The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 24 May 2016

The Christmas Challenge. My week.

The last week was quite rainy and so when other plans were put off I used the time to get stuck into a few presents.

Years ago I filled both the girls Glory Boxes with baby rugs, cot and bassinet linen, pram rugs etc. Also quite a few baby clothes. I thought that way if I kicked the bucket they would still have things I made for their babies.
Also I had tubs of things put away and lately Harper has grown into some of them and has been wearing things.  It's quite amazing to see really as if a dream came true after years of sewing for children who were not born yet. And here she is!

This was one of the outfits I made ages ago. It has Winnie the Pooh, Tiger and Piglet on it.

Inspired by the outfits getting used I started on some more. I am a bit rusty. I used to embroider non stop.  If you want to see the type of things I did have a look at Mouse wedding. I used to make up the figures from children's books and stories I imagined. I lived in an alternative reality evidently!

Now I notice my eyesight isn't as good. But I hate excuses so enough of that!

This week I added a little bunny to a pink onesie.

And a fox to a little top...

Mel had made woodland creatures out of felt and this led me to a whole world of cute creatures and easy designs found on pinterest. Lucy likes anything to do with the farm. And we have plenty of foxes! And rabbits! I have decided that the fox is getting made into a girl fox with either a necklace or an ear bow.  I will get to that on the weekend!

I have several more designs cut out ready to sew on.

I added rose buds to a singlet. I do not still know the US term for this. It is an undergarment but not all in one just a top.

And I added a crochet frill to little socks. I have a white pair started as well...

None of this made it into the Christmas cupboard! I also made a large lasagne as the gift of help and needless to say that didn't go into the cupboard either!

However, I did find two bargains that did get put away. Two boxed and beautiful kitchen gifts that were amazing buys and they are safely stashed for Christmas.

I am almost finished the pink and cream baby rug. One more week I think. It is reminding me of Coconut Ice...

This will go into the gift cupboard too.

Next week we will be in June! So we will have May Show and Tell. Please send in your pics of what you have been making, even works in progress! You can post them on to the Bluebirds Facebook page here. or email me at
I love seeing what you have been making and hearing the stories that go with the things, the giving, donating and all the things that come from crafting!

Today I am heading off to Aldi. I follow the catalogues and this week they have gorgeous things at such wonderful prices. I am hoping some of these things will also go into the gift cupboard. I seem to have two main themes... kitchen and laundry. This is good as I can put together some hamper type gifts and match things together. 

I hope your week is going well! Lets work to get to the end of June with a good selection of gifts towards Christmas. If this is your first year making gifts all year round then I am so excited for you to get to December and have a virtual little shop in your own home to select gifts from.  In October I make the Christmas cakes to put away and then in December I still add cooking. This all adds up to such a variety of gifts. December financial strain is pretty much eliminated and the best thing of all is you can give many more gifts than you ever have before. You can give to someone you don't know but think is lonely or in need, you can give to charity, neighbours or whoever you feel might be neglected. This adds to the joy of Christmas so much. I consider this the secret formula of loving Christmas. Always make multiples and more than you think if making something if you have  the materials. They will always come in handy!

See you on Friday, I hope I have a good week to report. So far so good! xxx


  1. Ooh Annabel what is that stitch called on your coconut ice blanket? It's gorgeous! I love that you put things away for your grandchildren in case you weren't around, my mum died before I had children and I have some rugby boot booties she made and a baby jersey. Neither of which were intended for my children I don't think, but I certainly wasn't parting with them once she was gone! I also have some cross stitch pictures she made me hanging in my kids rooms which I love. My kids think it's pretty cool to have something made by their grandma too. Harper is just lovely, how nice it must be for you to see her wearing things you've made. I love the fox!!!

