The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell for November Part 2.

That week went fast! This is part two of Show and Tell... it is beautiful to see so many gifts made and ready to go!

First we have Cookie. Boy has she been busy!

This is some of what she made last month! We have tea cosies, a bag, coasters, lip balm...

The painting in the background is an old window that Cookie painted to decorate her fireplace.

I just love the crochet edges on these!

And here Cookie lengthened and embellished a tunic with a crochet border.  I think this is a brilliant idea!  What amazing work Cookie.  Thank you! 

Melissa K used an old photo to make a very special card. This is of her Mum when she was a little girl with her little brother. She has passed away now and Melissa used this to make her Dad this card.
I thought how beautiful. And the idea to use vintage photos .... child hood photos... with copies so easily made these are a beautiful idea for card making!

Vicky cut up an old fur jacket she had and made her Granddaughter a vest. What a gorgeous idea and lovely present! In my craft cupboard I have a fur coat kept for cutting up... now I am thinking a little vest for Harper! 

Mimi had a great month. Go and have a look at her tutorials on A Tray of Bliss. (The link is always on my side bar.) I am planning the soap in January to kick start my new present cupboard!

Sheila made her Mum aprons  in a light fabric just as her Mum requested. They were a custom order you could say! Also Sheila was able to make them from remnants. What a lovely gift!

Thank you so much everyone! I hope you all enjoyed seeing what was made last month as much as I did. Each show and tell has given me new ideas! Most of all each one has warmed my heart. There is something terribly happy about all this creating and industry!

What are you working on at the moment?  Baking is in my immediate future as I have Shortbread, Coconut Ice and Fudge planned.

Mainly now I am wrapping and organising. It has been a busy few days so far!
I hope you are having a good week!  Already I am excited to report a heap of good finds and nest feathering on Friday! See you then! xxx


  1. Hello Annabel, I have your winter orange sunshine cake in the oven at the moment and whilst I wait I thought I’d see if you’d posted today and hooray you had. The other day I bought a couple of kilos of oranges and I pureed them all in my thermie and separated them into bags and froze them. Whenever I feel like making your cake, I usually don’t have an orange as we as a rule don’t eat many of them, so this morning I just grabbed a bag of pureed orange out of the freezer and noticed with satisfaction that nestled in a pile were half a dozen more bags!
    Cookie such gorgeous presents and sure to bring joy to the recipients, I too love the idea of lengthening a top with crochet.
    The card that Melissa made for her dad will be a hit I’m sure. It is a great idea as copying is so easy these days. I might have a think about that too. I got my first Christmas card in the mail today. I must send mine on as well.
    I can see Harper in a little fur coat next winter. She is a very cute little girl and I think anything at all would look good on her.
    I’ve read Mimi’s blog and she has got some great things. I did rose petals in my soap many years ago and they sort of went yuk, I’m not sure why, but seeing hers this week I thought maybe I should have another go.
    I like Sheila’s aprons. Just the other week I bought two lots of fabric in quite old fashioned retro prints and I made a pattern from existing pants and was making myself and my dil to be, a pair of pjama lounging around pants but not having sewed clothing for a while (apart from baby stuff) I forgot to check the width of the fabric and there is not enough, but seeing the aprons, I reckon I might think about making an apron out of this fabric.
    I am going to have a go at your shortbread next week, but unfortunately I am the only one in the family that likes coconut ice and I can’t bring myself to make a batch because I will be the only one to eat it. I am looking forward to your next post on Friday. Have a great day Annabel. Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona,
      It is a great idea to keep the orange frozen. Sometimes I get free oranges in winter and they freeze really well so I need to remember to do that.
      I wonder if the petals on top of the soap are different to in the soap itself? I really want to use rose buds so will be trying to figure this out. I will report it Friday but I saw hand made soap at much bigger prices than I have seen before they are charging a fortune for it!
      The shortbread makes up really well I hope you like it. The temperature of the butter and air mean that just get it so that it is lovely and smooth... then it is so good and rolls out or cuts out perfectly. The easiest is to do a slab and score it before it goes in to the oven then slice it through while it is still hot. Then the lines break perfectly and straight. I am making it too it tastes so good.
      I hope your week is going well! You are doing great to sew, cook and all the work you are doing at the moment! With lots of love

  2. Such beautiful gifts! Who wouldn't love to receive any of them?!

    Since we're talking about Christmas, I have a silly question to ask, Annabel. What is on your Christmas cards weather-wise? We often have snowy landscape on ours and that always seemed odd to me when I lived in SoCal and it was often 80° on Christmas! My friend was from Hawaii and she sent cards with surfing Santas or decorated palm trees.

