The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Feather your Nest Friday, 26th February, 2016.

We are nearly at the end of the month already! I am pretty happy with the things I have managed so far. An extra burst over the weekend maybe so I can look back and say I got heaps done and lots of painting!

The ways I saved money this week included:

I saved $4 on a bag of turkish bread that is now in the freezer for an emergency meal. (was 99c)

I have been painting a lot this week. There are french doors at the back of the house and we use these the most to go in and out to the car etc. Of all the paining this was the most worn area. Painting the doors, frame, around the windows etc  has been like a miracle! It looks beautiful! I love it! This took some sanding, puttying and much fiddling around but I did it! It has actually transformed the living area too it looks so nice! I am glad to get this done it was a big job.

My friend Sue asked me if I would like some baskets and tins. She reads my blog so she knows I will make SOMETHING with them! So obviously I said yes please!
We had coffee together and she had the baskets in the car.... When we got to the car I discovered they were not the gift type baskets I imagined but big old style sturdy baskets and a car laid of them!
I have big plans for these!

There were also tins... old and new! Plus some glass containers suitable for candles ala Mimi style or maybe powered and powder puffs?

Some of the old style tins I will use when I make my Dad a fruit cake or biscuits I will give them in a tin as he loves tins and will keep them.

I also might paint some to use in the kitchen and add a rose decal or something like that.

I was really thrilled with all of this! (Thanks Sue!)

Before Christmas I was given bags of stretch knit fabrics. I sorted it into fabric to sew and then was left with a large amount of plain white. I have wanted to make rag rugs for ages. I decided I will crochet them. One lady on Etsy makes the most gorgeous rugs and she uses t shirt yarn.  I googled this and it is quite expensive but you can make your own. So every evening I have been cutting this fabric up and making yarn. This is where I am up to! (I have a long way to go!)

Some ways I built up our home:

I pruned the Hydrangeas, this is toward lots of good flowers next year. I did quite a few bits and pieces in the garden.

The Quince tree is so heavy with fruit it is leaning over and I can pick Quinces even from the highest branches without a ladder. They are huge and so heavy...

I am planning to make Quince paste and some could come with us on our holiday.. with cheese and crackers Quince paste is just beautiful. That's the plan.

The cellar is basically full. I got a set of eight plastic containers that slide under the bed to continue my supply gathering...

I started them off with ten packages of toothpaste on a super good special.

I think that's it!

Oh, no it's not...  Ways I got ahead!

Adding quite a bit to the present cupboard.

I also added frozen vegetables to the freezer. I realised I should keep some as now and then I run low on veggies and these are good back up.

And I put more items in our holiday basket. This included fig jam, crackers and balsamic vinegar.

I hope you had a good week.

Thank you to everyone who has sent photos for the February Show and Tell! I love the photos but it also gives me a chance to get to know some of you much better. You are welcome to send photos of anything you are working on, even if not complete. Progress reports are good too. Just imagine how far we would have come even by mid year!

Have a lovely weekend. Be proud of all your work and looking after your


  1. Hi Annabel Could you tell me a litle bit more about your holiday basket. Do you go camping or on a long car trip to get to your destination. What sort of things go in there? Thanks Michelle xx

    1. DearMichelle,
      Our favourite holiday which we try to take once a year is at the beach in a little cabin. We are doing this in Autumn this year which isn't far away. This is a six hour drive. We have other spots we like that are closer but this is the longer trip.
      Our idea of a holiday is relaxation, no airports, no scheduled, just the sound of the water lapping on the beach!
      Mostly country towns have more expensive groceries as they have to bring them long distances. So we pack and take our basics i.e. tea, coffee, cheese, crackers, milk and it amounts to a couple of baskets of things. Before we leave I will take out of the freezer a lasagne or a pie or something and that will be our cold pack when I pack the cheeses and so on that need keeping cool. That will be dinner on the first or second night. The night before I make up rolls and a general picnic to be our food for the trip. In the morning I make up a thermos of tea and one of coffee as well. So we make a lovely journey of it.
      The town we are going to has a beautiful country bakery plus op shop so we do spend money in the town as well but what we take saves a lot and are things we like. What we take for the trip probably saves $40 right there. And is nicer!
      It is easy keeping things cold for the trip, easier than camping where you have no fridge.
      I hope that answers what you wanted to know. When there we have beach picnics and watch the sunset. Its lovely!
      Oh and to do all this I start a couple months before we go and buy the specials and build up my stash to take. I include some luxuries like Brie and nuts etc.
      Telling you all this makes me excited for our holiday! With love

  2. Annabel, congratulations on getting those baskets, what great gift baskets they will make! Sounds like you've also gotten a good start on filling up those under the bed containers, you are doing so good!

