The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Feather your Nest Friday, Sep 11, 2015.

I am glad to stop and have a review of the week. At the moment I don't think I achieved as much as usual due to a couple of days feeling really tired. I still have today of course to put some action into my day so there is hope yet!

Andy gave me flowers when I came home from the farm!

I am always saying to make hay while the sun shines. This is because the sun doesn't always shine! We have times we are not well, are overtired, caring for others and various things that mean we can't get some things done. That is ok! We do what we can and when we can. Yesterday I took Harper for a long walk in the sunshine so that Lucy could have a sleep. She was dead on her feed as she has had bad nights recently. It was sunny so we headed off with the pram and I looked at lovely gardens and saw beautiful parrots and Kookaburras. I say to her that at the moment a cared for baby, a meal on the table and the most basic things are all she needs to be trying to do. That is enough! More than enough.
Keeping things going is enough and if we can manage that it is success.

On our walk I found a perfect picnic spot that has a BBQ, table and chairs all under a huge Morton Bay Fig tree. It is GIGANTIC. I never knew it was there. I love finding picnic spots...

Some of the ways I saved money this week...

On warmer days I used recycled water on the garden. I use the rinse water from the washing machine out the back and the bath water out the front. This is quite good exercise. My Doctor once said to me I need to do weight bearing exercise as women my age need to. I told her I carry 20 buckets and watering cans of water a day around the garden from the house and water everything that way. Does that count? She said YES! that was fantastic and more than enough. So I am killing two birds with one stone.

Chloe gave me two large cement pots she found on the roadside out the front of where she lives.  They are the two pots on the left here...

They are big! It is hard to show how big they are but the bottom pot of the stacked pots is a large half wine barrel.  So this is my grouping at my back door and I refreshed some and planted up others. I have cherry tomatoes, basil, two types of parsley, chives, strawberries, baby spinach, oregano, thyme and capsicum. I water it all with water from the kitchen ie the water that comes out of the tap when you are waiting for the hot to run, left over tea, water from cooking etc.  I am really glad I got these started and will post an update when it is all grown.

The stack I have usually produces a lot of food. I have a larger stack and a smaller one. I did weaken at one stage and include some flowers. I can't wait for it all to be big again as it gets in summer but this is how it is this week.

Year after year I have found Cherry Tomatoes do very well in pots. And you get a harvest for just ages.

I finished another Christmas present. This time more kitchen towels in black and white.

The beginning of the week was cold so I cooked a beef casserole then the next day made meat pies. I was able to add some meals to the freezer this way. The crock pot makes the most tender pie fillings.

Also I made spinach quiches which were a dinner plus work lunches.

The ones to go as work lunches I cook in king sized muffin trays. For little kids do them in mimi muffin trays so they are just the right size to handle. These freeze well too.

I feathered the nest by:

I helped the family with some meals/cooking.
We increased household security.
I added to my pantry and cellar. 
The planting and the additions to the freezer...

How was your week?  How did you save money and build up your home? 

I am thinking of September 11th today and what that day was like. 
It kind of changed the world.  I remember that day like it was yesterday

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xxx


  1. There was a shoe on last night called 102 Minutes That Changed America. After we watched it my hubby said really it changed the world. It was a haunting show - made up of all the footage that people shot on the day. There was no narration, just the footage, which I think made it so real.
    You have been wonderfully busy. Love your plantings. And the cooking looks yummy! What a gorgeous looking pie.

    1. Dear Jayne,
      Even though Im in Australia so far away it was a day like no other. Mum also had two American uni students staying at the farm. They ended up in her lounge room so they could see what was happening. They were sobbing and their parents were on the phone begging them to not return, not get on a plane. It was very upsetting.
      A little bit of pastry rolled up forms a rose and a couple of leaves cut out! Its so simple but looks nice! Everyone seems to love a pie. I do as it is a meal all in one which can be a saviour! Have a lovely weekend! Love

