The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell for March, Part 1.

We are almost into April!  The year is going too fast for me!  But I think we have done a lot already and the present cupboard is organised and has a few things in it!  I am crocheting again and finished the table runner.  When that is on Chloe's table I will get her to take a photo.

Now to some of what everyone has been up to this month.  As usual this will take two weeks!

Firstly, wait until you see what Cookie has been doing!  She has made a set of canisters combining clip art labels and painting.

They are gorgeous! You could use them for storage, as gift containers,  to give cookies/biscuits...  lots of things.

This is how they started out...

Just a food container!  I can think of a heap of containers we have like this. Pringles chips is one.  Imagine the possibilities!

Also I love french style labels and they are easy to find on the internet to print.  You can label all kinds of things to give them a beautiful look. Cookie has combined them with paint but you could also combine them with floral cut outs or decals/transfers.

You could make cards, tags, labels for boxes, parcels, jars.... so many possibilities!

Cookie you have done it again with beautiful work and easy to make something ordinary and free into something gorgeous!  I wont be the only one looking at containers I can make over.  Oh! I just thought of baby formula tins!  Thank you Cookie!

Jeanette has been knitting!  She made a cowl scarf ..

And fingerless gloves...

We are in Autumn here and have all these kinds of things to look forward to. Well done Jeanette! 

Christine B made a stunning heart quilt and she decoupaged a vintage beauty case. She says the inside of the case is in beautiful perfect condition. Brilliant! Now I can think of so many ideas for an old beauty case aside from it's original purpose. I do love them for actual beauty items but also as a sewing kit, to store perfumes, bathroom products, even as a first aid kit!  I will be watching out for one! Very inspiring work Christine!

Mel K already showed us she has been making Cookies bread as I showed this in a preparedness post. She also has been recovering shopping bags as gift bags. I love to recycle these!

Well done Mel I never throw store gift bags!

Fiona has been sewing. She sews such a lot of lovely things and is on a sewing challenge!

How cute are these!? Fiona also send a beautiful bib with Scarlett embroidered on it! Thank you so much! This was a big hit!

I will leave it here this week... I am running late (it is that kind of week!) There is lots more to come next week! If you would like to share what you have been making please email me at or post your pictures on the Bluebirds face book page.

I hope you are having a good week.  
I hope also that everyone in QLD is doing well and managing. I think at this stage there is a lot of mess, power outages, road closures and the damage is just being assessed.
Also I want to wave to Patti and her daughter... Patti was really unwell and I haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks so I am a bit worried. Thinking of you Patti! With


  1. Those canisters are amazing Cookie. You would never know they once held humble raisons, beautiful work, and the knitting too and the quilting and made over shopping bags.

    It is amazing what we can make with ordinary things or scraps of things. All those baby pants were from pieces of fleecy I bought at op shops, just bring them home wash them and make them up. I think the 9 pairs that I have made in total cost under three dollars. Only needed time and embroidery thread and considering it's my hobby and I buy a roll here and a roll there, it's ok.

    I am glad the cyclone is over and the cleanup can begin. I saw a brief story on the ABC channel this morning and said people were unable to get fuel, the queue was around the block at the only one petrol station that was open in that town. Also said no more bread or milk available. More people needed to be reading this blog I think. I do feel sad for all the mess they have to deal with and hope the ladies who are on this blog are all safe and well along with their families. Fi xx

  2. Dear Annabel and beautiful bluebirds,
    Oh wow ladies you are all so creative and talented, from cookies amazingly pretty canisters to Jeanette's lovely knitting and Christine Bs absolutely beautiful quilt and breathtaking beauty case. Then add in Mel Ks sweet gift bag and Fiona's delightful sewing .thank you all for sharing your creative work with us . I hope to have something to show next month. Take care everyone , especially those in the cyclone zones.
    Ihope Patti is ok, thinking of you Patti.
    Love Barb W.

  3. Dear Annabel ,everyone's work is wonderful!
    Cookie,your painted cannisters are beautiful,you are very creative :-)
    Jeanette,your cowl scarf and mittens look very cosy and warm .
    Christine B.-what a gorgeous quilt I love hearts !and such a creative and lovely idea for the old beauty case .
    Mel K.,such a pretty gift bag , you've convinced me to resurrect a gift bag I was going to throw away , thankyou.
    Fiona, my little grandson would love that super heroes bib !you've made some cute outfits .
    Also hope Patti is okay, still sending her healing and to those in cyclone affected areas of Queensland.
    Love to all and thankyou , Maria xxx

  4. I am so inspired. I have 2 kg yoghurt tubs here, in the shape of a bucket with a lid. I am thinking these could be recovered and used as gifts for Christmas filled with cookies for work mates and friends that have a large family. Very big light bulb moment when I saw Cookies work.

