The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 7th July, 2017.

What a week!! After finishing my post last Friday I headed off on my next "shop further afield" trip!
I had been reading Laine's Letters especially everything about how she shops and how she makes food go further in her household.  Then we had Laine's latest tips on how she saves.  Somehow all this had me prepare my lists more carefully and plan my day more carefully as well.

It ended up being the most fantastic day.  Certainly one of the biggest saving shopping trips ever!
I also had coffee with my friend Hilde and she showed me her favourite op shops (thrift stores)  and this was great fun!  Boy did I make some good new discoveries!

After our shopping we went to her house and picked lemons!  I came home with three buckets full and over the weekend I began working my way through them!

Just like before  when I had Bay Leaves all around the house (like Cookie had roses all around her house!) now I have lemons everywhere. They are in bowls and baskets where every I look!

In the middle of winter beautiful lemons are bright and cheerful and smell good! 

The first thing I made was a batch of lemon butter.  

This is very quick and easy to make and has so many uses!

I filled pie shells and made deserts and a pie to give away.

I had the pie shells on hand as I knew I was coming into lemons!  But this is the last time I am buying them.  This weekend my project is to master sweet pie cases!  

As I use lemons I save the peel and am making a big batch of lemon vinegar for cleaning products.... this will get added to tomorrow...

The plan is to make lemon cleaning cloths and lemon miracle cleaner.

Now back to the shopping day!  We went into a lot of shops and got the best deals and then moved on.  I ended up with deals that will last me a long time.  One place was a discount grocery shop (for South Australians this was Rite Price) and I bought my hair colour for a price of 99c each. Normally they are over $18. Usually I would wait until they are on sale for about $12.   A while back I got some at $5 and stocked up and was thrilled.  But 99c? I couldn't believe it.  I got 20!  (that's a savings of over $300 there alone!) 

I found huge bags of Broccoli for $2.
I got a pack of 12 Italian tinned tomatoes at 79c a tin.  This is rare here!  

The op shopping was amazing too.  On my first stop I got a fine blue/grey cardigan that is pretty much my perfect find and have worn it basically ever since.

I bought 12 waterford crystal glasses.  I am mad on crystal and I checked the price in the city and they are $150 for 6 at David Jones.  I paid $3.

Then I found a King sized quilt and quilt cover.  The quilt is Sheridan brand and was $15.  I knew these were about $300 new.  And the cover was Morgan and Finch which is a good brand too.  It is hard to take a photo of but it is my idea of gorgeous!

I spent the weekend getting this all soaked, washed and dried then on to the bed!  I love it!

Harper ended up with a beautiful velvet dress for $5.

I got a Royal Albert coffee cup! ($1)
And I got yards and yards of sewing material in the form of a Queen sized quilt cover and two pillowcases ($5) 

I have joined in with Patsy on a sewing challenge (at A Working Pantry) and this is going to become a tablecloth, napkins and hankies.  (handkerchiefs) 

Also a large heavy bread tin for $2.

It was so much fun and I was amazed.  With all of this (and the lemons) Hilde's sister sent me home with homemade apple strudel.  What a day!

During the week Andy trimmed the hedge.

I made three trays of chicken enchiladas.

I also made 36 large sausage rolls. ONE sausage roll is $3.80 in the shops.  

So it was a really good week!  I am thrilled!  
It was a week of new discoveries, learning, getting ahead and home building!  

I need to add up my Vicky Challenge but I know it will be amazing!  I am running  a bit late with things as we have had another insurance man here this morning to give another quote on our floors.  We just keep going with the next step! 

This weekend I will be making more things with lemons!  I also fill ice cube trays with lemon juice and freeze them for times when I don't have any fresh ones. 

How was your week? How did you build up your home or save?  
Take every opportunity to get ahead and remember little bits really add up!
Have a wonderful weekend! xxx