  2. Dear Annabel. Another inspirational and productive week from you. And how lovely that you are the kind of Mum/Grandma who gives her daughter a break from baby. That's a sanity saver, and such special time for you and Harper. I knew I had a super, super busy week this week, so on Monday and Tuesday, I used a leftover lamb shank and leftover chicken carcass, both of which still had plenty of meat on them, to make two separate soups. One a lamb, vegetable and lentil Middle Eastern inspired soup, and the other a Chicken, lemongrass, lime and chilli Thai inspired one. We love soup here and eat it year round, sometimes as an entrée`, and more often as a complete meal with oven baked garlic or herb bread. So that was two dinners and two lunches, really from nothing. I used Flybuys points to stock up on some half price bargains for our 'shop', which is what we call our stockpile here. So often now, we are able to check our shop, and not have to go to the real shop at all! We made home made know the ice cream lining waffle cones with Ice Magic, spooning icecream into them, layering more Ice Magic as we went, and finishing with a puff of tinned cream and some chocolate sauce and chopped nuts. Absolutely delicious, and so much nicer than bought ones, and at a price of about -40c instead of $1.50-$4.00. You must try them! I made my Mums Bombay Curry, and her Curried Eggs over rice, both of which are crazy frugal and so scrumptious, and finally, finally finished the Dance costumes I'd been working on. Thank goodness because it's Dance Night tonight! I wish I could say there was going to be a tutorial, but it's all too hard! A picture maybe :) Lots of love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, I love your Mums recipes! Comfort and yum food.
      I love homemade icecreams. Banana splits used to be my speciality (when kids were still home) I just found out you can get baileys irish cream ice cream! Imagine that!
      As always you had a hugely productive week and probably the dance costumes would be worth a fortune if they were bought. I hope all the girls love them and keep them as treasures afterwards.
      I wouldnt have managed probably if Mum hadnt helped me at times when the kids were little... mainly if I was sick was the time I needed help. Once was n hospital and Lucy was sick at the same time! Thank goodness for Mum.
      Have a good weekend and I hope tonight is a great triumph! With love and thanks,

    2. Oh, those Drumsticks sound delicious! I have never thought to make my own before, but now I am inspired! If you would share, I would love the recipe for Curried Eggs, Mimi.

  3. Hi, Annabel, dear. I've been away for a bit.

    I wanted to inform you about Kelley Highway going away and Letters Unfolded being my new blog at www (dot) letters unfolded (no space in between) (dot) com.

    Letters Unfolded

    1. Dear Kelley, Thank you! I will be following and will adjust the side bar link too shortly. Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  4. Annabel sometimes we need to heed what out bodies are telling us and have some time out otherwise we end up even worse off.

    I am sure that Lucy was feeling a lot better after her sleep - I can remember being told to sleep when the baby slept. Easy to do with #1 but when #2 arrives not so easy.

    The flowers in your pots are bright and cheerful and knowing you will end up topping a cake or two in the future.

    We worked out a way of stopping the heat from coming into the kitchen from the hot westerly sun in the hot weather - we are putting block out film on the windows and because you can be seen through the windows at night when the light is on curtains have gone up.

    We have moved furniture into where it is going to be and am now working through organising a few more things while we wait for our daughter to come home from her jaunt and move to a new abode.

    We are doing a swap to get rid of the original shed, the fellow who is going to be doing the work on sorting out our flooding issues is taking it in lieu of payment for some of the bits and pieces.

    My husband has taken over the rental mess - the insurance assessor was quite rude on Monday so a complaint has been put into the insurance company.

    As for what happened 14 years ago - I can remember our daughter coming to me in tears because her birthday would be forever spoilt, we have made a point of celebrating her birthday, if we are where she is, or she goes out with friends. This year she is camping up in the Northern Territory, her face book page is full of wishes for a happy birthday and in amongst them are photos of her trip yesterday - she went on a cruise where they fed crocodiles. The water is so murky that there is no way that you could tell there were any there.

    Today was grocery day, just a few to use up a few things as well as some eggs and bread. Very few mark downs.

    The weather has changed and we have had grey skies and rain - it has turned quite cool as well - perfect football watching weather.

    Have a great weekend everyone - Mimi I hope that everything goes well tonight.