    1. Dear Debby,
      Mainly Christmas cards are fairly traditional and yes snow scenes etc even though it is summer. I actually usually pick those as I love white and sparkly. You can get Aussie ones but I prefer nativity, angels, snow... glitter! It sounds nuts but we have hot dinner, pudding etc even during the heat. We must be in some kind of denial or something haha!
      There are many that choose a seafood lunch and salads etc so everyone is different but our family does the traditional. Many people collect things like snow globes, little houses covered in snow etc. When I was little I loved snow globes... I still do!
      Not a silly question... We were brought up on old christmas moves and snow scenes. The girls loved Home Alone and that was snowing too! With love

    2. Thanks for sharing! As I said, growing up in SoCal was probably pretty similar to your Christmas. We'd get a cold one every few years. But most years we'd be wearing short sleeves and my mom would cook with the kitchen windows wide open and a fan on!

      Kansas is usually cold, but we don't often get a white Christmas.

  3. Oh my goodness! Wow, and I say again wow! I am in love with Cookie's tea cosies. I agree with Rachel(from the recipe post) that our Cookie is a very clever cookie indeed. The card, the soap and the aprons that everyone has made, are all very special. A fur coat for your Harper based on a fur vest for Vicky's grandie, what a wonderful idea. Mind you I find it so difficult to understand when anyone could be so cold as to need such a heavy coat.
    Bluey had his 8 week post op visit with the surgeons today. He has been given lots of positive feedback and pats on the back for the way he is recovering. He is beginning to feel a bit better. Each good day is a blessing as it helps so much on a down day.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane,
      Thanks for commenting on everyones work.
      This is very good news! If the surgeons think Bluey is doing well then that is wonderful and also should reassure Bluey that he is going great. Such positive feedback has to be encouraging. Good Christmas present news like this!
      You are doing a good job too! It is a big thing coming home after a major surgery and those first weeks are not easy. It is like a full time job or two full time jobs as night and day get blurred in intensive care... and everyone gets messed up! I remember that with Dad...
      Have a great rest of the week! With love

  4. Hi Annabel!

    How lovely and refreshing! Did I ever really tell you - I love your work!! How you inspire and coordinate us is so very enjoyable! I love it!!

    Cookie's work is just beautiful! It's a privilege to see inside her home just a little, and the floral painting would have to be especially refreshing in winter. It makes me wonder what beauty there must be in Cookie's garden! I think the tea cosies are both delicate in colour, and pretty. The crochet edges on the coasters and top are impressive. (Aren't you supposed to be a beginner in crochet, Cookie?!) The contrasting backgrounds set the photos out well. It's all so sweetly homely, Cookie! Thank you!!

    Melissa K has shown such a wonderful photo! Such a precious moment captured should be something her Dad can cherish.

    Mimi, you've excelled in the mode of lush simplicity! The solid perfume lockets are a fine idea, and your soap making tutorial was informative - with beautiful, silky smooth soap in the making! Great job!!

    Sheila, who wouldn't love an apron like these?! I think your gifts are sweet, and you know that they'll be in use on a daily basis! That's beautiful!! They remind me, too, of Kelsey's apron!

    (Mel S, I am thinking that you might be recovering from surgery now. That kind of makes you an item in the Show, too! I hope you mend well!)

    (Bluey, your recovery is still something wonderful! Have you scorched a cooking pot yet?!)

    Thanks, Annabel!
    (Guess what I'm learning?!)

    With very warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      Thank you for your kind words!
      And thank you for commenting on everyones work!
      You are crocheting! Or spinning..... mmmm one of those! I think crocheting! This is exciting! I think you will love it! I expect a full and detailed report with photos sometime soon!
      Have a wonderful weekend CROCHETING! haha!
      With love


  5. Vicky, I think the fur vest means a lot of warm fun for one granddaughter! That's the kind of practical idea I really like! It reminds me of good old Davey Crockett! What about a 'possible bag' to go with it?!
    Rachel Holt

    1. Rachel
      Good idea! I have some coat left I could do a small bag with thanks!

    2. Dear Rachel, Since posting this Vicky made boot toppers! Also a good idea. I have quite a bit of similar fur in pink...I am dreaming up what to do with it!
      I hope you are having a great week! Love

  6. Dear Annabel,

    Wow! What a lot of things Cookie has been up to! I especially love the coasters with the crocheted edgings. There are a lot of talented sewers out there! Just look at those aprons and the fur vest! The Christmas card is extra special and I am in love with Mimi's painting and her gingerbread!

    Packaging up a parcel today to go across country, so I predict a few Christmas carols being sung today!