  1. Dear Annabel and Beautiful bluebirds,
    Wow what a wonderful week you had Annabel!. Lemony goodness , a velvet dress , yummy enchiladas and much more, how delightful!.
    My week included reduced to clear items, a lovely outing with my parents which included seeing my lovely gran plus an outing by myself and finding some bargains.
    My savings were: grocery savings : about $60including reduced to clear items, 50% off specials etc. , I had my usual subsidised cleaning $40 saving , meal prep savings ( instead of takeaway , not that I have takeaway often but if I am not up to cooking I end up eating convince food sometimes) $30 , savings on taxi fares by getting lifts with my dad $30 , I bought my niece a gift for her birthday and got it for $5 , I have seen the same thing for $25 in stationery shops , so a $20 savings, I will put $100 into my savings this week as I have had to spend very little on groceries this fortnight so far. I am in the process of making some cards , a saving of about $50 when I finish making them ( I am making a set for my gran for her birthday as we have a big family with lots of birthdays and my gran gives gifts to all of the youngsters in the family- my second cousins) .
    Another way I have saved this week is to write an inventory of what's in my pantry and I will make a meal plan based on what I have. I estimate that I will save at least $100 by using up what I have and only buying what I truly need and will use. I try to do this anyway but sometimes the inevitable happens and I fall into old habits. I have bought a $50 gift card for groceries for the fortnight so I don't have to worry , this also puts me on a budget and makes me more aware of what I spend. I bought some books at the newsagency , I got ten beautiful books for the price of one or two at other shoos. I estimate I have saved at least $60 on books , I will put another $50 in savings if I can.
    I saved $10 on buying sweets. My mum made some passionfruit slice and gave me some .
    I have also saved by making or having made all meals this week . I have already counted savings for meal prep so I won't count this but it is another way I save.
    I think that's everything for the week Annabel, everything I can remember anyway !.
    A total saving of about $500!!.
    I hope you all have a lovely weekend Annabel and beautiful bluebirds!. Annabel I apologise for another huge comment. Love Barb W.

    1. Barb
      You are doing so great! making a meal plan with what you have on hand is a great way to save and I love reading every week how you are saving! Little things make a big difference when you add it all up. Have a great weekend!

    2. I love your idea about getting a gift card for your grocery money. What a great idea to make sure the grocery money stays where it is suppose to.

    3. Barb, well done on your grocery budget. I like the gift card idea. That's clever! Well done with all your savings, Love, Bridge

    4. Dear Vicky, Jean Fleming Kehler and Bridge,
      Thank you ladies , I try very hard to save where I can.
      I came up with the idea of buying a gift card years ago but have only just started doing it again. It helps me with my budgeting and gives me confidence that I have the funds there to buy my groceries when I want them. I am also going to buy gift vouchers in the months leading up to Christmas to use to buy groceries and gifts at Christmas time. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Love Barb

    5. Dear Barb, Well done! It is really good to make an inventory of what we have! It gets us to use up things plus see what we need to add as well.
      Dont apologise for a big comment! I love to hear about your week and I am like you, keeping track of how I am going helps me stay on track! Also it is fun! Many thanks Barb, with love

  2. Hello Annabel & beautiful Bluebirds :) .

    Annabel glad to hear you found some lovely alternative places to shop and I love your quilt and quilt cover too both very pretty.
    Our Vicky challenge adds up to $480.89.

    Grocery savings -

    - Got a 20% off for letting our restaurant supplier know that their website wasn't working :) . I used this to buy a years supply of chocolate buttons for cooking and eating, years supply of vanilla extract, a years supply of golden syrup and 6 months worth of yeast for bread and pizza making saving $68.70 on regular prices.

    Pantry Packer is having a $20 off next purchase on their website with the code LRTHANKYOU2017 for those who are interested or need bulk raw ingredients for their homes.

    In the kitchen -

    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.
    - Baked another batch of queen drop coconut biscuits to use up some more powdered eggs and coconut that need using in the pantry saving another $16.50 over purchasing them in the shops.

    Firewood Savings -

    - Cut another 1.968 cubic metres of firewood free from a friends farm saving $393.60.

    Electricity savings consisted of -

    - Using our solar lanterns instead of mains power $10, charging our solar lantern and mobile phone with car battery via DC cable saving $2.41, steaming vegetables and cooking noodles on the slow combustion fireplace another $3 savings, boiling our water on top of the slow combustion stove for cuppas another $3 savings, heating water on top of our fireplace for washing up our dishes saving another 0.18c .

    Have a great week ahead everyone :) .


    1. Dear Sewingcreaions,
      Thank you for the Pantry Packer code!
      I love that you got more firewood! That is a huge saving and so good to have.
      Your savings for the week were excellent! I have been sewing everyday even if it just a few minutes. Started on my rose fabric finds. I thought I had to tell you since your name is sewicgcreations you must sew!
      I hope you have a wonderful new week! With love

    2. Hi Annabel and most welcome for the code and thank you for the encouragement :).

      We are glad we have been able to cut more firewood and one half of our veranda is almost full which is our goal before winter ends and or while it is cool enough to cut it.

