The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 22nd November, 2019.

Reviewing the week really helps me realise just how much we did.  I am always amazed what is possible in a week.   We also really need to take a break of the list of things that need doing and be still for a minute and appreciate all the good things that happened.    Being still for a little bit is lovely in fact!

This week was special because I stayed overnight at Lucy's house so that I could baby sit the girls Tuesday afternoon then also Wednesday morning as Lucy had appointments.  It was beautiful.  Of course I took crafts to do and we went for walks and picked roses and inspected fruit trees.   After dinner Tuesday night the power went out.  I had a torch, (flashlight)  a good book and it was cool so it was ok.
I came home with glorious pink roses that smell heavenly.

I had some good special buys including some brie quarters for $1 each and a whole huge Camembert for $4.   One night I crumbed and fried Camembert and served it with cranberry sauce, rocket, pear, walnuts and sticky balsamic vinegar salad.  It was beautiful!

In the garden I have hundreds of tiny parsley plants coming up to form a border.  I need to be watering a lot now it is warm.
I planted broccoli and chives.
I have zucchini almost ready to harvest.
I planted butternut pumpkins.
And I potted up Aloe Vera babies into pots.
The young fruit trees are all doing well.   The big fruit trees..... the apple tree is covered and the pear trees have small pears.  I am watering them daily.

Andy has been cleaning and staining the decks.  I have been staining the trims and edge bits.  One area is finished now so today I can put back my furniture and plants.
While the pressure cleaner was out I decided to have a go at cleaning a cane chair and stool that has been outside several years.  To me it looked grubby.  Well it was amazing!  It has come up like new! 
Then I decided the door steps looked neglected.  Mum has always polished or oiled her doorsteps.   So I stained them with several coats of stain.  They look 100% better!  Sometimes a small thing like this makes a huge difference! 

I washed up my curtains that I rescued from the shed at Lucys.   It is the most enormous amount of material.

I can see shopping bags, cushions,  heat packs, pot holders... kitchen towels...  aprons..
With quality fabric prices old curtains and bed linens are the most wonderful source of fabric.

I made a batch of gluten free scones for myself.

Before I went to see the girls I made them some chocolate cakes.

In the op shop I got the girls some little tops, a huge ball of pure wool for 50c and a lace table runner.
Also a free bunch of Rosemary.

With the weather being warmer we have had thousands of birds.  (To the extent sometimes it is nearly deafening!)   Firstly it was late evening and I could hear "whoosh whoosh whoosh" as it a helicopter was overhead.  I looked out and hundreds of huge Ibis were defending into the trees.  This has happened every night.   They make a goose like honking noise.  The trees look like giant heavily laden Christmas trees.   In the morning they are gone.

Then there are hundreds of Corella's  on the lawn, down the driveway and in the front paddocks.  

They are playful and noisy! 

And there are hundreds of Lorikeets.  They come down to drink from the trough of water we have for the calf, goat and lamb.  They are like jewels! 

The bright blue on top of their head like a little hat is my favourite! 

Yesterday Luke came with the tractor.  The last of the wood from the trees out the back is cleared away.   A man is coming to cut up the largest bits to make furniture.  This was fantastic and the end of another really big job.

I have had my broody bantam sitting on some chicken eggs from Lucy's chickens.  Her chickens were all killed by a fox and I had collected these eggs the day before that happened! 
I hab November 19 written in my diary as hatch day.  So when I came back from my trip the first thing I did was race up to the chicken house!   And this is what I found...

One baby chicken!   I checked again later... still one.   I am not going to make the poultry breeders hall of fame but none the less this is the first chicken my chooks have ever hatched and it is so exciting!
I have four bantams and they often go broody.  I think from now on if I have a broody bantam I will seek out some fertile eggs. I might even consider having a rooster.  Maybe this baby will be a rooster!? 

So that was my week!   We have a reasonably mild few days today and coming up.  I am so grateful for this!   I will get stuck into getting everything well watered,  some cooking,  setting up my newly stained deck and so on.   I have learned that in summer (which is a week away) that you do all you can in decent weather as when the heat hits you really have to stay out of it and work inside as much as possible.   I am also working to stock up my fridge and freezer with drinks and water bottles.   Andy is filling the fuel cans for the generator and testing the back up systems.   

