The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell for October. 2017.

Show and Tell is running late due to me being away!  But lots of you sent in your photos thank you so much!  It really lists my heart to see what you all do.  There is so much talent, effort, thriftiness, beauty and generosity!  This all is very happy to me.  We can do a lot with very little and give generously when making things ourselves.  And each time we do we increase our skills!

I am a bit unorganised this month!  I hope I haven't missed anyone out, if I have it is not intentional.  Thank you all so much for all your emails, letters, photos and sharing of information.

First of all we have Joy.
Joy made just the most beautiful quilts...

One for her Grand daughter...

This was backed with gorgeous bird fabric!

And one for her Grandson...

She won a purple ribbon at her local fair (and rightly so!)  These are heirlooms!

Lorraine made lots!  Some things were gift packs of hand made cards. I love this as everyone uses cards and they are expensive!

Beautiful baby gifts...

This fabric is so sweet.
And relish!

You have been so productive Lorraine I love everything.

Jen in NS has been so busy!

She made a floor rug which I just LOVE...

An adorable baby hat..

A knitted vest...

And an outfit for her daughters birthday....

Jen both your sewing and knitting amaze me. I really want to make a mat like that also!

Tanya makes the most gorgeous wash cloths/ cleaning cloths. I think too good for cleaning cloths! 

They are fabric on one side and towelling on the other. I am lucky enough to have one of these...

They make wonderful gifts and I love your label.

Jane made lots. She completed two blankets as gifts for her parents...

She has been working on a mermaid doll and I saw the practice run which was going very well!
Also  kitchen towels, pot holders...

Bunting, coasters, bowl covers and more! 

I can report big improvements in Bluey and he is going back to the local hospital today and Jane wont have to travel and hour and a half each way! 

Cookie made an Afghan from odds and ends of yarn she had...

Nothing is wasted! I love this. She also made little ribbon flowers into hair ties...

And also made more of her gorgeous jars with roses on them. Always creative Cookie! 

Sewingcreations sent me photos of some of her hard work coming to fruition! 

She makes up Granola.  This would be beautiful as gifts in a big jar with a scoop.

Sewingcreations uses the recipe from A Prudent Homemaker. 

She also harvested garlic...

Sweet potato...

And silver beet...

I love seeing produce and cooking too.  You are always productive Sewingcreations well done and thank you!

Well I hope you feel inspired and here we are in NOVEMBER.  There is still time for Christmas makings and baking!  Since I have so many eggs on hand I am going to make more fruitcakes provided Aldi still has the mixed fruit today.  I figure because these cakes keep so long making some extra will just be handy and give me extra gifts.  

I hope your week is going well! 
What are you working on?  How is your Christmas cupboard looking?
Mine is stuffed full and at this point I have forgotten half of what is in there.  In a couple of weeks I will get it all out and start grouping things into gifts. This is the really exciting bit!  I love it!  
All things going well I will also be able to cover the birthdays coming up as well.  
We reap what we sow.  We have sown a year of making and creating.  Now we get to do some reaping!  

See you on Friday!  xxx


  1. Wow! What a sterling lineup! I love everything! Can the Bluebirds come live near me so I can share in the bounty please? I have had a very odd year, with all sorts of impingements on my time, above and beyond the usual, so I am a bit behind. But I still have a little stash thanks to eBay, and a bit of sewing here and there, as well as some home made foodie gifts that always go down well. As usual, Christmas is upon us all, and thanks to Annabel, we're more prepared than the rest! Much love to all. Mimi xxx

  2. All of the projects are just beautiful. There will be a lot of lucky recipients.
    Good job everyone!

  3. Such great talent as always. It's all just amazing! I love these posts

  4. Well done to all of the makers in this months showcase. It all looks beautiful! So many talented ladies here. Glad to here Bluey has improved & getting to move back closer to home. Hope he continues to get stronger & improve. Cheers, Kelly

  5. I am always so amazed at how productive some people are. I hardly ever seem to get anything creative done these days. It is all very inspiring and there will be a lot of very happy recipients of those gifts I am sure. Jane's bowl covers reminded me that I need to make some soon. Such good news about Bluey too.