    I gave a friend some washcloths with bath bombs yesterday for her birthday and another some fig jam and berry jam as they have moved into a new home. Both were really touched that I had made something, it was a really lovely reaction and made me feel great about homemade gifts!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


    1. Dear Jen,
      The stitch is called Pineapple stitch and is very easy. Quick to learn. If you know chain, and double crochet you will be right. You learn a bobble stitch on the tutorial which is super easy. It works up very fast. I love this stitch! Its my favourite just now. This is the tutorial I followed... I usually have to slow down a video, stop and repeat but after a couple of rows of this you will love it!
      I am so sorry about your Mum. It is just lovely you have some things she made.
      Well done on the bath bombs and the jam. Yum! All lovely thoughtful gifts. I am glad you are encouraged by the reaction! I love having lots of jam made up and ready. I use lots but I give away lots too. My Dad loves the fig jam.
      Many thanks Jen, good luck with the pattern. Love

  2. Annabel I love the idea of a baby hope chest -might have to do something similar.

    I am home from the first meeting of a local arts and craft group - only a small number of us but we have decided on a few things, like when we are going to meet for starters.

    A couple of young ones came along which was good, all have not been living here very long so was good for them to come as it can be daunting meeting people for the first time.

    Next time I am going to be teaching someone how to knit - that is if she is there.

    We also discussed the need for isolated people/shut ins to come - that is something that we are going to be working on, even if we need to do pickups. Lots of older women here that would love to share their skills.

    Victoria Magazine had a picture on their FB page last week I think of a white tea towel with an embroidered letter with a little extra embroidery around it - would make a perfect gift.

    So many things I want to do but so little time.


    1. Dear Lynette,
      With your beautiful knitting I truly would make up everything you would like to give Grand children. I am so glad I made what I did even though I am still here to make more my eyes sight isn't as sharp plus I think what if I got arthritis or whatever and couldn't do so much handiwork? I am gad I made so much and I am grateful I am still going.
      It is lovely to be willing to teach someone to knit. It makes me hope that it leads to a life time of enjoyment for that person. And that they also pass it on.
      If rides could be arranged for some that normally couldn't attend that would be just wonderful! I wish I was nearby as I would be there and also I would be willing to pick someone up. I love this whole idea.
      Now you have told me this about Victoria Magazine I will try to see one just to see the embroidery. I love that magazine and also Romantic Homes.
      Yes too many things, not enough hours in the day!
      I hope you are having a catching up week after being away.
      With love (ps I had a great trip to Aldi!) xxx

  3. Hi Annabel! That Harper is so adorable and how special to see her wearing the outfits that you so lovingly made all those years ago. :) I am not that great as sewing or embroidery but I am pretty good at cooking so I tend to make food gifts for people I love. I also seek out bargains on things that I know those I care for would also really enjoy. My gift closet is pretty full at the moment. I think my biggest downfall though is making myself wait to give these gifts to my friends and family. ;)

    1. Dear Debbie,
      The gift of cooking is wonderful. It is also the gift of help and comfort. I think that is great.
      I share your problem with finding it hard to wait if I have gifts to put away. And I cave in pretty often! So I am the same! But also if I stash things I often pretty much forget them until I "find" them again months later, which kind of helps!
      It is great you have a full cupboard. What a help! With love,

  4. Annabel,
    I am hanging my head in shame I have nothing from the last week. My lampshade was a bust, but I still have it in case I am able to do something else with it.
    Can Harper get any cuter?! I think that is wonderful that she is wearing things you made years ago and they are so cute. I think a girl fox would be perfect. My vision is changing and I have been borrowing Rick's glasses to see very small things and he tells me to get my own. I play it off as being frugal by borrowing his, but really I don't want to admit that I may need reading glasses! LOL I think now that it is getting nice out I can start some of the painting projects I have lined up I am eager to get those done. Oh well happy crafting to everyone!

    1. Dear Vicky, Yep you are in the naughty corner lol.
      I think you might need glasses. I have only had them the last few years but suddenly the fine things were hard to see. But they allow me to do the fiddly things and Im thankful for that. I can get a free pari every year and a free eye test... in our health insurance so I am careful to each year get another pair so I have spares etc.
      You can come out of the naughty corner if you make something in the next week lol. Love Annabel.xxxx

    2. LOL!!!! I'll insert myself here because that was soo funny! You better get to making something, Vicky!!

      Big Hugs,
      Colette xxx

  5. Annabel
    That baby rug is gorgeous, and I too wonder about the stitch, is it difficult? I am not very proficient with crochet, but I keep having a go.
    I'm also very taken with the little fox, it's very expressive.
    For a long time I knitted baby clothes, thinking maybe i would never have grandchildren just grand dogs LOL, however we do now have eight grandchildren and three granddogs. I very rarely end up giving the clothes for birthdays or Christmas either, I just give.
    Love and best wishes
    Susan K.