How did you build up your home, save or get ahead this week?
Do you have season related preparations that you have been doing or need to get on to?

Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 15th November, 2019.

I hope you had a good week.  It felt like a whirlwind here.

Some of the ways I feathered my nest this week included:

I cooked up two big pots of spaghetti meat sauce.  I let these simmer a couple of hours.   Then I used some for meals and portioned out the rest to freeze.   I love to have lots of meals ready in the freezer!

This week I planted different varieties of tomatoes in a new patch of garden I have now claimed for the herb and veggie garden.  I made support frames from bamboo sticks.  They look kind of nice.   I have been building up the soil there and the tomatoes seem to have taken right off!

The general veggie garden has grown.  We had rain then cool days with mist and everything seems to have come along.

I just planted lots of basil in the spaces around my tomatoes.

Also I am excited as I have Hollyhocks about to flower and Foxgloves just coming out.  I will have a better photo next week I think...

Every day I cut spinach and pull weeds to feed the chickens.  Then I return with 14 eggs and a bucket of chicken manure to add to the garden.   Doing everything to build up the soil is starting to kick in I think.  I have added a lot of sheep manure.   If I have tea leaves, coffee grounds, ash, banana peels etc it all goes into the garden.  

Mum and I went to visit the girls.   I took a container of my spaghetti sauce and a banana cake the girls love.  I added a few snowflakes and we were good to go.  Thank goodness kids are easily impressed but they are!

Lucy had roses flowering all along her shed.   These are old roses that she pruned in winter.  

These ones are a peachy colour.  I cut some for her and put them in a vase inside.

In front of the shed there are three huge pink roses.   Last year I cut some of these and they were the most beautiful roses I have ever had as they scented the whole house.  Just heavenly.   Next week I hope I can pick some of those...  they were just coming and maybe a week behind these ones.

Lucy's house is an old homestead with very high ceilings.   It had not been lived in for many years.   The old curtains were still hanging when renovations began and these were piled up in the old shed.   They had been very beautiful and good curtains in their day.   One set looked in good shape to me and covered in roses and blue ribbons.  I have brought them home to see how they wash up.   If they wash ok I will post some photos next week as they are a beautiful chintz and it is a huge amount of fabric!  

I was able to get some seedlings and potting soil for free from the nursery as they have a points and rewards system.  Mum had bought Christmas presents there and I earned the points on my card!   So I have lots of seedlings to add to the garden this afternoon.

Andy has been working on clearing up the trees we had taken down out the back.  The tons of wood is a fire hazard and needs to be cleared.  I piled up a trailer load of sticks and branches.  There is just so much of it!  
With the plans to do up the cottage I thought a fire pit out the front would be very nice for winter visitors.   So some of the wood has gone towards this and a heap of wood to be ready for the fires.   Plus I love the look of a wood pile!   Andy used an old dog kennel frame to make a stackable wood supply.  I think it looks fantastic.

Most of these logs are about a meter (or yard) long.  The rest of the wood is going to dry out in the shed for future winter fires.  So much wood!   The big bits we cannot even move are being cut up by a man who wants to make furniture with it.  He brings in a huge machine to slice it into slabs.   I hope to get a slab and make a coffee table for the cottage and maybe some thing like cutting boards. 

So many Australian's faced fires this week.  I hope everyone is ok.  What a stressful week.   The images have terrified me as we have a fire risk here.   We do all we can to be ready and I try to put my energy into preparations more than worry.   If you live in a fire risk area do everything you can to clear around your home and reduce fuel etc.   It is a lot of work.  We have worked at this for over a year and there is still more to do.

I hope you had a good week.   How did you save, get ahead, stock up your pantry or freezer?   Also how are you going with Christmas preparations and gifts? I am trying to get ahead with these things and have quite a bit wrapped.  I need to start working on cards too!

Have a lovely weekend!  xxx

Friday, 8 November 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 8 November, 2019.

It is so nice to sit down for a minute and consider the week!  I am spring cleaning and as you know once you get started you create a big mess. Things get way worse before they get better!  I never seem to be able to work on one area and finish it... no, I have to go from one area to another.  But in the last three days I have done a lot!