    1. Dear Patsy, Thank you! I was really excited. I can make hampers, tins of biscuits... all kind of things. I will keep some, Ill make them over to look french provincial!
      I am pleased with the storage tubs. They will take me the rest of the year to fill probably but I am glad to be able to keep going! With love, Annabelxxx

  3. Dear Annabel,

    You had a VERY productive week. It sounds as if the painting is done?

    I vacuum sealed frozen organic vegetables into serving sizes; cooked several meats in the crockpot for the freezer; divided large bulk bags of meat and vacuum sealed them into smaller ones; and did some further research.

    I finally went out to the mall and used coupons and a gift card. I saved $46.25 on needed items. In addition, I got several 25% off coupons for my next trip to Macy's, plus added to the Plenti points which can be used for future savings.

    I love baskets and you received some nice one's. I have so many, but they just sit around for deco. It will be interesting to see what you use them for and how you decorate them.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda, The painting is done for the week unless I decide to paint on the weekend! I will be painting every week of the year except the coldest winter weeks and December I have declared no painting!
      Painting the whole house is a big job, it will take me all year. Autumn starts next week... I am spending the first two months doing the front fence and the outside front of the house. There is a lot of lattice work and fancy work so it is going to take me a while!
      Well done on the savings! they were excellent.
      I use baskets constantly, to deliver things, in the car, full of crafts. And for storage. Some of these I will use for gift baskets. When I decorate the ones Im keeping I will post pics. Some I did a couple of years ago house my wool stash and I love them! So happy with these!
      Have a lovely weekend, with love

  4. Dear Annabel, Such abundance! I love all of those wonderful baskets, tins and glassware. Such possibilities in your hands! :-)

    Over the past week I have scored well by being blessed by free items also. They have come in the way of food. A large ham (it is frozen) a huge bag of oven fries and a dozen tubs of yogurts again. My dear friend blessed me with lovely peaches from her garden. I had free points/offers from the big two and bought half priced stock up items with these. There were the usual grocery savings as well. It is wonderful to live so abundantly and also give to others out of the abundance! It is like unearthing treasure, isn't it?

    Another inspiring post, as always, Annabel. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

    1. Dear Kaye,
      I am so happy for you over all this free food. A ham for starters is amazing and has so many possibilities and many meals. And yoghurt and peaches!
      What a good week. I know you will put everything to such good use.
      Thats how I feel about the baskets. the thing is to make the most of things as we never know what might come our way!
      Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  5. Lovely week you have had Annabel. Funny I have been cutting up a huge piece of fabric that I would never use, each day I sit for a little while and cut it up and then roll it onto the ball, it looks the same as yours. But this is not for making a rag rug, i am cutting it to make plant ties. Our tomatoes this year got to my height and so heavy that they were tied and tied until the man ran out of ties. Lightbulb moment and I said I'll make ties. It's a great spotty stretch fabric so the plants will look quite decorative but the real benefit is that so far it's almost netball sized and therefore a saving of probably 25 dollars on buying several rolls. Also made yoghurt again last night. It's just over a dollar a litre, and such thick creamy greek yoghurt. We add maraschino cherries and it's yummy. Apart from that I've nothing else to report. Have a lovely weekend. Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona,
      I really love the idea of the plant ties. This stretch knit would be perfect for that as it is soft and has give in it. I will keep the ends and off cuts for that.
      I would love to have seen those tomatoes. they sound incredible. Your whole garden sounds incredible to me!
      The yoghurt with the cherries sounds beautiful and I can imagine the pink.
      Have a good weekend to you too. With love Annabelxxx

