The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 23 April 2015

Feather your Nest Friday, 24th April, 2015.

This is the last Friday of the month! This means next Friday is the 1st of May! We will have reached May! Ok, I sound excited... this is because Lucy's baby is due mid May! It seemed sooo far off and we are nearly there!

So much to do. So little time now!

This week was pretty good. I am always excited for Fridays to consider how much I achieved during the week.  How did I save and how did I feather our nest a little bit more?

Some savings for the week...

I made progress on a blanket I am making. Chloe loves Moroccan Wedding Blankets and I didn't have a clue what they even were. But I always think you can make anything if you try! So I googled these and decided to imitate one in crochet. I bit off more than I can chew really but I am making progress... and Jacqui sent me a picture as she saw of one in a store and it was $1200! So this is going to be a major gift for Chloe and she is keeping an eye on it as I go! There is no way it IS a real MWB but it is looking nice and I am enjoying the challenge. This is Queen size bed size... or will be.

I made sausage rolls. I went for large ones that I can serve as man size serves or cut into smaller ones. It gives me heaps of meals and snacks in the freezer, a dinner this week and some for the girls. I will use some for soup nights as the addition of something like this makes a man sized meal.

A neighbour knows I love ladders. I don't think she understands why exactly but she knew of someone with an old ladder and arrived with this...

It is great! I think I am going to set it up to dry my herbs and flowers. It is a great rustic old ladder and I love it! I will post pictures when I have it set up and am using it. Ladders have so many uses! Like for shelving as the florist I featured a few weeks ago did. Or hanging in the shed and using to dry clothes in winter... hang your towels on in the bathroom... or my smaller one in the kitchen that I hang my prettiest tea towels on (dish cloths?)  Oh.. or suspend from the ceiling in the kitchen and hang all your pots and pans from. Very useful and charming too.

My Parsley is growing in about twenty new patches and looking good. I am very happy I should have parsley to give away and maybe even go to a swap market with.

On that note... I am working on items that I could trade at a local produce swap. If I have bunches of herbs including huge bunches of parsley I think I could go to one of these. I could also take bunches of Bay Leaves from Mum's giant tree, bunches of Rosemary... and I thought I could crochet cotton dish cloths or something else that would be appealing at a swap. Also I could make soap. Having more items to trade would be good... so I am working on this. I thought I don't have enough items to trade to go to one of these swap meets. But I think I can use more of my resources and get myself into that position. This is in my quest to try some things I have not tried before! If we keep doing the same things we are going to get the same results! I really want to increase my results!

I met with Hilde and as always she gave me so many new ideas. I will share these on Stretch a Meal and Use it Up. When I  am with her my pen is in my hand and I am writing, writing... The only comparison would be to say it would be like spending an afternoon with Mimi and everything you would want to ask her! (I would never stop writing notes!)
This has me thinking... if Nan was still alive what questions would I ask her? There would be a lot and even though I learned heaps from both my Nans I wish I had asked more questions. Now is the time to learn the family recipes. How to make things for ourselves. How to knit or crochet or whatever skill that you have the opportunity to learn. We often have wonderful teachers in our family, as friends or neighbours, they are willing to teach us for free if we ask. Sometimes they will be thrilled we want to learn! Sometimes it creates beautiful time together and heaps of fun. Learning new skills, new recipes etc and trying new things is progress! The other is to take the time and teach a skill. School holidays are a wonderful time to teach skills to children and get them going. This is really important. It takes time to teach and to learn but it is the wisest investment!

On the way to see Hilde I went to the fruit and vegie shop that is always amazing.  I got broccoli for $2 a kilo, banana's for $2 a kilo, small continental cucumbers for $1.50 a kilo. Pumpkin for 99c, Mandarines $2.50  and green beans for $1.50. Because of the price a got heaps of Broccoli. This is a fraction of local prices. Broccoli here has been over $7 a kilo. This was fantastic!