      You are right I do sew mostly homewares which is what you are doing too. I would love to see the finished products of what you are making too and the tablecloth, napkins and handkerchiefs sound lovely. Just a suggestion if you have any fabric left over would be to make cutlery pouches too. Mind you I am into a bit of a French faze at the moment with French Inspired fabrics.

      Have a great week :)


  3. Dear Annabel what a wonderful day you certainly had!! I love your quilt and cover, so fresh and pretty. Lemon butter is my favourite so what a wonderful gift if all those lemons. We don't know anyone with spare lemons so end up paying $1 each! Harpers new dress is simply gorgeous. I too love op shops but never seem to find the fantastic goodies you have bought. Good for you. I've expanded my soup repertoire this winter and what a tasty, filling meal they make with toasted Turkish bread. I have never seen hair colour for 99c !!!! What a great savings. Well done on your search a little further from home for bargains. It's certainly paid off big time for you.
    Enjoy your weekend Annabel and would love to see a photo of your sweet pastry when you master it. Best wishes Lorraineb������

    1. Dear Lorraine, Lemons have been around $1 each here also... and Hildes are at least 3 x the size of the ones in the supermarket! There are good op shops near us but they are really expensive. So it is both groceries and op shops that turn out to be much cheaper going further afield. So thats paying off! I think whenever something takes you into another area check out the prices, op shops etc as this could possibly do the trick.
      I did make a pastry! It was pretty good but I learned and will do better next time! I will post it on Friday! Now I am trying a sour dough recipe as well for pasty since I have that. I made more lemon butter to fill this pie!
      Have a good new week Lorraine! With love

  4. Dear Annabel and bluebirds,
    What an incredible week you've had, Annabel!. It makes me want to take the first plane out to Australia and spend a week just visiting the op shops:-)

    This past week I worked in the garden and harvested more chard which once dehydrated yielded 2 quarts! And there are more roses drying. All meals were taken at home and aside from using my own library of cookbooks it's been fun using for new recipes. During our lemon season last winter I too juiced and froze lots of lemon juice and we've been enjoying refreshing lemonade tea.

    Five dozen chocolate chip cookies and 3 dozen brownies got baked. A large batch of rice was made and divided up into packets and frozen, as well as 2 pots of baked beans. We had a minor cool couple of days here to be able to get ahead without heating up the kitchen too much.

    I've been crocheting spa clothes for the gift closet from a large cone of cotton​ yarn that was in my stash and so far have completed 9. I also started an Afghan(rug)using the puff stitch that I wanted to learn.

    Aside from the usual cleaning and fluffing I think that's about it. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. Blessings,Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie,
      I am using myfridgefood! Thank you! It has given me heaps of ideas!
      Your baking sounds lovely! It aways does. Do you have a spare room? :)
      I love your crocheting too! I learned a kind of bobble stitch that was good but I think I would have to relearn it now to remember! I like those kind of stitches though. My favourite is pineapple stitch.
      Have a really good new week Cookie! With love

  5. What a wonderful week you've had, Annabel! Your pies look absolutely gorgeous! What great op shop finds, too!

    1. Thanks Jenn! Have a good brand new week! I hope its a good one! xxx

  6. Dear Annabel, Your lemons look lovely! You house must smell heavenly.
    We have just come back from a few days at the coast and had to replenish my perishable foods, we ate up all leftovers before we left.
    Never made it to any thrift stores while I was gone but we visited lots of friends and family so it was good. But we did go into a Dollar Tree store and they did have hair color for $1. I thought of you and smiled. Your Op shop finds are great I love the dress for Harper.
    Have a great week!

    1. Dear Laurie, I am glad you had a nice holiday! The velvet dress is that thick good quality old fashioned velvet. I love velvet! I know it will get worn and worn so it was a great buy!
      Have a good new week to you too! With love

  7. Wowza, Annabel!! You hit the jackpot!! That bedspread is amazing. Free lemons are one thing I really miss from growing up in Cali. 2 things were in nearly everyone's backyard. A pool & a lemon tree! We had so many lemons that we'd leave bags in front with a sign that said "FREE" on them! They're not cheap in KS!!