    1. Dear Lynette, I have a friend who had her baby that day! The trauma was on the tv in the ward where she was... then she gave birth. So her boy was 14 yesterday! What a day to be born and she didnt know if the world was ending, thats how it felt.
      How awesome you can swap your shed like that! That is so handy. Two birds with one stone!
      The advice to sleep when the baby sleeps also worked for me with one baby but no use at all with two. Later though I managed to get a nap time they both had for a while at least but that took a long time to get to! Very difficult. I couldnt do it now. What I did back then and managed I realize I just cant do those kind of hours now.
      Our weather has suddenly really heated up so the change is dramatic.
      Have a lovely weekend. Warm weather is probably heading you way soon. With love,

  5. I haven't achieved much this week, Annabel. Mum's taxi seems to have been working overtime making it difficult to slot in time to actually finish an activity. We have used a lot of our homegrown vegetables in meals and some of the winter veggies are going to seed so I need to harvest what I can and then plant new seedlings. I did add a little to the stockpile so that was something. How wonderful that you can give Lucy a break. My girl was sick recently as well as bub and one of the girls and I wished that I lived closer so that I could have helped out.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel,
      Distance is awful at times. I know you travel to spend time with your daughter and would be a great help to her then. Both the girls were overseas for a period of time. I tired to be positive about it but actually hated it! So this certainly made me appreciate their proximity now. So I feel very lucky that Harper is here. But we have to make the most of how it works out and adapt. I hope your daughter is all better and your grand daughter. The weather will be warming up so hopefully this is the end of winter bugs etc.
      I had such success with parsley seeds from my deeding plant that I will be saving all seeds from now on!
      Have a lovely weekend. With love,

  6. Annabel, how sweet of you to be attentive of your daughters needs during this season of baby care. It can be exhausting and you being close enough to lend a hand when needed is a blessing.

    I will be eagerly following your potted herb garden. I had a similar set up this year and it really did well.

    We saved money this week by accepting the gift of a used well pump after we came home from traveling and found ours had quit working. We feel quite blessed!

    1. Dear Patsy,
      I have really been amazed by what I can grow in those pots. This is great for many people who dont have much yard. I have seen the beautiful space you have for growing! It is like a farm! But then also what is near the back door can be watered from the house, free water kind of.
      It was wonderful about the pump. I read that you found your pump not working when you got home. What a gift! that is a huge blessing.
      Have a lovely weekend. Our weather has really warmed up so we will be in the garden. With love,

  7. Annabel,
    This was not a good day for the US. You feel so bad for the families who lost loved ones.
    Your pots are going to be just lovely, you live in such a pretty place. It was so hot this summer everything is dry and brown.
    Your meat pies are pretty too! You put such a special touch on everything and taking a walk with a little baby is one of my favorite things to do.
    I don't feel as I got as much done as I like so for this next week I am going to make a double effort, but I am getting tired and there is still a lot to do.
    I got a nice baking pan this week for free. When I was babysitting at son's his neighbors had a box of free stuff sitting on the curb so I got the baking pan. It is really nice, but had it not been I always need stuff for the animals. I am having another class tonight and the discussion will be Debt and Emergency Funds. More like a mini debate. Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Dear Vicky,
      That sounds like an interesting subject. I think we must have emergency funds set aside and then work on debt. But that can be hard!
      A free baking pan is handy. One time years ago I came across a whole box of baking dishes, cake tines etc. All beautiful stuff. It is my baking supplies now. What a find!
      By the end of our summer lots of things will be brown and dry here too. the farm will be. I have to water water water to keep things going here. But we get good winter rains so overall it is pretty good.
      I hope your class goes well, and have a good weekend. Lots of love,

  8. Dear Annabel,

    I love your herb arrangement for gardening. The meat pies look delicious!! I keep telling myself to get out the crock pot and use it. I sincerely hope Fall brings calmer times so I can do that.

    This week, we added to our pantry by ordering online and in-person shopping at Sam's Club. We still have two more stores to visit for purchases and another online list to order, then we hope to be caught up with the food pantry for winter. As you know, shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, so will be glad when it's done and I can change my focus to sewing :).