I went op shopping and had a couple of good finds. One is a designer item that I am adding to my collection to go to my friend in our Ebay selling venture. Or experiment I should probably say. This is another thing in my "try something new" efforts.

This week I added items to my cellar, condensed milk, tinned soups, and a better torch to my nightstand.

This is one of the birds that visits every evening. It is only taken with my ipad so you can imagine how close they get. He gets grated cheese. If I give him something else he just looks at it and waits until I get the cheese. They stand on the doorstep and can see when I go to the fridge. Both have then flown inside and I have had to say "no no" and they go back to the step!

This is when I sit at the table outside. I had cheese in my hand and my ipad in my other hand. This is the evening entertainment!

It is raining and it rained most of the night. I am so glad! Today I can stay inside and get a few more things done before the weekend. Then I am making soup and a stew... then meat pies using the left overs. And working on the blanket...

How did you save money and feather your nest this week? I hope it was a good week for you as well. I have a bit of a theme going for myself at the moment. To do everything I usually do but to also try new things. Whether it's a new recipe or just to try a new method, skill or even a shop in a different area and compare prices. Working towards going to a produce swap and selling on Ebay... these are new for me.
I mentioned on Wednesday how you can find gardening groups, Buy, sell and swap groups etc in your area on face book and the local paper. And that my Aunt has joined a group that meet in each others gardens and they also swap produce. It was Mel who first showed me that you can find local groups like this on face book. 

Also as a possibility... there has never been a better time to use your crafting skills for both gifts and something that you can sell or trade with. For instance I went to a "boutique" baby store with Lucy last week. Hand knitted baby jumpers in size 000 started at $70! Little pram knitted rugs started at $80... cot rugs started at $200. We had a bit of a laugh... my Mum has been knitting flat out for the baby. According to this shop she has already given Lucy $1000 worth of knitted items!  But the moral of the story is your skills could be valuable in so many ways.

Have a wonderful weekend and think about what you can try that is new for you that might bring you savings, satisfaction, and new possibilities! xxx


  1. How exciting for you Annabel. It is just a matter of counting down the days now. xoxo

    I can’t believe those prices for hand knits! I too wish I had asked my grandmother heaps more questions. If only we knew then what we know now we’d have massive books filled with notes and information. The internet is wonderful though. I always thought I was a fairly thrifty person until I joined forums and started reading blogs. We have built up our savings so much since we got internet access back in 2007! (Yes, we took that long to go online!)

    I have been away this week without internet access, so it was a treat to read the posts and many comments from them when I returned. So many wonderful ideas! Thanks everyone. xo I think I will start printing out some information and putting it into a folder.

    Well I didn’t find many good treasures as I only got into two op shops while away. I did find a nice embroidered linen voile supper cloth for $3. It is machine embroidered, but is lovely. I’m getting together some pretty cloths for our afternoon tea parties. I think I will either look out for gingham cloths to go underneath or make some from fabric next time I get over to Spotlight. I can see it all in my mind before it happens. :-)

    Good buys when I got back home were $1 book of heritage roses not a massive lot of pictures, but lovely ones, sheet music books (nicely aged colour) and some clothing for $1 a piece. I’m building up my craft supplies slowly by adding each week something to the store. My family think I must be intending to hibernate all winter with all of the pantry building and other items lately. I think winter is a productive season really in making items or food to store. Keeping busy keeps you warm doesn’t it?

    I’ve activated an offer from Coles for free $50 worth of groceries at the end of 4 weeks @ $80 spend each. Last time I bought Telstra credit and this qualified for part of the purchases. I hope it works again this time!(I’ll try next week) They had some fabulous specials (as detailed on Wendy’s blog) this week so it wasn’t too difficult to achieve. We like Olia hair colour, so a few packs of that made up most of it. (only $10 each!)

    I bought some pesto; basil, chili and tomato varieties for $1 each at NQR.(2.99 a triple pk) Potatoes for $2.99 a 5kg bag were my other good buy yesterday as we had just got back.