  6. Dear Annabel, why do I always feel so rich after one of these Friday posts. Your photos and your productive example just ooze abundance. Thankyou! I had a good week with preparing foodie gifts for upcoming birthdays, finishing a knitted throw and starting another, making cumquat marmalade, although not in your enviable quantities, and planting 8 more fruit trees. Watch out this time next year...I'll be on a! My mother-in-law gave us a leg ham she'd won at her Senior Citizens club, so that added to our stores, and I also added some gluten free bread and bread rolls to our freezer. These were marked down from $7-$8, to just 99c each, and I bought 11 altogether. So that is a saving on the usual price of $7 each, to $1 each, a total saving of $66 on bread alone!! I was very pleased. I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi,
      Friday posts help me to feel rich and abundant too. I think they help me appreciate things and feel better about what I did do... rather than just think of everything that I STILL have to do!
      I love your knitted throws. They are so soft and stylish. Divine gifts too.
      Kaye also got a leg of ham! I think that is huge, there are so many things you can do with that! You will make it go miles I know that.
      This is how I buy bread but gluten free is so much more expensive. A saving of $7 each loaf is amazing. You are way ahead. What luck!
      This again goes to show how many savings we can make. $66 on bread!
      I love that!
      Have a great weekend! With love,

    2. Oh my goodness- that's exactly the way I feel when I read these Friday posts (or any of Annabel's posts)! I feel so rich! Thank you Annabel. Love, Bridge

  7. Annabel, what a haul your friend Sue has given you. I bought what looks like the exact same jar and lid from Lifeline the other day that is in the front row and second from the right and it reminded me of you and Mimi:-) I think it was sold with a candle in it originally. I hope you have a relaxing weekend after your busy week.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, I love cut glass and crystal. It sparkles so thats it for me!
      I am thinking of painting some more tomorrow and having Sunday off! I hope you have a lovely weekend too. with love

  8. Hi Annabel!!

    Have I told you lately that I love your work?!!

    I can see that I am not the only one who loves nice baskets!! ..... & quinces ..... and the thought of making rag rugs. I am keen to learn what I can from your rug making venture. I have one favourite old polo shirt destined for this, & plenty of other clothes behind it!

    How was my nest built up this week? Well, I helped my husband set the tappets/valve clearances (yes, he teaches me mechanics!!) on the restored car, & then we took it for a run to a small town where there are, of course, two op shops!! I have taught him this kind of shopping!! We didn't get to the second shop on account of doing so well in the first small shop. My husband bought two shirts for $7. One is a gift. I spent $9. This included a beautiful blue & white woollen blanket for $4, a light blue cotton chenille bedspread (a $1 drop cloth) to cut up for cloths & kitchen towels, an Australian made (& likely never used) knitting bag which I got for free (& mainly pink), 4 very large, beautiful farmyard story books @ 50 cents (for gifts, after we've read them, one a day, for a bedtime story!!) & 4 collector's teaspoons @ 50 cents, featuring an outback homestead, Woolshed, gem field & flying doctors plane, consecutively (plus a damaged spoon thrown in) - to go with gifts. Then, to top it off, critters must have been in the shop, so I was given 26 balls of 25g pure wool, 5 ply. I can work around the damage & continue knitting socks! It does look like critters prefer navy blue over tan, though! ..... Just in case you're interested! (As we stood at the counter, I could just imagine the words, "Annabel would love to see this!" I guess my husband knew what I was thinking!)

    Oh yes, I drove a diesel-powered sewing machine the other evening - to resize some sheets. I have also been using a diesel-powered iron. It's not noisy. The only sounds come from the generator outside!!

    Thanks again for sharing your website with us! You add richness to my life!!
    Now to some dishes!

