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If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ask and you shall receive.

Time and time again I learn that a Bible verse is even truer than I once thought. "Ask  and you shall receive" is another one! I am continually surprised. It is a little like when I was discovering all the ways a woman can "build her home". I think there are so many things that at first I saw one way and then later I see as so much more. That is what is exciting! Remember when Helen Keller's hand was in the running water and suddenly she realised the spelling on her hand meant "water" and that it was a language! The penny dropped. She got it! A new whole world opened to her in that insant. Well, now and then in some small way I make a discovery or realisation that is a light bulb moment! This one was a slow one for me. But ask and you shall receive!

How many wishes do you have in your heart that you have never verbalised? I mean really think about this. We carry dreams in our heart and desires for all kinds of things... Some we would feel silly to even admit! Some we have always wanted and may have never told anyone. Some are trivial and we think they are not worth telling anyone.

When I was younger I was full of wishes. I am sure no one in the world knew any of them. Most of my world was inside of me, a whirring of thoughts and dreams, that it never even occurred to me to talk about. 

Many of us don't. There seem to be a lot of reasons for the silence. Maybe it seems greedy for us to make our requests known? Or we would seem self centred... Or revealing these things is too much to reveal? Maybe we are a bit afraid of a big fat no. Or that we might fail...  Or if we ask for the chance to do something big maybe we won't measure up. Maybe another kind of failure is worrying us. Perhaps we think our talent isn't good enough and so to ask isn't appropriate. There are all kinds of things that stop us asking for our hearts desires. Maybe we just don't feel worthy enough to ask for favour?Sometimes I think we hope or expect others will just know what we want. That they somehow should know. But they don't have much chance unless we tell them! There are a lot of reasons that our wishes are kept to ourselves or that we just don't ask, even for the things we need.

Whatever it is it seems to be a normal thing! Did you ever hear of someone getting some amazing thing and wondering why of why? Well, they probably asked. 

Really really think about this. Are you a wisher or an asker? 

If I could highlight on an iPad I would! Are you a wisher or an asker?

I have to say I started small. And I still have to think about it. But somewhere, sometime, I verbalised a wish and asked. With amazing results. Results that make me think of the verse "ask and you shall receive" and think oh... I never thought to ask in spite of reading this verse hundreds of times. Oops I am a slow learner!

When I say this I mean to verbalise and ask God. Ask away. And ask the people you meet or the people in your life as well. Just ask. And you will receive!

If you are never an asker maybe start small.
Pray for something that is a need or your hearts desire. Pray before you do the grocery shopping that the money you have will cover all you need. Pray over your budget. Pray God will show you where to look and open your eyes to possibilities that will help you.
Then with people you meet... maybe ask a salesperson if there is a discount for cash. Or a person at a garage sale if they would take a little less being what you have in your purse.

If asking is hard for you then start of small.
But you can work up to ridiculously big things and be amazed.

I am continually surprised at the results of plucking up the courage to ask.

I guess if you have never had any trouble asking you will wonder what I'm talking about. But if you have things you have never dared ask or are a person who wishes they could ask... then this is for you.
Do you hear of people getting great discounts because they asked but you think you would never be brave enough to ask yourself?  In most cases the worst thing that can happen is someone will say no. It just isn't fatal, it is ok. You can say "ok, I really needed to ask that as...."  (Insert truth like "just now I cannot afford full price") and smile and it is fine.

If I was to list all the times in my life where I have asked and received I would never end this post. So instead I will give some recent examples.
I asked a lady in an op shop (thrift store) if they had any pure wool blankets out the back and she said yes! Then I asked if she would ring me if any more came in. And she said yes.

I asked Laine if she would do a guest post on my blog. Ok, this one involved some breath holding. But she said yes!! At the time I told Andy this one. I said to him normally I would never ask such a thing. But I had the though that so many yeses had come my way lately and that I was on a mission to ask.  This seemed big and unlikely to me. But she said yes!

At the doctor I asked if a test could cost less money? And they said yes and bulk billed me.
At the chemist I asked if there was an alternative that would be less expensive but do the same thing. The chemist said yes and it was one quarter the price.