    I spent less on fuel for going away and stocked up on toilet paper again. Coles express still have the extra 10c discount running for this.

    I had to laugh when we were away as my husband said “What! You’re going to worry about spending an extra dollar or two?” over something that was overpriced. I just laughed and said, “My goodness, how do you think we manage to go away on these little breaks?” All of the little bits and pieces add up I tell him, and I squirrel funds away from everywhere. He is a bit clueless over how it all happens. ;) Lucky for him I enjoy doing it!

    1. Welcome back Kaye! I hope you feel refreshed from your holiday!
      On the subject of Coles and offers read Mimis blog today, if you havent already. It is fantastic. Turning all your gift cards etc into double the value!
      If we are spending money in these places we might as well get the points, gift cards etc. It is brilliant to get other things you need like the Telstra credit at these times.
      You had great op shop buys. I know you were looking for sheet music ages ago.. it is lovely for cards and Christmas decorations etc.
      Winter is a great time to get heaps of crafts done, presents made etc. Today it is raining here. Once I have everything done Im back to the blanket! Also I have cards Im working on and a scarf...
      Thank you for sharing your week, it was lots of good things! And tips we can all use.
      Have a great weekend! xxx

  2. The blanket is beautiful! I've been building up my home this week by getting our gardens planted. Here in the U.S. it's time to get the gardens in. Anything that I can grow is one less thing that I need to buy.

    1. Spring is a great time Patsy. We dont have snow so I cant quite imagine how it is to start again after the snow and what is left of the garden after a blanket of snow. But I do understand the opportunity to plant and make the most of the time and the fast growth period... then the harvest! I plant tomatoes etc early spring and can usually keep sowing until early Autumn. But I can keep herbs and a few things going through winter as well. I hope your work means you get heaps of produce and plenty to can, dry and store as well as use fresh! xxx

  3. Dearest Annabel
    Love your post. Things have been very tight here. I have done up a Resume and am sending it off this afternoon with the hopes that everything goes well. In order to make ends meet with no income I am still eating out of the pantry and just topping up small amounts using my FlyBuy points that I had accumulated. By doing this I am not using my money and am able to stretch things that much further. Praying for work here.

    I had a doctors appointment yesterday at the hospital and since it takes sooooo long to get in there I took a stack of craft magazines that I had been sitting on and was able to get some great ideas for gifts so I will be working on these over the next few weeks. I have to make some Mother's Day gifts for My Mother and for the girl's Step Mum and her Mother and I would like a little something for my DIL as this is her first Mother's Day.

    I have been cleaning and sorting through things whilst I have this time at home and have seen that we really can do with less and so hopefully I will be able to de-clutter some goods and find a willing buyer. I too am enjoying the rain and thank you for sharing the blessings of your lovely garden. You are so inspirational.

    God Bless
    Melissa/Mona ( I kind of love having an alter ego)

    1. Dear Mel, Yes I do think of you as Mona so Im happy you answer to either!
      I think what you are doing is the best thing... what you can with what you have, using time for things you normally dont get time for and sending out resumes etc. Also taking something to do to appointments! I did my tax return once in a doctors surgery!
      Using time also to make gifts from what you have is a great idea. And the weather is good for these things just now!
      I hope you get good news soon. Very soon. With love,

  4. Hi Annabel! Your faux Morroccan Wedding Blanket is just stunning. I pinned these on Pinterest some time ago with the intent of making one too. But I think I'll be cheating and using ready made eyelash knit fabric and sequin trim for mine! I'm so thrilled with my Flybuys post on the blog, and I just knew you'd be excited too. Not so relevant for our U.S. friends but then you'll all Queens of Couponing anyway, so it still may be of interest. Other than that, I had a good week, planting some herb seeds to nurture along (I'm doing this weekly now to have a continuous crop), and just keeping the family bubbling along now that my daughter is back at school and all of her activities. All the prep done in the holidays for meals, gifts, and travel wardrobes has made me feel good about having a quieter week and indulging in some blog reading and Pinterest-ing, so I feel quite pampered. Not long before Annabels new grandbaby arrives now! More anticipated than the new Royal baby, I swear! Love to all. Mimi xxx