    With warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      I love hearing of op shop success! When you say critters do you mean moths? Being pure wool I would have taken it too. If its moths I would wrap it and seal it and freeze it for a few days.... that would kill the bugs and eggs... Except maybe you mean other critters!
      I love Quinces! the scent of Quinces is lovely and unique. Nanna Chel on Going Grey and slightly Green blog had a tutorial on rag rugs. This inspired me and now I am cutting fabric I think I will crochet mine. I really want to make a heart shaped rug but not sure if I will manage that. Maybe better to start with something easy!
      Anyway I will report my results. I cut another couple of meters of fabric into a giant ball tonight so thats one more. Only about 12 to go!
      Have a great weekend. Thank you for all your encouragement. I love hearing about you week. With love,

    2. Well, Annabel, they were quite obviously the kind of critters with teeth! I had seen the same wool recently, priced @$1/ball, & they had labels on then! Now, there is just enough of one label left to remind me of the wool description!! Also, some balls have some rewinding, some have been chomped into & most look very workable, still. It could be fun handling the cut wool, though. We'll see!

      I sure do appreciate your advice on freezing the wool. I'll remember this now. It certainly works for wheat.

      Rachel Holt

    3. Hello Rachel! Your thrift store visit sounds like it was lots of fun. I have introduced my husband to thrifty shopping too :) I wanted to give you an update on my sweet potato fries. I have tried twice and STILL can't get them crispy! Maybe I'll figure something out. Oh well, they taste delicious, anyway! Have a lovely weekend. Love, Kelsey

    4. Thank you, Kelsey, for keeping me up to date!! I am confident that there's an answer for you in the crispy sweet potato chip department. It just means that you'll enjoy them all the more when they turn out just how you like them. Be encouraged. Soldier on!
      Rachel Holt

  9. This week has not been a real home week. I'm feeling the lack of love being given to my home so will try and give it a bit of time, effort and love over the weekend. I emailed you a photo of the QS blanket I am working on for my sons Birthday late next month. This is for the show and tell. I'm a bit further along than the photo but still have a way to go. I am positive it will be finished in time. I have 6 baby bibs and one cot quilt cut out but need to take the next step. Mid week I transplanted some self sown lettuce plants into large pots that have fruit trees growing in them. These have needed a bit of nursing as we have had another heat wave go through. I've been re arranging my pots on the veranda and have washed all the cushion covers on the outdoor furniture. Tomorrow the plan is to give the veranda, where we do a lot of our everyday living,a full clean off and pressure wash. Enjoy your final February push.

    1. Dear Jane, Thank you for the photo! The blanket is amazing. You have a lot going on with bibs and a quilt also! I do the cat same and always have several things on the go.
      I hope no more heat waves for you. Or us! Almost Autumn! But we can get heat until mid March and usually do.
      It sounds like you have a lot planned for the weekend so I will wish you success with everything! With love

  10. Hi Annabel,

    Wow! What a week! It almost makes me tired, just reading about it! Or maybe I'm just tired from the bedroom reno we decided to start last week. In all the places we've lived, we've never done over our own bedroom, and after 7 years in this particular house, we decided it was time! We thought we would "just paint" and I would pretty it up with new curtains, etc., but then we thought, why go thru all the work and leave an old, worn out carpet on the floor? We live in a house from 1875, so weren't sure what would be underneath, and were a bit scared, to tell you the truth, to find out! It turns out there were some fairly decent softwood floors down there, after ripping off a horrible layer of particle board under the carpet. There were FIVE different vent holes cut in the floor (which is funny, because this room has no heat, even though there is an old, blocked up fireplace), so my husband had to spend three nights after work each day, just to patch up the holes. They look great, and after a good couple of moppings, the floor can now be dealt with. It has a couple of coats of paint already on it, and we are not up to refinishing to bare wood at this point (sob), so we will be filling cracks and painting next week. But this weekend I get to put the color on the walls! Yay!

    I will send photos of my Christmas Challenge stuff in the next couple of days. I am so happy to have a "deadline" to keep me on track! Much less easy to put things off that way!

    xxJen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      It is lovely that you are doing up your bedroom! We just removed our horrible carpet in January. It is so much better!
      I love painted floor boards. I love white floorboards and have been in a home with pink floorboards!
      Also I remember how much work it was!
      It sound like you have a working weekend. I hope you love the colour and how it looks and love the results! Painting can be very satisfying and make the hugest difference!
      Declines keep me on track also. Mostly! With love,

    2. Hi Jen!

      A house from 1875 sounds interesting!! It has been fun just reading your description of your room renovation adventure..... and ventilation holes in a cold room!!
      Rachel Holt

  11. What lovely baskets and tins! I know you will do lovely things with them.

    Our big savings of the week was being able to make a repair to our Jenn Air stove from parts on hand. Many years ago we bought two stoves for parts and paid $75 for both. During our kitchen redo hubby replaced the fan while the stove was out of the cabinet using one in our parts stash and this week it was the oven door handle. We have depleted some parts and so we will begin got keep and eye out for another one at thrift stores. Having parts on hand has saved us hundreds over the years.