Some of the ways I feathered my nest this week included:

I pulled up some parsley and cut silverbeet each day.  This fed the chickens.  When all the spent parsley was pulled up I replanted the whole border with seed I saved from the last house.  I still had enough to replant the whole area.   I have left some parsley to go to seed properly and dry off.  I will then save all that seed and package it up.   Seeds make great gifts that post well so I put it into pretty little packets.

Because of all the greens the chickens are laying such bright yellow eggs. Every second egg is a double yolker too!   And the little Bantam is sitting on those eggs!  
One day I went in to feed the chooks and a different Bantam was on the nest!   Clearly there had been a dispute ...  I am guessing the Bantam went to get a drink and this other hen hopped on and thought yippee!   In the process one egg came out of the nest and I felt it.  It was stone cold.   I corrected the whole situation,  got the original hen back on the eggs and enclosed her now so this can't happen again.  
I brought that cold egg home and curiosity got me. I cracked it and inside was a chicken about the size of the top half of my thumb!   So the eggs are at least fertile and developing!   Now to hope no others got cold in the hen swap episode!

I weaned the two older calves Loui and Georgie.  Together.  This time I made bottles and they followed me down to the big paddock.   I could not for the life of me seperate them from the other calf, lamb and goat.  So they all came.   At the other end I managed to get the right two calves into the paddock and come back with the others.  This time there was no crying or hunger strikes.  They have both been perfectly happy.

We also have had rain!   It is raining again right now.  Between not having to water the garden and having two less animals to bottle feed this gave me so much more time.  It has been wonderful and I have used that time for other projects...  like Christmas present wrapping,  getting parcels ready to post,  Spring Cleaning...

I used up 10 eggs in lemon butter.  Then I bought two plain sponge cakes and filled them.  This gave me an easy cake to take to Lucy's and one for Chloe and Luke.

Eggs are my currency these days.  I gave six dozen to Wendy, 2 dozen to Lucy,  3 dozen to Mum... I still have plenty of eggs!

My pumpkins are starting to grow.  The rain is helping.  No amount of watering does what rain does!

We updated our emergency phone numbers and contacts, fire plan and so on.  We have an emergency cupboard and all phone numbers etc are on the inside of the cupboard door.

I am baby sitting Chloe and Luke's animals.  They have everything!   This means looking after four dogs, two puppies...

Then there is Paddy the Alpaca and Blossom who is so pleased to see me. (and I take biscuits!)

Ok what else?  One cat and one kitten...

One budgie (small blue parrot) and I think that is it! 
Oh no... forgot chooks.  A heap of chooks!  

I have to add a picture... my friend Di is bottle feeding a wombat.  She rescued her when she was so tiny.  Look at her now!

This is turning into the random animal gazette!

Ok back to savings etc...

I planted silver beet, spinach, capsicum and cucumbers.   The old spinach is going to seed.  I am feeding it to the animals then in the end I will pull it up so I already planted my new rows.

Inside I have tomato plants growing in the window.  I have been working on a new small section of garden that I am turning over to a veggie and herb patch also.  I hope to get this garden all planted over the weekend.  And I hope to keep going on my spring cleaning! 
I had a realisation.  Even though it is obvious I just really took notice of the fact that the year is not only drawing to a close but the DECADE is!    I feel extra inclined to whip things into shape.  We have now been here just over a year.  I know we did a lot in that time.   It is amazing really what you can achieve in a week.   I always say little bits add up.  They truly do.  

I did some more Christmas sorting and wrapping.  Then I went through everything I have set aside that can be posted in a regular card.  The idea being to beat postage costs.  I have trays filled with small light gifts.  This is one tray of them...

Postage is just terrible now.  We can beat that! 

I hope you had a good week.  How did you get ahead, build up your pantry or save?

Have a lovely weekend.  I am late to post as once again my internet has been terrible! xxx

Friday, 1 November 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 1st November, 2019.

It is November!  I find it hard to believe how fast the year has gone by.  I still have a lot I want to get out of 2019 though!

Some of the ways I feathered the nest this week included:

I had some wonderful thrift store luck!   I found this gorgeous jug and bowl plus a smaller bowl and bud vase to match all for $20.

For now it is in the spare bedroom but I might seperate the pieces as they jug is so divine I would like it out somewhere it is seen more!