    1. lol Mimi Royal baby first then Lucy. At least we dont have people camped on the front lawn I guess!
      Your points post was awesome. This is the kind of thing I mean about thinking slightly outside things we have ever done before. Its quite exciting
      ! So many good thoughts... the incredible prices of hand made goods and the possibilities for us... the savings possible on good shopping and good cooking... I am so glad we have never exhausted ideas... we can keep learning! Have a great weekend! xxx

  5. lovely busy post of yours Annabel, the MWB looks amazing what a challenge! Baby is due next month, where did the time go? Hope all goes well.

    This week I got a little more creative in the kitchen & used up some pantry items. I cooked from scratch & sowed some rainbow chard, after soaking the seed first. Quiet week for me but I cleaned house & did what I could.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Karen I soak seeds first too, it really works great. Rainbow chard is a really useful thing to grow!
      I think the more creative we are in the kitchen the more we come up with that uses things up and stretches meals!
      Thanks for the well wishes re the baby. xxx

  6. I had a flat tire yesterday and the cost of just one new tire for our van is expensive. The tire could not be repaired. I talked to the young man at the tire store and he said before I had to purchase a new tire, he would look at the good used tires they have to see if they have one the size we needed. They did, yeah! And it cost a fraction of the price for a new tire. I have learned there can be options to full price.

    Speaking of which, I needed a couple items of clothing for warm weather and when I stopped by a thrift store last week, there was a beautiful top in just the right color and pattern. It was a favorite clothing label and looked nearly brand new. I'm convinced when we ask God to help our shopping, He cares for all our needs.

    1. It certainly pays to ask Brenda! Asking that one question resulted in a big saving!
      What you say about asking and receiving is so true. There have been times I have been amazed. like you. to find the exact thing that has been my hearts desire. Even when you would think the odds are impossible! Now and them this has really stopped me in my tracks and I KNOW that God has taken care of it and gone ahead of me. It is very humbling.
      I am so glad you found just what you needed and also love!
      Thank you so much Brenda. xxx

  7. This week was a spend to save week for us. We had five large cottonwood trees removed from our yard, so we can plant fruit trees, fruit bushes, and have more sun for garden vegetable and herb beds. We purchased aronia bushes, currant bushes, plum trees, apricot trees, elderberry bushes, and Saskatoon blueberry bushes to have planted next week.

    The large outlay and investment will eventually pay off in fruit and vegetables to can, plus it helps me emotionally transition from leaving my 1/3 acre of mature fruit, vegetable, and herb beds to this new location :). Since our previous property is almost ready to list and sell, I intend to glean as much produce as possible there and transport it to the new location to process and store in the pantry. The strawberries, herbs, and bush cherries should be ripe before the property sells, so we will process those for our new home.

    On the savings end, I am taking advantage of Emergency Essentials yearly stock up sale for the freeze dried and dehydrated items I like to keep in our deep pantry. I use the buttermilk powder, butter powder, dried eggs, shortening powder, sour cream powder, etc. when I am out of such items in the kitchen. Normally, we purchase only organics, but when I can use 90% organic items and 10% non-organics I don't concern over it. The small cans of dehydrated and freeze-dried work well for the two of us and have a shelf life of five to ten years, depending on the product. Once opened they need to be used within a year, so I mark the date on the can and make a point of using it. These are wonderful products for those who might want to consider the possibility of not having fresh available for a period of time due to some unforeseen circumstance.

    It was also the week to grind organic oat groats, wheat berries, and corn to use in baked goods and bread. I made breakfast cookies with granola, banana bread, and chocolate cupcakes and put them in the freezer for grandchildren when they visit. I went through my main dish recipe notebook and listed all the main dishes for the next two weeks, as well as, some to freeze for when we have company or I am not well enough to cook.

