right has become an art.

    Sorry to hear that Lucy was sick - hope that she is on the mend now and that she didn't share with Harper.

    Tuesday I was near a Woolworths store and popped in to see what they had that I could add to the emergency supplies - the photo you took of the egg section could have been taken in the store I went into. So it is not a local problem.

    My week has been different - my husband was out of the house for work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was strange but also good because while I had something on Monday and Tuesday mornings I was able to come home and get a few things done without interuption. Wednesday I finally managed to get stuck into the craft storage in the office - I am slowly working my way through what I placed on the shelves and organising things so they work - paper craft in one section, my multitude of knitting patterns in another and so on. Because it is open shelving I need to make sure that things are dust proof.

    Thursday I took my husband to the dentist - he reacts to certain medications (they do not work) so just in case something was done this time I needed to be there - didn't take my knitting because I was at a part I needed to pay close attention. Used the time to read a couple of articles in Reader's Digest. Sometimes down time is good, even if only for an hour or so.

    Thursday I also received an offer from Coles - spend $50- eache week for 4 weeks, receive either $50- or 10,000 points - I chose the points offer.

    I have learnt that if you do not take up all of their offers they keep you on a lower spend rate. As I do my main grocer shop at Aldi I use these times to buy up the items I cannot get at Aldi - my tea being one.

    The weather turned really cold on Wednesday and then Thursday it was like we lived in a totally different country - it was nice and warm with blue skies and no cold breeze. Of course the washing has been done and put on the Mrs Pegs line so I am up to date with that.

    My local IGA hasn't had any good finds in their reduced price areas - might be because it is school holidays or they have realised what is going on.

    I saw on Higgins Storm Chasing that you were getting some heavy falls of rain and had snow at Mt Lofty. I don't think winter is over yet.

    Have a great weekend everyone


    1. Dear Lynette,
      Mum and Dad used to be chicken farmers. Dad says because most people like free range eggs there are more of those. And in the cold chooks outdoors stop laying where as chooks in sheds keep laying more. So this preference can equal shortages in winter. Plus the price of meat means more Mums are buying eggs to make meals from. So these are probably contributing factors.
      I cannot have the usual pain killing injection for dental work it makes me so ill so I understand needing to be careful.
      I am glad you got time to work on your craft supplies and patterns etc.
      Yes snow at Mt Lofty! We are not really far from there and it was cold. It is cold rain and a lot of rain coming they say i.e. 4 inches in a few days! (if it eventuates of course) I notice in school holidays the specials are much less. Unfortunately.
      I hope you are having a good weekend! With love and thanks,

  12. Dear Annabel, I hope Lucy is feeling better now! I'm going to use an old pink flannel sheet for hankies! Thanks for the great idea.

    I love rice custard! I'm making a list of foods to bake when our weather cools down. I'm looking forward to that but in the meantime, I will continue bottling my summer harvest! I'm making pickled cauliflower this weekend along with freezing peas. Our squash are almost ready and we have baby cucumbers! :)

    You had a very good week! I love your lounge and centerpiece! Also, I love reading all the other posts and seeing the items being made!!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love, Teri

    1. Dear Terri,
      There are always new ways to save. It is kind of fun finding them. I loved your ottoman by the way!
      Your produce sounds wonderful. Make the most of this time as soon enough it will be cool and you can be making baked custard and warming things. I like the change of seasons for these reasons, we get different things done, different foods etc.
      Have a great weekend! With love,

    2. Dear Teri, Im sorry I got my replies mixed up and the one above is for Terri C! You will be thinking I made no sense! The produce and cooking yes but not the rest!
      Have a good new week Teri. With love

    3. Dear Annabel, I'm just now reading comments, since I feel asleep early over the weekend!
      No worries!! I knew you were commenting to Terri C. Love, Teri

  13. I've been attending Frugal Boot Camp right here at home. Not only practicing frugal skills, but reading the books on my shelf that pertain to living frugally. It's paying off in new information and inspiration.

    1. Dear Terri,
      There is always room to freshen up our ideas and find new ways to save. I thought your ottoman was lovely by the way!
      You will be getting back into a new routine now the family have moved into their new home. I hope they love it!
      Have a great week! With love,

  14. Hi Annabel!

    I am looking back on the week that's been with fond memories, and gratefulness. I giggled at your plan B week, which was much like mine! I giggled more just imagining you setting up your lounge room furniture ten times! That's funny!

    Looking back, I drove the sewing machine while the generator was running power tools. I was finishing a project. Now I am nearly finished finishing that project! That will be something I can contribute for Show and Tell next time.

    In between jobs, I sometimes stop and look at the pale pink crochet tablecloth and the vintage sheeting bought this week, which will be good for sewing up towels in summer. Would you like to see the table cloth sometime?!