    We did have 12 peppers from plants we planted amongst the flower beds out front, so John chopped them up for me and I vacuum sealed them and put them in the freezer for winter. We, also, had about six large cucumbers, so I'll make a couple of jars of freezer pickles; my favorite. Next year we will have a real raised bed garden again, Lord willing.

    Walking Harper in the beauty of the transition of seasons sounds absolutely lovely and memorable. She's so cute!!

    With love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      The peppers and cucumbers are wonderful especially considering the short time you have been in your new home!
      The online shopping must be a big help. Large quantity shopping is hard work. We need to so some of it in person but things delivered is so handy and less lifting and hauling.
      As the weather cools and you have a busy day out, that is a good day to get a soup or stock going in the crock pot. Once you get going it is a help. Returning from being out and busy to a cooked meal is like having a maid. Also as you open the door you are greeted by a smell of a meal. ahhh that is nice.
      Our weather has warmed up and it is going to be a really warm weekend. A shock! But spring cleaning can begin!
      Lots of love, Annabel.xxxx

  9. You are wise to allow yourself and Lucy to rest. The picnic spot looks lovely! I cannot imagine seeing such exotic birds in the neighborhood. Must be akin to your thoughts on our fireflies.

    My big thing was finding an all cotton bedspread that I have needed for a replacement in the guest room at a thrift store for only $15. These are at least $150 new. I am waiting for a really sunny day to wash it and hang it out in the sun so that it smells fresh for the bed.

    Is it only here that the bedding seems to all be polyester and microfiber now? I cannot imagine those fibers on my bed. It is getting harder and harder to find 100% cotton other than sheets and even there one must carefully read the package. I am relying more and more on finding these items second hand.

    I happened to stop at my favorite produce stand on their last day to be open for the season and everything was half price! I came home with so much lovely fresh food and the last peaches of the season.

    Potted herbs work well for many of my herbs that the voles like. They eat the roots underground and then the plant just mysteriously dies. I have found which ones they seem to like and now have those in pots. They sure are handy right out the door on the deck.

    Have a good week!

    1. Dear Lana, A cotton bedspread is an awesome find! I love washing things up and seeing them look lovely and smell lovely. I agree about cotton. I am addicted to 100% cotton sheets and high thread counts. We can get them but also I have bought them online. My best ones are 1200 count. they are beautiful. This is a more recent thing for me. I tried 1000 count a few years back and oh my goodness. They feel fresh and crisp for much longer. Very old fashioned thick cotton sheets were like this. A good feel to them.
      I had not thought of fresh produce places closing for the season. Where it snows of course they do! But I never thought of it. What a bargain to get half price!
      Our birds are lovely. I wish I could get decent photos of them. Chloe had an eastern rosella wake her up this morning and she took a photo out the window it was so close. They are vivid red and yellow.
      Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  10. Sometimes we all need to slow down a little and refresh, I think as we get older tiredness sneaks in occasionally and we should listen to our bodies.
    Lucy would have appreciated the break so she could sneak in a couple of hours rest and the walk around the neighbourhood would have been lovely on a sunny day.
    I think no one will ever forget what they were doing on Sept 11th, it certainly changed the world.
    I haven't did a lot this week as going back to work took it out of me but i still cooked all the meals, did the housework and looked after the garden so I think i did well. Next week I will get back into routine and all will be good.
    Hope the weather is lovely down your way, the days are beautiful here.
    Have a wonderful weekend Annabel xx

    1. Dear Debbie, I think going back to work after a time away is quite a shock to the body. Well done on still cooking all the meals etc. I hope the weekend gives you some rest and recovery.
      Yes, the weather has come good. In fact its so warm its a shock! But things will grow and the garden looks pretty with blossoms.
      Enjoy the weekend. With love,

  11. Hi Anabel as yet there are no grand babies for me but I am so looking forward to being able to have that special time with them. Lucky you. I substitute teach and was called in three days this week into three different schools to work with 5 year olds. By the time I got home I was exhausted. As a result not a lot happened on the home front. I have made a heart swag for a friend who turned forty this week. I have a bag cut out and will sew this up to hold her gift and to be something that can be used. We have been getting some much needed rain so the back veranda has been a laundry drying area. The tiles on my floor should be white and I'm hoping they will be before too much longer. The hubby and the fur baby like coming in and out of the house a lot. Add the rain and a dug up yard and you can imagine the results inside. I have been helping hubby in his quest to pave the caravan shelter we have beside the shed. It is going to look so good and be so practical once finished. in the kitchen I have made up one jar of passionfruit curd. Hmm not that productive there. It's been a busy week.