People are often amazed at the meat specials I get from the supermarket. How do I know just what time to go to get such great specials? I asked!

Others are amazed how much free fruit I get. Now, Adelaide is good for fruit trees... But none of them are my fruit trees. So how do I get to pick fruit from so many of them? You are getting the hang of this, yes,  I asked!

Really if a neighbours tree is laden with fruit that is falling to the ground and rotting and you come along and ask them if you can pick it and return to them with a baked pie or jars of jam most people are going to say yes! Just ask. 

When it is going to be impossible to pay a bill on time ring up and ask for an extension. This is so much easier than dreading them contacting you. Explain and ask. 

I just can't imagine how may dreams never come true because we are afraid to tell others what they are. Afraid to ask for what we really want. 
I know we are never going to get a yes to every single thing. But I think we get a yes many more times than we would ever dream if only we would just ask. 
Start small if you need to. God must want us to ask or the a Bible wouldn't say "ask and you shall receive." It is interesting since God knows our thoughts He still wants us to ask. So ask!

Small scale asking can change your life or at least your week. Ask someone that you know is a good knitter to help you get started. Or ask someone to teach you a skill that you know would be handy or save you money. A couple of weeks ago I asked someone who is a really good EBay seller if I find designer items would she sell them and we could be a team? Well, she said yes! She has trouble finding good things to sell. Perfect!
Asking the right questions can help you so much and unlock all kinds of doors.
Have courage and ask. I hope you are amazed at the results.

Have a wonderful week. Chloe is letting me use her old laptop so I will be able to use that for my next post I am hoping. Learning to use my iPad more has been very handy though. So I hope this post works with no glitches! Xxx


  1. This is such a beautiful helpful and truthful post here. IT IS JUST WHAT I NEEDED to read right now . Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. I am going to work with this Truth right now. Blessings, Merri

    1. Thank you Merri, I hesitated with this post. It has been so true for me that it has been quite miraculous but I still thought someone might not understand what I am saying... or something. But so often asking just works! I hope this prompts you to ask for the things you are needing. Thank you so much for your encouragement, love Annabel.xx

  2. I have never been able to use my iPad for a blog post as good as this. You are amazing.

    I also have people that can't believe the good deals I find. But I think they come my way (and your way) not only because God brings them to us but because we have gained experience in looking for them. I know for me it is because I had to.

    Even then, it can still be amazing when God leads to exactly what I'd love to have in addition to what I need. He is so compassionate, just like a human parent (but perfect!).

    1. Dear Brenda, Thank you! Well it was very upsetting as my computer has so many problems and is quite old so I was fairly sad about that. My daughter helped me to understand how to use my ipad... but this post wasnt too bad and the last one the photos were the wrong size. I was upset. Then I thought that there are worse things in life than wrong size photos!
      I am 100% sure that it is no coincidence with you either that you find amazing bargains and good buys. We learn from necessity the skills but also prayer and asking. And yes, it includes the things we need plus our hearts desires very often. This just amazes me. Sometimes I find it so amazing and am very thankful!
      Have a wonderful week. I know you are going to be still recovering from the flu. When you have been so sick I think you get very tired and should be very careful for a

  3. So sweet ... so lovely ... and so true! Thanks for the reminder! I needed to read this!

    1. Thank you Patsy. Prayer before shopping is doing this and I know you do. And you are another person who has amazing finds. Coincidence? I think not! xxx

  4. Dear Annabel, To put ourselves in the position to possibly be told "No" requires vulnerability, and that's hard. I love all the examples you've shared! I love that you asked someone to help you sell on ebay. I will keep asking as you say, and encourage others to do the same! Have a wonderful week! Love, Colette xxx

  5. I needed Jars for jam and relish. So I asked and I received. Such a blessing that I'm grateful for.

    1. This made me smile Wendy. I found another lady who said one of her favourite things is jars! I knew I am going to like her a lot! (I am going to link to her on Wednesday)
      I also have been very low on jars. And i asked recently around as I need so many more. Well today my Aunty and Uncle sent me three bags of lovely jars! All sizes too and clean and label free. So happy with this!
      That is the start of a good week! xxx

  6. Hehe, yesterday as a family we went for a picnic for lunch into the country to a place with an old tennis court. I could only find one tennis racquet when we left but took it anyway and I prayed and then told the kids that God knows we need one and jokingly said we will find one on the side of the road. We didn't but we decided to text some friends on the way out to ask them to join us. They replied they'd love to and that they would bring tennis racquets! We hadn't even mentioned tennis!