    I'd love hair dye for that price! My best price is about $3, but that doesn't happen often. Usually I can get it for $5.

    I'm still working on office files. Can't remember if I mentioned it, but I found a small file cabinet at a garage sale & I'm making up the files to get better organized and have a central paperwork place. It's FINALLY starting to come together!

    In the money saving, I made 2 batches of laundry soap and a jar of coconut oil body crème. I made a menu and have stuck to it entirely. I'm already firming up a menu for next month, using up what's in the freezer. Lots of wraps and pasta salads/salads on the menu in this wicked humid heat!

    1. Dear Debby, I did feel like I won the jackpot! The hair colour is regularly about $18, I get it when on sale so this was a crazy bargain!
      I think the filing cabinet will be excellent! Yes I remember you mentioning this as I thought what a help it would be. It will take work to get it organised but it will be a good thing.
      Well done on your menu plan! I am doing it too! I really like seeing my list knowing I have all those meals up my sleeve! In the heat I would keep the cooking down too. Right now we are the opposite... I use the oven then leave the oven door open at the end to heat up the kitchen!
      Have a good new week! With love

  8. Good morning, What a good week you had. I am imagining how nice and lemony fresh your home must smell with your lemons everywhere.
    And what a deal on the crystal.
    So happy for you ♥️🏡♥️

    1. Dear Rhonda, Thank you! I am really enjoying these lemons. So far Ive used about thirty. This doenst seem to have made a dent in the pile! I will make lemon cleaning wipes... I think lemon smells very clean and fresh.
      I really love crystal! So when I see it like this I grab it. I am on the hunt for big vase next! Thank you Rhonda! With love

    2. Hi Annabel and could I ask you how you make lemon cleaning wipes it sounds wonderful.

      I am blessed to get a lot of free lemons from friends here too and lately have the juice frozen in ice cubes in the freezer. We usually make a lemon cordial with them for the summer months or if we can get oranges at a reasonable price a nice orange juice cordial.



    3. Dear Sewicgcreations, My lemon vinegar is almost ready so I will post the steps as I make up the cleaner. Also there are many uses for lemon peels, they re fantastic... try Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth ... things to do with citrus peels. You might have to google that but it is fantastic! with love

  9. When lemons are in season again here in the States, I want to make preserved lemons. They need to be organic since you are actually eating the peel.

    1. Dear Brenda,
      I should look into making these... the lemons from Hilde have not been sprayed or anything like that. I don't understand how they are eaten or used so I better read up on that. I have seen them in jars though and they look beautiful! And I have big jars! Thanks for the idea! With love

  10. Hi Annabel and lovely Bluebirds,
    What a lovely week you had.So many great finds. Kristi did well with the grocery shop this week, She was out by GTM this week and found cases of yogurt 12 single serve cup for 75 cents a case. She bought 3 cases. She also bought some snacks that were cheeper to buy than make and we are trying to keep the oven off. It has been quite warm here.Today it will be in the 90s with 90 percent humidity.Yuck we don't usally have humid weather. Kristi also found precooked sausage for 20 cents a pack. She bought 8. That is all that will fit in the freezer. She also got a giant 5 pound block of cheddar for 5 dollars. It is the biggest piece of cheese I have ever seen. I am not sure what to do with cheddar other than sandwitches. don't normally buy it as it is on the pricy side here. I hope everyone has a lovely week.
    Much love Patti

    1. Dear Patti,
      What good bargains Kristi found! That was really good.
      Wow that is so humid! I really struggle in humid weather!
      That cheese is awesome! It makes wonderful macaroni and cheese... on top of lasagna or pasta bakes, pizza, it is very versatile. Also you could cut it up, grate it and freeze some. It will be so handy! Kristi is a good shopper! (cheddar is the usual cheese here for most things)
      Have a lovely weekend Patti! With love

  11. Dear Annabel and Blue Bird friends
    I too have been off checking out another area for specials and I must say that like Annabel it paid off.

    The first place we went to not only had fruit and vegetables but also a butcher and a golden circle factory outlet area as well. Fruit and vegetables were all fresh and better still there were a lot of older people shopping there so obviously it is a good place to shop.

    A bulk butcher that often has great specials is on the way home too so we stopped in and picked up a couple of items to top the freezer up. Right next door is a 'corner store' - that is what they call themselves. They had a kilo of tomatoes for $2-99 and butternut pumpkin for -69 cents a kilo all locally grown.