    This weekend I will be going through my patterns and making a list of items to make. I have decided to try to embark on making my own clothes (guess a person is never too old to try something new :)). My grandmother taught me to sew, cook, and bake as a child and I am eternally grateful to her for that. My mother did not know how to do anything domestic and was never interested in learning.

    I have decided to make many of the Christmas and birthday gifts this year, so am engaged in creating a "gift design" notebook. I have a very high quality sewing machine and a wonderful serger that is easy to use due to air threading, so felt they were not getting proper use in order to economize the household expenses. Although, an expense, I signed up for a three day Evolution Babylock seminar in August to learn how to extensively use all the features of my serger. I believe this is a good investment for future savings.

    Guess, that's about it for the week. Blessings to you Annabelle, for all the wonderful posts. I look forward to them three times a week. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Dear Glenda,
      I like what you have done. It is a good investment! I too would find it hard to leave mature fruit trees and I would be picking as much produce as I could!
      Your comments are so interesting. I went and looked at Emergency Essentials. We dont have anything like this (that I know of) and I am so impressed by what is available. Also the whole concept. It seems to me preparedness is a big thing in the US more so than here. Firstly I noticed it as it was the Mormon sites I read so much about preparedness on and it still is like The Prudent Homemaker. But it seems much more established that people prepare. I wonder what percentage of people prepare and to what extent? But I am sure it is much higher than here.
      I also wonder if climate, natural disasters etc are part of it. If we had the threat of snow storms/being snowed in etc surely more people would stock up etc. Anyway whatever the reason, I am learning so much from you! Thank you for sharing all of this, it is wonderful!
      Increasing your skills with your sewing and serger is a great thing. There are so many things to make as gifts too. I would love to see what you end up making. I am doing the same re Christmas presents and I start early and go all year round to do it. But it works! The last two Christmases I have managed to make almost all gifts.
      Your Grandmother has had a lasting influence on your life. What a wonderful lady! It goes to show, time we invest in teaching our Grandchildren skills lasts their whole lives, helps them and then they can pass it on.
      I am wishing I lived down the road from you Glenda. Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement.
      You had a big week! I hope you have a lovely weekend and achieve as many good things next week! Love

    2. I wish you lived down the road, also, Annabelle, what great fun we would have canning, dehydrating, sharing produce, and sewing.

      I love to share my knowledge of herbs, also; I have several Master's Degrees and one is a Master of Herbal Medicine. I hope to compile a booklet for my children and grandchildren on how to use herbs, make tinctures, etc., and when to use what; along with medicinal interactions and when to avoid a specific herb.

      You are such a blessing, Annabelle, and your reply lifted my spirits and encouraged me to continue to post and share. I tend to be a bit concerned about boring people.....

    3. Glenda you are an asset and not boring that is for sure. You have far more experience than me and knowledge that will help everyone here so I really appreciate you sharing it.
      You could have a blog yourself I think but meanwhile I really appreciate what you can add to these subjects. We are all trying to save money, build up our pantries and do our best with what we have to make life better.
      Friendship and support make the world of difference.
      If you would like to and have the time email me
      Have a lovely

  8. Dear Annabel,
    The blanket is so stunning! I am in love with it and I'm sure Chloe will positively treasure it! I adore this post and all you did this week. That bird with the cheese is hysterical! He has you well trained lol. I love the new ladder I can't wait to see what you do with it. I enjoy ladders as well and have seen so many neat and creative uses for them in decorating both indoors as well as out. This week I kept the family going. I had two days worth of catching up at home and the rest of the week has been meetings and paperwork. I don't like it at all and feel out of sorts. However, I popped into the Goodwill in hopes of a tan blazer. I found one that was perfect, 7.99 but that day all yellow tags were half off. That's right brand spanking new, perfectly fitted for me all for 3.99. Classic lines and fully lined, a decent brand carried in stores here I would have paid 50.00 or 60.00 retail easily. I too pray when I am looking. The best part of that trip? I checked out the books before I left, 1st time EVER finding Shabby Chic and The Shabby Chic Home...side by side...just waiting for me! HA! I'm thrilled to have copies that I can use in crafting! We are making a huge batch of marinara sauce this weekend to break up and freeze, as well as muffins. I'm really looking forward to this. This past week we had take-out twice. Normally I'd freak out over that but right now I'm just rolling with it. Sometimes you have to let go, and start fresh the next day :). I LOVE everyone's posts and feel like I've had a nice visit. Thanks to all for sharing what you're doing :). xxx Lots of Love, Colette

