The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 31 October 2013

Being a stay at home Mum.

Today turned out to be full of surprises! Lovely internet friends hosted my friend and I a virtual tea party as a send off from a thread we had been writing for three years.

We all "took" cake and tea cups and saucers and chatted. 
Heres mine!

This was from a little, real, tea party for a lovely little girl that visited.

As a result of this end of an era I had quite a lot of emails. There were several ladies who told me that what I had written had helped them justify being a stay at home Mum as that is what they wanted most in the world but didn't feel it was "enough" somehow... and not just financially.

If I encouraged one woman to be happy at home with her children I am happy. There is no greater job in the world than raising your children and no one can do it better than you can!
It's a huge job and so important. Don't let anyone ever tell you differently! 
Being told you are wasting your time or your talents is a terrible lie. It makes me want to cry. People said that to me. Why dont I start a shop was a common one. I would think because I had two gorgeous little girls and I WANTED to be with them as they re little for a very short time!
Every moment is an investment in your children and the future. 
Of all the things I have ever done bringing up my children is the best. It pays dividends better than anything else I have ever known.
Don't listen to the world on this one. It made my day to think I encouraged someone in this. 

So what started as a sad day turned out well and I've realised our words can have a great effect on people and maybe change lives sometimes!


  1. We all have the power to change lives. You have done that beautifully in every sense of the word. Now so many more Mums and young women will appreciate you...x

  2. I am also a stay at home mom, now with an empty nest. (retired) and must say I agree with you. Was also asked why not work but sadly had to add that I felt so sorry for the moms that had to work. But we all have choices to make in life and I made the most basic choice to stay at home and enjoy my kids because as you say they are only in the home for a short time.

  3. Susan my daughters are grown up too. But you never stop being a Mum! I know some peoples circumstances wont allow them to be home when they would dearly like to. I agree the time they are little is so short! It is such a special time and the foundation for everything. It took me ages to learn to say I was busy at home, people assumed I watched Days of Our Lives all day. I was so busy! xxx

  4. Lovely post Annabel. I too stayed at home with my two. I can now honestly say they are such wonderful contributing persons in society. I know I cannot say that about loads of their counterparts. My youngest who has a customer service job tells me a story after every time he goes to work how he helped this or that person, they are typically all old. One that struck a chord was last week he saw a lady "about 70 or 80 I think mum" with her blind husband. they were shopping and had purchased a large garden seat thingy. He told them to wait, he was on his break in a few mins. They were so happy. He took over, wheeled it down the ramp to their car and loaded it in. I hear these stories all the time. The eldest one is not in that role where he can be quite so frequently helpful, but he tells me snippets of things he does too. I have never regretted for one minute being a SAHM. I'd do it all again tomorrow. Now they are in their 20's its my time to do whatever I want, but somehow I still want to do things for them. I'm glad you did this too Annabel, we need more mums to realise that the greatest thing they can do for their children is be there.

    1. Maddie guess what!? This last month with Lucy being pregnant she said to me, Mum I want to be a stay home Mum. Well what music to my ears. She has had a very good job and earning good money. And she is very talented. But she is seeing she isnt going to be wanting to leave this baby with anyone (except me hopefully!) and not miss anything. She said in her wedding speech that they had a fairy tale childhood. That meant the world to me. Worth every minute. Thank you for sharing your story and your children are a credit to you now as adults. Prov 31.28 her children rise up and call her blessed. We both have experienced this and it is not so common either! THank you for the comments today. Im relying all in one as we are so tired from helping with the big move today! But it was really a wonderful day! xxx

  5. Wonderful words here Annabel! I have been reading your back posts in my spare moments and enjoying it very much! We are indeed kindred spirits... All the way down to the mentality that a can of creamy white spray paint can heal many wounds (smiles)... ❤️ Blessings to you and yours in 2018 🌹

    1. Dear Jess, happy New Year to you too! I read your older posts keep[ing me happy until your return! Yes paint covers a multitude of evils! haha! With much love


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