In the thrift store I also found boxes of floral and butterfly cards, quite lovely in soft water colours.  I need up with 44 beautiful largish greeting cards and envelopes for $8.  Thats around 20c.  In the stores a nice gift card is at least $8!  Amazing.

This week I bottled up my Coffee Liqueur.  No labels yet but I am thrilled with how it tastes and how many bottles it made!

It is VERY easy to make.  I will be doing this again!
The recipe is  3 and a half cups of white sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar... dissolve this in 4 cups water and bring to boil.   Then add 2 oz good instant coffee and stir in.  Now let the mix cool completely.  Add 2 vanilla beans split and 750 ml vodka.  I did this in a huge jar.  Let it sit two weeks and then strain and bottle. It will keep ages.  I shook it daily to get the vanilla into it.

I have wrapped some up, paired with the lovely liqueur glasses I got, and this adds up to a lovely gift.

My diary and planner are a huge part of getting lots done. The last few years I have bought Happy Planners and before that an Erin Condrin diary.  Both are beautiful.  But this week in the post office they had 2020 diaries in and I saw a beautiful one.  It is perfect for me and about one quarter the price.  So I am excited to have it ready and start 2020 with a big savings!  I also have my budget planner from The Cheapskates Club.  I am so excited to have these lined up.

I was able to put together a beautiful gift my my sister in laws birthday incorporating things I made and it looked lovely.

I have been working on some gifts for the boys.  This week I made up several of these leather boot care kits.  They all live in leather boots.  I included my homemade leader water proof treatment. I like this gift so much I kept a set for Andy and I to use on our own boots.

This week Mum could not come with me to see the girls.   So I headed off and took  peanut butter biscuits and a big quiche.  It was a lovely day.

I came home with six eggs from their beautiful big chocolate brown chickens as they have a rooster and I have a broody bantam!    When I got home I used a pasta scoop to carefully lift out all the bantam eggs from under her.  She was sitting on 16!   Then I added back in 6 much larger hen eggs.
She didn't blink an eye, just fluffed around and re adjusted things!

So lets hope!

I was also able to pick some pink proteas and now have them in the kitchen.

The next day I had a terrible message from Lucy.  A fox had got all their hens and all their guinea fowl in the night.  She was so upset and Harper was with her when they went to collect the eggs and discovered carnage. Harper was very upset.  I was very upset.   I don't know if these eggs will hatch but I got them just in time.  I said I would share them and send some back.  But first to discover how the fox got in as they have completely covered in hen houses.   But it got in somewhere and out again.  Just awful.  Their giant brown rooster survived but no others.

This made me realise that you can think you have your preps well sorted out and something like this
happens.   So now I am thinking we all should also keep roosters, up our security and keep a few more hens than we think we need.

This week Luke brought the sheep in around the house paddock.  They eat down the driveway, around the sheds, around the chicken house... this feeds them plus makes things look neat and tidy and reduces our fire fuel.
On that note our area had the first fire of the season.  It was a very windy day too.  So it is officially on... and we are reviewing all our preps and hoping all the work we have done and the recent tree removal etc. all add up to helping us if a fire comes through here.

I did more sorting out my gift cupboard and making up gift baskets.  It feels so good and I am so glad I started in January.  But there is still time to make your Christmas gifts!  Baking is a great gift and we have all of December to do that and all of November to work on other things!  Over at The Tuesday Afternoon Club you will find so many ideas.  Mainly very inexpensive ideas!  You are welcome to join here.

I hope you had a good week with lots of opportunities to get ahead in various ways.  Save, avery little bit helps.   Just now I am in bed and typing to the sound of rain.  I tried to post earlier and it was like a thunderstorm was coming and not one photo would load.   It is pouring!  This is a big help and better than any of the things I achieved all put together!
How did you save, add to your pantry or build up your home this week?

Have a wonderful

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 25th October, 2019.

This has been a week of getting stuff done.  So it has been my kind of week!  Some of the things were the kind of things you can't just do yourself as you have to wait on conditions, other people, equipment or whatever.   So planets must have aligned as several big things were achieved this week when all these things lined up!