    Love, Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, I bet you are sending a parcel to your Dad. Well whoever is getting it this is fun and I love to imagine when parcels arrive at the other end.
      Thanks for commenting on everyones work! The efforts of the year are really paying off for us all now! Have fun wrapping! With love

  7. I love all the ideas! I'm so impressed with everything but I especially love the idea of crocheting the edging for the blouse. Brilliant! Great post.

    1. Dear Vickie,
      It is lovely to gather some new ideas we can use ourselves.
      Lately I have had many free ebooks because of your blog thank you!
      With love

  8. Dear Annabel,
    Thank you for sharing my photos. I've learned so many new things here this year thanks to you and all of the generous ladies who participate in your blog.

    Melissa's card for her Dad is so very special. The vest Vicky made for her granddaughter is amazing. I can't wait to make the solid perfume that Mimi has on her blog. The aprons Sheila made are lovely. I especially like that they are designed with a pocket in the front.
    Today is being spent with a few more items to bake, making lotion bars, and getting some gift tags made and some wrapping done so that things can get posted by Monday. Blessings. Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie,
      Thank you so much for all the lovely photos! I think you have had an amazing year and achieved so much!
      Lotion bars! Your place is a hive of activity! I want to see and hear about these too..
      I have been keeping an eye on dates and what has to be posted also. And wrapping. I might get some more wrapping done today too. With much love

  9. Dear Annabel and Bluebird Friends,
    First, thank you all so much for your prayers for me. I am still recuperating, but your prayers have meant so much and blessed me immensely.
    Cookie, you are one very talented lady!! I love all of your sewing and crochet; plus that painting is gorgeous.
    Melissa, what a meaningful and lovely card for your Dad. You are a very thoughtful daughter, indeed.
    Vicky, you are creative as always. Your grand daughter will love the vest.
    Mimi, you are very versatile and the goodies look delicious.
    Sheila, I love the aprons. I have been wanting to make some, so hope after I am better I can do that.
    Love and hugs to all,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      I am so glad you could report in. I hope you are resting and keeping your spirits up.
      Thank you for commenting on everyones work. I have been gathering ideas for 2017!
      With lots of love,

    2. Good on you, Glenda! I hope you feel the kind of warmth that you send us!!

  10. Hi Annabel,

    All these gifts are going to be so cherished. I love the variety that we get to see - it makes me want to try some new things next year.

    I made your gingerbread today and am really happy with the result (even though I think I may have rolled the first batch a little thin, but then you live and learn). My 2 little grandchildren are going to love decorating some next week.

    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Janine,
      There have been a lot of ideas that I think I will use next year. Its good to have new things to make and totally different gifts. Plus I feel like its good just learning new skills.
      As soon as you said abut the gingerbread I regret that I wasn't specific about thickness... but then it is personal taste too i.e. Andy likes his thick and lightly done and I like mine crispy! So basically one of us is always happy! They are good for decorating. Many hours were spent on decorating when the girls were little. I look forward to this with Grandchildren even next year maybe Harper will be old enough! Ill start her young! With love,

  11. Ladies, you are all brilliant, as usual! And so prolific in your craft production. I've been quite the slacker this month but so enjoy seeing your lovely work!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh, Thank you on behalf of everyone!
      Well you achieved a lot this year. You made loads! So you are probably reaping the rewards right now! With love

  12. Always lovely ladies! What fantastic items all! Such talent!! I am so grateful to Annabelle for hosting and sharing with us all the wonderful ideas made with such love. We are expecting snow tonight and I'm looking forward to the winter wonderland to finish up some sewing and wrapping. Much love from the Pacific northwest Gaila

    1. Dear Gaila,
      Thank you so much for commenting! I think the snow sounds just beautiful! Enjoy your sewing and wrapping! With love

  13. Just lovely everyone ๐Ÿ˜‡ my brother Billy got his gift box today! He took his shopping cart for the bus to the office and
    The manager put the package on for him and he wheeled it back to his apt and decorated.He set up the little 2 foot tree and added the gold balls candy canes he added the tree skirt that I
    Made and put the gift's under it.We also sent a little crush manger seen.We got most of the decorations at the 99 cents store.Then we also sent gifts.Thank you ladies for the prayer's
    Little by litre he is feeling better. He sounded better and be is so excited that he has a tree. I also sent a snuggy and another blanket for his bed. He is going to try and ride the bus tomarrow he has an apt. Much love to everyone.What
    wonderful creative people.It is nice to hear others are healing also๐Ÿ˜‡
    PS sorry about typos.Learning to use the kindle.


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