    We had high winds here this week and have an uprooted tree that is actually hanging in the top of another tree and over our neighbors garage. Tree service will come this morning and put the tree on the ground for us before we have a big repair bill for it falling on the garage. Sometimes spending money saves money.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Dear Lana,
      That is really impressive having spare parts for your stove. That would be huge savings.
      I hope the tree is removed safely and maybe the wood will be an asset at least? Good thing the other tree saved the garage!
      Have a lovely weekend too! With love,

  12. Look at your baskets! And those old tins! How fun! I'm so jealous but I can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm also looking forward to pictures of your crocheted rug. That knit fabric yarn looks soft and squishy and I'll be the rug will be the best!

    This week I have been able to do more "real" cooking, including some baking! While the kitchen is not done there is a good amount of work space that is usable, so I made a chocolate-peanut butter ooey gooey butter cake and biscuits and casseroles and have more planned. It's comforting when I'm looking out at the nasty weather to know I have something warm and filling simmering on the stove or baking in the oven.

    We're hoping to finish the powder room floor this weekend and get the toilet put back in. If all goes well the room should be pretty much finished (except for some touch-up painting and decorating) by Monday! Jay is working away on the base molding for the kitchen and my father is coming to help put the cabinet doors back on next week, so I hope we may soon be done with these rooms and ready to move on to new painting adventures.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh, You are making great progress. When the doors go back on in the kitchen it will look lovely! That is when you will really start seeing it all come together!
      I think you have done so well to still cook lovely things! Well done.
      The yarn is lovely. It is time consuming to cut it but I do a ball per evening. I will really enjoy crocheting this I think!
      Have a restful weekend! With love

  13. Annabel,
    Such wonderful treasures you've been given! It is such fun to use things like that how nice of your friend to give them to you! I wish I was there to help you we could get your painting done in no time! I can't report much feathering my nest unless you count cleaning windows and toilets. Ugh! I think all men and boys should have to use outhouses! I can't wait to see how lovely you make all of your new goodies Have a great weekend!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      I wonder if we would get any painting actually done lol!
      I know you worked hard all week (other than cleaning toilets!) so I hope you have a lovely weekend! With love

  14. Wow what a wonderful gift from Sue! Those baskets are lovely. Awesome job painting French doors, what a fiddly task. You must be to happy to have it done and be able to enjoy it looking so good.

    I bought a 12kg box of tomatoes for $5 this week and have frozen 7 1/2 litres of pasta sauce and 5 family size servings of tomato soup. We also ate tomato soup for dinner one night. I made some more blackberry jam with the berries I had frozen. My boys are keen to go picking again so I will be making more as it has been very popular here. I was given a big bag of lemons so will be using them up in the weekend.

    And everyone is well now :)
    That was a fairly nasty 3 weeks of sickness so very happy to be back to 5 healthy kids!

    Can't wait for the show and tell next week, love seeing everyone's projects!

    Have a nice weekend everyone

    1. Dear Jen,
      I am so glad you are all well. What a difference that will be. It is hard having one sick child let alone five!
      12 ks of tomatoes for $5! I would love to find that. I keep looking. The other day I saw very sad tomatoes in a box and thought there was hope but still they wanted $2 a kilo for them.
      And lemons! Love lemons. I usually make lemon butter as its so luxurious and freeze some lemon juice too for in winter. But overall lemons are so useful.
      If the boys will pick blackberries then that is wonderful. When you see the price of berries at the supermarket I would consider the massive savings that you just made as part of your week/the Vicky challenge. As you have already done they can go into the freezer. Jam is a great gift as well as useful at home. Yum.
      I am happy to have those doors done. I have a whole seperate set to do another time! But I am happy with what I got done this week!
      Have a lovely weekend. Love