    I have had plans for approaching each day, only to be directed by some special attention grabber instead! Oh well, it all needs to be done!!

    I made a 'whole two small oranges from my orange tree cake' for the first time. Considering the recipients, I used only half a cup of raw sugar, and we all enjoyed it.

    I am grateful for a number of good things this week. I like it when, collecting kindling and 'quick heat' for the fire, I find dead branches fallen out of the trees. I like to drag up a five metre or so branch and say to my husband, "Do you like the toothpick I found?" Parts are thicker than an arm, and convert to ready warmth. I like the lamb soups - with McKenzies soup mix and extra barley - especially with the IGA lamb shanks ('though there was a sharp bone splinter) that were a couple of dollars cheaper than Coles'. I liked arriving home late on shopping day and being able to light up the fire and, once all the work was done, we chose to skip a cooked meal and finish off the orange cake instead! By the way, the solid old loaf tin that I made the cake in has writing pressed into the bottom of the tin. Guess what it says - "ORANGE CAKE"! It's a nice old idea! I am grateful that we finally got to the bottom of outrageous chainsaw chain prices and purchased a new chain at a reasonable price.

    I just don't get bored of op shopping, so I'll proudly tell you that I finally found fabric for covering the red chair cushions that my husband bought. It came in the form of a bright red single bed sheet for three dollars. I'm thinking of frills and bows! I spent $1.50 for three sets of circular needles. I have uses for these and, if I don't find a particular size by summer, I might use some parts to make the required size of needles. It's fun!

    Never mind that we had wrigglers in the tank water (that my husband dealt with by putting low odour kerosene in the tank, and which I strained out of hot drinks from the kettle), winter ticks and tiny critters adding olive oil to their likes of popping corn and coffee.

    The sun has been warming the soil. The broccoli, garlic and peas are being joined by parsley everywhere (from seed Mum gave me) and swede and silver beet. I am not convinced that the tiny seedlings in the pot are not basil, and more seed is anticipated to germinate. This is exciting!

    I love the look of your baked custard pudding! I enjoy the smell of vanilla each time I open the sugar bowl to make my husband a cup of coffee!

    With toasty warm regards,
    Rachel Holt (& the winds have died down, with a few days of sunny weather expected!)

  15. Annabel, I forgot to mention one of my thoughts that your post generated!!

    I recently stumbled across a gardening tip which said that, if you put a rose cutting directly into a potato and then plant it all into soil, a potato is meant to provide the amount of moisture required to feed a rose. Then, when you mentioned pruning your roses and hydrangeas, I wondered whether propagating these is of any interest to you (although grafted roses may be preferable).

    Anyway, I love your crochet! The recipient will love it, too!!


    1. Dear Rachel, I would love to try propagating roses. I still have pruning to do so I could try this thank you.
      Yes please I would love to see the pink table cloth! I have been sewing and I found an old tablecloth, I think from a wedding table. I have adjusted it to fit our dining room table. I love it! Please show me yours!
      I also enjoy collecting wood. I even love the sight of a wood heap. I was in IKEA today with Chloe. They had cut up wood in some of the lounge room settings as decor. It truly looks just lovely. So wood is also in fashion apparently!
      I think you have found the secret to op shopping with is persistence and consistency. And the right op shops too... I find some and they are so expensive there is no point. But when you have a good local one then going regularly is the thing. You have had great finds. The circular needles are a good thing to add to your supplies.
      I am hoping the seedlings are basil. You will soon know!
      Have a good new week Rachel! With love

  16. What a week you have had Annabel!

    I hope Lucy is recovering well from the flu. I have been lucky so far by not catching anything, hope it continues that way.

    Your food always looks delicious. You have reminded me that I am making tuna mornay/bake this week. I will be experimenting with some recipes to find one that my family enjoys. And I think I might just make a rice pudding too, yours looks so yum! :)

    My nest feathering included:
    *Making homemade tomato soup with tomatoes from our garden.
    *Cleaned houses for income.
    *Cooked most meals from scratch using things I had here and sticking to my menu plan.
    *Three no spend days.
    *Dried clothes on the line and in front of the fire.
    *Used hot water heated in kettles on top of fire for washing dishes.
    *Baked chocolate and orange cakes.
    *Kept the TV off except for when there was something on we wanted to watch.
    *Shut off rooms not being used to control where the heat goes.
    *Draw the blinds in the late afternoon to keep cold out and heat in.
    *Cleaned the house using homemade cleaners.
    *Picked mandarins and grapefruit from our trees.
    *Picked tomatoes and spring onions from the garden.
    *Bought two sets of summer sheets that were on special.
    *Used leftover meals for hubby’s work.
    *Used a heat pad to keep warm in bed.
    *Stocked up on almond milk that was half price.
    *Collecting 3-4 eggs a day from our girls.
    *Found three lovely linen tea towels in the op shop, 50c each.
    *Have an old sheet here ready to be torn into rags.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