    We didn't need pumpkin but at that price we purchased a whole one we know that it will keep.

    The best part is that they have a Facebook page so I have 'liked' them and will get their specials as they post them.

    Unfortunately there were no op shops to visit so no bargains like Annabel's.

    This trip is just over 1/2 an hour towards the city but it is well worth it.

    I have a busy week coming up and my husband starts his new job so I am menu planning using what we have on hand. It will take a couple of weeks before we get into the swing of things but the other week I did a trial of cooking two meals on a quiet day so think I will adopt this approach even if I do have a quiet week happening.

    The kitchen dresser arrived yesterday morning - I am working out where to put things, my plan is to have items I use a lot stored in it so that there is no need for me to get the step ladder out.

    It needs some work doing to it but that won't be happening for a bit.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend


    1. Dear Lynette,
      It is a great idea to sign up for emails, alerts, fb pages etc of anywhere good we find. Especially if it is any distance, then we know when to strike! I am doing this and it is really paying off! I am still finding new places too! It seems to me for ages the supermarkets seemed cheaper than the corner stores.... and somehow everyone seems to think it still or assume it but it is not true! The fruit and veg places I have found are most under half the price of Woolworths and even beating Aldi as well. I still love Aldi though but I just get the best price and pick out the best buys.
      Your dresser sounds lovely! I might have to get you to take a photo when you have that all set up!
      It is wonderful about your husbands job. Yes it will take a bit to get into the new routine but it will be great!
      I knew you would like my linen finds especially the Sheridan! I was thinking of you when I found it! This weekend is really cold and wet. I have been cutting up the pink rose quilt covers and making myself table linen. It is really pretty! Also have the crockpot on with beef that I got half price last week in my shopping around!
      The prices you found on tomatoes and pumpkin were really good, I would have stocked up too.
      Have a lovely weekend! With love

    2. Dear Annabel
      I'll take a photo of the dresser and send it to you - more painting going on in the kitchen today. It won't be set up because it needs a really good clean but that will happen after it has been vacuumed, lots of cobwebs in drawers and other places so I think it has been sitting unused for quite a while.
      The funny thing is that I only use Facebook to follow things that I am interested in - no records of anything personal on it. Having done family research then had personal information that I shared with a distant family member put onto their page for everyone to see taught me a valuable lesson.
      I actually picked up nearly a kilo of tomatoes for less than $2-00 at the place that has everything. They were a markdown.
      Tomorrow afternoon I am going to start setting up a journal - I use to have my grocery list, meat etc recorded in a small book along with the menu plan plus baking many years ago. I want to get back to doing that so that I have a record if something worked or not. Initially I will just work on a week at a time but eventually, when I am more familiar with how long it takes for my husband to get home I should be able to eventually have a month's menu plan done.
      Enjoy that beef.


  12. Annabel and ladies,
    It has been a slow week here the weather changes from day to day. It was pretty much a stay home and do things week and a fix mowers week. I have to go to the dentist on the 19th and the bill will be $850. We will be able to pay cash which I am happy about. The garden is doing well and we have had lots of weeding to do. I made a few things to put away for gifts. Plus with cooking and hanging out the wash and some samples in the mail and Rick's mower repairs our total was $786. Have a great weekend.

    1. Dear Vicky, Dentist bills :( I hate them. It will be good when thats over and done with!
      What a good week savings wise! That really is excellent! I hope this week will be a big one! With love

  13. You did get some great deals. Thanks for all your inspiration. So glad you have been reminding us about Laine's wisdom. I did take up your challenge a few posts back. While reading her guest post and the food savings link, she made a statement that got my attention. "I pray as I shop" Wow! How wise. So thankful for that reminder.

    Well as I catch up on Bluebirds' activities, I'm blessed by everyone who shares here. Lovely gifts ladies. Keep up making heirlooms.

    We saved here on the farm by harvesting our nectarines. We have jars of jam now resting on our cellar shelves. My m-i-l was given rhubarb. She made strawberry-rhubarb sauce and canned some of that as well. Today we enjoyed pie making to donate to a church event. 2 cherry and 2 apple all from our own trees. The apples were frozen from last fall. What a blessing!