    1. Dear Susan,
      Thank you! If you can do chain and double crochet this stitch is easy for you. It makes up fast and I really love it. Have a go as I think you will be pleased. This is the link to learn...
      Plus practise does get you there and I think its good, relaxing and happy to do. In the tutorial you learn how to make a kind of bobble... it is really easy just winding the wool around more times... go along slowly and truly in half an hour you know a new pattern. It is good fun.
      You have eight Grandchildren! That is wonderful! Even though you felt you had to wait a long time you sure caught up in the end! I am so pleased you knot for them. With love,

  6. Annabel, I just want to pick Harper up and spin her around and make her smile, she just tickles my fancy, I think she is totally adorable. You are so lucky. No, hang on, she is SO lucky having you for a grandma, and so are the girls to have so many nice things made for them. My son's wife was very dismissive of things I made, i've even seen them scrunched on the floor in the garage (hadn't told you that before), so my new plan is a little like your old plan, I'm making a few things here and there for my other son and his fiancee. Babies will be started on the honeymoon if she has her way lol. She was put on earth to be a mother and I can't wait to see her holding her own child. I think I will be less prolific and make nicer things, particularly things i could perhaps work on in front of the fire over winter as opposed to sitting in the sewing room.

    I love your coconut ice crochet baby blanket, very nice pattern. The blanket stitched creatures on the clothing is good too. Can I ask do you use fusible interfacing to hold them on whilst you sew or just hold in your hands and sew?

    The socks are gorgeous too, i can see Harper wearing those and I love the rosebuds on the singlet as well.

    Your post on Monday was so well read wasn't it? All those comments, it struck a chord with many. Have a lovely week. Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona, Thanks. She is one kissable kid.
      Fiona I have seen the beautiful stunning things you make and with love. I really hope you have Grandchildren coming that you can spoil and it sounds like you have the future daughter in law for it! I love that she so wants babies!
      Truly I think we can have a Glory Box for future babies or "put up" things we make as the US ladies say. I love that. Things I have made are being used and if you only saw how much stuff I made you would faint!
      I had trouble finding the fabrics I used to use for the animals. I found iron on fake suede arm patches at Spotlight. They only hold on lightly but enough to stitch around and it helped. So thats what I used this time.
      Thank you re Mondays post. Vicky had a really good thing to say. We could all relate. Tough decisions need to be made. There were some wonderful moments and experiences shared. It touched my heart actually and I think of some of the tough decisions I have made and a couple of them I tear up the second I think on them. But they had to be made.
      I love your current plans for the towels that you mentioned to me! Lovely!
      With love,

  7. I so love the little socks. Thanks for such a lovely idea. Living wear I do, we forget that children further south need something warm on their little feet in the winter. So another idea is added to the gift list. Love it.
    I am still crocheting a shawl that was for my daughter. I say was, as she saw me working on it and made a comment about how she didn't like the colour at all. She did not know that she was the intended recipient. As a result the shawl is now going to be gifted to my sister who has a Birthday in June. The daughter will have to wait.
    I found a Parisian style wall plaque at a local store and three interesting corked bottles. These were all very cheap and have been put in the present cupboard.
    With all of lovely cards that have been displayed here, I decided I would have a go. I have made one set of greeting cards, and whilst there is huge room for improvement, I'm still happy with the result. These have been packaged in cellophane bags and have gone into the gift cupboard.
    Received a note yesterday that my DIL's cousin and her partner, my sons best mate for years and years, are expecting their first bub in November. Crochet cowboy booties have already been requested. Hopefully these will be completed and sent off in the near future. Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane,
      It is just as well you found out about the colour of the shawl this way! At least you have someone else that it will make a good gift for. Colour is funny, it evokes such strong reactions. I have colours I love and ones I really hate.
      Well don't on your gift cupboard additions! And a new baby to crochet for! This is the beauty of making things we can give far and wide! I love the idea of cowboy booties!
      I hope your week has gone well Jane! With love

  8. Hi Annabel!!

    It's wonderful to see more of your beautiful work! The embroidered flowers are so delicate!