    God Bless,


    1. Dear Tania,
      Tomato soup is on my to do list as we have had so many soups but not tomato. I think I will do the one where you roast them in the oven first. Thanks for the reminder!
      Tuna mornay is a regular here. There seem to be many different ways to make it. Someone said they don't make it because of all the cream in it. I said what cream? I use milk. She was amazed and made it since then. I find it a good thing as everything is in the pantry.
      You did heaps! I love the cakes and all your produce.
      Sounds like more rain in the next few days so I hope you get some of it, I think so.
      Have a good week Tania! With love and thanks,

  17. Dear Annabel

    I am a little late in posting my savings but here goes

    *Op-shopped for clothes for DD and found a store where everything was 50 cents. Spent $9-50 and got her so many outfits as well as tops for myself. At another op shop I bought DD18 a pair of jeans for $1 and five handkerchiefs for 10 cents each as well as card making supplies (paper and transfers) for $2.
    *I made three sultana and pumpkin cakes. We ate one and two for the freezer.
    * I shopped the grocery sales
    *I made another baby bib for the gift box
    *I was gifted a big bag of Bendigo Woollen Mills Wool and patterns and a huge bag of Cross stitch kits (so generous)
    *I made meals at home and dried clothes on the inside line near the heater

    A good week
    God Bless and I hope Lucy picks up and no one else catches the "bug"

    God Bless

    1. Dear Mel,
      Bendigo Woollen Mills wool is beautiful. Mum gets a lot of her yarn from them. Including cottons. What a bonus to be given a whole bag full! I know you will love making this up into something.
      The op shop buys were great and it is rare to find those prices these days. This sounds like it saved you a fortune. It seems we are set to get down pours again. Like you I have finished drying things inside. I got most stuff dry yesterday just in time I think.
      Have a good week Mel! With love

  18. Dear Annabel,
    You still managed to have a productive week despite your upset in plans. I really hope Lucy gets well soon. I'm sure she is very thankful for all your help.
    I really like your coffee jars and labels. How nice to have glass jars that seal for free!
    This week I did lots of nest feathering. I cleaned out the sewing closet and moved my sewing things over. I now have everything organized to my liking. (Pictures to come!)
    I moved more of our pantry over and have that better organized as well.
    Our grocery store had a sale on canning jars, buy a case, get a case half off. I bought four cases.
    I purchased new clothes hangers for our closets. My husband got wooden ones for his pants as the plastic ones sag from the weight of his jeans. I got velvety no slip hangers for my tops. It was a bit of an investment but everything looks so much nicer. It is somewhat of a luxury to open the closet doors and see them.
    I purchased some new crocheted edge bath mats. Two large ones cost only $12 total.
    I added to my craft supplies, as the craft store was having a "paper crafting blowout sale." Everything was half off. How could I pass that up?!
    My husband repaired and put up the clothesline, so I can start hanging clothes out. I expect with this heat we are having, the first clothes I hang up will be dry by the time I get the rest up!
    I also moved a few more things over from our other house and set them up. The kitchen hutch looks good in the laundry room. I can't wait to fill the shelves with wool wash, pretty clothespins, and lace garment bags!
    I have an automatic alarm clock every morning, as the horse comes up to our house and sends my dog into a barking fit. She has never seen a horse so it was funny to watch her reaction the first day. Day four is not so funny lol. When we hear her we say, "Well, Joe (the horse) is here! Time to get up!" Maybe she'll get used to him...
    I hope everyone is doing well. Have a relaxing weekend, Annabel!
    With love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      That was a big week! It is lovely to have a sewing centre. What an advantage. Also all your work on the wardrobe and pantry will pay off like already when you open the wardrobe and it looks so nice!
      It is great having a clothes line! Things drying in the sun is the best thing ever, the way they feel and smell is beautiful. I do my quilts and underlays etc in the summer when they will dry right through. Oh and blankets, knit wear etc so it is all nice for winter. Even pillows.
      Maybe your dog will end up friends with the horse. Its possible! This is an alternative to being woken up by a rooster anyway!
      Each week you sound more set up and thriving in your farm house! It is excellent to hear! With love

  19. Your storage jars look so good with their pretty labels. It's exciting! I love the box filled with flowers - so romantic. What a productive week you've had....your crocheted blanket is gorgeous and your potatoes with bacon on them look delish.

    1. Dear Mary,
      I am replying to two comments in one here plus sorry for the delay Mary! Thank you so much re the jars! I can see we have a shared love of pretty things. Thank you so much for your contribution to show and tell. I love that lazy susan and everything you have made! The box I used was in the garden! It is truly old and rustic and I had the flowers. I really like it! So I did that whole change around and decorate for free.
      I hope you are having a good new week, many thanks Mary, love


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