The first one of the biggest bon fires we have had.  It was a giant mess in front of the workers cottage.   And it will be the last fire we can burn as it is getting too dry now.  t was exactly fire number 40 for the year.  We have done a LOT of clearing up around the house and surrounds.  This number is on top of what we did when we arrived last year!
At the end of all this we are still surrounded by trees but not dead ones and we have cleared a big space around our house.  When we arrived trees were actually touching the house.  Fires are our biggest threat.

On top of that there were two trees well beyond what we could handle and we had professionals come in and remove them.   If they fell they would go straight through out roof. In a storm or fire there were a danger.  As much as I love trees this is where I draw the line.   So this was a whole day job on Wednesday and I am so glad it is done.   Now for the massive clean up.  We have 20 tones of hardwood also.

I always feed the workers.   I used some of one of my fruit cakes to take out to them.  This is why it is so handy.  Fruit cakes keeps and whenever you have the need you can slice it up!

My hands were full with animals.  This is the morning crew waiting for bottles.  One calf is missing.  He is always last to turn up.  He is like that kid who is late for school every morning!

I decided to wean the oldest calf that I am feeding (Loui) and led him with a bottle to the paddock with the big kids.   This was fine.  But in the evening little Georgie would not drink his bottle.  Nope not interested.  Now he is normally a piglet.  So I knew right away that he was upset over his constant buddy not being there.   I went out three more times to offer the bottle but no he stood and sulked.  I figured by morning his conviction/protest would have dried up plus he would be hungry... so I gave up. 
In the morning everyone drank their bottles.  But not Georgie.  He stood where he and Loui always drink there bottles TOGETHER.   My heart sank a little as I felt  really bad and this wasn't  helped by Loui bellowing across the paddock.  I held out until lunch time whenI could't stand it any longer and made a bottle and let Loui back into the little paddock.  Just like that Georgie drank his bottle.  After that he was hungry and wanted more. 🙄  After that they ran off happily together.  So they will have to be weaned together which I think is another three or four weeks.

Next drama was little Freddie the lamb.  He has had a rough life and I just got him drinking well, eating well... and the calves sucked on his ears and made them sore!  I felt so bad.  Then he had a cut on his head.   I don't know if the calves could have done that... anyhow I was horrified and brought him inside and applied antiseptic powder to his sores and he has had to go in a seperate yard.   I re apply the antiseptic powder every day but everything is looking good now.  
Then I decided he is lonely and I moved Eddie (the goat) in with Freddie.  This was partially brought on by realising Eddie is going to get out of his paddock pretty soon.  I realised this when he started jumping on feed bins and then the little shelter.  I was feeding someone else and he couldn't wait.  He helped himself to his bottle, selecting the right one too. 

Ok so this made perfect sense except to Eddie. He cried and cried and cried and cried.  I thought surely he will give up?  No.  It was dark and I couldn't take it anymore and went and got him and carried him back to the calves.  Then he ran off happily and hasn't made a sound since.  🙄🙄
It just goes on and on.  Yes, it could be a childrens book!

So little Freddie follows me around a lot so he isn't lonely. 

This has all really illuminated for me all the Bible passages about The Good Shepherd and similar references.  I really never fully appreciated them.  With my small "flock" if one is missing you go hunting for them.  If one is sick you sit with them.  If anything is wrong with any of them I get very upset!  If they are all good and happy I am happy!  
Today was hot and I looked out and Freddie was laying down right in the sun.  I thought he was dead!  My heart just sank.  I ran out and he looked up at me and he was fine!  I moved him into the shade.   
So now I get the Scripture.  The eye is one each one of us individually.  The pain of a loss is great.  Your heart loves the saddest, weakest and most problematic ones! 

So now down to business.  Some of the ways I built up my home,  got ahead, added to the pantry etc are:

I had a wonderful get together with Wendy.   We did some trading and a lot of talking!  I was so happy I could take her lots of eggs as she is a fabulous cook.  Wendy found me two pure wool blankets in an op shop.  She also gave me two whole big boxes of jars and bottles and a bunch of rhubarb.  It was so much fun to get together.

While in town I visited a little op shop.  I found a vintage kitchen scale for $5 and a long piece of cotton lace for $2! 

The scales are so handy and really go with my kitchen! 

In the garden I moved a lot of little tomato seedlings that have come up from last years cherry tomatoes.  I also potted up a heap to give away.  I will grow them up to a few inches high first.  I have a kind of sunroom entrance to the kitchen.  I am gradually using it more as a greenhouse.  