    1. Dear Jane, After three days of teaching five year olds I would have been exhausted too! But I am glad for you of the work and hopefully that helps your household a lot.
      I love the sound of this heart swag! That sounds like the loveliest gift.
      I am glad you got rain too.
      I hope you can rest and catch up over the weekend. I guess with substitute teaching you never know what the week will hold and have to be prepared for anything!
      Passionfruit curd sounds luxurious! With love,

  12. Annabel, the flowers Andy gave you are beautiful!! So sweet!

    I hope you are feeling better and have a restful weekend. How fun to take Harper on a long walk! And finding a new picnic area!

    I've been home most of the week but didn't get done everything I wanted to. But that's ok. My ketchup is finally slow cooking, the dehydrator worked all day and I got a few other chores marked off my list.

    I would like to remind everyone that if you store water, check it from time to time. I wanted to rotate my repurposed "jugs" and found 3 that were leaking. Yes, a big mess but no damage. Just took extra time moving things and getting the floor dry. So, I thought I would mention this. The rest of the water was used to water flowers and lawn; then I will refill.

    Have a good weekend everyone! Love, Teri

  13. Beautiful flowers from Andy. I haul water around the garden too Annabel. Between that, gardening and my cleaning jobs, I seem to keep moving.

    After having a crazy busy week last week, we tried to slow down and rest a little for this week. To be honest, I just tried to keep on top of the basic housework and cook all our meals. My frugal list isn't as long as it usually is but everything I do saves us money in some shape or form. Here my frugal list -

    * Gratefully received some oranges from my sister in law. Some were kept fresh to eat and the rest I blitzed in the food processor and froze to make orange cake.

    * Made an orange cake for a Father's Day family get together. I used a blitzed orange from the freezer. I'll be posting the recipe for this cake shortly.

    * Bought a jumper from the op shop for $4. They had a 50% off sale on Monday.

    * Gratefully received two jam jars.

    * Made a huge pot of chunky chicken and veg soup using two chicken fillets and homemade stock from the freezer. The soup was enough to feed the four of us for two meals and Jessica took some to school for lunch.

    * Received two coffee samples in the mail as freebies.

    * Refilled my conditioner bottle and diluted it by 1/3.

    * Made a chicken flan using our chicken's eggs and some silverbeet from the garden.

    * Bought some fruit and veg bargains for $16.55. This included two bags of potatoes at $1 each for 5 kilos. This will be enough fruit and veg to feed us for the next 2 - 3 weeks.

    * Kept the heater off or turned down for a few days.

    * Saved the washing machine water. Dried most of the washing on clothes horses and the clothesline

    * Baked some peanut butter choc chip biscuits to go with a Father's Day present.

    * Sold some of our chicken's eggs.

    * Pulled out some weeds and fed them to the chickens.

    * Gratefully received some glass cordial bottles from Cath. I'm hoping to make cordial for some Christmas presents.

    * Baked some pita chips in the oven while I was cooking the chicken flan

    1. Dear Wendy, I noticed we had several similar savings this week plus were both tired! I know you have been doing extra so I think it is no wonder you might be exhausted. I hope you have had a restful weekend to help with that.
      I am also saving bottles. I think I will make herbed olive oils or vinegars.
      Have a good new week! With lots of love,

  14. What a good week you had Annabel.

    It is so lovely that you live close to your daughter and can help her out when things get a little tough with a young babe. I remember those times and I didn't have my mum close by, such a blessing for Lucy.

    Those flowers from Andy are just gorgeous, you lucky girl.

    My nest feathering was mainly outdoors this week, although I did get some house work done too. Here is my list;

    *I was gifted some tomato and silver beet plants

    *I cooked from scratch

    *Baked chocolate and banana cake

    *Sold excess eggs

    *Made up some more laundry powder

    *Full week of not going to the supermarket. I shopped in my pantry and freezer.