    1. Dear Colette I think you are doing very well and in a time of stress.
      I love your great Goodwill buys... a good lined lovely blazer! AND the Shabby Chic books! And we had just been saying how you have never seen them in op shops! Ahh we just have to dare to dream!
      I laughed about the bird has us trained. That is true. We were easy to train humans I think.
      Have a lovely weekend, the cooking sounds beautiful and will help next week as well. Lots of love, Annabel.xxxx

  9. A great post as usual, Annabel. I think having stockpiles, canning etc. are very much a part of many people's lives in the US due to their harsh winters. We are a bit more relaxed about preparedness here in Australia as we are able to grow fruit and vegetables year round and also in most of the disasters we do have, particularly in cyclone prone areas in Queensland, the chances of losing one's roof or having water flooding into the house are quite high resulting in having to evacuate the house so it would be difficult to use our stockpile even if it hadn't been washed or blown away. During the floods of 2011 we lost all our vegetables due to the weeks of constant rain.

    Losing power for several days is a different matter but then one wonders if it is worth having too much in the freezer if the blackout goes on too long. Having a gas cooker would help to cook up a meal if one doesn't have gas appliances. Having solar panels and being able to go off the grid would be wonderful but I wonder how that would go if there were weeks of rain like we had a couple of years ago. There is a lot to take into consideration when preparing for disasters, isn't there?

  10. Hi Annabel,
    Your blanket looks amazing! So clever.
    I love the way the birds wait for the cheese. My dog has a thing for cheese too!
    Do you put your sausage rolls in the oven and then freeze them? I like making sausage rolls too but I've never tried freezing them as I'm not sure about the pastry.
    I bought two big bags of onions this week as they were $1 a kilo. I'm going to chop them in the blender, then divide them into ziplock bags and freeze them.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Love Stephanie. Xxx

    1. Stephanie, the sausage rolls (or pies or pasties) that I am going to freeze I cook but I dont let them brown too much so that when I re heat them to serve they dont end up too dark/burnt. I thaw them or almost thaw them and put them into the oven. Then you would not know that had been frozen. The main think is to oven heat them and not microwave. This gets nice flaky good pastry.They are very handy in the freezer. On a busy day I will so often use a frozen pie or something for dinner. I keep relish on hand for these nights!
      I hope that helps.
      The onions were a good price! Having them ready to use will be so helpful.
      Have a good weekend to you too, love

    2. Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks so much for your advice. They will be a great stand by for busy nights. Xx

  11. Love the blanket Annabel It looks like a lot of work goes into it.

    Here's my frugal list for the week. We are very grateful for the blessings that have come our way.

    * Gratefully received some bread, focaccias, sandwiches, chicken and a few slices of cake.

    * Ate leftovers on Sunday night. There was lamb stew left over from two nights ago and party food from Sunday lunch time.

    * Made a bottle of air freshener. I also made the bottle look nicer with a little bit of colored card stock.

    * Saved lots of washing machine water for each next load.

    * Dried just about all the washing on clothes horses and the line. A few things were dried in the dryer because they were needed urgently.

    * Made a few more cards using wrapping paper I found in Megan's room.

    * Bought some bargains in the clearance aisle of Coles. Darren and I found torches for $1, silicon baking liners for $1 each, cake decorating pen for $1 and a couple of DVDs for $2. The DVDs and torches will be put in our Christmas stockings.