Through the window you can see a little of my veggie and herb patch.  Beyond that is our front lawn. I want to set up more places to use this area to start off seeds and seedlings. 

I used up some eggs and spinach from the garden and made an impossible pie/quiche.

I didn't get any crafts done but instead I started going through everything I made this year and making up presents.  Each has a label with a name.

This is taking a surprisingly long time to do.  But as I complete each one (they need cellophane like the one in the back) I am so happy!  I hope to get many more done in the next few days.

In the workers cottage Andy pulled up a filthy and disgusting carper.  Underneath is polished floorboards! 

I also planted more sunflowers, radishes, and have a windowsill of seeds coming up.

So that was my week and I am so pleased with some of the biggest jobs of the year being out of the way now. That is a good feeling!

I hope you had a good week.  How did you build up your home, get ahead, stock your pantry or freezer?  Anyway you can get ahead is good!

Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 18th October, 2019.

This was a much better week!  And Andy is feeling well!  I felt tired for a few days but soon farm life was up and running again and I felt a bit caught up.  Then it was eventful!

I got my dried fruits soaking ready to make my Christmas cakes.  October is the time to make them as time makes them better and better.   Also I had a lot of eggs in the fridge so this was an extra good time.  I did 4 batches (two double batches) and got six cakes.

This gives me one for Andy, some gifts and one each for the girls.

I got a batch of Coffee Liqueur going.  Once I bottle it I will show how it looks and put up the recipe.

Mum and I headed off to see the girls.  I took a giant impossible pie.  This meant I used up more eggs. It is just eggs, cream (my 25 c cream) bacon, parsley, pepper, onions, (cook first)  cheese and a cup of flour. I used gluten free flour and twelve eggs.    Everyone loved it and it cost me hardly anything.   So with the cakes then this I used up 32 eggs in two days!

Mum and I were all loaded up and heading off.   At the moment shearing is on so there are trucks and utes driving in and out a lot. Because of this I take less notice of who is coming and going.   On the way out we passed a ute.   It took a second for my brain to register that there was a calf on the back!   I said Mum stop!  We turned back.  Yep, the calf was for me, sent over by a manager of another property.  What timing!    But he is a beautiful boy calf and he drank well right away.  His name is Brady as the lovely young man who delivered him was Brady.

On the weekend it was Chloe and Luke's anniversary.  He got her the best present! Something she has always wanted.  (seriously) 

His name is Paddy.  Luke really did well with this gift!   Paddy loves Chloe from day one.

Alpaca's like company.  He wants to be with Chloe all the time.   So he needs a friend for when Chloe is at work.  Enter Blossom.  If there was ever a lamb that wants to be with you it is her.   Also if there was ever a lamb who doesn't know she is a sheep that is also her! haha!   So Chloe brought over the old farm car and Blossom went for a ride to meet Paddy.   You can't make this stuff up.   So this is Blossom in her ride to Chloe's farm...

Next thing she made friends with Paddy and they were just fine.

Every evening Chloe goes for a walk.   She has a feeling she is being followed...

All this action happened on Wednesday.  So on Thursday it seems God thought "oh no ,Annabel is down one sheep!" and quickly moved to rectify this...

Luke came to the door with a lamb. It isn't even lambing season!   This lamb is far from new born, I think a few weeks old.  I have called him Freddie.    
So one moved out, two moved in this week.   Now I am bottle feeding five!   But Loui is finishing up bottles on the weekend and I think I will only feed Eddie for another week or two. 

In town I picked up a big box of bottles and jars for jams and sauces.  I saw them for free on Facebook local buy swap and sell.   This will help me out in summer!   

My pumpkin seeds failed.  So today I am planting pumpkin seedlings.   And I have hundreds of cherry tomato seedings coming up everywhere so I am moving some and potting up others.

We had rain this week.  This is the most help of all.  

I think that catching up after being away and the trips back and forth to the city etc.  was the biggest thing.   If I am not here things go backwards fast!   It seems to take several days to catch up.
I then decided to get everything out of the present cupboard and go through all I have made over the year.  The Tuesday Afternoon Club has really helped me make more than ever.   It is a joy to go through it all and make up gifts!   I am trying to do fifteen minutes a day on this.  Then I can reclaim my craft room where this is all spread everywhere!