    2. Blackberries here in season run about $4 for 6 ounces...

  15. Great post as always Annabel. I too love baskets and cut crystal/glass. I already have a little collection but whenever i bring more home my husband gives me a look. I tell him you can never have too many baskets, he just smiles and shakes his head and patiently indulges this little addiction of mine lol. Beautiful soul that he is. Thank you for all of the teachings and encouragement you give to other mums. God bless you Annabel, you are a true Proverbs woman. Love Lisa xx

    1. Dear Lisa, That is the nicest compliment you could give me, thank you!
      I find baskets so useful. I use them so much daily but also for storage around the house. So I can keep collecting! I am glad you have a good husband who is happy for your basket collecting!
      Thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend! Love

  16. Here's my post for this week. I'm trying to freshen up my decor for spring/summer and worked myself silly tired today. And nothing is quite as I want it just yet, sigh. There are things to do! Quite the haul on the baskets and tins. How lovely!

    1. Dear Terri, I am about to do the same only for Autumn! I am so excited to welcome a new season and its a relief. Also my favourite time of year.
      You will get there, its a process! Have a great new week. with thanks Annabelxxx

  17. Dear Annabel, Oh those baskets! I love baskets! (Does that surprise you lol?) I told my husband all of the ladies here are saying they like baskets too, and we are both laughing right now because he gives me a hard time about my baskets. He says that I have found my people lol.
    This week, I have been feathering two nests. It will be that way for a while. At the ranch, I sorted through linens and dishes, wrapped the dishes in newspaper, and put them in boxes we picked up for free at a local business. I have a way to go on this, as I have only gone through the large china cabinet so far and still have all of the regular kitchen cabinets to work on.
    At my house, I weeded out some movies and books that we will sell or donate.
    I purchased some toiletries on clearance and added a few bulk items to my pantry, as well.
    I made coconut oil bites for oil pulling in some miniature rose moulds.
    I also froze some milk in small portions, as the milk was just out of date and beginning to smell a little "off". I will use these servings when making biscuits, pancakes, and cornbread.
    I made all breakfasts, coffees, and work lunches.
    I gave my husband a haircut. I always pretend I'm a hairdresser and ask him questions about what he does for a living, if he is married, has kids, what his wife does, etc. He thinks I'm goofy but it brings lots of laughs :)
    I also did some crafting and managed to make a four-pack of cards. It's not much but it is something!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend, Annabel! With love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      That is hilarious about playing hairdresser and client. Really I love that story!
      It will be a lo of work while you are working on two places. Think of how much easier it will be down the track when you have moved and you can concentrate on just one.
      I am thinking about the family farm and if its an old home and sheds etc and what might be in them!
      Your cards are just beautiful! Thank you so much for sending the pictures! These would be so expensive in a store! Also I love how much you are enjoying getting back to your crafty self. I think thats very good. Sometimes life can take us away from the things we loved when we were really young... but I find those things will always be wonderful... I always loved glue, glitter and thread! Many messes. But still its these things that bring me so much joy!
      It is also funny about you finding "your people" yes its true! basket lovers unite I say!
      With lots of love,

  18. Hi Annabel

    Well what a productive week you have had. I love the baskets. Containers under the beds are always great for storage.

    Not a very good week of savings for us. Last Sunday night saw me and DD5 rush DP to hospital where he stayed until Friday. Unfortunately as we live so far away this required us to stay in a motel for that time. Luckily thanks to following you I have been able to have an emergency stash of money and also having our holiday account (supposed to leave on Wed but not now)we only had to travel home one day.

    I did have to make an emergency purchase of some clothes for DD5 and I did save money on these as they were on special. A pair of leggings that were reduced from $20 to $5 (as they had a character on them) a t-shirt reduced from $14 to $3 and a t-shirt for me reduced from $20 to $5 so this was a great saving.

    After DP was released we went to get scripts and the alarms in the car started going off, so another expense of getting the altenator replaced and that was almost as expensive as the accommodation.

    Hopefully this week I can replace some of the emergency funds and get back on track.