  6. Seeing so many pretty handmade things is so fun. All are so nice. I’m glad you shared them.

  7. What amazing, beautiful gifts!!! There are going to be some very happy people on Christmas day! Well done everyone!

  8. Hi Annabelle, Thank you for sharing pictures of all this talent. I did try to send you a couple pictures but maybe you did not receive them. Thanks for doing this. Nancy

  9. Wow everyone! I have made nothing since the bowl covers. I cant see much being made for a while. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Bluey. Thank you Annabel for organising the Crafty Prayer Warriors for us. Bluey is recovering in leaps and bounds. We have gone from being told to be hopeful but prepare for the worst on Friday, to him calling me this morning to say he wont be being transferred home but will be released tomorrow and can I come and get him. There was some form of divine intervention and you were all a part of that. I cannot say thank you enough.

    1. Jane so glad that you had time to pop in and give us an update on Bluey. You will find some more crafting time once you things are more settled.


    2. Jane I am so glad Bluey will be coming home to you and both of you will continue to be in our prayers.

      God does listen and look after those who seek and need his help.

      Sewingcreations15. xoxo

    3. Oh Jane, you brought tears to my eyes hearing that Bluey is recovering so well! Praise God for looking after you both!

    4. Jane,this is such good news that Bluey is coming home! So thankful!

    5. Jane, that is great news about Bluey.

    6. Jane, fabulous about Bluey!!! What a miracle! Your sewing is absolutely beautiful.

      Love, Jen in NS

  10. Bluebirds, these wonderful creations are such a balm for me in the middle of the crazy things going on in the news. Y'all inspire and encourage me to finish my own projects that have gotten laid aside in the busy-ness of life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And sweet Annabelle, thank you for making time to share them with us! So relieved to hear of Bluey's improvement. Michele in Georgia xxx

  11. Wow how talented is everyone :) .

    I love the Jane's crocheting and really well done appliqued tea towels, Tanya's adorable cleaning/wash cloths, Lorraine's beautiful floor mat must have taken ages and looks beautiful along with the lovely outfit made for her daughter and gift packs, and Joy I just love our bed quilts so much time and effort for a beautiful result.


  12. I love everything that was shared. So many talented ladies here. :)

    Thank you for the update on Bluey...I am so glad he is well enough to be transferred to the hospital closer to their home.

  13. Beautiful work Bluebirds!
    Lovely to hear Bluey is going home, Jane :-)
    Thankyou Annabel, Love Maria xxx

  14. Everything is wonderful, I love all the afghans.
    Glad to hear that Bluey is on the mend.

    The granola from the Prudent Homemaker blog is very good. I have used the recipe myself.

  15. Thanks Annabel for sharing photos of the all the projects. I know it gets the rest of us inspired to create. Everyone did a great job, and I love Jen's crocheted floor rug! I've tried to crochet in a circle and it never turns our right. I also really like the idea of giving food as a practical gift. (And I do love fruitcake with coffee in the morning.) I think everyone would love receiving that. Thanks for doing this, Annabel.

  16. Such beautiful work everyone and so much inspiration!

  17. Thank you for the update on Bluey. We will continue to pray.

  18. Oh my ladies! Everything is so beautiful! The patience and talent is just amazing. I love each and every thing displayed!
    Jane big hugs for you and Bluey! Are you tired of me hugging you yet? LOL

  19. Dear Annabel,
    There is so much talent here! Everyone has been so busy and accomplished a lot too. Everything is lovely, as usual. And Jen, I like your style!
    So glad Bluey has improved. I will continue to pray for strength and complete healing. The weather is turning cold here, and yesterday John got to wear the beautiful cardigan Jane made for him :)
    Lots of love, Kelsey

  20. Wow, Bluebirds...those gifts are beautiful!!! I love the colors on the quilts and on the crocheted afghans! Lorraine's card sets are lovely and Tanya's cloths are too beautiful to use!! And all the food looks delish!

    The crocheted rug is made out of old sheets that were ripped and crocheted. It was meant to be about three times bigger than I ended up leaving hurt my hands to make and I hated ripping the strips (what a mess!!), but I loved the effect, so it kept sitting in my "to do" pile for at least 4-5 years. I finally just blitzed it until it was big enough to be serviceable! It's definitely a frugal project (cost=0) and I do like it on the floor...but I'd think twice about making another one! :)

    Love, Jen in NS

  21. Thank you everyone for participating and for commenting! Some of the ideas have gone on to my 2018 to do list! Thank you

  22. Wonderful! Thank you for the inspiration ladies. So much time and talent! I crochet, so I know how much endless time those afghans take.

    Our ladies' group is stuffing stockings this Saturday for the shut-ins. So I've been crocheting cotton wash clothes to include in the stockings. My daughter has been baking breads to bless those that have blessed us and for some new neighbors.
    Glad to hear Bluey is seeing answered prayer.


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