    I am so pleased to see the frilly little socks. Harper will bring them to life! For a crochet novice like me, I should ask what that soft, flossy stitch would be called? It is so sweet!! I, too, wonder what a singlet is called in the US. The roses are beautiful!

    The suede looks like it works very well. It's an interesting concept! Then, of course, your crochet rug still has that touch of beauty that you share with your Mum. Well done, and "well doing"!

    Today, Dad gave me a huge bunch of large sprigs of bay leaves. I am ready to put some in our newly painted cupboard, and dry some for hearty winter meals (being able to dry them out in this beautiful weather, or indoors by the fire). It looks, though, that I could just about fill the cupboard with just bay leaves!! Don't they smell nice - not overpowering; just nice! What a useful gift!!

    (Jane, I am simply a crochet amateur, and those cute little crochet cowboy booties have me inspired. I hope you show the way with yours!!)

    Tonight, I've just been unwinding in front of our fireplace that is our "bush television". The day has been long and full. I'll have to get cracking on some items for show and tell!!

    With warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      I will happily sit in front of a fire and prefer it over actual TV anyway! Crochet by the fire ideally!
      The crochet around the socks is made up really. It is just a row of single crochet worked close together around the sock then the next row I do five double crochet into a hole, then four single crochet in the next four spaces, and repeat. It makes a scallop.
      If you look on Victorian Trading Company at the socks they have gorgeous lace around ladies socks! I had some like these when I went to the US years ago.
      I love bay leaves and if you look in the supermarket they are expensive! When cooking they release powerful healthy properties so I use a lot. It is a great asset to have so many!
      I hope your week is going well Rachel. It is flying by! With love,

  9. Dear Annabel,
    Harper is absolutely gorgeous. She looks very happy.
    I love the embroidered appliques you did on her clothing. What a fun project!
    The socks and blanket are beautiful. Your color choices are always so pretty.
    I have nothing to offer this week, as I have had an otherwise busy week and not in my sewing room. I am sincerely hoping this upcoming week is different.
    With love and a big hug,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      I am hoping too that you get time to sew again but I know with all that you are doing in the garden that you have been so busy. But it is all good to get done and will look wonderful and be so productive too.
      I have lots of little projects lined up for baby clothes. They don't take long and I am enjoying them In the evenings when the light is bad I do something I don't need to see and crochet.
      Hoping your week is going well. With love

  10. Dear Annabel,

    I am in awe of your embroidery skills! What a wonderful way to embellish some store bought things, too. Regarding the "singlet" terminology, in Canada, we call that a "sleeveless undershirt" if it's to be worn that way, or a "tank top" if it's to be worn as a shirt in its own right.

    I love the little baby blanket, too. I've been itching to do some crocheting, but am sticking to working on a few knitting projects that I have on the go. The sweater I knit for my daughter is to be dyed this week as I didn't have anything but natural in my yarn stash, which isn't too suitable for a girl that loves color, so I proposed attempting a dye job with a pack of dye she got for Christmas (Peacock Blue). I'm crossing my fingers, as it's our first atttempt at dyeing. My main concern is that the cotton might shrink up a bit in the hot water, but if worst comes to worst, then I guess it might fit her younger sister and I'll be writing an I.O.U.!! :) Should be an interesting experiment!

    It's hard to believe that today is exactly 7 months until Christmas! I do have some gifts in my gift tub, now, thanks to this Challenge, but I would love to feel a bit more "plush" by the end of June, as you suggest. In summer I feel that I get so distracted by nice weather and gardening, yard work, and outside house maintenance (the never ending painting of the deck) that I don't spend as much time as I would like on crafting and gift prep. I'll just have to work on garden-related gifts, I guess!

    I must go back and read all the comments from your last post. I found it extremely timely, as we have had to make those kind of hard decisions a few times a year, as situations change...familial, financial, etc. We just had to do one of them, as we decided that at this season of life we will probably not be keeping milk goats for too much longer (just not practical with the girls getting as old as they are and our lives moving outwards a bit more and keeping to a strict milking schedule becoming more difficult to do) we sold a doeling that we had planned to keep to build up our milk herd. On the one hand you feel you are letting yourself down in a goal that you once had for yourselves, and on the other hand, realizing that nothing stays the same and that adjustments have to be made to best suit the situation that is currently at hand. This is just one example, but I certainly nodded my head a lot at your post!

