The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell for June, Part 2.

Everyone was so busy in June! Thank you for al the amazing photos!  This time I have had to leave some out but I include something from everyone.  Truly, it is wonderful to see so much productivity!

Firstly we have Jacqui.  She made a quilt for Harper when she was little. It had deer on it! That quilt has been loved and used constantly. Then she made Scarlett a Liberty print quilt that is also used constantly.  Now she made Harper a bigger girl quilt!

I can't adequately describe how silky soft and light it feels. It is just divine. Jacqui you have blessed my family with three quilts and they are all heirlooms!  Thank you, thank you! 

Last week I forgot to include one of Cookie' photos. Honestly, sometimes things just get away from me! But even though this is a picture of a photo of what she did you have to see it!  Hand painted furniture...

You are so talented Cookie! How gorgeous! I love it! 

Jane was busy.  (As always!)  She went to see her Grand daughter with clothes she had sewn and a quilo which is a quilt that folds up into a pillow...

This is an idea... as it could really be suitable for a person of any age... good for traveling too.  
Jane also finished a shawl for herself while on her tip...

How beautiful!  What a productive month you had Jane! 

Fiona made reclaimed timber into planter boxes!

I love these and start making a list ... rustic trays, boxes to use for hampers at Christmas,  window boxes.... do you have more wood like this!? These are lovely! 
Fiona has a blog Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!  The title kind of describes my life!  She has a lot of craft ideas and also kids party ideas that are wonderful.

Cookie has been making quilts!  She has been using fabric she already has.

They are amazing Cookie!  And she made this baby cocoon and little hat with rosebuds!

So sweet!  Beautiful work! 

Mimi has been creating too!  And her daughter is picking up her Mum's ways and making gifts herself for her friends...

And I loved what Mimi said about this... gifts out of "thin air" which is an art really and a great ability! I know just what she means, you can take a little bit of this and that, things you have on hand, and make up something lovely.

Mimi also did plate decorating with her Grand Daughter who came to stay. This little girls would have had the best time!  There is so much more. Go over to her blog at A Tray of Bliss (it is always on my side bar)

Thank you everyone!  I also have a lot of photos of beautiful cooking. I am going to use these in another post. I love seeing cooking and also I love seeing produce from the garden, your canning and preserving. Actually... I love seeing pantries!

June was a very good month by the looks of it. Now we are in JULY, we are in the second half of the year!  This has caused me to get moving and stop dragging the chain with my gift cupboard!  But that is next weeks post!

How is your gift cupboard going? What are you working on and what have you planned?
This week I am working on crochet edgings and powder puffs.  I was given a fur vest in the palest pink so I cut it up to make powder puffs!  I also found I have the right colour ribbon already.  These will be the nicest ones I ever made I think!

I hope your week is going well!  See you on Friday!  I hope to have lots to report by then! xxx


  1. Goodness me, Annabel...what beautiful gifts everyone has made. Harper and Scarlet are so fortunate to have those lovely quilts. I haven't made anything for my new grandchild due in a couple of weeks. I don't know if it is a boy or a girl. Some people are just so productive and well done everyone.

  2. Dearest Annabel
    Thanks so much for the beautiful words! I thoroughly enjoyed making these quilts for Harper and Scarlett. Yes, Liberty is such a fine lawn they feel like silk and they get better with wear and washing!
    Love to you xxx


  3. Dear Annabel and Beautiful Bluebirds!!

    You've done it again!! These are beautifully home-made items!!

    Jacqui, your quilts for Annabel's 'babies' are delightful in colour and, apparently, softness to touch! Quilts are such practical gifts that suit exquisite fabrics (like yours!!) & 'make do' fabrics in the home.

    Cookie, your painted dresser really is sweet! The painted flowers are so pretty!
    You only took up crochet last year, and look at you fly -- you Bluebird!! Your 'use it up' quilts are works of art, and treasures with purpose!! Keep up your marvellous work!

    Fiona, I love your work with reclaimed timber! Combined with the miracle of gardening, this is really wonderful! I think you're a good 'chippy'!!

    Jane, little 'Tilda' will love you for your quillow and cushion! You are one beautifully practical grandmother! Your crochet shawl is lovely and colourful! I'm sure the colours will help keep you warm!! I guess Bluey has his crochet blanket with him, too!! How many travellers send a crochet postcard, I wonder?! There should be more of them!!

    Mimi, you have such flair in creating the family atmosphere in your home! Drawing on dinnerware is such a novel idea, .... and how satisfying to see that your daughter has caught on!