    1. !!! that is so cool Garden Del. Also a great example for your kids! So I think you are using this principal really well already. How beautiful it is! Thank you for sharing this! xxx

  7. Such a lovely post Annabel. I have real trouble asking for things in shops and I would like to be able develop the ability to ask a doctor or specialist if a test could be cheaper. I have never connected "Ask and receive" with the people I meet in my life. I am a bit dumbfounded now that I have never made connection, as I had only thought of this in relation to prayer. And speaking of prayer - I need to remember to 'ask and receive' in relation to the small things and not just the big things.

    1. Hi Sherri, I have improved a lot with asking these questions. It helps to be nice and genuine in asking and I know you would be. I have said to the Doctor or receptionist that I need to schedule a test or appointment later as I cannot pay for it this month... or ask if there is a hospital that will bulk bill this test... or if there is a more economical way to do it? Last year with Andy this got a $400 potential bill down to $0 as they told us if we booked at another hospital they would bulk bill us... this was for a scan. I have made phone calls too, to compare prices and even for medical things they have varied greatly.
      I agree about asking for the small things... to see the good deals when grocery shopping, even for inspiration when you need it to think of an affordable gift or what to cook... all kinds of little things that can make a big difference.
      Thank you for such a kind comment. I hope you have success with asking in lots of helpful

  8. This is a great post - how often I dream of things in my head but never think to express them in prayer or out loud! This is a really good reminder to start my week on the right track. Thank you! Tina xx

    1. Thank you Tina. It is so easy to have it all going on in our heads but not ask! lol I do it all the time. And then I ask and thing "why didnt I just ask sooner?" as it makes that much difference.
      It isnt necessarily an imposition to ask something from someone either ie if you ask someone to help you or teach you something it can be a compliment to them too.
      Have a great week. Thank you for

  9. An inspiring post for me to read on a rainy Monday morning! Thank you, Annabel. :)

    1. Thank you Tracy. I have just been reading your blog. I couldnt have agreed more with your post! Thank you so much for commenting! xxx

  10. Yes....I can't even count all of the goodness! I remember one time praying for a parking space (funny I know but not with a baby in tow) and I was able to get a perfect one. I prayed for skirts before I went into a thrift shop and the Lord answered! He is good!

    1. Chrissy my daughter is the Queen of parking spaces. She always prays ahead and always gets one. She is so confident too as she has prayed and she knows it will be there!
      And before shopping is the best thing... for the things we need and also for our eyes to be open to see what is a good deal, things we might not see otherwise. All a big help! Have a wonderful week! xxx

  11. Annabel, great post. And, on that line, I have to ask YOU something....... can you tell me what type of paint you put on your baskets. I know I've mentioned them before and I think you said it was french putty, the colour, but it's the type I am querying, i.e.. is it matt paint or semi gloss or whatever. Anyway if you could help I'd love to know. And I do agree in the asking business - often in a subliminal way I think.

    I am no good at asking for things. Generally I do it or buy it or make it myself, I find it had to ask, but I'm trying to get there. For example yesterday my son and daughter in law called in. I'm busy holding my grandson cooing at him and I realise we need drinks for the guests, so I asked for someone else to do it, before, I would have given the baby to someone else and got up, but i just wanted MY cuddle. The earth didn't shatter because I was busy. I've been trying to do more asking for stuff, so your post is quite timely. I sometimes wonder if you are inside my head, the things you talk about, cos I'm trying to work on asking more. Doesn't make me a bad person, maybe just the person who can ask for help.

    anyway great post. and happy easter . Fiona xx

    1. Fiona Im glad you asked for help and enjoyed your special moment!
      For the baskets that I want to look French/antique I use a flat paint. I am thinking gorgeous chalky paints would be divine for this but I have just used flats like ceiling white I have tinted myself or falt I have had colour matched. Hogs bristle is quite a good colour but I think its better to find an item in your colour like another basket, bit of fabric... something in that french vintage putty colour... and take that into the store and ask them to colour match it. Then there is no risking the wrong colour. It works miracles on changing their style and they look expensive and lovely!
      Easter was lovely. We did so much around the house and then it rained, yay as the garden has been needing rain. xxx

  12. Annabel, have faith! The Bible tells us to ask, and to keep on asking, don't ever stop.

    "“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened."

