The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Making the most of what you have.

Last week I had a few days at the farm. It was lovely. Being spring everything is flowering and the paddocks are still green and beautiful. Mum's garden if full of native and wildflowers.

As far as flowers go I should have been born in England. I love Roses, Canterbury Bells, Hollyhocks and the list goes on! But there I was and I had an abundance of native flowers to help myself to.

So I used what I had. I knew I could give bunches of flowers away and they would be loved. Lucy was going to her husbands Nana's and she could give a bunch to Nana. I could give some to Kath in the nursing home... so out I went with the snippers and gathered. In no time I head heaps and I was loving the sunshine, the birds, exploring the garden and the bush around the house.

As I put them together I remembered at home I had wide red velvet ribbon that I could add to these.

There is something about playing with flowers too... it is very uplifting. I loved it.

Every time I walked inside for more string or something birds would land on the flowers and start eating them! 

Next I picked Bay Leaves and Rosemary. I tied these up with rustic twine ready to hang in the kitchen. Lucy's Mother in Law is a wonderful cook and we made a bunch up for her. So nice to give! 

And fresh produce with no chemicals or sprays. Home grown organic things.

It is such a happy and abundant feeling to pick and gather what you have or what you come across and work out what can I do with this?

Nan was a wonderful florist. I don't think she ever bought anything. She used what she came across, had in her garden or gathered. And won Royal Adelaide Show ribbons every year for years on end!

Next I went walking and gathered gum nuts and pinecones. The gum nuts I will show you later in the week. They are for free Christmas Parcel decorations, instead of buying bows or things like that. And the pinecones are going onto Christmas wreaths and I'm making decorations and garlands. All will be practically free. 
Then I gathered more pinecones for our fireplace.

Then I slept well from a beautiful day in the sunshine and just being surrounded by Blue Wrens and happiness. And the evening spent crocheting while Mum knitted!

What do you have in the garden or maybe is in the garden of family members or friends that you could use in the kitchen, make into gifts or gather for your vases? Sometimes we can be blind to whats around us as we are so used to it! 

Today I've been gathering in my own garden at home. Yesterday my daughter was in an accident. We were all very lucky she is bruised and sore but not seriously hurt. I went to bed thanking God over and over last night.

So I have gathered these and popping around to her place in a minute...

It is so nice to feel surrounded by so much abundance. The rose bushes are covered in buds so I know later in the week I can pick more and give some to someone else and have a vase full in the house. 

It doesn't have to cost anything to give. I am amazed at what I could gather and give and use as well... I picked parsley and mint too in the last couple of days end used both. And I have crafts to do with my pinecones and gum nuts. 

Have a wonderful week! xxx


  1. Annabel, I am so pleased your daughter is okay. What a fright for you! The bunch of flowers you made for her is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Nanna Chel. She is ok and even her bruising is better than we thought due to lots of ice packs I think. Grateful doesnt cover it! xxx

  2. The flowers are just beautiful! I can see you have inherited giftedness in your gathering and arranging too Annabel. So relieved to hear your daughter is ok.xoxo

  3. What a fright you've all had Annabel. I hope your daughter is okay now. You have such a pretty way with everything. Those are the loveliest native flower bouquets I've ever seen! ...x

    1. Thanks Mimi. We had a fright... Thanks for liking my native flowers! It was a true effort to embrace what I have! xxx

  4. Lovely flowers, and lovely to receive. When I go down to my allotment I pick a little bunch of herbs and mix with whatever flowers are in bloom and growing sort of wild. Even the vegetables going to seed provide flowers. The posy cheers my kitchen, and I can even snip at the herbs in the posy when I'm cooking.

    1. Thank you Jean. I think fresh things are just lovely in the kitchen. Even a bowl of lemons looks just beautiful and fresh. It sounds like you are making the absolute most of your abundance too. Nature has so many lovely gifts! xx

  5. Sorry to hear about your daughter's accident Annabel, and so glad to hear she is okay. I am sure those beautiful flowers cheered her up.

    You have a real flair for flower arranging, not something I am good at :) I don't grow many flowers here, but do grow veggies instead. I tend to get hardy type plants that can take care of themselves. If the water costs were more reasonable I would have a beautiful cottage garden and lovely green lawns...our lawns are now dry and crisp :(

    I have bottle brushes in flower and you have inspired me to go pick some and bring them indoors :)

    Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having xx

    1. Thanks Tania! I understand about the water prices, being in South Australia as well. It makes me so mad. That and the power prices. We use the laundry water on the back garden and the bath water on the front garden. Its a bit of work. But it doesnt work on the lawn and we water that with mains water. I water it for 3 minutes at a time! You are still hotter and drier than us too so I think you are doing well. Now I wash dishes with a plastic tub inside the sink and that goes out on the garden too. This is really god I only started that this year. In the height of summer when its really hot I cover lots of plants with sheets and umbrellas! It looks ridiculous but I notice people all cover their hydrangeas with beach umbrellas and all sorts! We also put up shade cloth in a few spots just to reduce the scalding heat. A couple market umbrellas are on my wish list for this kind of temporary garden shade. What a circus it is with the heat waves and cost of water! Its nice to talk to someone who understands and lives here! Thanks for the compliments about the flowers! xxx

    2. Re the water cost Annabel, I try to do my best to conserve water too, but there are just times when you have to use it, especially when the plants start drooping. We have rain water in storage here, but are reluctant to use too much as we don't know when it will rain next. Our average rainfall is three inches so I think we should get some sort of rebate because we live in a dry area. That is not going to happen though. Same with the Murray River levy, that is not needed anymore but we are still paying! We have a french drain here, so the house water goes out to that and waters our fruit trees. I have been saving the water pre dishes and watering my pot plants with it, otherwise every time it runs two litres away before it gets hot.


      As for electricity, we have gone over to solar to cut our bills down. We still pay but not so much. Our solar energy goes into batteries that run our lights.


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