    The work is all beautiful! The photos are beautiful! You are amazing Bluebirds!!

    Rachel Holt

  4. Ladies everything is so beautiful! I am amazed each and every week! Such lovely gifts from everyone.
    Annabel-I am behind a bit as always.LOL but wanted to be sure and tell you it was so good to read Laine's words again!

  5. Everything looks gorgeous!I am knee deep in blueberries, peas, and tomatoes. I'm having to can and freeze because I can't can fast enough to keep up with the garden. We are eating fresh peas several times a week, not enough to can. I've made blueberry pancakes and muffins and the rest I'm just adding to the freezer to make into jam later. The tomatoes are about to overwhelm me. I'm making 1 quart of salsa each week for the fridge, keep a basket of cherry tomatoes out for snacks, and then I'm dividing the rest between canned and freezer. We are also getting about 1 dozen eggs per day so lots of egg and salsa meals. We have also harvested a huge amount of garlic.
    On the back to school front I found some amazing items at Ross. And some excellent mark downs at Old Navy. I have those items put back for August when school starts up.
    Much Love to all the Bluebirders. I'm off to start another day of tomatoes.

  6. what absolutely gorgeous crafting. You are all so talented.
    beautiful work.

  7. So many beautiful things! I loved it all.

    We've been gifted several Quillows and they are so handy for so many things. My mom cocooned in one when we travelled from Cali to KS in late fall. She loved that she could take off her shoes and tuck her feet into the pocket and keep them warm. Since we got our first one many years ago, we make it a point to not ever be without one. We even have a super long one for my husband. He's 6'9".

    1. I have a 6'6" brother and 7' nephew. I won't be making them a quillow anytime soon. Tilly lives hers and it lives in the car. She arrived today all wrapped up in her blankie. Makes the effort worth it.

  8. Dear Annabel,

    I love everything that everyone has made. I love how Jacqui arranged the Liberty fabrics. Jane, the quillow looks so snuggly, and the shawl is exquiste. I think Rachel is right, the picture of the shawl could be a postcard. Fiona, your woodworking is impressive. And Mimi, the plates are so charming and creative. It's always exciting and inspiring to see what everyone is doing. Blessings, Cookie

  9. Everyone always has such lovely work. Rachel you always make me smile with your lovely words. Annabel you host such a wonderfully encouraging group. I thank you and all those who comment.

  10. Hello Annabel and beautiful Bluebirds :) ,

    Congratulations to all the contributors your handcrafted items are all spectacular. I just love them all :).


  11. Ladies, you are all so talented & resourceful. I really love the chest of drawers. Am having to get really resourceful this month , its begining to look like there may be more month than money. I have plenty here to feed is and as there are only 172 days until CHRISTMAS (sorry ladies), I better get a move on with the presents. I have an extensive craft pantry as my mum can no longer do the crafts she used to do so is passing everything on to me, so no spends if I can help it

    1. Dear Kim,
      I hope you can stretch everything to get through the month! Laine's Letters have a lot of stretching tips!
      It is a huge blessing you have a lot of craft supplies! If you get creative with these imagine the savings at Christmas and also for Birthdays! This will be a big help! With love

  12. Thanks for sharing my planters, Annabel x Yes, there are more palings left which will be also made into planters!
    I went to the plant shop last weekend and checked out the clearance shelves (as I always do!) and came home with 13 pots of plants for $14.20. Yes, they are all little and in need of a bit of tlc, but that's ok. And nearly half are punnets so even better. My planters are looking a bit fuller now :)

    Well done to all the other ladies, all your work looks amazing!

    Annabel, you mention being taken to some Op Shops that you didn't know about. Did you know about It lists most Op Shops in Australia! I have it on my phone so if I'm in an unfamiliar area I can check what's around! You might find some treasures for yourself lol

    Have a great weekend
    Love, Fiona xx

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments and thank you to everyone who participated! What a good month June was! Ok now to get busy on Julys crafts! xxx

  14. Ladies, everyone's works are so beautiful as always! I love seeing what everyone has been making. I ooh and ahhh over every single item, every time!


    1. Thank you Jeanette! Now to July! I am already doing better in July than all year so far. Some good finds and some card making and now some sewing.The weather is terrible outside so sewing is the answer! Have a lovely weekend! With love

  15. Thankyou for sharing my pretties Annabel, and thankyou to everyone for their encouragement. Love, Mimi xxx


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