    The next verses are a wonderful illustration of why we should put our faith in the Lord to never fail us, and keep on asking in faith, knowing our prayer and our requests will be answered.

    "You parents—if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead? Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not! So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him."

    Don't be afraid to ask for big things with the small, our God is good and big is possible when you trust Him to answer and provide, and we don't know who He will send as an instrument of His blessing, don't think you must just ask in prayer for your needs.

    1. Thank you Cath! It is so true. We need to just ask. It is truly miraculous.
      How wonderful we have a loving Father who cares for our needs big and small.
      I have had so many prayers answered and so many yeses that I am continually amazed.
      Thank you so much for commenting! xxx

  13. My small thing was a car park when I went out today - school holidays, first day of everyone going back to work and the list goes on - I entered the car park from an entrance that I do not usually use and headed towards a section that I have never parked in - there was a car park there in amongst all of the full car parks.

    My big thing was a new lamp for when we have finished our decorating - I have seen refillable lamps on pintrest and wondered if they were available here - went into a place I haven't been to in ages and they had 4 so one came home with me - I have the sea glass and shells now I need the sand and the star fish and perhaps some coral. This was something I had been thinking about for months.

    I am looking at making our home a haven - peace and calm like we had when we lived in Melbourne even though we lived in a questionable area.


  14. Annabel this is just the post that I needed to read tonight, with job loss and no emergency fund in place I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place as my mother would say but I am asking the Lord to guide me and I am sure He will. Thank you my friend you are so encouraging

    1. Dear Mel, Thank you for letting me know about your job loss earlier. What a shock. I know you have been working long hours to try and catch up from time off last year for your surgeries and recovery. And you have been doing so much and so well. So this is a shock for sure.
      I will hope and pray something replaces this work, that is better and asap.
      This is such a worry and we all fear it. And also it is why we prepare and try and get ahead as this could be any of us at any time. I dont think the economy is anything to get excited about either... both being in SA is not good either, I know world wide there is debt and money problems and feel SA is a bit grim honestly! But we will all pray. There is a great need for your work and you will be sought after!
      I will be thinking of you and praying. With love

    2. I'm praying for you Mel. God will provide. That I am sure of. xoxo

  15. Dear Annabel,
    This is a very wise and timely post. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I feel like I've been to bible study, and that's a good thing! Xxx Colette

    1. Dear Colette, read Caths comment above. We can really ask even for the big and seemingly impossible stuff. I am grateful for that. Miracles happen.
      I hope you are having a good week! Love

  16. Thankyou Annabel. A wonderful post that reminds us that those who are brave enough to ask, do indeed receive. This was never demonstrated more vividly to me than when, after 9 years of lobbying, crying, and praying, my disabled son was finally offered a brand new community housing unit, then some time later, an independent living package which enables him to have 24 hour care in a home of his own. Our greatest fear was always that something would happen to us, and our son would be left with no-one but his siblings to care for him. We were told it couldn't be done, that it was impossible, that it would never happen. Well it did, and 7 years earlier than the goal date we had set ourselves. Some have said it is a miracle. I believe that too. We asked, and we received. Mind you, we were not sitting idly waiting for the good Lord to provide, but something certainly swayed the' impossible' our way! Mimi xxx

    1. Thank you Mimi! Yes it sometimes takes great bravery to ask!
      You are a get up and doer and that makes the world of difference. It really is both... asking and being prepared to do the hard yards. Combined huge things can be achieved!
      Also I think setting goals... you had one and you beat it.
      I am so glad you had your happy ending with that one, and dont have that worry hanging over your head anymore.


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