    Hope you have a lovely couple of days, Annabel.

    xx Jen in Nova Scotia.

    1. Dear Jen,
      Since you said it is your first attempt to dye something I thought to say... when you mix the dye use very hot water but add in some cooler water so that the water you add your jumper to is warm not hot. Before this add plenty of salt and stir until it is perfectly blended. I would use a few left over threads of your yarn to dip into the dye to see how the colour is looking before you add your garment. Overall you will get a better result if you gently wash the jumper first then dye it. Good luck!
      Thanks for the translation, I said singlet once and it didn't translate at all and there are a lot of words that we have that are so different!
      In summer I also am outdoors most of the time and its gardening, jam making etc. We are almost in winter now. It is snuggly evenings and crochet. You just have to embrace the time of year and overall it works out and the seasons add all kinds of good things. But when you are planting towards a harvest that is the number one thing to do I think.
      It is really good that you re asses regularly and yes life changes and the world changes too. There were so many good comments and a couple that I thought I must quote in the future as they were so good!
      I hope you are having a great week! Good luck with that jumper! With love

    2. Thank you so much for the dyeing tips...I will do as you say and maybe I won't have to cross my fingers so much! :) We're waiting for a non-rainy day so we can hang the sweater outside to drip dry. No such luck so far, which is also making the garden planting later. At least the onions are in!

      xx Jen.

  11. Your little clothes for Harper are so cute! It must be such fun to finally get to see her wear the precious things you tucked away over the years.
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh,
      thank you! I have always loved Glory Boxes. I think maybe you say Hope Chest? But I have had all kinds and the future babies one has been something I have added to for years! Its amazing to use things now and I have lots in reserve for my other daughter too.
      With lots of love

  12. Dearest Annabel,

    Good grief Harper is such a little dolly-face! I love everything about this post because it gave me so much encouragement to dust myself off from the stress of the past several months and just get moving on my crafting. Actually, it was last weeks Christmas post that started me churning. I adore your embroidery, and the appliqu├ęs are really sweet! Sometimes I bring up all of the embroidery posts, especially the Mouse Wedding and just sigh over all of its goodness with my daughter, as she loves it too. The things you've made are heirlooms. Ok, great news....I am trying my hand at crochet and I can't wait to get better! I am finding it soothing, just like you said. Very relaxing for the mind and with any luck I'll make something beautiful. I am starting with dishcloths! I really love the cream and coconut ice rug, just gorgeous! I think I may have told you in the past that my mom is so talented with crochet & knitting. I need to send you a photo of the blanket (rug!) she made for me over 30 years ago. It's now on my own daughter's bed. I've been around crochet all of my life but now I'm determined to learn. I tried last year, but this time I hope to get stuck! I am currently making themed cards in sets and adding them to my Christmas Cupboard. It feels good to have my hands on paper, punches and stickers again. Thank you for all of the gentle encouragement. Or in the case of your comment to Vicky...your not-so-gentle encouragement! LOL!!!

    Thanks & Love,
    Colette xxx

    1. Thanks Colette! I am so glad you have stared crochet! Its just practice and I think granny squares are an easy thing to do as they grow quickly and look really good. And I agree it is relaxing. I even sleep better if I have handiwork. I think it absorbs you and soothes your thoughts. In fact this must be true as I think of Mum and my Nan and I would say when worried they kind of knit at a frantic speed as if they channel stress into energy. Anyway it works. If your Mum is good at these things that is going to be a big help to you! I am not sure how far apart you live from each other. But teaching you and seeing you do this I think she will love! And you have girls that could learn along with you. Get them going. It is good for them too, I think I finished my first rug at about 14 or 15.
      I would love to see a photo of that rug!
      Haha Yes I can give Vicky a hard time as she knows Im kidding she is one hard worker and we laugh a lot.
      I hope your week has gone well. Keep up the crochet as there are so many things to make. I love edgings as you know...
      With love,