How did you build up your home and get ahead this week?  I hope it was a good week for you! xxx

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 11th October, 2019.

Well, this was NOT a good week.  It was a shocker!  I will first say today is a beautiful Spring day.  Everyone is ok and we are home.  But Andy wasn't well and they thought he had a heart attack.  He was flown to the city by the Royal Flying Doctor and had several days in hospital.  It has turned out that it is his lungs that are the problem and a lung infection plus there lung problems that convinced them it was a heart attack.  It is still not good but it is better than a damaged heart.  It was such a shock.  You are just in shock that is all I can say.
Chloe was also unwell.  I had three animal babies on twice daily bottles and three hours each way to the hospital.  So you get the idea.

Andy is up after a massive sleep and looking and feeling good.  I on the other hand look like the creature from the Black Lagoon and feel like I have been run over by a train.  I am also overwhelmed by things that need catching up on but today just can't do much about them.  So these are the times we talk about.... making hay while the sun shines so that when the sun isn't shining so much you have meals in the freezer and things were basically ok.

Some weeks are good if you just make it out alive!   Literally.

BEFORE any of this happened I was busy doing the usual stuff.

A little patch on the side of our yard was fenced in.  This gave us a lovely little animal yard.  To get Laffie and the lambs in there I broke out a packet of biscuits and they just followed me in a reverse procession (to last time) into the yard!!  Then they had a great time as they were knee deep in grass!

When I say lambs they are still as sooky as lambs but now they are sheep! 

Haha!  Sheep that still want a bottle and like biscuits! 

Meanwhile the two actual baby calves are doing well.  Georgie learned to Moo.  For the first three weeks he could not moo he just tried and made dreadful noises.  I figure this is a milestone like when your baby first sits up!

Eddie spends his days leaping, climbing and he even stands on the calves and bugs then so much but they don't seem to mind.  At night they all snuggle up in their little hut together, which is very cute. 

I had made a Banana Cake for the girls and threw sprinkles over it to make it pretty.  This ended up going into the freezer.  

I have to comment on Scout. They say pets are good for your health.  Even when you are worn out or gloomy Scout MAKES you play with her.  And laugh. Her enthusiasm is contagious.   She is also big now!  This is her favourite Frisbee.  She runs around with it like a halo on her head.

Also before everything happened I had been working on a Christmas present.  The links to the video with instructions are up on The Tuesday Club.  In winter even though I was wearing leather boots a few times I got wet feet.   We were working all day in the grass cutting wood and hauling logs and so on.  I discovered moisture can come in especially via the stitching on your boots.   I found a recipe to make on one of my favourite You Tube channels Prepsteaders. 

Essentially it is one part melted Beeswax,  one part solid coconut oil, three parts Castor oil.

The melted mixture is more or less clear.  Then it sets to a white polish.

I thought this would be  good gift for the farmers and for the boys as I have a harder time making boy gifts!   I have found some nice shoe cleaning brushes.  Next I will make a stack of soft polishing cloths. Then I will make up kits with instructions soon how to use it.  

After a week in the little yard Laffie and the lambs left it looking as if the lawn mover had been through.  Once again we walked down to the big paddock with a packet of biscuits as bribery.  Easy as that! 

I achieved a goal and bought a spinning wheel. It needs a couple of minor repairs. But yay! I found it on Facebook buy, swap and sell for only $85.   The lady was just lovely and gave me contacts if I need help getting going.  Shearing is coming up sometime soon then I will have wool!

I ordered online an apple peeler and corer.  The ones that you turn the handle and it peels the apples.  Nan had one. I used to love turning the handle.  Last year I peeled and cored hundreds of apples.  I hope we have an apple crop again at the end of summer.  So this was a kind of investment.

My Dyson stick vac seemed to be dying.  I ordered a new battery and ta dah! I read an article that thousands of stick vacuums are thrown out because people just buy a new one rather than clean it properly and replace the battery. 

Well, that is my week.  Most of my achievements were before Monday when Andy went to hospital.   The rest were just getting through the week. 

I hope you had a good week!  How did you build up your home, feather your nest, get head in your pantry etc? 

I am hoping for a quite weekend!  xxx