    *Only washed two days this week. Dried clothes on the line.

    *No heating for a couple of days

    *Saved pre sink water to water pot plants

    *Planted out lettuces and baby spinach

    *Planted cucumber and zucchini seeds

    *Bought a lovely gift that was on special at the Post Office. Have put away for a rainy day.

    *Still picking oranges, lemons, mandarins and grapefruit. Mandarins are nearly finished for the year.

    *Picking Kale and celery from the garden.

    *Gratefully received some more jars

    *I baked a pie from leftover chicken curry and put in the freezer for a quick meal.

    *Cleaned bathrooms with miracle cleaner and toilet bowls with citric acid

    *Added soil, manure and dry matter to my compost

    *Started making some more veggie beds.

    Have a lovely weekend and rest up Annabel, you need it.

    Love Tania xx

    1. Dear Tania,
      You had a wonderful season of winter fruits. I cant wait to see what you get in summer fruits! Plus you use everything wisely. Also the mandarins you shared with us were beautiful and I didnt buy fruit for three weeks. Thank you!
      It is certainly warm today... quite a shock! I hope you are having a great weekend. With lots of love and thanks,

  15. Your rosebuds on your pie crust are just darling! I hope your week is wonderful and thank you for another lovely post :)

    1. Thank you Jes! I hope you have a great week too. I am working on a project from you website. When its finished I will show you! Love

  16. Annabel it must mean the world to your daughter for you to give her a break and have a rest. What a lovely way to help her. I had another birthday to bake for last week, the second in two weeks. Again I baked the cake, cupcakes, pikelets, and bought some treats as well. I just put on the table what I thought they would eat, and topped up as necessary. And I was thrilled at the end to still have two bottles of drinks and two bags of lollies left over. So they have been hidden (well!) until the next birthday in November. I read back through your guide on present making and felt inspired all over again, I am now onto the last of 11 knitted facecloths. And yesterday at a local fair I found some lovey toiletries to go with them for $2 each. I'm looking forward to wrapping them nicely. There were also some gorgeous patchwork soft toys at the local chemist reduced from $22 to $5 each and I bought five! Two for my daughter for Christmas, and three for 1st birthday gifts coming up. Which I'm really happy with, as I intended to make something for the birthdays, but to be honest I already feel like my Christmas list is quite ambitious so I'm pleased to reduce that load a bit. I am reading 'Eat well, save more' and have been pleasantly surprised by how much new information there is. I've read a lot of books on budget cooking etc, and have found many to have very similar advice, which is good advice, but I feel like I'm doing many of those things already. Cath's book has some new ideas that I can really see impacting my grocery bill so I'm quite excited!
    Have a wonderful week

    1. Dear Jen,
      I am so pleased about your knitted face cloths! I would love to see these anytime! Adding a soap or something related is really nice. Also adding great bargains that will be nice gifts to your present supplies is such a good idea. They are then when you need them. I like to do this with wrapping paper too, ribbons etc. I am glad my Christmas book has helped you get ideas! Next month I will start of mini fruit cakes for gifts and that will be something else done.
      The grocery bill is something so important. It affects our life, budget, health much but boy can it vary. Savings here really mount up.Also related savings ie packed lunches over bought lunches, a home cooked dinner over takeaway, a cake baked at home instead of ordering one and all those kinds of things... it can really add up to huge amounts of money. Your birthday cooking must have saved so much and been lovely. I think children feel proud and also special when Mum cooked al this for them!
      You had a great week and did really well. And you have done a lot to get ahead too. truly it all adds up and we still have quite a bit of time before Christmas. I am starting on some cards this week. Not Christmas cards, pretty ones for writing notes and letters... and making them into packs for gifts. This will add to my give cupboard. Our family has a lot of birthdays coming up too.
      Have a lovely Sunday! With love,

  17. Well I'm catching up on your posts, so I'll comment on a few. Thanks for the tour of your parent's farm. I've never heard of a couple that had their own kitchens. :) Our home is in the country and as a former city girl I love birds waking me and the peepers (frogs) singing me to sleep!
    We have been harvesting green beans at our house. With all the rain that Missouri has been getting this summer, ripening has been delayed. My 5 youngest children love to pick green beans because it is so like a treasure-hunt! After getting a good buy on peaches at my discount market, I've been skinning and freezing them. This will buy me time to can some peach preserves later. Right now our schedule is full with homeschooling.
    Enjoy that new grand baby!