  13. Hello Annabel, here in the U.S. your singlettes are called Onsies I smile every time I go to your sight such lovely ideas I gleam from you and the wonderful readers that share on your blog. Love the pictures of Harper what a precious blessing for you and your family! I have been working on my Christmas cupboard as well crocheting dish clothes and edging face washers and neck scarves. Aprons for the guys are in the works as well. I would like to know more about your you have a theme for each recipient? If so could you show us an example ? Thank you for sharing all the creativity! Gaila in Washington state USA

    1. Well done on your lovely things for your gift cupboard!
      Later on I will show some haters as I put them together. I collect small baskets as I see them especially in thrift shops. Usually I spray paint them. I also save containers like little wooden crates. For kitchen gifts the container could be a mixing bowl or cake pan. I try to keep to a theme. In my laundry ones I can add soap, wool mix in a jar, a bottle of laundry detergent. a crochet wash cloth/kitchen cloth, pretty pegs... so far. I try to make it look lovely too. I often do foodie ones which might be some jams I made, a little cake, some bay leaves, a bunch of herbs etc. I really love hampers. You can look online at gift hampers and see that they are outrageously expensive but they give you ideas. A gardening hamper could go into a plant pot. A mans hammer could go into a fishing tackle box. etc! Thank you so much for commenting. With love

  14. Annabel, The socks are my favorite, your embroidery work is beautiful and your crochet is so pretty ... I have a question ... is there anything you can't do amazingly well????

    1. Dear Patsy, well you wouldn't want to look closely at my knitting. I cannot knit patterns. I seem to lose the plot. lol
      And many other failures and disasters too numerous to mention!
      Some disasters turn out well into something else. Thats called creativity! haha
      The socks are super easy and very fast to make. I have some more to do.
      With love and thanks, Annabelxxx

  15. Annabel,
    I love your idea of using artwork for the basis of making your own designs out of fabric. I'm always seeing the cutest pictures in old children's books. You've given me so many ideas. Maybe someday there will be children in the family to make cute things for. In the mean time I may just make them for me! Still a kid a heart! I absolutely love your Mouse Wedding stitchery. Beautiful work!

    Sharla in Texas, USA

    1. Dear Sharla, Thank you! I love gorgeous children books! I adore Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh. Also Bramby Hedge. So adorable. Thank you so much. Sharla you can have a glory box//Hope chest for future babies but also there are so many things to make.... I want to embroider some cardigans for myself. Its o the list anyway! With love

  16. The correct spelling is "onesies" in the US. They come in many colors and styles now. They all snap and cover the diaper. We do have so many words that are different. I have more trouble with grams, litres, etc. I'm going to make a list and keep handy when following recipes from Australia, etc. Love your blog. Very encouraging.

    1. Thank you so much. Onesies are so cute. I also have trouble with grams and litres etc as when I was a child we had funds and ounces and they converted us to metric! I think its a pain. I love recipes that are in spoons and cups as that is so much easier. One trouble I have is US measurements sometimes say "a stick of butter" and we don't have butter in sticks. I have never known what a stick of butter is! But so many US things I love especially the saying "putting things up" and so many others! Thank you so much! Love

    2. Thank you for the correction I realized that I spelled it wrong after I hit the button ! Love all the wonderful ideas and friendship here on Annabels site everyone is always so gracious. Have a super weekend ! Love Gaila

  17. Dear Annabel,
    Your work is so lovely. How cute Harper will look in the little clothes you have embroidered! Your daughters are so blessed to have you put things away for their (future) children.
    Last week I made some (ok, a lot of) cards. I haven't done any gift making this week, but I used a gift card to purchase sale items for the gift cupboard. They are little tins of rose salve. I still have some money left on the card and will probably purchase more salve since I like it so well. I could give these with homemade body scrub, soap, etc.
    I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      I am so glad you had the chance to make cards last week but I know you are very busy just now. And the rose salves sounds lovely. If you want to add homemade beauty products just now Jes at Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth has a recipe for a Honey and rose cleanser. I thought of you, having honey as an ingredient on hand. It sounds lovely!
      I hope you've had a great week. We have had pouring rain and storms and it has been a busy week! With lots of love


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