    Love every minute of this weeks blog

    God Bless xxxxx


  5. Good on you, Annabel! You've done it again - yet another beautiful Show!

    Fiona, you're going marvellously well playing this game of Show and Tell, now! This idea of buying odd bits of fleecy fabric and sewing them into warm and snugly clothing, with chipper embroidery, is really sweet! What a great hobby you have!!!! Keep going!!

    Mel K, you have a very nice, sentimental style to your work! I think the recipient will want to hang on to your decorated bag! It is recyclable no more!

    Christine B, your quilt is brightly cheerful, and such a comforting item! The beauty case, for its multiplicity of uses, is a real winner!

    Jeanette, as we welcome autumn, and you SLOWLY wave off winter, there would be plenty of people who could benefit from your warm knitted treasures! Practical pieces like yours are very satisfying for the creator and the wearer! Keep up your lovely work!!!!

    Cookie .... well, I just love your work! That rose in the first photo, in the lowest position, is especially beautiful! Your daisies, too, are delightful! I suggest that the raisin company could very well sell more raisins if they would put your paintings as their labels!! Could you show them your work?

    Thank you all! You're ALL a delight!

    With very warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

  6. Everything is just beautiful ❤

  7. Those containers are gorgeous! I am in awe of Cookie's beautiful painted flowers!

    Jeannette, I'm a knitter, too - your accessories look so cozy and warm. :)

    Fiona & Christine B - beautiful sewing work! I especially love the heart quilt.

    Mel K - what a great idea! I love the sparkle.

    You guys are so inspiring! Thanks for the great ideas.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful work ladies!

  9. Dear Annabel,
    I'm so inspired by the beautiful things everyone has created. It is wonderful to be able to share with friends around the world!!

    Jeanette - The cowl and fingerless gloves are so beautifully done. I especially like the button embellishment on the cowl making it extra special.

    Christine B - Your quilt is gorgeous as the vintage beauty case. I really like how you some of the original leather was incorporated into the design.

    Mel K. What a great idea for gift bags. I'm going to use your idea to make over the ones I've saved. Thank you for sharing your idea.

    Fiona --Those bibs and fleecy pants are so adorable. Here one would pay a pretty high price at an upscale baby store for such items. You're so talented!!

    Thank you, Annabel for showing the canisters and notecard. Since I found those vintage clip art downloads I think I've probably gone a little overboard with them (lol). Oh well, more is more. I'm really looking forward to seeing next weeks edition of Show and Tell. Blessings, Cookie

  10. Annabel,

    I'm GONE on Cookie's Canisters. What dreamy refashions of recycles!!! And everyone's work and fruit of their labors are great!!!


  11. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! Cookie, you seem to just crank out your gorgeous painting...and what a clever idea to combine it with those cute labels! Christine, your quilt and case are just gorgeous, and you staged such a lovely photo! I love your sewing, Fiona...are those little patches you just sew on, or did you machine embroider Pooh, etc.? Just lovely! Your knitting is beautiful, Jeannette, and I love that bag, Mel! So many great ideas!!!

    We're having more snow here, sob. (Can you tell I'm ready for spring??) Consoling myself by baking a chocolate layer cake, today. Sometimes you just have to say "Yes!" to yourself! :)

    Lots of love, Jen in NS

  12. I am always just slack-jawed at the amazing talent and beautiful things that people make. I'd love to receive all of them, but the darling sweat outfits might be a bit snug. ;)

  13. Gorgeous work everyone, the containers are just beautiful and so many possibilities for them. Formula tins would be great and I will keep that it mind when the next grandbaby arrives.
    Bibs are something I have been making also. I love looking at what everyone is making. Christmas gift giving is looking good.
    Hope everyone in north Queensland is ok after cyclone Debbie. We are getting the rain heading this way later today so hopefully not too much.
    Have a great week. Debbie xx

  14. I'm in love with everything featured. Clever, clever, ladies.

  15. Dear Annabel,
    Thank you for this wonderful post.
    Cookie, Jeanette, Christine, Mel, and Fiona what beautiful items you have worked on and finished. The Bluebird ladies have a lot of talent in the creative gift department :).
    I love everything that you have done.
    I do hope and pray Patti is doing better. I hope we hear soon, Annabel.
    Many Blessings to each of the Bluebird followers,

  16. Dear Annabel and Friends. Clever, clever, clever. Those canisters are inspirational Cookie! Jeanettes knitting, Christines beautiful quilt, Mel K's gift bags, Fionas sewing and embroidery...oh my gosh...eye candy all of it! We are experiencing downpours of eye popping proportions here thanks to Cyclone Debbie, and school has been cancelled. What a perfect day to make gifts! Love, Mimi xxx

  17. Hi Annabel,

    This is Kristi. I'm sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while. Things have been busy. Thank you for the hello. :) My mom is mostly the same with a few ups and downs here and there. She has seen numerous doctors and specialists. They are still unsure what is causing the problem and why it isn't resolving. The plus side is that her doctors are very nice and are doing the best they can to keep her somewhat comfortable while the problem (hopefully) resolves. She has another appointment on Saturday. Continued prayer for healing and wisdom for the doctors is much appreciated.

