Friday 28 February 2014


Recently I have been amazed at the prices of fresh fruit and vegies in the supermarket and at the green grocer. And specials have been lacking. Not like other years where I have found so many wonderful bargains. Our apricot tree was a saviour plus some free nectarines. 

My best find this week was some pears for $1 a kilo and I got these as they were getting quite ripe. But I like ripe pears, they are usually hard as rocks and I have to wait! I made a pear, rocket and walnut salad to go with dinner tonight, as a start on them.

Also, I got some tomatoes $3 a kilo which saying it, does not sound cheap! But most have been double that. Bargains are thin on the ground.

My three tier pot of herbs at the back door has been growing like crazy and I have been picking heaps. We have had basil quite a few times plus rocket. It's not long since I planted this so it has taken off and I can see is providing a lot of food. 

This is how it looked this morning...

As I walk past it smells beautiful!

We live on salads and vegies and I never want to eat less of them. Less specials means being even more careful not to waste any. I wash, dry, wrap carefully and keep an eye on the fridge contents so stuff is used up not going mushy or forgotten until too late! Weekend use it up pizzas, or toasties help with this. 

Last year organising my fridge really well (after a big clean out) made a difference. I bought some of the baskets with a handle. They help you see what you have as they act like little drawers. And at least once a week going through everything before I shop makes sure I do use things up. It is too expensive to waste. Groceries generally are a big expense. It is also an area we can make a big difference with, by the way we shop, cook, store food etc. Sometimes a re think, re arrange, re organise can help. It's easy to get stuck in a rut!

With my herbs leaping out at me as I walk past (practically!) I noticed a glaringly obvious thing. Our lemon tree in a big wine barrel planter, also near the back door, was really a vast amount of dirt with nothing in it except this tree. (We also have limes. I can dash out and pick lemons or limes much of the year). 

Anyway, why I never thought to use this space better I don't know! And I do hope it doesn't harm the tree but I have filled the space with rocket, several varieties of lettuce to pick as we need it and parsley. After only a few days it is looking like it is taking off!

I will take a photo in a couple of weeks as it seems amazing how these things grow. And if you keep snipping how they keep going. Also it has to be healthy, I don't ever use sprays or anything and it is picked then eaten in minutes. All these efforts are little ones but they make a difference to the health and freshness of our meals and the budget. 

Plus I can give a bunch of herbs away. Lucy called in this afternoon and I sent her home with a fresh bunch knowing she will use them happily.

Little ways to be more productive, waste less. Share more. Freeze left overs or use them for tomorrows lunches. A little planning really helps. I know this weekend we can have a "use it up" meal or two and I have a heap of pears.... I will stew some and there is a beautiful cake covered in caramelised pears that I could freeze for winter. If I make a couple of those I have something lovely I can lay my hand on down the track. These things make you feel abundant and stretch the budget quite a bit. When I have a large amount of something I go to Taste online and type in my ingredient. Usually there are so many ideas of ways to use it that it is just fabulous. 

I am terribly late to post today. Wedding preparations are taking over here! Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. I had no idea anyone in this country could get fruit at such low prices. I consider $1 each for apples and pears to be a bargain, but my friends who live in smaller places never get any so cheap. The cheapest tomatoes here are usually $3.99 kg but they sometimes go up to $6.99kg. Good on you for growing your own foods - and you are reducing the food miles for the week at the same time.

    1. Oh my goodness Louise $1 each of a pear or an apple! I have lived in the country for most of my life and a semi remote region so I know the prices are often massive. I was able to go to a regional centre once a month and shop which helped enormously but I think for you thats not possible. Another possibility could be jars of sprouts. They are easy and fresh, great in salads and sandwiches, stir fries. I wish I could send you crates of fruit when I see these specials! xx


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