    * Picked some flowers from our garden to brighten up my kitchen.

    * Picked a handful of raspberries every few days.

    * Recycled 10 bread bags from a charity bbq Darren organised.

    * Bought three bottles of Imperial Leather shower gel for $4.50. They are one litre bottles and smell divine. I also bought another bottle of Pine O Cleen disinfectant for my stockpile. Both bargains were bought from Coles.

    * Made a double batch of raspberry and white choc muffins. Also made choc truffles and lemon slice. Some of each of these were for morning tea at church last Sunday. Megan was water baptised last Sunday and we had the family back for a lunch of sausage rolls, mini quiches, sandwiches, lemon slice, choc truffles and the muffins. A very yummy lunch and a wonderful day.

    1. What a good week Wendy! What bargains at Coles... the torch for $1 is amazing... all of it was really good. I will see the pictures over on your blog in a minute!
      Have a great

  12. A good week again Annabel, love the blanket - lucky Chloe! It's beautiful. I made another family meat pie this week again, you inspired me to do that. Lucky to get the ladder, doesn't hurt to let people know what you are after hey?
    It's not long now till Lucy has her baby, my guess is she will go early as she is so petite. But either way it's not long now. Have you heard of the shnooki sheet? Ddil asked me to make her a set and it was quite easy, I did the sheet and the long tie down bit as well as the attachment of a cot blanket. She said I can't afford the price which I think was $125 for a set. Anyway his first night in it, he slept 9pm till 6.30am. So I got a text yesterday full of excitement about it. Apparently SIDS recommend this type of bedding. My own knockoff was so easy and great. Won't be long till you are holding your first grand baby.
    Quiet weekend here, went to the dawn service, it was beautiful, so moving. Very sad too but was so happy to see our little town full to the brim, there was no parking, the road overflowed.
    Hope your weekend is lovely, looking forward to your next post. Fiona xx

    1. It is the weather for meat pies and such things Fiona! How nice!
      No I had not heard of the Shnooki sheet. I just went on to the website and watched the video... and it is wonderful and sensible! Lucy has a wrap type thing but this is really good and I will show her. And you made yours! So I am thinking I will do this. If there are any tips do tell...
      PLUS the information that the baby slept so well is encouraging... I can see why they cannot wriggle and get cold, plus I would say the feeling of security.
      Thank you for this tip!
      It has been pouring here. I think it always rains on Anzac Day just about. Have a lovely weekend and new week! xxx

    2. Lol Annabel, I got another ecstatic call this morning and he slept from 9 till 5am then a feed and back to sleep till 8am. Wow. So both nights that he's now had this system, a full sleep. They are saying it is definitely the sheet system, cos he didn't kick anything off. I'll write down how I made it and let you know.

    3. Ok I am convinced! You are probably currently the most popular Grandma in Australia! How amazing. And with the cooler weather this will be even more appreciated I think as that is when they kick things off and then get cold... and wake up. Thanks Fiona looks like the sewing machine is coming out! xxx

  13. Annabel, I was researching my lazy Moroccan Wedding Blanket idea, as I want to make one for my sister for her 50th birthday next month. She adores them too. I found this quote on a blog...The story behind the blankets are really interesting. Beber women make them for their husbands (to give to them on the night of their wedding and to show his family that she can knit). While they are eating during the wedding, they hang the blanket above them. When they are done, the blanket is draped around them. It is then used as the blanket they sleep under the first night of their wedding and afterwards, hung on the outside of their door to keep bad spirits away. (the mirror effects of the sequins is supposed to reflect the bad spirits.) Sorry for the long comment, but this made me love the blankets even more!