    1. Dear Leslie,
      I am taking up Laines suggestions too and I think that really is what helped me have such successful shopping trip.
      It is wonderful to have nectarines and rhubarb! When I have nectarines I often make that use it up cake with yoghurt and nectarine all over the top as we love that cake!
      I love pies! I would love to be there making pies with you! Especially the cherry pies they must look heavenly. They will be popular at your church event! Have a great weekend Leslie! With love

  14. Wow Annabel, what a great week. You found some beautiful things! I am amazed. Well done. All of those things are so beautiful. You will have fun sewing that material and making gifts, what a great idea. I love that you shopped outside your normal area and did things differently. I have taken that on board this week and went to a butcher a little far away (but combined it with another errand) and bought meat- even the things not on special were 30% cheaper than in the supermarket, so well worth it. I love your lemon butter. My Gran used to make lemon butter, so it brings back special memories to me. I will have to try and make it. Your tarts look like you could sell them- they are so pretty. We have finally settled into the house and it has been a busy time. I have been LOVING setting it all up and it has been great for my DS to have more space (and a yard!). He loves being able to play freely. So we have had quite an expensive time, so I am looking forward to being able to save again instead of money just going out! We also found out we are expecting number two- so we will need to save those pennies. All will be worth it and feel very lucky. Lots of love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      YOU ARE EXPECTING A BABY! Oh my goodness! I am so thrilled for you! And you've moved in! You must be tired! Well what a year you are having! You have the excitement of setting up a new home and a new nursery! And yes for DS now this bigger home and a yard to play is fantastic.
      Now your butcher discovery... this is very good! See if maybe this butcher you found has a fb page or a weekly email or something then you will know when it is worth going the distance. Many have fb pages etc. so you see the weekly specials. Also find out if there are any op shops in that area... then it starts to really pay off! I am having really good results with this so far.
      I am so happy for you! I am seeing Mum this afternoon and will tell her your news! Kelsey is about due... now we will have another little Bluebird! With lots of love,

    2. Congratulations Bridge!!

    3. Congratulations Bridge , another beautiful baby bluebird, how lovely.
      I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy , sending you lots of love and best wishes.
      Love BarbW.

    4. Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. It means a lot!! I'm unbelievably excited I can barely contain myself. Can't wait to hear Kelsey's news. Her little one will be very lucky to have her as his mum. Lots of love, Bridge

  15. I've just finished canning half a dozen or so jars of cranberry sauce. My husband loves to have cranberry sauce with his chicken and stuffing dinner but Aldi considers it a seasonal item and so we won't be able to buy until November. The cost in other grocery is ridiculous. I had three bags berries in the freezer so I made up my own. It was an easy enough way to save this week.

    The lemon curd is so lovely and I am sure it tastes divine. I have my usual frugal post up on my blog. So happy to hear from Laine. I too was heavily influenced by her for many years and I miss those letters of hers! I do understand that God calls us to do certain ministries for certain seasons and then it's time to move into other areas. What a blessing she was to us all when she was busily writing for our benefit.

    1. Dear Terri,
      You are another friend who has Laine in common. It is good that we all understand what we are talking about. My life was shaped by her a lot!
      Have another very productive week! With love,

  16. Annabel, I purchased a piece of fabric today that is very similiar to the one you are going to use for the sewing challenge. I can't wait to see your finished products using it ... you just might inspire me to copy you ...again!!! The little velvet dress is so elegantly beautiful. I know Harper will be so pretty in it. You've had a really good week! I'm still harvesting and preserving garden produce. It's been a good 'adding to the pantry' kind of week.

    1. Dear Patsy, I love pink and pink roses is even better!
      I am really enjoying the sewing challenge and cant wait to show you what I have made so far! With love

  17. Hi Annabel

    It sounds like you have had a wonderful week. I really love the look of the lemons around the house. So fresh and inviting.

    Life here has been very busy and as usual school holidays has not gone to plan but we had a rather unexpected visit home for 2 nights. Grandma came to visit with other family who had to leave early so we flew home on Tuesday with her and stayed for 2 nights with my brother and his family, then we headed back on Thursday night and now both DD7 and I are both sick.

    But due to illness I am able to catch up a little with your blog and other computer work that has been neglected. Now that it is cooler we are spending much needed outside time which we are unable to do in summertime.

    Hope all is well with you and your family. Well done to those who are getting ahead and making such wonderful progress on their Christmas items. I have been having a look and wow there sure is such talent amongst everyone here.