    1. Dear Kristi, Thanks so much for letting us know. Can you pass on all our love to Patti. I would love to post something to your Mum if I could but your email must have gone astray, something went wrong anyway. Andy says when this happens that it must have hit a bird.
      I am glad about the doctors being good. I hope they find answers soon. Thank you again, I have thought of your Mum everyday and will continue to pray, with love,

  18. Ladies such talent! Everything is beautiful!!
    Truly just gorgeous!! I am in awe of the talents you ladies have!!

  19. I'm in n.s.w and haven't posted in ages sorry ! I've been getting more work often not finishing until 1 or later in the morning !! We've been having after effects of QLD cyclone. Happily I can still add to my small apartment pantry. I'd like to know how one can have an emergency stash in a one bed tiny Sydney apartment.? Thankfully I'm in housing but hope to get a full time job soon after medical treatment over the next month and move out. Whilst one neighbour is delightful the others run a drug house downstairs and police don't care it seems ! However with so many homeless around I'm thankful for a bed, a dry roof, shelter, and food. I've been making soups and casseroles, and adore the quilt the other reader posted ! Love as always, sonia

    1. Sonia, dear,

      You just do the best you can with the resources you have. Use the lists Annabel and many others have shared along with their ample advice and tips. You simply start where you are with what you have. We all did and if we can, you can, too!

      Bluebird Nation is thankful you have so much more when compared with those who have much less.

      Prayers for your healing and strength,

    2. Sonia,
      Are you referring to storage?

  20. Wow, you guys are all so talented! I love our sharing community, thanks for the inspiration and peeks into lives from around the world.

  21. Thank you so much ladies, I'm most definitely a novice knitter, but I'm really enjoying learning and practicing!

    Cookie, if I had 1/10th of your talent for painting, I would be a very happy lady. Your containers are gorgeous!

    Christine, your quilt is beautiful, I love the hearts!

    Mel K, how clever to refashion your gift bag! I have some plain ones that came from stores and some that have the store's logo stamped on them. I never thought about adding my own pictures, now to decide how I want to decorate them!

    Fiona, your bibs are so darling, as are the little pants! I have a colleague who is expecting a new grandbaby, I think I might try my hand at making some bibs as a gift!

    I have always loved Show and Tell! Can't wait until next time!

    Kristi, I'm glad your mom is still doing well. I'm praying that the doctors find an answer for her soon!


  22. Dear Annabel,
    Thank you for another impressive show and tell!
    Cookie, your painting is absolutely gorgeous. I think you must have a lovely home with such hand painted delights. I never thought of using labels on cards and adding embellishments! I can't paint, so it'll have to be stickers, but I love the idea.
    Jeanette, your knitting is both pretty and practical. Whoever receives your scarf and gloves will be blessed for sure.
    Oh my, Christine, that quilt! I always love what you make and this is no exception! How creative of you to decorate that case, as well.
    Mel, your decorated gift bag is so sweet! I love the colors (and the baby!) and the way you upcycled what came your way.
    Fi, those bibs and little pants are so cute!! I love the embroidery on those pants. Your work looks so professional and just adorable as well.
    Annabel, I have been trying to send you some photos, but you would never guess that my phone is not cooperating. I'm going to try to get them to you in a round about way via my husband's phone. A new (good) phone is officially on my wish list.
    I hope everyone is doing well. Patti is in my prayers.
    With lots of love, Kelsey

  23. I ran out of time to reply very much this post! Thank you al so very much for commenting and encouraging each other. It takes a bit of courage to put your things up to share but it is so helpful and lovely to see what everyone is making! I get so many ideas from it and many are very inexpensive things that we can do. Next week is shaping up really well too!
    Something I am finding helpful is to have whatever I am working on sitting right where I sit at night. Then I can just pick it up and keep going. Also having something portable that can go with me places like to Mums or the Doctors waiting room or whatever. It is amazing how these little bits add up. Thank you everyone for your beautiful photos! xxx


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