    God bless,

    1. Dear Leslie,
      I admire home schoolers greatly and would be doing the same if I started again now. But I can only imagine the work involved! So well done this is a big part of building up your home.
      I love peaches. Over the back fence the neighbors have two huge peach trees. Just now they are thick with pink blossoms. Last year we were allowed to have most of the peaches. This year I am hopeful!
      Have a wonderful new week. With love and thanks,

  18. Dear Annabel,

    That's your new nickname. You're a great mum to give Lucy a break. It's so much to take care of a baby, yourself, your husband, and your home. It's a big job that takes adjustments and it always seems you're adjusting to a new normal through the stages. Please tell Lucy to be kind to herself.

    I love this post, and your photos. The flowers are gorgeous! Big thumbs up to that man of yours. I hope your energy has returned by the time you read this. Sometimes we just have to be tired and rest.

    I did all my normal chores this week along with some baking, soup making, meal freezing and budget tweaks. Every meal was had at home and we did well. I have really shifted my focus towards holiday preps. Menus, gifts, budget, gift tags, stocking stuffers, planning our Christmas cards and a new family photo. I am going to be so prepared this year it makes my heart sing!

    My youngest daughter (10 1/2), likes her bedroom furniture but doesn't like the colors any longer. We are going to paint it! When it happens I'll be sure to send you the before and afters. Much cheaper than finding different furniture, even at 2nd hand prices it's simply not in the budget right now. Ahhhh but paint! The magic of paint :)

    I scored some great grocery deals this week. Now I'm going to be eating down the freezer somewhat to prepare for the turkey and ham sales that will be in the coming months. I love planning ahead. So much we cannot control so it's nice to plan around the things we can.

    I made my last two zucchini slices with almond flour. They were amazing! My blood sugar is very happy. I love learning to customize to suit our needs. Btw you were right, the slices freeze so well and they're great cold, too.

    I hope the rest of your weekend is restful, and next week both diligent and prudent! :)
    Thanks for the pretty post.

    Much love,
    Colette xxx

    1. Dear Colette, Thank you! I think the first baby we have is the shock of the century as far as a change of lifestyle goes! I remember it well!
      I also plan for the turkey and ham sales! Last year in January I got frozen turkeys at 75% off. They lasted us until winter. I love turkey. And ham. But to do it I must have room to keep them frozen. If I am desperate I have Mums house near by and beg for freezer space which has helped me out a few times!
      Zucchini slice is a great thing. Similarly impossible pies, quiches generally as there are so many variations and you can use things up. No two ever turn out the same as I put all sorts in depending on what I have. But they are always yum and so handy.
      Colette I am a furniture painter! even mismatched things suddenly seem to be a set once painted the same. Total makeover. I had a set of good shelves I found and Lucy painted them a kind of bluesish french grey for Harpers room for all her little books and toys. It looks so good! Color makes such a difference. It will be wonderful and your daughter wil feel like her room is made over. The other effect is a natural one, taking everything out to paint means a clean out, re putting things away, maybe new drawer linings and so on. A big job. But by the time this is all done its like a new room! We loved such change arounds and it had a spring cleaning effect. Plus it was fun! All this helps them have pride in their rooms and them be that special sanctuary as well.
      I am glad you are so on top of christmas planning! This makes it all a joy instead of a stress! What a good thing! I am the same. I have made so many things! Plus I cook the fruit cakes in October. Also I have been putting away money. I never counted how much it had added up to until Friday. I got a shock! Little bits really do add up! I am utterly over the moon!
      Ahh good things!
      Thank you so much I love hearing your week and you are doing well.
      Have another prudent and diligent week and I will try to also! With love,


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