    We have decided that this year we are meeting halfway so that each family is only taking one flight and rather that spend too much on Christmas presents we will spend the money on accomodation and being together. Everyone will get a small gift under the tree on Christmas day but DD7 will get 2 smaller Christmases as I am sure that Santa will stop by the houes when we are away.

    Take Care
    Aly xxx

    1. Dear Aly, That sounds like a good Christmas plan and a lot to look forward to!
      I understand about using the reasonable weather to get things done outside. We don't have the heat you do but we have enough that I know you just cant be doing anything outside at those times.
      I am sorry you are sick but I am glad you got to catch up and to hear from you! I hope you can rest up over the weekend and feel much better.
      I cant believe DD is 7 now!
      You surprise visit was lovely and your trip to your brothers! You have been busy!
      This weekend it is really cold and wet so I am sewing. I am really trying to get heaps done and keep warm. I have the crockpot going too! Have a lovely weekend! With love

  18. Oh my goodness Annabel, you have had a very productive week. I am in love with that little velvet dress. I can see your little miss Harper looking divine in it. This will do another turn when Scarlett is old enough to wear it. Great buy.
    When we get home I will join you in learning how to make pastry cases. I have never tried so it is about time I learned how .
    I can't really say we have made savings this week. We were at our nephews March Out at Kapooka. Our RAAF son and his family were there so I got lots of Tilly cuddles. Priceless.
    We are only purchasing what we need and nothing more. We are now on our magical mystery tour and heading towards Victoria. Bluey is coping well so far so our journey continues. Our nest feathering is our travelling and catching up with our family.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane,
      The pastry was a success and easy so I am wondering what took me so long! Now though I am trying one with sour dough! This looks even easier so I will let you know!
      It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Just enjoy, relax and crochet! This will be really good for Bluey I think after all he has been through. Have a wonderful week! Love

  19. I love the pics of all the lemons and how you used them! :)

    You did a wonderful job saving money! Such a blessing to your family! :)

  20. Dear Annabel and Bluebird Friends,
    I just love reading what everyone has done through the week to Feather their Nests. The savings are admirable.
    Not much new here. We usually don't spend unless it's something we need or will use and then we buy it on sale. I do need to make a lot of jam from blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, and strawberries that are waiting in the freezer for me to get busy.
    I have been sewing daily as I have a personal goal to meet by this time next year. The Op shop findings were awesome, Annabel.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda, I am sewing daily in Patsys challenge. I am amazed how much I am getting done in even 15 minutes a day! It is all adding up! I will keep going until I have to shift out for the work on the floors.
      Have a great new week! with love

  21. Wow what amazing op shop finds! Waterford crystal and Sheridan bedding are beautiful things to add to your home. Enjoy the lemons!

    1. Thank you Amanda! Yes it was all pretty luxurious! The glasses are just stunning! I love crystal! xxx

  22. Dear Annabel, My you had a wonderful week! How nice for you to visit Hilde, find new shops and pick lots of lemons!! The lemon curd and pies look just yummy! Can't wait to see all your sewing creations.

    That velvet dress for Harper is beautiful. I hope we get to see a picture of her with it on sometime!:)

    I saved a lot be just staying home. I pulled frozen tomatoes from the freezer and made a big pot of pizza sauce. It's all in jars now (11 pints)! I also took some Italian sausage out (6 packages), cooked them up and sliced them for pizza. Tomorrow or Monday, I will make a double batch of bread dough, divide it and freeze it for pizza crusts. We have been enjoying homemade pizza and we always have enough for a couple lunches. I also used my crock pot to cook pork ribs with my canned BBQ sauce. And I've been busy dehydrating grapes, cherries, strawberries and celery (all these were small amounts left in the crisper). At least they didn't get wasted.:) I used dried garlic and onions along with dry herbs for my pizza sauce. A couple weeks ago, I made a batch of English muffins, using some of my ground wheat, and they were yummy! So, I'll be making another batch of those, and some Naan bread this week.

    Congrats to Bridge!:) Have a good coming week everyone! Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri,
      I have never made English muffins! I would love to try! The pizza dough and the pizza sauce are so handy! The pork ribs sound wonderful! I hope you will have lots of harvest going in and at this time of the year lots of bargain fruit and veggies as well. It is so cold here now this is tough to imagine! But that is the best part of summer, the fruit coming in and getting to make so many things. Usually I end up with a lot of jars and a lot in the freezer. I love it!
      Have a good new week Teri! With lots of love


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