    1. I didnt know any of that thanks Mimi. It is all the bling that attracted Chloe I would be guessing...
      I was just going to say the photo Jacqui sent me which I will send you if I can figure out how, the blanket was in more warm cream and more goldy and the one I am doing is more white and sliver, more cool/ice as Chloe has pale blues and white. So Im not sure what is actually traditional but you can go warmer or cooler in tones and both are amazing. Sewing on textures and bling to a knitted throw works as you say... I am doing both, crocheting in bling and also sewing on extra rows.... this is good weather to be working on it. Ill show you the end result. In about 25 years

  14. I've just gotten all caught up with your posts for the week! Love reading how everyone is saving, what they are doing. Busy time in our life at the moment. Like you we are just a few weeks away from new baby, as well as having two of our older children move away. Lots to do!

  15. What a lovely week. Hope you have a great weekend.

  16. Annabel I must make plans to incorporate a herb tower - we haven't got a huge backyard and it would take up far less room than the usual style of planting. I can see a trip to the tip shop coming on to see if they have some pots for me.

    We are home and I have just about caught up on all of the washing - it will not dry before it starts to cool off but at least it will be out on the clothes line while I am off helping my friend out again tomorrow.

    We op shopped and poked our noses in expensive shops and even went into a local handcraft shop where I spotted a scarf for $75-00. Just rib knitting using a colour changing yarn so nothing fancy at all.

    My op shopping produced 4 photo frames that will be glammed up and repainted for my rose pictures that I have in storage (originally purchased at op shops to all in different frames). A hard back book from a series that I had heard about that might be good reading for the winter months and a never used cane base for a wreath for the front door or???. We did eat out a couple of times, found an allergy friendly place to eat which gave me some inspiration for a lemon tart that I want to try in the next couple of weeks.

    Received a text from our daughter asking if the sausage rolls were anyones to eat - at least she asked.

    We were surprised at the changes to some of the areas that we use to take the children to - my husband was probably more surprised because when he was younger and surfing no one wanted to be anywhere near some of these places.

    I have just been browsing the catalogues and there is nothing there that we need - hopefully I can pop into Coles tomorrow (must sign up for flybuys and do the survey while I am there, thanks Mimi) and see what markdowns they have.

    Back to my knitting - managed to get 2 jumpers partially knitted - need to get the kitchen scales out and weigh some yarn to see if I have enough to do the front of one jumper. The other one was one I as working on yesterday and my hands needed a bit of a rest.


    1. Welcome home Lynette. I laughed that permission to devour the sausage rolls was at least sought! I know the feeling!
      I am glad you saw some knitting for the make kind of prices I am seeing, since you knit so beautifully. It is lovely to know how valued it is.
      I saw a pattern book in Spotlight, of vintage style babies layettes and little dresses etc. Oh my goodness just gorgeous. I was very happy to see a revival of these patterns! But such complicated patterns are so far beyond me. I kept every item like these from when the girls were little as I treasured them.
      The herb garden like this works very well and keeps me in constant supply. A bit flood proof too, mostly.
      It is great to get ideas or recipes for lovely things you can eat. Lemon tart is right up my alley!
      Have a good week settling back in! xxx

  17. I had never heard of Moroccan Wedding Blankets until reading your post. Yours looks like it will be amazing, what a special gift.

    May I ask where you purchase your fruit and veg at such great prices please, your store sounds like it would be worth a visit if I was in the area.

    1. Hi the place I go to mainly for the fruit and vegies is at Sothgate shopping centre, Morphett Vale... I'm not sure what it's called its next to Neds. The specials are out the front and usually fantastic! I just love it! Xx

    2. Oops that is meant to be Southgate x

  18. Thank you so much for the fruit and veg info. I sometimes drive nearby Southgate Shopping Centre but wasn't aware of the fruit and veg shop. I will stop in next time. Thanks again.

    I was very happy to purchase pumpkins at 99c a kilo today at Foodland and made yummy pumpkin soup tonight.

    1. I am thrilled to have another Adelaide friend. Mel is also in Adelaide and Tania is in Pt. Augusta. If Marion road is in your area or travels there is a great shop there but I will have to find out the name... It is in a little group of shops before Daws road travelling South and on the left... But that's too vague. I will find out the name of the shopping centre. I also got the pumpkin... Soup is going on tomorrow!


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