    Wishing you a wonderful week

    Aly xxx

    1. Dear Aly,
      Oh no! I hope your partner is ok? This sounds terrible.
      I hope he is ok. This would be a big upset an dyes big expenses. I am so glad for you that you have an emergency fund. And that is what they are for, just think you did a good job and got through it.
      We all have times we need emergency money. I hope this next week is much better and that your DP is doing well. Love and hugs,

    2. I hope your DP is ok too. Love, Bridge

  19. Good Morning Dear Annabel,
    Can't wait to see what you do with those lovely tins & baskets, your friend found the right person to pass them on to. Your french doors sound gorgeous & although the painting will be challenging, the thrill of accomplishment is worth it. You are such an inspiration to those of us who adore our homes. Sending you love & best wishes, Susan's Perspective xx

    1. Dear Susan,
      Thank you so much. I am thrilled with the baskets and all the possibilities! I finished these doors and windows and it looks really good. It was worth it!
      Thanks Susan! You are so encouraging to me and I really appreciate it! love Annabelxxxx

  20. WOW what lovely goodies your received. Like hitting the FREE lotto jackpot! I will love to see what you do with all those pretties.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you Cheryl! I love the idea of the soap stocks you put in your blog! I think I will make some!
      Have a wonderful week to you too! xxx

  21. Those baskets are beautiful. I love how those tins are vintage. I love anything antique or vintage. Your friend found the perfect person to give them to. I can't wait to see how you use them. I love crystal/ cut glass. It's so pretty. We had a lovely week. Visits to the beach on the weekend and cheap ice creams. My mum cooked us dinner and gave us takeaway on my day of working away from home. That was so good. I loved getting $10 off my Woolworths shop and have decided in the next 4 weeks I will save what Coles is offering (spend $150 a week and get $50 over 4 weeks) and lower my weekly total. Thanks to this wonderful blog I have the confidence to do it. I am really proud of saying no to store bought coffees, new clothes etc. plus fancy holidays. People have really asked me why I don't want to work more outside the home (I already do 2 days)....crazy! I just keep thinking of you Annabel and how precious this time is. No coffee or overseas trip can ever, ever replace this. Love, Bridge
    P.S- I am so happy to be crocheting of an evening. I was wondering if you could please share where you buy your hand towels and what cotton you buy? I love it.

    1. Dear Bridge,
      I am so glad you know your priorities and are standing firm! I got so much of this, as you know, when the girls were little. I often wondered WHY was it so important to people I hardly knew that I would not be in my own home? I am very suspicious of where this is coming from. I actually think the enemy does not like a woman looking well to the ways of our household. Well I am not shifting on that! When I ever felt discouraged I read Proverbs 31... in fact I had it on the fridge as a pretty print out. It was good to see it often.
      I am glad you had such a lovely week and your Mu cooked dinner for you! And have you the night off!
      I buy hand towels anywhere I find nice quality and colours at a good price. Often Spotlight. I am told Aldi towels are amazing so will try them when they have towels in. The cotton... either Bendigo Woollen Mills, Spotlight or our local wool store. I like 100% cotton but currently Spotlight only have a mix. That is ok for edgings though. Join Bendigo Woollen Mills and request a colour chart. That is free I am pretty sure. It is divine cotton and lovely colours. Once or twice a year they have a big sale. Thats when we get it. Its wonderful!
      Crochet in the evening is lovely, relaxing and really adds up!
      And its Autumn tomorrow! I am so happy about that!
      Have a lovely new week and thank you so much for your comments Bridge, With love

  22. Dear Annabel,
    Once again a beautiful post. I sooo look forward to reading the posts and comments. My dear, you are a true source of inspiration. The love and encouragement you display to readers in your posts are truly beautiful. You may not realise this, but you truly keep me motivated,not only in money and craft challenges, but in daily challenges to keep going and put one foot in front of the other. God bless you Annabel. My sincere and utmost thanks.
    Love Christine

    1. Dear Christine,
      Thank you for such a beautiful and kind comment. A bit of encouragement goes a long way. I am finding this a two way street (or maybe three way street!)as I feel encouraged too and the ladies also encourage each other.
      As I go about my week I often think how I better get a move on or I will have nothing to report! So it pushes me along!
      Thanks so much Christine. Have a wonderful week. With love


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